Video: The Power of Aperitifs: Boosting Digestion and Fighting Parasites 🍹

In March of 2020, I had a spiritual awakening. I know many of us had an awakening in 2020. This has caused a lot of upheaval in people's lives and families. I know many people who have gotten divorced, many people who are estranged from their families (raises hand).

Video: The Power of Aperitifs: Boosting Digestion and Fighting Parasites 🍹

In this video, I share valuable information about the benefits of aperitifs, specifically how they can improve digestion and help eliminate parasites from the body. I also discuss the historical and biblical significance of aperitifs.

Additionally, I explain how aperitifs can increase stomach acid, which is crucial for proper digestion and can help combat the risk of cancer caused by parasites. Join me as I delve into the medicinal properties of aperitifs and provide insights on managing our own health.

Watch the Video: The Power of Aperitifs: Boosting Digestion and Fighting Parasites 🍹

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction and Importance of Aperitifs
02:43 My Personal Experience and Preparation
03:39 Understanding Aperitifs and Digestifs
05:55 The Hour of the Aperitif in France
08:48 Increasing Stomach Acid with Pool Water
09:24 Alternative Ways to Boost Stomach Acid
10:53 The Role of Monasteries in Aperitif Production
12:51 Questioning the Deep State and Trusting Ourselves


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Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Ann-Marie. I wanted to make a video talking about aperitifs and the fact that they're actually medicinal and I was starting to write this as a blog post but I'm going to make a video as well because I don't, you know, it takes me so much longer to write blog posts and to make a video and I just want to get information out there.

So my kids are still sleeping. They're not back at school yet. So I just thought I'll, I'll make this video because I think this will help a lot of people. Um, so many of you know now that you, that parasites are one of our biggest problems. The fact that we don't deworm ourselves on a regular basis is crazy, but it makes you kind of wonder why they're hiding that information from us.

Because I remember I'm 55 and I remember growing up, They, they did have pin worm treatments for kids. It was a normal thing that you had to do every so often. Um, how come you don't do that anymore? Right? It's because they're pushing vaccines down our throats 24 7 and all the other drugs. It's all a big scam.

It's just what they make money on. So, um, the fact that we're not getting it. You guys know now some of the two, I think two of the biggest things, and I wrote about that, um, two of the biggest things are, are toxins. And that's, uh, heavy metals mostly, but also toxins like fluoride and other types of toxins like, uh, well heavy metals like aluminum aluminum's, I should mention.

It's one of the biggest, also mercury, uh, But then also pesticides. Right. But then you also have parasites. So these are two huge, huge issues that most of you are aware of. Well, it turns out that alcohol is actually one of the ways that they've always helped prevent help to, um, get rid of heavy metals and parasites.

I just said aperitifs are anti parasitic, but they also do help with heavy metals. So I'm going to talk a little bit about it in this quick video. Um,

you have to forgive my frog in my throat. I got sick last week. The good news is I was only sick for one day. The bad news is I had gone off my pool water for two or three days coming back from France. So I was like. You know, you can't drink the pool water on the plane because they won't let you bring it on Well, I could have brought it on if I'd made it a small, you know, whatever next time I'm gonna be more prepared I'm gonna bring smaller containers on the plane as well as in my suitcase, but This is what happened I went two days without it and then I got sick But because I got right back on it the next day and started pounding my pool water Um, within one day I was fine.

I could walk around again. Normally I would have been sick for like at least three days to a week. So that's pretty awesome. Um, anyway, let's talk about why, what is the deal with these, um, aperitifs, digestifs. So an aperitif is what you drink before dinner. It's a cocktail, um, or some sort of drink that you have.

And it does a couple, there's a couple of reasons why you drink it. Um, and then after dinner, it's a DGS teeth. So it's something you would drink with your dessert or your cheese course. Um, or just after, after dinner. Okay. I went to France. They have something called lure lapero. Let me see if I wrote about it.

