Unboxing Video: LifeWave Stem Cell Activation Patches

Super excited to try these stem cell activation patches from LifeWave.

Unboxing Video: LifeWave Stem Cell Activation Patches

Super excited to try these stem cell activation patches from LifeWave.

Over the past year and a half, I've had such a miraculous experience on the  "pool water " (chl0rine di0xide,)  and silica water...

When I heard about these patches I knew I had to try them.

In this video, I open the box I got from LifeWave. I'm trying out their stem cell activation patches and am very excited to see what happens.

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  1. Click here to check out this website: StartX39.now.  

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  2. After you're done checking that out, email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com with LIFEWAVE in the subject line.

    I will send you a link to sign up for the next Zoom call with my teammate. She knows a lot more about the patches than I do, and she explains how they work and which ones will be best for you and your specific condition.  

    I will also attend the zoom call – so I can learn more about you and what you are dealing with, and be of support to you.

    On the zoom call you can get all your questions answered, and by attending the call, you can get discount pricing.

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Full Video Transcript

Hi everyone. So I wanted to do a unboxing for these new patches. I wish I could show you, but it's just me here and I don't know if I can show you, but I have 'em here on the back of my neck. I started yesterday. Let me show you. This is the name of the company. It's called LifeWave And Sorry I don't have a really good setup here.

I just still setting up my office in my new house here. Here's the box that I got and I just wanna show you what I got and show you what's in here and how it works.

I'll put a link to my blog so you can go read the different links for more information and how you can learn more.  

For those of you who don't know me, I've been a health blogger since 2007. I used to run the biggest health blog network in the world. We had a thousand blogs until we got shut down by the FTC and the IRS. Three letter agencies right they don't want, turns out they don't want people getting too big, right? When you tell the truth about health.

So I have tried many, products over the years. I've countless health products and supplements, and I'm very passionate about helping people get healthy.

Ever since I got vaccine injured when I was 25 when I got my college boosters and I got rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity, and  I did not know that it was the vaccines that caused it until probably 20 years later. Because first of all we didn't have social media back then.

People weren't talking. You didn't find out. And also we didn't know anything about the vaccines back then, but I was perfectly healthy before I got my boosters. And within a year I was  so sick I  couldn't get out of bed. And I did heal. I worked with  a nutritionist slash chiropractor. And  took various supplements.

I figured this out on my own.  In the show notes, I'll put a link to my experience and how I cured my rheumatoid arthritis. But  it, was mostly food getting off of certain foods for a period of time and supplements and And yeah, it took me about two years.

I think people are gonna be able get cured a lot faster, and everybody's talking about this vaccine now and saying they're doomed. They're not going to be able to recover. And I don't believe that. I really don't believe that. I've seen too many miracles happen. So if you go to my blog, which I'll put the link if you're watching this on Twitter.

Or just annmariemichaels.com is my blog. There are so many things in my, you can go I'll have to make a page just for detoxing all the recommendations. But if you go to annmariemichaels.com/shop and go to the supplements, I think they, I have a lot of the things that I talk about.

We're doing chlorine dioxide, which I call pool water. You can call my blog and type in pool water.

We're doing silica, which detoxes aluminum. There's a lot of things that you can do. Zeolite, you can search any of these things on my blog. But I just came across these patches and so these LifeWave patches, so this is what I'm gonna show you.

I have known about these for a year or two. I heard, I saw a woman on Facebook talking about them, and I was so amazed at how young she looked and for her age and just she was so excited about them. And I was like, I wanna try those.

So my friend called me and she said that it had completely reversed the pain that she had in her hip, and she was feeling so great.

She had gotten really sick before a big move, and she would, she had liver failure. She was having all these problems.

She's had problems for a while with her health. Not vaccinated, but. I'll be honest. I don't think you have to be vaccinated right now. I think people are shedding so much and if I didn't have the pool water and the silica water I, think I'd be in bed every day.

That's what I was, that's what I was in 2021 when they were rolling this stuff out. I couldn't get outta bed. I was sleeping eight to 10 hours a night. And then I would get up in the morning, take the kids to school, and I would go back to sleep, take an hour to two hours every morning and nap. I didn't wanna get outta bed.

And now with the pool water and the silica water that I'm doing, I sleep five hours a night. Amazing.

Anyway, this is all in my blog, so what's gonna happen when I start on these patches? I don't know, but I'm really excited. Okay, so I'll show you what I got. I ordered the big pack.

Now the way this works, You have to attend a Zoom call, which I'll give you that info in the blog post so you can attend the next Zoom call and that enables you to get the discounted pricing. I believe I'm all new to this, so if I get something wrong, sorry. I believe it gets you the discounted pricing.

