How to Pack Airplane Snacks for Kids

How to Pack Airplane Snacks for Kids

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Are you stumped on how to pack healthy snacks for kids on the airplane? It’s really hard to fly these days since many airlines have stopped serving meals, and if they do have food for purchase, it’s mostly low-fat and/or processed.

When traveling with kids, it is not a good idea to skimp on the fat. Low-fat food = tired, cranky kids!

If you make sure you have lots of nourishing foods loaded with healthy fats, it will make your trip a lot easier.

Airplane Snacks for Kids

Here are some of the things I pack for a plane trip:

Salami – nitrate-free  
Healthy potato chips
Hard-boiled eggs – people are always shocked to see my preschooler eating hard-boiled eggs — she loves them!
Coconut flour egg, bacon & cheese muffins
Popcorn (popped in coconut oil and topped with melted butter) – we make popcorn for the movie theater, too —
Coconut flour blueberry muffins
Grass-fed cheese
Homemade corn tortilla chips
Soaked and dried nuts — where to buy snacks
Homemade sprouted flour crackers
Whole, raw milk (in a sippy cup; sometimes I even bring two) – it’s impossible to get ANY kind of milk on most airplanes these days; many airlines only have non-dairy creamer available
Scrambled eggs – I put them in a Thermos container
Bananas, oranges, apples, grapes – organic if possible
Homemade shortbread cookies – it’s a great idea to pack a few cookies for those extra-tough times while traveling
Raisins – organic if possible
Grass-fed whole milk yogurt mixed with a little fruit-sweetened jam or honey – I put it in a Thermos
Homemade soaked granola

Of course, these are all great snacks for road trips, too — or outings to the zoo or playground.

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