No Jet Lag & Energy All Day (Video)

I just got back from my three week trip to Europe and for the first time in my life, I had no jet lag. In this video I'll share with you what I did to achieve this.

No Jet Lag & Energy All Day (Video)

Hey everyone, it's Ann-Marie. I have such exciting news. You're not going to believe this. I didn't even believe it. I love biohacking because you get these kinds of surprises all the time and it's so exciting.

I just got back from my three week trip to Europe and for the first time in my life, I had no jet lag. In this video I'll share with you what I did to achieve this.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction
02:01 Planning the Trip
04:00 Arriving at the Hotel
06:42 Sleeping on the Flight
10:23 Serotonin and Melatonin
11:04 The Two Things I'm Doing
14:06 Stem Cell Activation Patches
18:06 Magnetic Insoles and Energy
20:48 How the Patches Work
25:49 Disinfecting Water
27:49 Silica Water
31:11 Other Supplements
32:11 H. pylori Experience
36:53 Connecting the Dots
39:34 The Bag Incident


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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it's Ann-Marie. I have such exciting news. You're not going to believe this. I didn't even believe it. I love biohacking because you get these kinds of surprises all the time and it's so exciting. I just got back from my three week trip to Europe and I, for the first time in my life, had no jet lag.

None. And I have never, never experienced this in my life. I've been to Europe many times. And I always have, the first day when I get there, I'm completely exhausted, have to take a long nap during the day, and then usually go out to dinner, but then need to go back to sleep. That happens pretty much every single time I've ever been to Europe.

And that didn't happen this time. Also, when I come back, um, I am exhausted. Right? Uh, so, so this time when I went, and I'm gonna tell you what I did. To, to be able to do this. It's literally just water. Amazing. It's not anything complicated. It's not a keto diet. It's not supplements. I didn't take any supplements.

Um, there is one other thing I'm doing that I'll talk about, but it's literally only two things. Okay, so, um, when I got there, I arrived at about 9. 30 in the morning, I rented my car in Paris, and then I drove to my first city, which, which was Chartres, which is, uh, I think it's about an hour away, and, um, had to find parking, had to check into the hotel.

And, um, make a dinner reservation. And I was prepared. The reason I planned my trip the way that I did was I was prepared to have to take a nap. You know, I was like, okay, I'll just go to the hotel, figure out where I'm gonna eat for dinner close by so I don't have to walk very far. You know, luckily there was a hotel right there in the restaurant, which is amazing.

And I was planning to take a long nap. And rest. Well, I didn't have to do that. I was able to, I think, that first day I think I actually went over to the, I might have gone over to the cathedral. I don't remember now what I did, but I didn't, I went in, I had to move my car to a parking garage, which was not hard at all, not expensive.

Cause it's in like a big, you know, it's, it's not a big city, but it's, it's a city. And, um, and I ha I guess I hadn't booked the parking in advance, so they would have done that for me, but whatever. And then I think I walked around. I think I walked around. I didn't, I didn't need to just stay in the room and relax.

I had plenty of energy. So then coming home and I, and I ate it, ate dinner that night, didn't take a nap at all, had energy all day. And then that night. I went to dinner and didn't go to bed till 11 and I was fine the next day woke up tons of energy coming home usually I'm completely exhausted because I don't usually have an easy time sleeping on the way home and I Get by the time I get home.

It's it's middle of the day Usually when you come back to the U. S. Cause like, okay, so my flight this time was 11. 30 in the morning out of Paris. And, um, by the time you get in, it's about into Dallas. I flew to Dallas. It was, uh, I want to say it was like 3 p. m. Which was the middle of the night. By the time I finally got to Austin, because you have to go through customs, you have a layover, I had a layover in Dallas, and then I finally got to Austin, it was like 2 or 3 in the morning for me.

And I had only been able to sleep a few hours on the, uh, The first flight and kind of just slight, just very lightly dozed on the second flight. Cause the second flight is only an hour. So you can't sleep very long. I just closed my eyes and just rested kind of, you know, it wasn't even sleep. The first flight, I think I only managed to get a few hours, three, maybe four at the most.

