Autism & Kerri Rivera Parasite Protocol (Video)

In this video, I discuss Kerri Rivera's protocol for autism spectrum disorders, which includes the use of chl0rine di0xide and anti-parasitic drugs.

Autism & Kerri Rivera Parasite Protocol (Video)

In this video, I discuss Kerri Rivera's protocol for autism spectrum disorders, which includes the use of chl0rine di0xide and anti-parasitic drugs.

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Video Chapters

00:00: Parasite Protocol for Autism
06:17: Alternative Health Methods and Healing Journey
18:17: Chl0rine Di0xide for Health & Detox
24:08: Parasite Protocols
31:33: FenBen & Binders
35:31: Enzymes, Juice, and Supplements
39:18: Parasite Protocol and Probiotics

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Parasite Protocol

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    Video Transcript

    Hey everyone, it's AnnMarie, and in this video I'm going to talk about autism and Kerri Rivera's protocol for autism and this spectrum, any Asperger's anyone on the spectrum, and Really anyone that wants to do a parasite protocol, but this specific question is about the spectrum.

    I'm not gonna, when I get questions like this, I don't have to name any names. I usually just reply back. If you have a question, you can email me, annmarie @

    And just my disclaimer, I'm not a medical professional. I'm not a... This is not medical advice. This is entertainment purposes only. It's just for entertainment and education. I am not, please do not perceive this as medical advice.

    If you want to get medical advice, you should go to your health practitioner. But when I get emails like this, if you've got a question for me, please send me your questions and I will answer them on a video and I'll be posting it. I don't, I won't use your name, so you don't have to worry. I'm not going to be sharing anything personal.

    If you want to get my question, get your questions answered and also collaborate with others and talk with others, I am launching a new webinar. Sorry, not webinar. I'm launching a new webinar detox the backs. But I also am going to be That'll be coming out any day now.

    But I'm also everyone every sorry, every Friday at 11 Pacific. I'm going to be doing a call a zoom call. And I'll if you want to sign up for that, make sure you get on my email list, which is free, and you'll get the information about the zoom call when that goes out. That will be every Friday and we will record it. It'll only go out to members. So if you're not subscribed to my email updates, you won't have access to it.

    That's all you get is free. You just got to sign up for my email updates.

    Okay. So, here's the question from one of my readers"

    "I'm looking for some quick advice. I'd like to do a parasite protocol for myself and my two kids with down syndrome. My daughter has celiac and my son has autism. My daughter is not vaccinated at all. My son has had a few before we adopted him. Here's my issue. I need to keep; I need it to be simple and something I can actually keep up with. I've read Kerri Rivera's information..."

    If you guys don't know Kerri Rivera, you can find her on Telegram. She also has a website. Don't try to find her on Google because they bury her, but you can find her on DuckDuckGo. It's K E R R I Rivera, and she's the one working with autistic kids.

    "I shut down as soon as I even think about it."

    Don't feel bad. I know a lot of people can relate. It's very overwhelming. I can't even believe; I can't even imagine having two Down's Syndrome kids with special needs. God bless you. I'm sorry that you have so much that you're dealing with, and I can imagine it must be hard so I can understand why you're getting shut down. Anyway, just want to interject that.

    "My son has a lot of eating issues, and I simply cannot monitor everything he eats. I'm already spread thin with the two of them, my other 6 adult children and a grandson."


    "What do you recommend? So, she says, I'm thinking ivermectin twice a day, breakfast and after school, and then DE before bed, diatomaceous earth thoughts. I could try and add chlorine dioxide as well, but I don't know when I could fit it in."

    Totally understand.

    "Thanks in advance if you have time to respond."

    Okay. I feel like it's so great that you. emailed me this came in Friday. And it's so great that you emailed me when you did because literally just this weekend I got to the point where I had a breakthrough of understanding where I understand now why all this stuff works and how it works.

    So, I want to share that with you. And I think that'll help you understand. Because it's okay when you're making, cooking something and you read the recipe, If you don't understand the why you're doing certain things, then you don't know to do it.

    A lot of times you'll do a recipe, cooking something in the kitchen and you'll be like, Oh, I'll just skip that part.

    And then the recipe doesn't work. But the person who's writing the recipe doesn't tell you, make sure you do this because X, Y, and Z.

    So, I think Kerri Rivera's protocol is based on, and first let me say, Kerri Rivera is a hero. She's a national and global hero in my eyes. Same with Andreas Kalker.