If you attend that call, they teach you about all the different patches and what, how they work and what you could get for your condition.

But this will get you the discounted pricing. And then I think if you wanted to try they may have trial things. For me, I'm like, let's just go for it.

Let's just order it because I wanna get better right away. And so I did the Zoom call and I went ahead and ordered like a couple days later.

Because to me, I don't need to try it. I know I, just know I sometimes you just have a feeling especially after everything I've been through everything I've tried over the last 30 years. I just knew these, were gonna work, especially with the testimonials that I've seen. It's just amazing.

All right so, I ordered the big pack, and what I wanna say is this, you don't have to order a big pack. You can start with the smallest. It's very affordable. The reason that I did is because I'm gonna be promoting this as a business.

You can order from me and that will help me with my business, and I appreciate that. And anybody that wants to sign up to also sell these, you can sign up under me and I will also help you with your business. I've been an internet marketer for, gosh, how many years has it been now?

It's, all over 30 years because I started out in advertising in Silicon Valley and then I couldn't live with myself and became an online health blogger.

So anyway I, think this is the best time in history to get involved with anything where you can share products with people, not only because everybody needs it right now.

We're all suffering, I think some, a lot more than others. And we need to, get the word out to help people.

Okay, so let me show you what I got. The, packages are based on the smallest pack. You're gonna, I don't remember if it's a month supply you, might get like a month supply, and then this one is five or six months supply.

This is the biggest one. The reason I did this is because it just lessens the amount that you have to pay  per month supply. Okay. A month supply would be 30 days. It's a sleeve. So like this, is one pack of 30, this is the X 39 and this is the basic, the one everyone can start on.

But me, because I'm a biohacker and I'm a marketer and I want to try this and really run with it.

Plus I'm really looking for, I'll be honest, I'm really looking forward to the anti-aging stuff. Okay. But I, didn't wanna just do one patch. I wanted to do all the patches.

So they said you could do the five. So it's the X 39, the X 49. Don't ask me what any of these things do.

I don't really know. This one just says general wellness eon, again, don't know what that is, carnosine, but you can look up what that does. And glutathione.

To learn more about these, you really need to attend the Zoom call, but there's one coming up, so I'll put that info below on my blog post. Now, I did all five because like I said, I really want to see the fastest results possible.

I'm not sick. I feel really good. I don't have any issues. Like I said I, healed my own vaccine injury many, years ago. And I figured out I found the chlorine dioxide pool water. Back in 2022, a year ago, year and a half ago, and got on that and I was already adding silica to my water, which detoxes aluminum.

So I was, and I already had cleaned up my gut and everything, so I was already pretty good. But I went from, like I said, having to sleep all the time and feeling really exhausted and having, I had chest pains.

This is just from people shedding on me because I didn't get the vaccine. Chest pains and I'm not blaming anybody that didn't blame me.

I understand. Like you are completely, like nobody could tell you they completely censored us and the media, everybody was in on it.

So I don't blame anybody for getting it. I got vaccines, I got vaccine injured. We're all in this together, so I don't blame anybody for getting vaccinated. I don't, I blame big tech, I blame the media, I blame the government.

There's a lot of people I blame, but I don't blame the vaccinated anyway. You can cure yourself. You can cure the problems that you have. You can recover. I truly believe that. And I may be saying the wrong things in this video. I'm sorry. I'll delete it if they say I shouldn't say these things, but I'm just telling the truth.

Okay. What this does, okay, so lemme explain what this is and then I'll show you what all comes in the box. The box that I got, like I said, you can get a much smaller box. There's no reason you need to start with a big one like me. And there is a 30 day, I think, at least a 30 day money back guarantee.

So you've got no reason not to try it because if it doesn't work, just send it back. All right.

This  company's been around for a while. Like 18 years I think. So people have been using this for a long time. I just truly believe it hasn't been the right time yet for them to really blow up, but I believe this is it. This is the time for this kind of technology.

I don't know if you remember, but back in 2020, President Trump after we got locked down, it was April of 2020.

He was talking about how to, isn't there a way, he was a asking that BIrx lady, isn't there a way when they did those daily briefings, remember, isn't there a way you could disinfect the body from the inside and you could have some kind of light, like a ultraviolet light or something. Isn't there a way to do that?

And she like got all weird and she was like it helps to get a fever or something. I dunno if you guys remember that, but you could go look it up, look up on YouTube, Trump. I think it, that's when they started saying he was telling people to drink bleach. But I do believe that what he was really talking about was chlorine dioxide.

That's the disinfect from the inside. So if you go to my blog and read about pool water that's, really what it does. Your body's 60% water, so it's, disinfecting from the inside. But these patches, he also talked about light on the inside. And I know a lot of chiropractors and different practitioners will use lasers.