I don't think it was even that much because people kept, I was sitting in the back row and people kept talking and the lights were on. And, you know, even though I had my sleep mask and my, Um, it's, it's not easy when people keep coming by you and bumping you and, and it's harder to sleep on the flight going to Europe.

It's easier to sleep because it's night. You go on a plane at 10 o'clock at night, you know, nine, 10 o'clock at night. And so you can just go to sleep, have a glass of wine, watch a movie and you fall asleep. Um, and usually, actually, in my experience going there, I don't usually sleep that well on the plane in the past.

Um, even with, uh, noise cancelling headphones and, you know, a sleep mask. And when it, you have to get one of those, like, things that you wear around your neck for travel. That neck's not bobbling. You wake up every time your neck was like that. So if you have one of those, and then you have another pillow, you can usually sleep.

Pretty, pretty soundly. But even with all that, I never usually slept very well. I usually had to take melatonin and even that didn't work so great, um, going over there. But this time I slept completely soundly. I did not wake up once. The next thing I knew it was morning. I fell asleep watching the movie. I didn't even have my sleep mask on.

I had to go and like get my sleep mask, put it on. And then I just slept completely soundly until it was time for breakfast on the plane. That's never happened. That's never happened. And I know it's because of the things that I've changed because in my regular life I'm only sleeping five hours a night now with these things that I'm doing.

I'm gonna tell you about. I know that sounds crazy and people were like you need more sleep. I'm like, well, what if I don't? What if humans actually don't need more sleep and we're sleeping because you know Our bodies are not restoring and recharging the way they should be What if our bodies could function better and we don't need that sleep?

I wake up after five hours and I'm wide awake. I'm not gonna, I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning. Why should I lay there in bed when I'm not tired? So yeah, I slept completely soundly on the way over now on the way back It's harder to sleep because like I said people are talking and it's the middle of the day So most people a lot of people can't fall asleep because you're flying over like I went at 1130 So a few hours in you watched a movie.

You're just not tired. Well me. I'm like, I'm having a glass of wine Watch a movie and I was able to sleep for a few hours because I know That I need to sleep because I'm going to get there in the middle of the night and I don't want to be tired. So that's what I did. Um, but I was worried because I only slept 3 hours, 4 hours maybe.

And I was a little bit worried thinking, uh, by the time I get to Austin, you know, I'm going to be really exhausted. You know, because it's going to be 3 or 4 in the morning, 2 or 3 in the morning, whatever it is. I'm going to be, I'm going to be really tired. Guess what? I wasn't. I wasn't. I got home. The Uber ride home was fine.

I had no trouble getting my luggage. I didn't have that, like, crushed chest feeling of like, ugh, so tired. I didn't have it. I felt fine. I felt energetic. I felt completely normal. Almost, okay, I hate to say it, but I'm perky. You know, like people are in the morning. Some people. I'm like that all day now. You know, the more I think about it, it's both of the things I'm doing.

I'll explain in a second. Okay. So I, I got home. All right. I was like, okay, I'm not tired. I can't go to sleep yet. So I'm going to watch some YouTube video and have a glass of wine. I stayed up till 10:30.

And then when I was tired, when it kicked in that I was tired, I went to sleep. I, I don't know. It's almost like the things I'm doing are helping.

Um, my serotonin, melatonin, all that stuff work better where when I fall asleep, not just on the trip, but when I fall asleep, I fall asleep instantly. That's the only thing I have to watch out for because sometimes I'll fall asleep sitting up or with my neck, not right. And then I wake up with a crick in my neck.

That has happened. And then I have to use my patches to fix it, but I can fix it within a day. Um, Which I used to have to go to the chiropractor. That's my only problem. Falling asleep too fast. And then staying asleep. And I've fallen asleep without taking my patches off too. That's another thing. Anyway, I'll tell you about the patches.