    All these people that have taken so much heat for what they've done for our children. They are amazing.

    So, I don't want to say that I know more than she does. Look, she's been, I'm one of the OG, anti vaxx moms. I've been talking about the dangers of vaccines all the way back to 2007.

    That's when I first woke up to it. My first, my daughter was vaccinated, and she had a lot of issues.

    But I stopped it early on because I woke up to it, thank God. There but for the grace of God go I, right?

    I think... Kerri and Andreas and all these people have been working closely with all these people to these other moms and parents to work with these kids and they've had a lot of great results.

    Hold on. I'm making sure that I'm recording. Yes, I am. Okay. I'm always paranoid.

    So, I don't claim to be an expert. I'm not. I just read a lot. I'm focused on all this. but I'm going to tell you my understanding of it.

    Okay. So, you guys know I cured myself. I did have help from a nutritionist slash chiropractor but I did cure myself of my rheumatoid arthritis way back when in the nineties.

    I've been very healthy ever since also chronic fatigue syndrome. I've also, I was also able to work with my former nanny and help her cure herself of chronic migraines, chronic, really bad acne seizures and ovarian cysts. Within a month, she completely got rid of all of those symptoms, which was just miraculous, but it's not when you understand what this is really about.

    And so when you understand what this is about, you'll understand why you need to do the certain things you do.

    Now, do you have to do them exactly? No, because here's the difference. We are not in a drug medical industrial complex slash, germ theory paradigm. They want us to believe that we are, but we're not.

    We're in a paradigm of the terrain theory. We, human beings can heal themselves. Okay, that's why I just don't believe in all this business of you're not allowed to say this cure anything, blah, blah, blah.

    We can cure ourselves. We don't need doctors. We don't need, for the most part, yeah, if you break a leg, it's good to be able to go to a doctor, or if you need surgery or something, but for the most part, there's so many things that we can heal.

    Our bodies are gonna heal ourselves. Our bodies heal themselves. If we give our bodies what it our bodies need, then we can heal ourselves if we're not actively being poisoned, which we are okay, so let me try to explain my what the breakthrough that I had this weekend really, so it's just amazing that you emailed me now because this is the breakthrough.

    So, number one, we need to do three things to heal.

    Okay. And I'm talking about whether you've been damaged by vaccines, pharmaceuticals. It all comes down to a few things. This is what Dr. Lee Merritt talks about a lot, and I really I've been binge watching her videos, which is what led me to this breakthrough.

    And actually, it was one other, it was a TikTok that somebody made, talking about the Parasite Protocol, so I'll share that with you. I'll share that, I can actually show you that, that video, and you can see what she said, and that's what really, that and Leigh Merritt, I'm like, oh, I get it, okay?

    We really, the things that are impacting us the most are parasites and metals, heavy metals and other toxins, okay? That, and also frequency.

    So I actually wanted to write a book and I, it's too much going on for now to be able to do it, but I ended up creating this a webinar called detox the backs, but the book that I would write, it would be called metals, magnets, and magnetism, sorry, metals, microbes, and magnetism, because really that's what it's about metals, like heavy metals and other toxins, um, microbes like parasites and frequencies.

    Like 5G and all this kind of stuff, right? That's why these patches that I wear help so much because they're changing our frequency. But anyway here, that's basically the three things. Now, we have nutritional deficiencies and that's another issue, but that's not the main issue. That's not the root cause.

    The root problem that's, we have nutritional deficiencies as a result of metals and microbes. And frequencies, like that's causing nutritional deficiencies, like we probably, that's why doctors always say, and other people always say it's hard to have a nutritional deficiency if you're eating, a, basic diet, that's true, if you didn't have all these parasites and metals and everything else, you probably could, if you ate a pretty decent balanced diet, you'd probably be okay.

    But, you shouldn't have to eat a completely organic, everything diet if you're, You shouldn't have to like I was just listening to somebody last night and he was saying like I have to, eat purely organic. I can't eat any grains. I have to do all these things and only then do I feel good.

    There's something wrong. It's not the food. It's all the other stuff. It's the chemtrails.

    It's the, vaccines. It's the pharmaceuticals. It's the, it's all this stuff that's happening to us. It's the people shedding.