Ah, yeah, here it is. Okay. L'heure de l'appareil. The hour of the aperitif. Now, in France, they're very specific. They only eat at specific times. They don't, they're not the frickin lunatics that we are that eat all day long, throughout the day. Just to see a McDonald's, go eat randomly. No, they don't do that there.

They do have McDonald's, but... When you go out to eat... Or you eat at home, you eat at very specific times. Um, you eat morning before nine, before you go to work, you're going to eat breakfast, not like these long, like brunch on the weekend in America. It's like all, it's all day. Lunch is only from 12 to two.

If you don't get your lunch reservation or 12 to one 30, really, it says 12 to two, but it's really true. 12 to 1. 30. Um, you don't get in. If you don't eat, then they're done. That's, you've missed your opportunity. That happened to me once. I was like, okay, well, I'll just have to eat an ice cream cone for lunch because there was no lunch.

I couldn't get in. I didn't get a reservation. Dinner is really 7 to 9. 30. 7 to 9. 10 o'clock. The latest 10 o'clock. Okay, that's it. They're very long dinners, but they're... It's very scheduled so what is the lure de l'apparel Okay, that is when you are having a cocktail or two and that is before the dinner Usually they will bring out some They always have An amuse bouche.

So if you just go to dinner at 7 If you don't go to a happy hour They're gonna that's when you can order an aperitif And they're going to bring you an amuse bouche. That's a, literally, amuse the mouth. Bouche is mouth. Amuse the mouth. They're going to bring you some small something. They always do. Uh, and that's when you can have your aperitif.

So, you might have a pastis. That's Ricard there. That's a pastis. That's a licorice. And, um, fennel. Anise. Um, flavor. It's very licorice y, delicious, especially in summer. Drink it with ice and water. The Campari, that's Italian, but it's a bitter, um, it's a, these, a lot of these are bitter. It's just, the idea is, number one, you're preparing your body, you're getting your body hungry.

These, um, aperitifs are going to, So, it's going to awaken your hunger. It's going to make you hungry. And it does work. I've had one and I'm like, thirty minutes later, I'm like, I'm really hungry now. Um, The other thing about these is that they're going to help increase stomach acid. And then finally, they're made with anti parasitic ingredients.

So, licorice, um, um, wormwood. It's one of the ingredients, uh, these bitters, bitter herbs. These are things that are going to kill parasites. You know what else kills parasites? Stomach acid, hydrochloric acid. So, and that's what is in the pool water. So a lot of times people are getting cancer now when they're, they don't have enough stomach acid because they are reducing their stomach acid when you're taking these like Tums and stuff.

Uh, stomach reducers. That's why if you Google stomach acid reducer cancer, so many of these people now people are suing them because they got cancer after they took these, um, acid reducers for a period of time. Why? Well, because now we know that parasites cause cancer. Makes sense. Makes sense. So you want to increase your stomach acid.

One way to do that is to drink pool water throughout the day. It's chlorine dioxide. I call it pool water. Go on my blog.

Type in pool water. I have all these posts, but if you type how to make pool water, there it is. And that's going to show you how to do it. That is the number one way.

Um, another way is bitters, right? Another way is fermented foods. There's lots of things you can do. If you don't drink, by the way, fermented foods, you need to be incorporating them into your diet. I have lots of recipes on my blog. You can just Google lots of recipes online to make pickles, sauerkraut, all kinds of fermented foods.

Okay. That's what you need. Um. I'm going to talk about chartreuse a little bit. I'm not going to talk too long. So this is a book that I just got. It's called doctors and distillers started listening to this. I'm so fascinated because I see a pattern of not only these, um, drinks being medicinal tonics, but that, and that, You know, the industrial medical industrial complex took over and started pushing drugs on us.

We really need to manage our own health. But a lot of these, um, a lot of these alcoholic drinks came from Christians and specifically Catholics. So you read this book. I got it on audio to listen to it. It's great. Um, but it talks about the monks, monasteries making all these drinks. So, this one, Chartreuse, I realized I had a bottle of it, and I'd never tasted it, or at least I couldn't remember that I had.