Okay. So, that's amazing. I don't wake up in the middle of the night and have to go to the bathroom either. I used to always wake up like 3 in the morning, 2 or 3 in the morning, have to go to the bathroom, and then go back to sleep. I also didn't fall asleep immediately. You know, pretty fast. 10 minutes. Now, immediately to the point, like I said, I'll fall asleep without realizing I'll be watching something and I'll just fall asleep because it's time to go to sleep.

I always go to sleep between, you know, you almost always between 10 and midnight, unless I have a call. I did have a couple phone, uh, zoom calls that I did when I was in Europe because, you know, two o'clock Pacific time is 11 o'clock for me in France. And so I did, I think I did two. Or three calls, uh, and then I just had a personal phone call with a friend late at night and those nights I think I went to bed at 12 or 1, but that's it, like I'm not staying up late, I don't have insomnia, I fall asleep so easily.

Anyway, I'm blown away, so let me tell you what it is. It's, it's basically the only three things I'm talking about now. Well, I'm not saying these are the only things I talk about. The other supplements I take. Zeolite, collagen, um, there are other supplements that I recommend. The molecular water, hydroshot.

If you have issues with heart, uh, or your heart especially. Um, I would highly recommend that. There's different supplements. You can go to annemariemichaels. com slash shop. Go to supplements. I think it's food slash supplements. And then read about the different supplements that I recommend. But, that, I didn't bring any of those supplements with me.

On this trip. So I'm telling you it was the two things that I'm doing and number one is water And there's two types of water that I'm doing. I'm gonna explain and number two is Oh, and I should make my disclaimer right now. You should always work with a health profession or professional Don't take any of my advice as medical advice, right?

Work with someone anytime you start something new you need to talk to your health professional. You can pick who you want I don't personally do that because I am my own

Um, I'm a biohacker. I'm a person who believes that, that we, we all naturally the body, our body naturally wants to heal, but I'm just saying that for legal reasons. Okay. You know, so here's what I'm doing pool water and silica water. Those are both on my website and annmariemichaels. com. Go to the search bar at the top right, type in pool water, type in silica water.

Usually I've got, if you scroll down, there's all the articles you can, it'll come up because I've written a lot about this. Those are the two things that I am doing and I'm going to explain what they are briefly. And then the third thing are these stem cell activation patches, which I only started on a month ago.

I think this is taking my water to the next level. Uh, because not only do I have energy all day long and I'm, Sleeping better and need less sleep that, that, those are all some, um, results that I was getting from the, these two waters. And by the way, I have to do both of the water. If I just do one or the other, it doesn't work.

I still need eight hours, nine hours if I only do silica water or just the pool water. And the pool water is a euphemism. That's not really what it is. I don't use the words because it gets... Right? So I don't use the words. So, I'll talk about, uh, the pool water and the silicone in a second. But, I think what's happening with these stem cell activation patches, which you wear 12 hours a day.

12 hours on, 12 hours off. You wear them during the day. I'm gonna put mine on in just a minute here. I've been up since 3. 30. I went to, I got, I flew in last night. Went to bed at 10. 30. Like I said, I wasn't tired coming back from Europe. And... I went to bed at 10. 30 and I got up at 3. 30 guys. 3. 30. Wide awake.

So I was like, oh, I'll just relax in bed for an hour. Finally by 4. 30 I was like, I'm bored with social media. I'm gonna, I was looking at Instagram or whatever, reading the news. I'm like, okay, let's go make some coffee. Let's get to work. 4. 30. Already did my walk. Got the mail. Started the laundry. And it's only 8.

  1. Um, I think the stem cell activation patches are doing more than the water was doing. It's making it so that I have sustained energy throughout the day. Uh, I had energy before, but it's, it feels like even more. And I noticed too, that when I got exercise, I didn't need any recovery. Like I wasn't having any pain.

So like the last few months, I haven't really been. Doing a lot of exercise just some walking bike riding, but not a lot You know and I really do want to start getting into shape and start doing some some of these wall Pilates things I'm seeing on the internet, maybe Just things I can do at home right maybe some just some some strength training.