    Okay, so three things, basically, you need to heal. Okay? Number one, you have to remove the biofilm. That's what the parasites live in. And that's also now with the new vaccine, it's what, if you were to take I think Dr. Merritt said, if you were to take I forget what she said, but I'm gonna say it, maybe she didn't say it exactly like this, but it's something like if you took metal shavings and put them into jello, how would you get it out?

    That's what the hydrogel is like in this new vaccine or bioweapon, whatever you're gonna call it. It's like the metals are suspended in this sludge that's in our body. Okay so look at your intestines, you've got this, what they call biofilm. What is the biofilm? In Andreas Kalker's book, he talked about it's called the what's the name of his book?

    I can't remember. He talked about The one that you cannot get on I've got it on my Kindle. You have to order it from his website, which you can get a copy of his book on his website, Forbidden Health. I downloaded it from his website and uploaded it to my Kindle. You can get his e book.

    He said that when they tested this biofilm, he, I guess somebody put it under a microscope or whatever or tested to see what it was, and it was not human.

    What does that mean? That sounds creepy. No, it's from the parasites. It's their waste that they live in. They're literally living in their own sewage. So I think it was another guy on TikTok, I forget his name, but Raymond something or something Raymond. And this is a while ago from the nineties, but he cured himself.

    Of all the stuff and he had cancer and he said, these parasites, when you start killing them they start dying and that's what causes a lot of diet die off. But he was also saying if you have a lot of a loom sorry, ammonium in your blood in your body, then that's. These parasites pee.

    Horrifying. True. Truly horrifying. But that's what's going on.

    We're totally filled up with parasites and metals. So the short answer is you got to get rid of the parasites and metals. And you got the reason that Kerri Rivera has a very specific protocol, which does sound overwhelming. But the reason she does it that way is because she knows what works because she's been doing it for so long.

    And working with so many people in a collaborative way to see what really works.

    Do you have to do it perfectly? No. Get a I would say please don't beat yourself up about whether or not you can do this perfectly. Just do the best that you can. Now I cover all of this in my Detox to Vax webinar, which is gonna come out any day.

    So you can watch that when it comes out. It's free. But let me just give you the highlights. So number one, you gotta get rid of the biofilm. Number two, you've got to kill the parasites. And with autism, its worms, it's not just parasites. And number three, that's what they've found, Kerri Rivera and Andreas Kalker.

    And number three, you've gotta bind the metals and the parasites and get them out. Okay? Those are the three things. If you only kill the parasites, if you only use anti parasitic, ivermectin or fen ban, you're not gonna hit them all because they hide in the biofilm. So, number one, you've got to get rid of the biofilm.

    Now if you only kill them and you remove the biofilm, those first two you don't use anything to bind them and get them out, you're gonna have a lot of die off. When I first gave up sugar, Uh, I gave up everything when I was recovering from my vaccine injury and I had rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue.

    I got really sick for three weeks. I felt horrible because I was starving them out. I didn't know, we didn't know about any of this stuff. We didn't know about metals, parasites, anything. So I didn't know to do anything like that. What happened was I had gone to college, and they gave me I don't know how many shots in one day for booster shots.

    And then I ended up six months later, I had full blown rheumatoid arthritis. I read about it. I read about I just read everything I could find, and they said if you were to give up nightshade vegetables... You'd get better. And I was like, okay, I'll try that. Within a week I didn't have pain from in my knees and my hands and my elbows.

    And I was like, oh my gosh. And then I was like, now I have to stay off tomatoes and eggplant and potatoes for the rest of my life. And my friend said, no, you shouldn't have to do that. The reason you're doing that you have something wrong with your immune system. Cause most people can handle nightshades.

    And I was like, oh, So then I knew how to fix my immune system, and that's when I spent three weeks and I went off of everything. All carbohydrates. I just was eating meat, fish, and non-starchy vegetables. And I did that for three weeks and got rid of 90 percent of my symptoms. But then but it was, that's as far as I got, and then if I ate something, I would have another reaction.

    It's because I had to heal my gut. And that took time, so then I had to stay off of certain foods for a period of time, and then I took garlic, uh, I took that liquid garlic they have from Japan, I took various supplements, and I slowly healed over two years. Now, I think if I had the things that I have now, like chlorine dioxide anti parasitic I think back then I was also using probiotics.

    I was using probiotics, and I was off gluten as well. How did you live for two years though? I think I would have healed a lot faster if I had used these modern things that we know now. Okay. So first and foremost, you got to get rid of the biofilm that these parasites, especially the worms hide in.

