US Government Admits Fluoride Lowers IQ

Fluoride makes you stupid and causes Alzheimer's Disease. Here's the proof from the United States government: In a new report, the US government finally admitted that high fluoride causes low IQ.

US Government Admits Fluoride Lowers IQ

It's official. Fluoride makes you stupid and causes Alzheimer's Disease. Here's the proof from the United States government:  

In a new report, the US government finally admitted that high fluoride causes low IQ.

In other words, fluoride makes you stupid.

And as you will see in this post, it also causes Alzheimer's disease. Because it increases the toxicity of aluminum and other heavy metals.

National Toxicology Program Says High Levels of Fluoride Causes Low IQ In Children

In a new draft report from the National Toxicology Program, they clearly conclude that high levels of fluoride in water "is consistently associated with lower IQ in children."

According to the  Fluoride Action Network (FAN):

"The final report of a 6-year National Toxicology Program (NTP) review of fluoride neurotoxicity was blocked from public release by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Administrator in May 2022 according to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). But under an agreement reached in an ongoing lawsuit against the EPA, the report was made public today along with a table of contents." (Source)

Here's an update on the FAN website about the report.

If you are wondering who The National Toxicology Program is, it is an interagency program composed of three government agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) the the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Fluoride Increases the Toxicity of Aluminum

Not only does fluoride lower IQ, it also increases the toxicity of aluminum and other heavy metals.

According to Dr. Christopher Exley in an email he sent out back in March, when the report first surfaced, fluoride increases the toxicity of aluminum.

And this, folks, is why we get Alzheimer's disease.

We are being bombarded by aluminum from multiple sources.  From quackzines to pharmaceutical drugs to non-stick Teflon pans to cigarettes to baking powder.

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And fluoride is only increasing the aluminum in our body burden.

Dr Exley writes:

The mechanism whereby fluoride increases the toxicity of dietary aluminium is straightforward chemistry. In the acidic environment of the human gut, fluoride competes successfully with most other ligands including hydroxide to bind aluminum.

The resulting complexes of aluminum fluoride slow down the rapid precipitation of aluminum (as hydroxides and phosphates) as it leaves the acidity of the gut to the lower acidity of the small intestine and beyond. This means that in the presence of fluoride more aluminum is available for absorption across the gut. Fluoride increases the absorption of aluminum across the human gut and hence increases the body burden of aluminium.

It really should not be a mystery that research points towards a negative relationship between fluoridation of potable water and neurodevelopment in infants. I am sure that you are equally not surprised that increasing access of aluminium to human brain tissue results in a higher incidence of Alzheimer's disease.

The trouble with water fluoridation is simple, aluminum, an elephant so large that it fills this particular room.

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Aluminum in Quackzines

Guess what the number one preservative (called an "adjuvant") is in quackzines?

Ding ding ding! You guessed it. ALUMINUM.

They used to use mercury as an adjuvant until Robert Kennedy Jr. exposed them and they had to stop.

Thanks to Kennedy, now mercury is only in some shots – for example, flu & DTaP.

Doctors give babies vaccines loaded with aluminum AT BIRTH & we are inundated with fluoride and aluminum 24/7.

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Fluoride and Aluminum are Bioaccumulative

The problem with fluoride and aluminum is that they bioaccumulate in the body. In other words, they build up and get stored in our tissues, organs and bones.

The half-life of fluoride (how long it stays in the body) is 20 YEARS.

If you are not actively avoiding aluminum & fluoride, you are most definitely poisoned.

And even if you are actively avoiding aluminum and fluoride, even if you never consumed another iota of either one, you are still most likely loaded with them.

Unless you are say, an Amish person who has always gotten filtered spring water, cooks only with cast iron and never took any pharmaceuticals, never got any quackzines, never smoked, and eats completely organic.

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How To Avoid Fluoride & Aluminum

1. Avoid Fluoride

Avoid all sources of fluoride, including tea, kombucha, Teflon, non-organic food, cigarettes, vape, cannabis, pharmaceutical drugs, & vaccines.

Read my post: Top 5 Sources of Fluoride (It’s Not Your Toothpaste)

2. Filter Your Water

Filter your water, including the water you use to cook. I recommend either a reverse osmosis filter or the Berkey with fluoride filters added. I used to recommend more but have narrowed it down to just two types for now.

Read my post: Best Fluoride Filters That Filter Fluoride from Your Water

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How To Detox Fluoride & Aluminum

1.  Chl0rine Di0xide (AKA "Pool Water")

Chl0rine Di0xide (what I call "pool water")  is the # 1 way to detox fluoride & aluminum & other toxins from the body. It's also the most censored thing on the internet. I call it "pool water" on my blog to get past the algorithims.

Read more about Pool Water.

Here's my recipe for how to make chlorine dioxide. It's very simple & life-changing. I drink 30 ml of chl0rine di0xide solution in 1 liter of water every day -- and I never get sick anymore.

Get my recipe: How To Make Pool Water

Pool Water

2. Add Silica to Your Water

In addition to chl0rine di0xide, add SILICA to your water or drink 1 liter of Fiji water per day which is high in silica.

Here's my recipe for how to add silica to your water: How To Make Silica Water at Home

Or you can buy Fiji water, however, it's much cheaper to make it yourself.

Fiji Water on Amazon

Silica not only detoxes aluminum, but it also helps your body create COLLAGEN.

What?! Yes, it's true! That's why my gray hair was going away when I was doing both last year.

No More Gray Hair?

When you drink silica water in combination with pool water, it seems to help drive it into the cells. I think that is how it works.

Last summer, I figured since I was drinking chl0rine di0xide, I didn't need to add silica.

So I stopped. And my gray hair came back! I believe it is the chlorine dioxide that's driving the silica into my cells;  you have to do both.

Here's my post that goes into detail about how I realized it was the combo of silica + chl0rine di0xide that not only got rid of my gray hair, but also allows me to sleep only 5 hours a night instead of 8: Zeolite & Bioavailable Silica: The Holy Grail of Health?

3. Zeolite

In addition to chl0rine di0xide & silica, I am a big believer in zeolite for detoxing heavy metals & fluoride.

However, not all zeolite brands are the same. I have found the best one: Clean Slate Zeolite by Root Brands.

Shop Root Brands Clean Slate Zeolite

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Learn More About How Fluoride Lowers IQ

To learn more about how fluoride lowers IQ, go to the Fluoride Action Network website and read the Fluoride IQ Studies.

Read the studies that show that fluoride lowers IQ

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