I want to do I just went out with my my weighted vest today, and that was my first day doing that so I'm gonna start doing that every day Just because I've got 15 pounds to lose of my stress my divorce stress weight Um But here's what was interesting, when I was walking a lot in Europe, I didn't, I, I, I didn't start to notice the first day that I walked a lot of stairs, um, sorry, I just got a message, a lot of stairs, I felt, I started by, uh, after a couple hours of that, I started to feel it in my legs, and I was like, oh man, I'm gonna hurt tomorrow.

You know how that always happens, like the first day back of working out, and then you're like, you can feel it really the next day even worse? Nothing the next day. Yes, I was feeling it that day, but the next day, I felt nothing. That's never happened to me. I think it's the patches. So, and I wonder to, I don't, I can't say for sure that it was just the water that was making it so that I didn't have jet lag.

Could be. But it could be that it was also the patches. So I don't want to tell you it's just the water. Because again, uh, I would have to test it. I would have to test to see if I just used the silica water and the pool water without the patches. But I'm not gonna go without the patches because, you know, never again.

I'm gonna, I'm, this is, I'm a lifer on these patches because I have seen all the testimonials I've seen. Um, I've been binge watching videos about it. It is amazing. It is amazing. And I used to sell, um, back in my 20s when I was in college, just out of college. That was my first experience with a network marketing company.

And I loved the business model. And I still do. Anybody that says it's a bad business model, they don't know what they're talking about. It's the best thing ever. Ever. Um, anyways. It was a Japanese company. We had magnets. We had these magnets for help. Well, now we understand the earth is a giant magnet. And when you walk barefoot on the earth, you're grounding.

People know that now. Back then, I didn't know why the magnets worked, but I knew that they did. And people were having incredible results. Um, like my, my aunt who had diabetic neuropathy and just one hour of sitting through, we did this presentation. For my father's party. He threw a party for all his friends and family didn't tell him we were going to be doing a presentation about the network marketing these magnets and Everybody showed up and we were horrified like oh my god They're none of them know that we're going to talk about this.

It's going to be so Humiliating whatever well at the end of the presentation we had put insoles underneath my my aunt's feet Just to test them out that's something we used to do You know when we would do these old school. This isn't this is in the 90s. We didn't have the internet So we had to do like in person presentations like home parties And so we would like there were these magnetic insoles and so that you wear in your shoes and I Remember the first time we wore them me and my ex husband We we were going to Disneyland that day and we walked all over Disneyland and we had so much energy Uh All day long with these insoles, so I think the patches work very similar to these, this Japanese technology that we were selling back then.

Anyway, put them under my, my aunt's feet and by the end of the meeting, we were like, okay, you know, that's the end of the meeting. Thanks so much for sitting through. You guys can now go back to your talk amongst yourselves and have the hors d'oeuvres or whatever. We didn't think anybody was gonna sign up or be even be interested because it was so awkward, you know My aunt jumped out of her seat and she's like I want to sign up.

I want to I want these products Because little did we know the Diabetic neuropathy in her feet. She usually would not be able to feel her feet sitting down, you know And people all kinds of people have pain All kinds of people have issues again, not making health claims not Diagnosing or anything like that.

I'm just telling you what happened She could feel her feet At the end of that and she was like what is going on? I'm in whatever this is. I want I want and she was she was in sales. So She was selling clothes It was like direct selling so she was like I want to sell this. This is way more fun Anyway, she was awesome um So I think these patches are similar.

It is basically what it is, is a, well, I'll talk about the water in a second, but the patches are little patches that you put, I'm going to do another video showing you guys how to put them on, but you just put them on your skin anywhere. Most people put them right at the top of their spine, or they put them a few fingers width below their belly button.

And you can wear one, you can wear two, you can wear a combination of five that I wear five. Well, I wear four at, I'll explain in my other video, which ones I do and why, but it's up to you. You can start with just one. That's fine. You're going to get some kind of results with just one. It depends on how much you want to throw at it.