    That's where they're hiding, so it doesn't even matter if you take Fen ban or Ivermectin, it's gonna go right past them, because they're hiding in the swamp. They're not even gonna, it's not gonna touch them, okay? That's why chlorine dioxide is the most important thing. I think everyone who wants to get better should be on chlorine dioxide every day.

    And what I do is, this is not it, this is actually iced tea, my silica, silica water, I make herbal tea with it. But I keep one of these, fill it up to a liter, and then I put the drops in this. I'm going to tell you how to do it simplified, and I'm going to tell you how to do it for kids, okay? If these kids are on the spectrum, they probably don't have really good stomach acid.

    And so it's probably not enough just to add sodium chloride. I would give them the drops, the activated drops. And what I would do is... They might, I don't remember what Kerri Rivera's protocol is, it's in her book, which you can get off her website, and she's also on Telegram, you can go to her Telegram channel, if you can't find it, let me know, and I'll link to I'll link you to it, but she'll tell you how.

    She does her protocol with starting them on the drops and building up. And the testimonials people get from that is just phenomenal. I share them on Telegram whenever I see them. But people are having incredible testimonies with their kids who are on the spectrum just with chlorine dioxide alone, okay?

    So I feel like that's the most important thing. That's what really changed her life. She got, did that first and then she started doing the parasite protocol and got the worms out. But the chlorine dioxide is going to kill parasites and remove all the heavy metals. It's just not going to kill the worms.

    So that's why you also have to do the parasite protocol. So step one, biofilm. This is going to remove; I'm pretending this is the chlorine dioxide. This is going to remove the, biofilm, it's going to remove most parasites, kill most parasites, and it's going to get rid of most heavy metals in the body. Now you have to drink it throughout the day.

    You can't drink it just once or twice and you can't drink it with vitamin C. So you can't add it to any kind of orange juice or anything like that. You could add it to or even coconut water because that has added vitamin C, but you could add it to You could add the drops to water with a little Stevia.

    Again, on their Telegram channel, they talk about the things that they are using that work. There are certain types of juices that don't have any vitamin C. You could add it to that, okay? So that's what I would do. I would just be giving them some kind of juice, whatever they will drink, Stevia, see what they're doing, what the other moms are doing, and do that.

    And get whatever they will drink. And give them the drops. She's got a protocol. I think you start, with one activated drop, one drop, and one drop of each. One activated drop is a, you take a shot glass, you put a drop of the Sodium chloride and a drop of the hydrochloric acid, let it activate, add it to a liter of whatever.

    You can add it to a little bit. You can start small and increase, like a kid not going to drink a whole liter. But the idea is to get them to drink it throughout the day. Now, that's why you can't really do The high, the Andreas Kalker method of the, making it with the gas and the, in the jar and everything the way we do it, because it's really hard for, especially if the kids are at daycare or they're at school, it's hard to be keeping up with that and having a cooler and stuff.

    So you, with the MMS, you can just make it and you can keep it and it doesn't have to be, it could be room temperature. It doesn't have to be kept cold. It does have to be kept sealed. But it doesn't have to be kept cold. Okay, so you can put it in a sippy cup. You can put it in non-BPA plastic. Or you can put it in a glass with a cover on it, with a rubber cover on it.

    Or whatever those silicone things. Okay, but they need to be drinking that throughout the day. Now, I know the moms with Kerri Rivera, they also did sorry, I know you said you wanted a quick answer, but this is my quick answer, because I think if you understand how this works, then you'll know, okay, how can I get, how can I do this?

    They were doing humidifiers. I think with the getting the chlorine dioxide while they slept. So whatever you can do to get them to drink it as much of the time as you can, it only stays in the body for an hour. So if you take a drink and then, it's going to, it's going to evaporate within an hour.

    So you need to be getting it in them as much as you can. That's number one. Number two the anti parasitic. Now that's. The way they do it during the full moon and they do it for about a week and then they are doing the enemas and they're doing the binders and they're doing, all the various things.

    To help bind it and get it out, right? So that's number one is get rid of the biofilm, which is the chlorine dioxide. Number two is to, now there's other things you can do instead of chlorine dioxide to remove the biofilm. I know like enzymes would work, but again, that's green juice. Like that might be harder.

