Grass-Fed Burgers at Lunchbox Laboratory

Grass-Fed Burgers at Lunchbox Laboratory

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On Saturday we had the most delicious grass-fed burgers and chocolate milkshakes at Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle.


If you’re ever in Seattle, don’t miss this place. They make some seriously good food. Everything was delicious.


With your burger, you can opt for skinny fries, mac and cheese, tater tots or sweet potato fries. Yeah, they’re not fried in beef tallow unfortunately (at least I don’t think so; I didn’t ask but nobody fries in beef tallow anymore).

That was my only complaint. But you can always order the mac and cheese instead if you want to avoid bad fats.


Next time I go, I’m going to try the Dork Burger (a mixture of duck and pork).


All their soda pop is free of high-fructose corn syrup. They even have Mexican Coca Cola. But I say, why drink soda pop when you can have a milkshake?