Bone Broth Challenge: Got Cellulite? Eat More Gravy!

Bone Broth Challenge: Got Cellulite? Eat More Gravy!

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Did you know that you can prevent and even reverse cellulite and wrinkles by eating lots of broth? It’s true!

You can spend all the money in the world on expensive skin creams, but what you really need is a crockpot and some bones.

I just read the book Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food.  

I was fascinated to learn that the reason we get cellulite is due to a lack of collagen.

According to authors, Dr. Cate Shanahan and Luke Shanahan:

“To get rid of cellulite, combine exercise with a diet full of healthy, natural fats (including animal fat) and collagen-rich stocks. This will send the message that you want your body to replace the saggy fat pockets with smooth, toned curves.”

This makes so much sense, doesn’t it? Instead of getting collagen injections to plump up our lips and smooth our wrinkles, why not just eat collagen in the form of bone broth?

Take the Bone Broth Challenge!

I’m so excited about this idea that I’ve decided to host a month-long Bone Broth Challenge.

For the month of July, every time you eat bone broth (or a reduction sauce or gravy made from bone broth, or homemade JELL-O made from gelatin) just come back and comment on the challenge post (which will go up Friday) and you’ll get points.

At the end of the month, I’ll be giving away over $200 worth of prizes to the participants with the most points.

Get ready to get your gravy on, ya’ll!

Look for the kick off announcement this Friday morning…

PS: And yes, Canadians, I will be posting a recipe for poutine sometime during the challenge.