    That might be a lot harder to get kids to drink. I think it'd be easier just to get them to drink some kind of juice with drops in it. Number two is to kill the parasites, especially the worms, and that's what you need, either fen ban or ivermectin. Ideally fen ban. Ideally fen ban. You can also do the It's in the Andreas Kalker protocol to do the tapeworm not tapeworm, pinworm medicine.

    Which you do a couple days of that. But even if all you did, the reason that he has you do the different types, you have castor oil fen ban, or he calls it Menbenazole but you can use fen ban. The reason he has you do it with different things is because we don't know what we have in us. So we want to hit it with different things.

    Different parasites need different things. Castor oil, though, you can do with capsules. I don't know if you can get your kids to swallow capsules, um, But that's another thing you can do. That's why grandmas used to always make their kids, take a teaspoon of castor oil. It's anti parasitic. It actually kills worms better than any other drug.

    Mebendazole, fenbendazole, anything. So yeah, you can do ivermectin, but I would do in addition to ivermectin, I would give them some of the powder, which is the fenbendazole. I'll be updating my parasite protocol page to show you the capsules that I got. Let me just share my screen real quick and I'll show you.

    Okay. Let me, what's happening? I'm scared, sharing my screen. Okay, hold on. Here's what I would do if I would want, if I wanted to make it simple, um, and try to do it as easy as possible. This is what I would do. I would continue on with whatever diet they're on. If they're, I'm sure they're on some kind of limited diet.

    I would start them on chlorine dioxide. As in MMS with drops, according to Kerri Rivera's book, I don't, can't quote it to you exactly because I didn't do it with an autistic kid, so I don't do her thing. However, she says to start ramping them up on the MMS, that's what I would do. I would listen to the moms on Kerri Rivera's telegram and find out, and you can even go ask on there what are you guys using, and she'll, I think it's in her book as well, like, find out what juice to put it in.

    Get them drinking that throughout the day. And then I would get some Fen Ben. This is the one that I bought. I got the 4 4 4. The 2 2 2 is smaller. These are capsules. Now if you've got kids, you might want to go with a powder. A friend of mine got one of these. Not the capsules, but she got just the powder.

    You can go with these canine dewormers too, but the problem is They're actually more expensive. These are actually cheaper. She got one like this. I don't know if she got this brand or the other brand, but She got the powder. It comes with a spoon inside. Yeah, she got this one. Sorry, not that one.

    That's the capsule. She got the powder. And then because she had little ones, you could give them less. And Kerri Rivera talks about how much to give. Lee Merritt, Dr. Lee Merritt talks about how much to give on her Parasite Protocol page. So let me just show you that. It's based on weight. And if you want to do the simpler version of the Parasite Protocol, this is what I would do if I were you.

    Let's see. I'll just make sure, I'm still recording. Ugh, it's really impossible to find her. This is the thing it's really impossible to find any of these people on the regular search engines.

    Medical Rebel. Okay, so if you go, she's great. I've been binge watching all of her stuff. So good. My Home Guide to Parasites. This is the one that I recommend you do if you find that the other stuff is overwhelming. She says Panacur C is what she used to start, and then she got pills of Fibendazole that she got from Grant Pharmacy. I got it from Amazon. That's what I was just showing you. I squeezed the white cream in a dose of 150-pound animal. That's about what she weighs, about what I weigh. Into a glass and added water and gulped it down now the powder I give to my dog in broth You could give it to your child in some kind of broth or soup.

    You could give it in some kind of juice Whatever you need to put it in applesauce Something like that, whatever they will eat That you can hide it in. Okay, then now what she did is three days Three consecutive days and then five days off and then she repeated. So this is all on her website. This is what I am now doing instead of doing calcars longer protocol, which is eight days and some days he has you doing castor oil and diatomaceous earth and all this stuff.

    When I explain to you how each one of these things work, then you're going to understand what you need to do to get it done. And you're just going to do it. You're not going to be, don't worry about trying to be perfect. When I explain to you what the different things do, you're going to understand what you need to do when you get reactions.

    Because there's going to be healing reactions. So she says she's also using Nitazoxanide. Do you need to get that? I don't know. You might want to try it, but I haven't. I didn't even try to find it yet. I'm just doing fen ban. And I'm doing the pinworm. I do that. Hold on. Pinworm medicine. It's called, I forget the name of it.

    Pyrantel Pamoyte. You can still get this this usually comes in a liquid form and you just take whatever the amount that you're supposed to take. You do that once a month along with the fen ban, okay? So I am doing that. Now, I really, those are the only two that I'm doing. You could also do ivermectin if you want to, but I really think the fen ban is going to take care of it.