I like, to me, I'm like, give me all the goodness. I want everything, you know, the better I can feel, the more I can, um, do for my health, the more I'm going to do. Um, it's an investment in me. So. Uh, anyway, the, what it is, is you, your body has something called infrared, far infrared energy. You're, you have an aura that's coming off of your skin, off of your body, right?

And it's, you can feel it whenever you touch someone. You can feel there's energy. Um, you can feel warmth. That is energy that can be reflected back to yourself. And so what these patches do is it utilizes this far infrared energy. Energy, and it reflects it back to yourself and your body actually creates new stem cells.

Yes. Instead of having to inject stem cells, you're able to actually create them yourself. To me, that's the holy grail of health. Holy grail right there.

Most people, um, you know, when you're born, you're created, you're have all these stem cells that you're creating constantly, right? As you're growing. Then you reach, I think, it's, I think it's like 30, you're only making half of the stem cells that you used to. And then by the time you get to be 50 or 60, you're not making any new stem cells.

It's just like, whoosh, you know, you're just declining. So, that's why people start aging. It's one of the reasons. One of the main reasons, probably the main reason. Um, so the people that are using these patches for months and years, Unbelievable! Especially like a year later, they look younger than they did when they started.

So for me, it's like, okay, I don't, that's why I say I'm staying on them. So if you want more information on them, I'm gonna put the information below. You can go check out my, um, my unboxing video where I have the information on how to get started to learn more about the patches. I'll also add my link in there to order, but I'd much rather that you...

Email me and I can get you on a Zoom call with my upline. She is awesome. She's in California and she's been doing this for a year and she is very knowledgeable. She can answer all your questions depending on what's going on with you. It's a, it's an hour long Zoom call. And that way you learn about, she really can help you figure out which patches you want to start with.

What's your best bet is for ordering. And then she also has a. Um, special discount when you, when you do attend that zoom call.

So all you got to do is email me, put LifeWave in the, um, I'll put the link below to, to start, I think it's called start LifeWave, startx39. com or something. Um, that go check that website out first to get more information, to look at the before and after pictures, and then you can email me.

Annemarie at annemariemichaels. com, easy, and I will put LifeWave in the subject line or patches if you can't remember LifeWave and, uh, and I will get you on a call and we'll do it together because I really Thank you. to help you as well. I want to be there for you instead of you just attending a call with learning everything from Lillian and then you don't have somebody who can be there for you to, to answer questions going forward because we're all learning about these patches.

It's something we're, um, it's not, it's a new technology, right? It's a new technology that we haven't used before. So you want to be in touch with the people who are using it. And, um, and I'm your bridge, right, to help you, help you get started and help you learn how to use them. All right, so that's the patches.

The water, I've got two types of water. Like I said, when I, when I, um, only use one, I don't get the results. But, I, I made, uh, I have a blog post. I'll put the link below. to how I traveled with silica water and pool water. Actually, I'll put the links to, to all, to my main posts on those as well, how I, how I do it.

And you can learn about it. Basically, the pool water is just two things that you mix together in a little shot glass. And, There's a more complicated way to do it that I normally do it at home, but that way you have to keep it in the fridge. It's the, um, calcher method, and it's using a hermetically sealed jar.

This is all on my blog. And it's not really hard. It's really very easy. It's as easy as making sourdough, um, or making no knead bread, which is very, very easy. People think it's hard. It's not. It's so easy. It's very, it's easier than that. It's literally just mixing a couple things and adding some water and then you add it to your water in a small amount.

And what it's doing is it's disinfecting your body from the inside. We're like 60% water. And if you're, if you have standing water, what happens to standing water? It's, you get bacteria, you get, um, you know, pathogens, all kinds of stuff, right? Parasites. Uh, if you will disinfect that water, suddenly you start feeling better.

So I, I really think that is why the pool water, it's also, um, oxidation. Everybody says oxidation is bad, but it's not with water. You need, when you have a stream water and there's air running through it, what happens? Health, healthy water, right? That's why you purify water is, is like it, um, My daughter used to watch this show called Survival Man on YouTube.