This comes from south, southeast France. I was close to this area, now I can, now I know, uh, where it is. It's near Lyon. Um, You can look it up on a map, but they were, you can look up the um, monks, Chartreuse monks, Chartreuse Monastery, but they were the ones. And so, monasteries were completely self sustaining.

They had, they made products, food products, that's why you have all these different cheeses that come from monasteries. Um,

Condiments, uh, and alcoholic drinks. Dom Perignon was an actual monk. He was one of, he was the monk who really perfected, excuse me, um, this, uh, champagne and, and so they sold it, they would sell it to the people and that's how they would support themselves. Isn't that cool? It's basically the free market So when people say they don't like Catholics, I'm like you don't know the history because if you know the history of Catholics It really is what how we're supposed to live Sorry, not sorry.

It is how we're supposed to live. We're supposed to have these monasteries You know, look at all that they did the nuns and the monks to take care of children charities Schools. My dad was educated by nuns. He went to Catholic school. This was in the 40s. Okay. Wasn't that long ago? What happens when we let the government run our schools?

It's a nightmare. We need to go back. I mean, my dad, my dad, that's why my dad was conservative his whole life.

That's why he was ostracized by his whole family because they all became Indoctrinated by public public school. He was the only one that had a Catholic education. I was named after a nun, sister Ann Marie, his favorite. Okay. Anyway, the chartreuse. So you just drink it like this, drink it with ice. You can, uh, same thing with the Campari, but then you can also make cocktails with these.

So you, you're going to wake up your digestive system to get ready to eat. You're going to increase your stomach acid. Helps with parasites. And you're going to fight parasites. Why aren't we doing this every single day? Because the deep state's telling us alcohol's bad for us?

Who are we going to trust? Not going to trust them. They lied to us about everything. So you can get all these at the liquor store. Bye. I'm going to start putting recipes on so, um, hold on, I'll, I'll talk a little bit about those pictures. So I got all this stuff before I got divorced. This is the kind of stuff that I love to do when my ex husband was always like, you know, what are you doing being me?

Um, so I was busy putting these all in jars the other day and, uh, I'm gonna start with come starting tomorrow's Tuesday. I'll be getting the rest of my I'll get it. I'm getting the Wormwood I didn't have Wormwood. I want to talk about Wormwood

I'm gonna make I'm gonna make homemade Campari I'm gonna make homemade Amaro which I don't have a picture of but I'm gonna make homemade pasties, which is that Ricard and I want to make Homemade vermouth. Now all of these ones have grain alcohol. You can use them. You can use vodka to make them or you can just use Everclear, which is what I'm using.

I just bought some bottles of Everclear and then I've got, um, all these various barks and herbs. Do you remember when the pandemic was happening? Plandemic? See that, uh, Chinchona or cinchona? I don't know how to pronounce it. That's what they make tonic water out of. That's the Peruvian bark that they make tonic water.

And they lied to us and said, Oh, you can't drink tonic water and prevent COVID.

Remember all that propaganda in 2020. That is what they found cured malaria. That is what they found cured malaria. That's that bark. That's why they were putting it into tonic water. That's why they call it tonic water. Licorice root. So, so let's go down. I was starting to get, I could go on and on. I could go on and on and finding all these studies.

You guys. I stopped because I was like, this is taking me all day. Licorice root removes heavy metals. You, hold on. What am I doing? Um, um. Preview. Okay. Let me go down.

Oh, sorry. I didn't update it. Okay. Just want to let me click.

There you go. Read the studies yourself.

You can read them. Wormwood is anti parasitic. This has been known for thousands of years. The Greeks knew this.

And anise and fennel are antiviral antibacterial you just need a shot a day Then you can also take your digest teeth Did you know Speaking of Wormwood Did you know that? beer Before they used to use hops. Although hops are also it talks about it in that distill doctors and distillers book hops are also fight pathogens, but Wormwood is like the number one.