    You can also do capsules of the castor oil if you, but if the kids won't do that, then you can't do that, or they won't take it on a a cap a teaspoon, okay? You're gonna dis, you're gonna figure out what the... What the right amount is based on for the fen ban based on their weight

    Okay, and then the chlorine dioxide now the third thing you need is some kind of binder That's the last thing I said that you need some kind of binder that's gonna bind it and take it out that is what you need either diatomaceous earth for or bentonite clay or detox baths with bentonite clay and Diatomaceous earth silica water also is a binder, charcoal, activated charcoal is a binder. You don't want to use charcoal every day, but you could use it during the time that you're doing the active parasite protocol, okay?

    You need some kind of binder, and if you have to, you can do enemas. You can also do the detox baths if they have reactions. The other binder that I highly recommend is Root Brand Zeolite. There's also, I used to sell the Pure Body X, I used to promote that, but now... I don't because I think this one is better.

    This is on my shop page Supplements. Okay, Zeolite. Clean Slate. You can put this in their same drink. The drink that, you give, you can put it in there, you can put it in just a little shot for them to drink. Or put it in You cannot put it in with the Chlorine Dioxide drink. It needs to be taken separately because it's got Vitamin C.

    But you can give this to them once a day. For adults, they start with one drop. Then they can increase it to a full drop or full. For children, you start with one drop and slowly increase over time. But this is the binder that's gonna help. So this is gonna help them when they're doing the parasite protocol as well. This is one version of a binder. You gotta be creative. Think of ways that you can get this stuff into them. But it's basically the 1, 2, 3 punch. And I'm gonna share that video real quick with you before I finish this. As you can see, she explains it. One, remove the biofilm. So that can be chlorine dioxide.

    It could be enzymes. But, to me chlorella, spirulina, green drinks, to me, it's easier just to find a way to get them. Let me look really quick. Let me look to see what they're saying on Kerri Rivera's thing, because I haven't looked in a while. Hold on. Let me pause this. All right, here you go. Here's what I did.

    I came into Telegram. If you don't have Telegram, you got to get Telegram because there's so much on here. And I just typed in Kerri and it comes up Kerri Rivera to 2022.

    Dr. Lee Merritt's on here too, right here. Freedom doc one. It's got like the plague mask on. Okay. So you come to Kerri Rivera, you can go here and if you're not on a, if you're on a phone, you can do this on the phone too. Go here and type in juice.

    And she's, she, these are all moms. And parents and they're talking about what they're getting their kids to do. Talking about enemas, talking about

    the reason why animals are enzymes are not well tolerated. So talking about enzymes, like that's what I'm saying. I think that's why. The Chlorine Dioxide is so good.

    They're just talking about, I'm trying to find specifically. Yeah, they are using enzymes like Chlorella. See, they're, that's why this is so good. They're doing different stuff. But I'm just trying to see what they can use for. Orange juice is forbidden. Cause it's an antioxidant. So you can't use it with the Chlorine Dioxide.

    I think they're using, it looks like they're using apple juice. Half an ounce of apple juice. They give them an ounce every 45 minutes. But if you can't be on top of that, just give him a bottle. Like I know Jim Humble makes you mix it up every hour, but I can't do that. When I was traveling in France, I just carried a liter bottle with my MMS mixed in.

    If you have to give him some apple juice in it to make it more palatable. And that's what you do. Okay, here's another one. Apple juice because he refused to take it even with the stevia. We started that way and built up his dose. After I had him on that for a few months, I just started, decided to try the sweet leaf stevia drops and she was able to get him.

    So she's just, they're just adding stevia to water and the MMS drops. I was able to get him to take his doses only with the drops and then CDS dose with a splash of apple juice. There you go. There's the stevia drops. Non flavored clear.

    Okay. So this is where I think you're going to get a lot of questions answered and you can ask questions and you can get help. We're also going to be doing our Friday call. But specifically for kids and autism spectrum, I would be definitely be on here. But I think the most important thing. So let me just show you this last video so that you can understand biofilm, parasites And worms specifically because it's chlorine dioxide is not going to kill the worms and binders. They, she recommends zeolite. She recommends the pure body extra. I think I don't like that as much because I don't think it's as as good.