It's a pretty entertaining show but the guy like goes all these places by himself and just to see if he can tough it out by himself in the, in the wilderness and He, one thing he always does is looks to see if the water is standing or if it's got air running through it Like if it's a stream If it's, if it's a bubbling brook, he knows it's safe to drink.

So this is why I think the pool water works because it's moving your, it's moving the things that need to be moved around in your body faster. Right? It's like, uh, putting an, uh, the way Calker describes it, he's the one that came up with the method of using the jar to make it. He says that, um, it's like if you were to put a fan on an engine, To make it run better faster Or if you want to get a flame started and you or a fire start and you blow air oxidation oxi it's you know Yes, antioxidants are good, but You know, we also need oxidation because we're combustible engines So that's the pool water.

It's two ingredients. The ingredients are sodium chloride With a T, chlorite, and hydrochloric acid. And you just mix a small amount. Um, when I was on the road, I didn't need to refrigerate it. I just did it in a little shot glass, add a little bit, let it activate, put it in my water, drink some of that every day.

That's it. That's it. The sodium, uh, so, sorry, the silica water is another thing that I did. Now this you can buy. There are certain waters, like Fiji water here in America is the highest amount. of silica. Go on Google and type in mineral waters with the most silica. Depending on which country you're in, you can find, I found one in France, um, Badduat was one, and there was another one, I forget the name of it, but it was a mineral, two different types of mineral water that I found that were pretty high, uh, up there close to Fiji water.

Um, in terms of the silica content. So I was drinking a lot of that, because I like the taste of mineral, sparkling mineral water. Um, and then I also brought, uh, some, some concentrate that I made, which again is in my blog post below and that I just would add a little bit like a, to a liter. I think I was adding like a tiny, like a fraction of this, the shot glass.

I think I measured it for a half gallon. I would do half of the shot glass. So I was doing just a tiny fraction, putting it into my liter bottle. Anyway, I put it all into my blog post, you can read about it. How I made the silica, how I made the solution, silica solution for the road, and then how I was adding it.

That's all I did. That's all I did. So, I'm so thrilled that this was a, I didn't expect it, to be honest. I was hoping I wouldn't have to sleep 8 hours a night when I was in Europe so that I could enjoy my time more. You know, be able to get up and... A lot of the time when you're traveling, if you haven't planned all your restaurants ahead, you're like looking for restaurants, looking for souvenir shops, look, you know, researching more about the places that you're going to go, the museums, the castles, whatever.

So like, that was time, that extra time I got while I was there. But also, um, you know, I, I, I knew that I, that I, I didn't want to sleep eight hours. So it would have that extra time, but I didn't, I didn't know that I would have the benefit of no jet lag. So that was amazing. Um, I can tell you just these, these two changes I've made in my health are so profound.

And I purposefully have not been taking my collagen. Or my zeolite. I didn't, like I said, I did not bring them to Europe. I wanted to see how I felt without them. Amazing. Feel great. Now, I'm gonna get back on them. I just took my collagen this morning. Because, so this is my root, it's Root Brands. I'll put the links below.

Root Brands, uh, Zeolite. They also have a couple other products I take. They have the Trinity. I take all three of those products. Um, and then I have the collagen that I take from Bella Grace. So those are the supplements that I'm taking. I am going back on all my supplements. Why? First of all, it's not that much.

It's just a few things I take every day. I mean, the zeolite is like a dropper full in your mouth. I take one of the zero in capsules and then there's a little pouch thing that you take every other day. Um, the college and you just take a pouch a day, it's not a big deal to take these supplements. It's not like you're taking fistfuls of supplements, right?

But it's like, I just know the benefits of those products that people are getting. So if I'm going to do that plus the other stuff I'm doing, wow. Like what kind of benefits am I going to see over time? Right? First of all, I need to add something. I never get sick. I never get sick. I should make a whole nother video about that since this one's just about jet lag, but I want to, I'll tack this on to the end.