And I heard a chiropractor on one of, I just started listening to the videos on their, YouTube channel and he said that he doesn't use his lasers anymore. He used to always use lasers, but now he only uses these patches because, they work. They work.

So I think the future of, this technology is just gonna take off because I, think maybe, you know what I think people weren't ready for this yet.

People were still believing in the false idol of the pharmaceutical industry, which controls the medical industry, right? They're completely bought and people weren't ready. It's not to say that it's not a successful company. I believe that it is, but I think it's about to really blow up and I think it's time. I think it's time.

I think, and I, just feel so strongly that I just want people's lives to be saved because I know that the whole died suddenly thing is like you might just die in your sleep, and I know that the clotting is really, bad with people and, suddenly they're just dropping dead.

So if there's something that you could just put on like a patch for 30 days and see if you get some relief from your symptoms, why not? And maybe it could save your life and it's not that expensive, right?

Anyway, what they are is they are not stem cells. People think they're stem cells, they're not.

They activate stem cells. These are stem cell activators. You put 'em on your skin. I've got all five right here on my back of my neck. You can also put them under your belly button. You can put them anywhere. But if you got pain, you could put them where your pain is.

And I just put one on a friend today. She came over, she was so excited. She was like, I've gotta try these. She'd been reading about 'em and watching videos for a while and so she came, she's do you mind if I come over this morning? I'm like, sure.

So she came over and I put one on her where she had pain on her, sacral, on her spine. She put one there and before she left it was probably only 10 minutes, maybe 15.  She said, I already feel better. I'm already feeling better. I was like, wow.

So I'm gonna hear back from her soon and see how she's doing. I gave her a week supply and a few of the, ice wave, that's this one.

Where is it? This is the ice wave, which is for pain. Am I allowed to say that? I don't know. Whatever. I'll delete it if they don't want me to say, we used to always have to say discomfort oh, whatever. If they tell me to take the word pain out, I will.

So this, what it is, called Far infrared technology, and I have known about this since the nineties. When I first got out of college, I was working in advertising in Silicon Valley, big tech, jobs, all of it.

And I got involved selling these Japanese magnets. And it was actually really great because I was like in my twenties and I was making like...

I won't talk about how much I was making, but I was doing pretty well just with the side income on top of my corporate income just sharing the magnets with people.

They, had magnets and they had far infrared comforters. And I swear you guys, I am still all these years later. I am still using decades later, I'm still using my far infrared comforter.

I have, in fact, I bought a new one from that company because I, love it. I love the way, so what it does is it reflects your own energy back to you.

And that's what these patches do. It reflects your energy back to you and then you can actually create new stem cells. Now I know about stem cells 'cause I know that can actually repair the body and that's why people are seeing anti-aging and that's why people are seeing recovery of wound healing. Just all kinds of things, right?

Anyway, I'm gonna give you a link to their website where you can read more about. What this is, you can look at the different studies they've done. You can there's a couple videos to watch to explain what it is.

And then there's before and after photos and there's testimonials, video testimonials.

So go watch that.

And then if you're interested to learn more, oh, I should show you the rest of what comes in the box before.

All right,, I'll show you real quick. So you get these as well. Because I signed up. For the diamond package they give me all this stuff. So I got five of each of these.

I got the brochures to go with them. So when I give them to people, if I wanna give them to people, I can just use them myself. But if I wanna give 'em to people, then I have the brochures that I could give people.

This one, I also got two of these, so I got five of each, so I guess that's five months. Using five.

Now, if I wanted to only use one right or use less, then I could, but I'm going to, I'm doing fine.

And they told us like, commit to doing this for at least a year to using the patches. Hey, if I don't get results, I'm not gonna do it. If I don't, if it's not amazing, but I think it's gonna be. We'll see.

We'll see. I've got 30 days to send it back. But if I get good, really good results, I'm doing it. How hard is it to put a patch on? It's not even like a supplement you have to take. This one's called Alavida, General Wellness Patch for Skincare. So I haven't tried this yet. I need to find out when I'm supposed to use this.

And then I thought there was one, I guess I don't know which one it is for sleep and your pineal gland. Really wanna do that one. So I'll have to figure out which one it is. I'm, like I said, I'm brand new anyway.

Yeah. They just give me this whole box of all the patches I got five of these and a bunch of the brochures.

That's it. When I go to France, I'm bringing a bunch of these and if I I'm gonna be patching every day.  I'm very excited about what we're gonna be able to do with this.

So if you wanna learn more, then what you need to do is go, check out the website, step one, step two, come to the Zoom call.

And I will put the info below how to do that. So thanks for listening. And that's all.