Um, Wormwood used is what they used to use instead of hops for beer. Wine is also anti pathogenic. Do not listen to people when they say you should not drink wine with your dinner or a glass of beer. Beer is also super high in silica. It's one of the best sources of silica. And even Dennis, um, What's his name?

Kraus, who I love. Um, even though he's not right about everything. Nope. Just because people are smart doesn't mean everything they say is true. And even me, I'm, I never say everything I say is true. Um.

He's really smart. He's the one that wrote the book, um, about silica that got me so interested in it and started adding silica to my water. Um, this is the book. I highly recommend everybody read this book, silica water, the secret of healthy longevity in the aluminum age. I think you should retitle this book and call it, um, the real blue zones.

Because that's what he talks about. He says the Blue Zones are not Mediterranean diet. That doesn't even make sense. Sorry, I'm going off on a tangent now, but... Blue Zones... Okay, this is the book that first got published, right? And it became this huge, like, whatever. But if you read what they tell you to eat in this, it's completely wrong.

It's Mediterranean diet. Tofu? Excuse me? What is all this? This is not going to help you live longer.

Where's the book?

See, they have the, I don't even know where to get the book.

Here they are. Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Um, Nuoro, province of Sardinia. So that's outside, off of Italy, right? Um, Costa Rica, Greece, and Loma Linda, California. And they were trying to figure out what they had in common. Okay? I'm going to show you in this book. I know I'm going off the tangent of the aperitifs for a second, but it's important.

I should do a whole video just on this. So, this is his book. Um, this guy, other guy, Dan, uh,

Dan Butner, Dan Butner, this guy is the one got all these awards because he talked about the blue zones. Only problem is his hypothesis of what actually made them healthy is not the issue because he, he's talking about tofu and Okinawa. That's not their traditional diet. Their traditional diet is pork, wild boar.

He doesn't talk about that. It's more cherry picking, guys. It's more cherry picking. So, this book is fabulous because he gets into all this. Um, longevity. Uh, where does he talk? Silica. Hold on. Yeah, here it is. It's buried in his book. His whole book needs to be called The Real Blue Zones. And he just needs to take this guy apart.

Um, Okinawa. Um, he is talking about the silica that they have in their water, but also in their food.

Silica. Um, when I was in Europe, I was drinking silica water the whole time, just from the mineral waters or specific mineral waters that you get that are very high. Now it's not just the water. It's also, um, the food dietary. Okay. So he talks about it's, it's declining now because it's not in our soil as much.

That's why you really need to add it to your water. But he talks about some of the crops, um, maize, rice, wheat, potatoes, guys, if you're eating a carnivore diet, you're not going to get this stuff. You're not going to get enough silica. It's a real problem.

It's a real problem. So anyway, um, I highly recommend this book. It's going, this is what is going to help you detox the aluminum. Anyway, back to aperitifs, which was what we're supposed to talk about. Um,

this, um, back to the chartreuse. The color chartreuse actually comes from the alcohol, which came from the monastery. People forget. They don't tell us this. Um, but, hold on. This is so cool. So part of the reason I went to France was because my ancestors, I think they're my ancestors. We don't know. We won't know.

Like maybe I won't know till I get to heaven because like God has to show me. But because we had, there are bastard stepchildren who, you know, there were kings who had mistresses. So, you know. There's one priest in Detroit who thinks, because our family came just from outside of Detroit, who thinks that our family traces back to royalty, all the way back to, um, uh, King Louis, uh, Saint Louis, King of France, which is really interesting because that is the stained glass window I sit next to every day when we go to church at the cathedral.

So happens just so happens Anyway, this liquor liqueur has been made by Carthusian monks since 1737 according to instructions instructions set out in a manuscript given to them by Francoise Annabelle distress I'm like distress I'll tell you why in a second in 1605. I Was named after the monastery which is north of Grenoble Okay, so, who is this?