I did get sick once when I was in Europe and it was not food poisoning because I know what food poisoning is like. This was H. pylori. I'm sure of it because here's why. And I'll tell you why I think it happened and then I'll finish this video. I should make a whole nother video about this. What happened was I was carrying my bag.

I had the intuition that I should, by the way My intuition is very very enhanced as well through all the doing all this stuff It's like I know when people are gonna call me. They call me. I'll think of them. They call me Things like that happen every single day and they didn't used to happen It's only in the last few months.

Uh, so I, I credit the water and the patches. But, anyway. And the zeolite. The zeolite. Um, anyway. I, I did get sick one night at the restaurant. I started vomiting. I had to go in the bathroom. It was humiliating. But, I think I know what happened. And I think it needed to happen because I was able to figure something out.

What happened was, um, Back in, 2017 we went to, I went with my ex-husband to Europe. That was the last time we traveled. And he got sick from a sleep machine that he hadn't cleaned. He didn't clean it before he traveled. It was an old, uh, travel CPAP machine he had. And I ended up getting it from him. The h pylori, he got h pylori.

He was able to fix it with, um, When we were there, they gave him oregano oil, and then when we got back, he'd gone on a specific antibiotic. Well, I didn't know that I contracted it from him. Because when he gave it to me, it's very contagious. Um, you don't even have to like kiss somebody, you can just be around somebody and it's easy to get H.

pylori from close contact. Um, he... I got it from him. I had no idea. I just, all I knew was that over the next several months, I was feeling more and more run down. I was starting to have fatigue. I was starting to, um, feel tired going up and down the stairs. I just thought, Oh, I guess I'm just getting older.

Um, I guess I was turning 50. So, that's what I thought it was. And, so stupid, right? But, um, I didn't know. How would I know? It's a, it's, how would I know that I'd gotten H. pylori from him? Because I didn't have the symptoms that he had. He got, started having really bad stomach pains, but he had, um, He had, he always had stomach issues, so I think the H.

pylori just Exacerbated what he already had. I don't have any issues intestinal stuff

So I didn't have any, I had no symptoms Until months later. I started feeling run down started having fatigue started having GERD like What do you call it? Like, uh, you know, heart, um, heartburn. Really bad, especially if I ate anything spicy or if I ate too much. I would feel it. This got worse and worse and worse over time.

Finally, within a year later, I started craving chewing ice. I didn't know why, but I was chewing ice all day long. I couldn't stop. And I realized it was a lack of iron. It's causing something called pica and a friend of mine said, Oh, if you have pica, you have low iron. And then that was when I, she may have helped me connect the dots that H.

pylori uses up your iron. It eats your iron. So that's how I was able to connect all the dots back to H. pylori. Long story short, I ended up realizing, you know, oregano oil and licorice root. I looked it up. What are the things that will cure this? That will kill H. pylori, uh, which I think is a bacteria. And I started taking those every day.

It took about a week and a half, 10, 11 days. And then one night, at the end of that 11 days, I vomited. And it wasn't normal vomit. It wasn't like all the stuff coming up. It was just like from... My stomach area and I could feel it right in my stomach area where it was coming from and it was like more like spitting up Mucusy spit was what it was.

Sorry to be gross, but that's what it was and It went on for a period of hours and then it was just done And then I had no more symptoms. It's almost like I needed to take that oregano oil for a couple, week and a half, week, week or two, week to two weeks, and then boom, it was done. I vomited all the dead bacteria up.

Sorry to be gross. And it was done. Never had it again. So I think what happened, I had the same bag that I brought with me, this, this toiletries bag that I had shant, shoved my uh, toothbrush in there. Bought a new tooth, brand new toothbrush, but I didn't have something to hold it in. It was one of those, it's one of those electric ones, with a battery.

