Top Fluoride Sources: I Tested Over 30 Different Drinks

Top Fluoride Sources: I Tested Over 30 Different Drinks

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What are the top fluoride sources? Contrary to popular belief, the highest sources of fluoride are not your toothpaste or your tap water.

I recently got a fluoride tester so I could test fluoride levels at home. I tested over 30 different drinks for fluoride — and some will surprise you.

Top Fluoride Sources: I Tested Over 30 Different Drinks (Some Will Surprise You)

Fluoride is in high amounts in many beverages, foods, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals. Since fluoride is not labeled, it is hard to know how much fluoride we are consuming.

I was pleasantly surprised by many of the results… but some of the readings were shocking. For example, the fluoride readings for one brand of healthy soda and a popular organic juice brand were very high.

Before I get into  the results, I want to explain why it’s so important to be aware of how much fluoride we are consuming on a daily basis.

Why We Need to Know How Much Fluoride We Are Consuming

I became interested in fluoride years ago when I learned that too much fluoride can actually damage our health. Fluoride isn’t bad for us in tiny amounts… in fact, we need trace amounts of fluoride.

However, too much fluoride can cause all kinds of problems.

Because fluoride is cumulative, it’s critical that we know how much we are ingesting. Unfortunately, it’s not labeled… so there is no way to tell how much fluoride we are consuming each day from multiple sources.

Unlike many other toxins, our body doesn’t excrete excess fluoride. It just stores it. Also, fluoride has a 20 year half-life. What that means is… if you stop consuming ALL fluoride today and you never ate it again in your life, 20 years from now, you would still have half the fluoride in your body.

I realized this up close and personal when my former nanny was having health problems. She was suffering from chronic seizures and acne, weekly migraines, and extremely painful ovarian cysts that were bursting.

Read my post about how we cured Jennifer by getting all the fluoride out of her diet (scroll down about halfway to “Jennifer’s Story”)… You’ll be surprised at some of the hidden sources of fluoride that Jennifer was consuming daily.

Click here to read my post about the dangers of fluoride.

Top Fluoride Sources: I Tested Over 30 Different Drinks

NOTE: This is a post in progress. I will be adding to it as I continue to test more drinks for fluoride. If you want updates as I continue to test and add to this post, please subscribe to my email list.

The scores below are listed in PPM (parts per million). For reference, fluoridated tap water is not allowed to be more than 0.7 PPM.  I have bolded anything that is as high or higher than fluoridated tap water (0.7 PPM).

I have categorized the drinks below by (1) type of drink, then (2) PPM lowest to highest, then (3) alphabetical by name.

Got questions? Please comment below.

Fluoride in Water

I tested 21 different kinds of water so far, including my tap water from my faucet.

I also tested distilled water and distilled water boiled in aluminum and teflon pots.

According to my tests so far, most bottled water is pretty low in fluoride. Some are higher than others, such as Perrier and San Pellegrino, but that is often because they are mineral waters that come from natural springs.

Acqua Panna
Crystal Geyeser Sparkling
Distilled Water
Distilled Water Boiled in Aluminum Pot 5 minutes
Distilled Water Boiled in Aluminum Pot 10 minutes
Distilled Water Boiled in Teflon Pot 5 minutes0.00
Distilled Water Boiled in Teflon Pot 10 minutes0.00
Essentia 0.00
Fiji 0.00
Mountain Valley Sparkling Water0.00
Smart Water0.00
Sprouts Sparkling Mineral Water0.00
Trader Joe’s Mineral Water0.00
La Croix
Gerolsteiner 0.03
Whole Foods Spring Water
San Pellegrino 0.32
Tap Water 0.76

Fluoride in Ice

I have only tested one brand of ice so far, which I bought at Sprouts,  and it came out fluoride-free.

Sprouts Bagged Ice0.00

Fluoride in Juice

I tested 3 different juices so far. Of the 3 I tested, one came out extremely high in fluoride (more than double the amount in fluoridated tap water): Hansen’s Natural Organic Apple Juice.

The Trader Joe’s lemonade juice box came out very low. Honest Kids came out around the same as fluoridated tap water.

This may be due to the fact that the juice is not clear — it may be a testing error. I will be retesting all these juices when I get my new probe… stay tuned.

Trader Joe’s Lemonade Juice Box0.09
Honest Kids Apple Juice Box0.70
Hansen’s Natural Organic Apple Juice 1.80

Fluoride in Soda

I have only tested 2 brands of soda so far, both natural sodas, Bai and Zevia.

Bai came out reasonably low — about 1/3 of the fluoride found in tap water.

Zevia, on the other hand, tested very high, almost 3 times the amount of fluoride in fluoridated tap water.

I know they don’t use filtered water, so it doesn’t surprise me that their soda is higher in fluoride. However, I was surprised to see that it was this high. I will test it again when I get my more expensive tester.

Zevia Cola1.9

Fluoride in Wine

I have only tested 2 bottles of wine so far. (I know, I need to drink more wine!)

From what I have read, California wine are supposed to be higher in fluoride due to the fluoride-based, cryolite, pesticide commonly used in California.

Surprisingly, the Italian pinot grigio I tested came out slightly higher in fluoride than the California wine.  I look forward to testing more wines to see what kind of results I get… stay tuned!

Robert Mondavi Pino Grigio California 2017
Mezzacorono Pinot Grigio Italy 20170.66

Fluoride in Tea and Kombucha

One of the things I really want to test is fluoride in tea and kombucha. I know tea is higher in fluoride than other drinks because it’s been tested many times. (I’m talking about black teas, green teas and white teas — not herbal teas.)

However, I was unable to test fluoride in tea and kombucha because the tester I have only tests clear liquids.

I will be investing in a much more powerful (and much more expensive) fluoride tester in the coming weeks.

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How to Reduce Your Fluoride Intake

Read my post: Top 5 Sources of Fluoride (It’s Not Your Toothpaste)

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I’ve only scratched the surface… this is only the beginning!

I will be updating this post on an ongoing basis as I continue my testing. I will be also compiling a printable PDF version of all the results which I will be making available to my readers as a free download.

I am also in the process of putting together on online class about how to detox fluoride and aluminum (I had a class last year but I’m in the process of updating and expanding it this year as I add the aluminum materials.)

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Want to Do Your Own Fluoride Testing?

Interested in doing your own fluoride testing?  You can find the low range fluoride tester I use on the Hanna Instruments website.

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