    Oops. How did I got into Lee Merritt? I was on Kerri Rivera. Okay. Oh, I see. I went, I clicked the wrong, but zeolite they do. They'll tell you how they're doing it. Zeolite five minutes after. a meal.

    You, if you're using Pure Body Extra, you can use it at the same time as the chlorine dioxide. But if you're using the Zeolite that I like, the Root Brand's Clean Slate, then you need to just take it an hour apart from your chlorine dioxide.

    So you could give it to them first thing in the morning. It this one, the Clean Slate does taste a little bit salty. It tastes like seawater, but you could just add it to something, add it to some juice first thing in the morning, give them a shot of that and then give them the chlorine dioxide throughout the day.

    And then do the three to five day, three days of the parasite protocol, the weight on that. I'm sure she talks about it on here. Do they do Fenben? Yeah. I think she talked, let me look in her book, hold on. And then, that's all I need to say and then I'll show you one more video and that's it. And I'm sorry this is a long video, but this is what I would do. I would just find a way to do these things. Hold on.

    Okay, I had to dig around on my laptop to find this, but I had the PDF. I don't know if this is the most recent one, but you can get it on her website. If you can't find it, let me know, because it's been hard to find because she has to keep, she's, she got really attacked. Be right. This one.

    This might be the older one this is 2014 so I don't know where the newer one is I had it would have to find it, but don't get fixated on trying to be perfect. Okay, just get started. She talks about the chlorine dioxide she talks about how to start. I would get a copy of her book and just read through it. It's not that long. She's got a lot of testimonials in here. Hold on, sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Lauren Dax. Okay.

    Yeah, she's, this is the old, I'm sorry, this is the old copy of her book. I think the newer one is simpler. But, I know, this is overwhelming, bleh. Calcar Parasite Protocol, okay. This is the Kalcker Parasite Protocol. But again, if you want to start with simple, just get started, and I think that if you start to get some results, you're going to want to do more. But the three things that you need, so let me just show you this last video, and then I'll wrap this up.

    Okay. I thought this was really helpful, because again, this is what I, this was literally the day that you emailed me, that I saw this. 1, 2, 3 punch to kill parasites. Destroy, number 1, destroy the biofilm with chlorine dioxide or enzymes. Number 2, kill the parasites with anti parasites. Again, go look at what Kerry Rivera says about enzymes.

    It might not work for them, but this explains why people were getting results with probiotics with autistic kids. Because it's gonna kill. Enzymes are the result. If you have good probiotics that create, that are good bacteria in your gut, the good bacteria are going to start to produce enzymes.

    That's why enzymes work, because good bacteria create enzymes. They're going to, they're going to generate enzymes. So you can take enzymes, but you'd also need to take probiotics, but if you take chlorine dioxide, it's going to kill off the bad bacteria, which is going to allow the good bacteria to thrive.

    That's why it works. That's why you don't need the enzymes or the other stuff. You can take it in addition to, but if you just do the chlorine dioxide in the form of MMS in juice, apple juice, slat, diluted apple juice is basically I think what they're doing. And then. The kids don't know. They're just drinking apple juice as far as they're concerned, but they're getting treated every single day throughout the day.

    Let them drink that all day long. And then that's going to be destroying the biofilm, right? Then you're going to kill the parasites for three days. And then you wait five days, do it again, three days. And then you, what Merritt says is just keep extending that period of time until you can do it monthly, but you may have to do it for a period of, six months.

    You may be doing this parasite protocol for six months with the kids, just three days on, five days off, three days on, seven days off, like just keep stretching it out until it gets long enough to where they're not having any symptoms. Finally, detox with binders like zeolite, silica water, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, you can put that in their bath, okay?

    Okay, so I'll just play this for you real quick. This two minute video is what Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Sherry Tanpany, and Dr. Judy Mike has been saying for quite some time, to believe that fungus and parasites cause cancer. Listen to video two. So I just wanted to show you this. So I have lupus, which is another autoimmune disease, and I do sometimes have similar symptoms, MS, I've lost function of my hands and my arms before.

    I have seizures also, so I've done a lot of been doing a lot of research on how to heal and cure autoimmune diseases and what I found is that a lot of scientists think parasites are like the root cause of autoimmune diseases. So three weeks ago, I started the parasite cleanse and I just want to update you on how I'm feeling.

    My health. Has improved so much. It's honestly freaking me out. I've been so sick all summer. Like I can't get out of bed hardly. I can make it to work and then I'm exhausted like the rest of the week. Sleeping constantly because I can't function. The energy levels are normal today. Like I feel good today.