And I didn't have something to put on it, and I didn't put it in a plastic bag, which I should have, it's stupid. And I remember thinking, I really intuitively thought I should clean this, this bag, but I didn't. Well that was the same bag that I had shoved my other toothbrush in, back when I, in 2017. So the H.

pylori was probably still in there. I think that's what I got exposed to. I do. Um, and I stupidly was not using my, uh, pool water to clean my Invisalign or my toothbrush which I should have been doing. I was just using those little tablets that you clean dentures with. Why not just use the, I was just, I mean I could have just poured a little bit into water and cleaned it that way but I wasn't doing it.

I think this all happened for a reason for me to realize this. Sorry, I know I'm going way off of jet lag, but I have to tell you this because it's so cool. So, I, um, why, okay, here's what's interesting to me. Why did I not have the same experience that I had before, where months go on and I don't know I have H.

pylori? Why did my body immediately reject it by vomiting within a couple of days of exposure? Because I know exactly, it was the day I was... Washing my clothes in the hotel, and I remember my toothbrush touched the, the plastic part of the, I remember it. Like, I'm telling you, I'm much more intuitive now.

The moment it happened, I was like, I probably should clean my, I probably should, shouldn't, I should put something covering my toothbrush. I thought that, but I didn't do it. The biggest problem with intuition is just learning to trust your intuition, right? Um, anyway, I, it was only two days later, or a day or two later, no, it was one day later, it was the next night, that day I'd done it, I drove that night, and that's when I had it, that's when I got sick, after that dinner, and I thought it was the snails, it wasn't the snails, the snails were fine, it wasn't, it was not food poisoning.

So why did my body immediately reject it? Immediately. Like, I didn't have to wait months and it just, like, got into my body and, you know, was taking over. No, my body was just like, oh no, we're gonna kill you, we're gonna kill you, and we're gonna take you out. You're done. You're not staying here. Immediately.

Within 24 hours. All I can tell you is it has to be the water in the patches. One or the other or both. It has to. My body is like, not, not gonna, not gonna let you live. H. Pylori, you're out. We're going to start vomiting you out. But here's what's interesting. I think I needed a binder because I kept vomiting all night.

I was like, what do I do? God, I didn't even get to go on my walking tour that morning. But I had some charcoal toothpaste in my bag. And I said, I'm just going to eat some of this because it's charcoal. It's a binder. Boom. I was better within ten minutes. Completely better. All the vomiting stopped. All the spitting up.

Done. So anyway, I could talk more about binders and why if you're trying to expel something, you need a binder to help get it out. But that worked. That worked. So I think I experienced this because it made me realize that when you take this pool water, slash silica water, And by the way, the sil so, so what this is like, okay, remember how I was saying like the pool water is creating air flow?

The silica is minerals. It's like, it's like water going over rocks with, with, with air flow. Like with the, you know, current pushing it. It's, it's, it's simulating nature. Right? So that's happening in your body. You're, you're getting air flow from the pool water. You're getting minerals from the silica. If you're taking the zeolite too, that's even better.

You're getting those minerals like you would get from rocks. So this is like what you would get if you were drinking pure, pure spring the,

the movement. Of the water inside your body, okay? But also, then you've got these energy patches, these stem cell activation patches. So I think my body wouldn't let this bacteria even stay. Not even for 24 hours. Out. And that's why I'm not getting sick. I don't get anything. I can be around people who are sick.

I was on planes. I've been around people. People cough around me, whatever. It doesn't matter. I don't get sick. I do not get sick. So, anyway, that's the end of this video. I'll put my links below and, uh, talk to you guys later. Everything's on my website, so go check it out. And, what have you got to lose, you know?

If you don't want to go to the trouble of making the water, get on the patches. If you don't want to spend the money to get on the patches, and they're not that expensive. I think it's like, they've said, you know, I think just, it's like a cup of coffee a day. Um, Whatever it is, why not do it? Right? If you're suffering, if you've got things going on with you, again, talk to your, not making health claims, medical claims, but, why not just try it?

What could possibly happen? Right? Think about the benefits. If you don't want to spend the money on the patches, cause, what's easier than putting a patch on?

If you don't want to spend the money, make the water! The water costs almost nothing.

Or better yet, do all of it. Like me. Anyway, that's all for now.