Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup

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A warm bowl of minestrone is the perfect comfort food. I love minestrone because it’s a cold weather soup that has all the flavor of summer vegetables.

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And of course, this soup is made with nourishing bone broth — rich in minerals that build strong bones and teeth.

Minestrone is Italian for “the big soup”. Minestra is the Italian word for soup, and one means big.

According to Wikipedia:

The word minestrone has its root in the latin word “minus” or minor or less, which was applied to servants, as they were considered subordinates. Hence, the word “minestrone” originates from the latin word “minestrare” or literally “that which is served.” The verb is from circa 1300, originally “to serve (food or drink)” and shares the same root as the verb and noun “minister”.

Where to Find Real Bone Broth

Too busy to make homemade chicken or beef stock? Click here to buy real organic bone broth made from pastured chickens and grass-fed cows.

Minestrone Soup

Things to do ahead:

1. Make the chicken stock about 24 hours ahead
2. Soak the dried beans at least 8 hours or overnight

Equipment Needed for This Recipe

Large stock pot or Dutch oven

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Minestrone Soup