    It's freaking me out. Like I'm cleaning, I'm dancing, having fun. My pain levels have gone down significantly. I usually like my entire body aches and hurts all the time. So that's amazing. I'm usually nauseous every day. I haven't been nauseous in like over a week and a half, maybe two weeks since I started this.

    Overall, I feel so much better and I'm going to keep doing this for about three to four months. It's been incredible. I've been using ivermectin, super enzymes, and activated charcoal or bentonite clay as a binder. You want to take the ivermectin for three or four days and take a couple days off, and then take it for five days and take five days off because it only kills the worms.

    It doesn't kill the eggs. You have to keep letting the eggs hatch and keep killing them. So it's a multiple month long process. Bye! I'm already feeling so much better and the super enzymes you want to take those because it helps break down the biofilms in your body biofilms parasites can hide in and also biofilms can cause a lot of fatigue and grogginess and brain fog and Digestive issues and stuff and once I started taking those biofilms with it.

    I started them two weeks after the cleanse I just started them a week ago. My results have boosted even more so i'll let you guys know Okay, so that's really good. Let me just search one more thing.

    These are older. Okay, newer. I don't know if I have it in here. Sorry. Oh yeah, here.

    My son, almost 13 years old, two months ago before the diet injured himself, scratched himself until he bled, hit himself on the head, beat himself until he had bruises, hyperactive, constantly banged his hands, did not sleep at night, demanded only food containing glutamate, behavior was terrible on the street and in shops.

    Last year was a nightmare for all of our family until I read Kerri's new book. That's why I say get the new book. The one I have is old. Somewhere I have her new book, but I don't know where it is. Most important thing is that after finishing fourth the kid was kicked out of school, and he was homeschooled for the entire year.

    Now he has gone back to school, which is a huge miracle for us. He's been only on the, he's only been on the Kerri's protocol for two months. He sleeps all night. He's doing good in special school. He looks good. He also doesn't bang his hands, doesn't hurt himself. Speech has improved. Concentration has improved.

    Behavior has improved. It's now a pleasure to go everywhere with him. He absolutely, he was absolutely glutamate addicted.

    I'm incredibly grateful for, to Kerri for everything she does for our children. Okay. I know I had another one. Yeah, here's another one. I actually heard good news from my son's preschool teachers.

    They told me he said a word today three times. He said, again, when requesting more patty cake. I cried, of course. They showed me a video of it, and it actually sounded like he repeated her when he, she said yes as well, in my opinion. I can't remember the exact day we started the protocol, but it's been about two months and we just finished our first parasite protocol.

    Just wanted to uplift the group and spread some hope. He's four and we did biomed since he was one and a half with no real progress class classic non responder or tough nut kid. So I just want to encourage you to do whatever you can do to start using these Things get a copy of her book, PDF, here, let me just real quick before I end, I'll show you if I can find where that is, because I know it took me a while to find it, pause right now.

    Okay, it's here on her website. It's called Kerri Rivera dot com. That's it. That's her website. You go to books and you can click here to get the PDF of her book. That's what I would do. I'd get that book and then I would follow her on telegram and I would just try to do as much as you can, but really keeping in mind those three things.

    If you do those things, you're making progress and you can add probiotics. I, there's probiotics on my website that I recommend gut pro. Those are specifically made for autism, autistic spectrum. The people that formulated that good friends of mine or take advice from Kerri, what she recommends for probiotics you can add enzymes.

    You can add zeolite, you can add the various things, but this really isn't rocket science. It's basically the three. One, two, three, punch. Okay? And I hope that helps. And I'm gonna be praying for you. So I'll end this now. I'm sorry it took me so long to say all that, but it's a lot to say because it's a paradigm shift.

    We are moving away from oh, by the way, if you try to search for Kerri on Google, look what happens. You will not get her website. So you really have to type in Kerri Rivera dot com. Oh, she does come up on Instagram. That's good. But parents are poisoning their children. Bleach peddler, they're trying to make her into a

    A criminal or something, but she's, they're curing kids. So don't listen to the mainstream media and get her book and start with the apple juice. Just do, and don't worry about being perfect. If your kids, it might be a matter of months, it might be a matter of, multiple months, but if they start doing better, Oh my gosh.

    That's going to be so exciting. Please keep us posted. And I look forward to hearing back from you. All right, I'm going to end this.