Francoise Annabelle de Stres. The brother of Gabrielle de Stres! What? She was the mistress of Henry, King of France. Henry the Fourth.

He was baptized a Catholic, raised Protestant by his mother. And it was Gabrielle. I hate this picture of her. By the way, they always put ugly pictures. She's so much prettier than that.

It was his mistress who convinced her to turn France back to Catholicism. Her brother was the one who got the monks to make this liqueur. Isn't that amazing? Anyway, why is this important? Because we don't know there's a hundred and thirty different ingredients in this herbs and barks and whatever

The beverage soon became popular in 1764 the monks adapted the elixir recipe Excuse me You're just gonna have to deal with my froggy throat today in In 1793 the monks were expelled from France along with other religious orders and manufacture of the liquor ceased That was during the French Revolution.

A copy of the manuscript was made and kept at the monastery. Uh, the monk was arrested and sent to a prison in Bordeaux. Why are they arresting them? Because it heals people. It heals people. If you can kill parasites and get rid of heavy metals, you're gonna heal people. Why did they arrest Jesus Christ?

Why? Did they kill so many of these saints? John the Baptist. What was I just looking up? John the Baptist, LaCour. Trying to remember. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,

yeah. I'll talk about this next. John the Baptist and talks all about the walnut. Well, walnuts are a big deal in, um,


Hold on.

Here it is. Noir de le Saint Jean le Coeur. It's picked. The walnuts are picked on Saint John's Day in June. Must be harvested while they're unripe. The Saint John in question is John the Baptist.

So when I went to France... I went to Castle de Jauney. So, I have a lot more to say about it, but this, this website's really good. Uh, jeandomremy. fr, France. You can read it in English. Um, it's all about Joan of Arc and Robert Desarmois. What does Desarmois mean? This is going to blow your mind. It blew mine.




Who is Robert Armoise? Well, they said Robert Des Armoises was the man that Joan of Arc married. Him. This, they found this portrait in the Chateau Dijon. That's where I went. And I met with, I haven't talked about this yet, but I met with the woman who moves down the street from the castle. And I hung out at her house, which is her antique shop.

And she showed me all the information she had, including like 30 books written saying that Joan of Arc... Did not die a mistake and that she married him. His name is Wormwood. I'm gonna talk about John the Baptist in a second, but okay. So this, this is such a, not a coincidence. We're standing there at Chateau Dijon.

Somebody was selling this and Mary Jo, my friend was like, Aperitif. Aperitif Noir.

No, I, I don't know how to pronounce it.

Walnut, but I didn't know it was walnut. I had no idea. It's actually walnut leaves. That's what it says on there. I didn't know. I just said, okay, I'm buying you some and I'll buy myself a bottle too. And I'll take it home. And that's what I did. Cause when somebody is like, she's helped, she's helping me so much with all this information about Joan of Arc.

I'm like, I need to get her this and I'll take myself some back too. Right. So I tried it. It's delicious. It's an aperitif. You can also drink it as a digestif. Of course, yes, black walnuts are anti parasitic. And I'm sure the leaves are too.

And it's... John the Baptist, so, oh, okay, so there's something else about John the Baptist I want to show you. Okay, there's a lot of misinformation out there. Um, like this, saying that John the Baptist was eating locusts. Locusts and wild honey. That's in the Bible. Hold on. Here it is. I said he was not actually eating locusts.

He was eating the seed pods of the carob tree.

And there you have it. Anti helminthic I can't say that word. Anti worms. Helminth. Helminth is a worm. Effective care pods. So he was already john the baptist. Was.

Eating anti parasitic. Do you think it's a coincidence that we fast before. Christmas during advent and before Easter before lent. With lent.

I think that. We've always been fighting heavy metals, you know, the, the Romans put, um, put the plumbing in lead pipes. We've always been fighting parasites, driving the snakes out. Were those actually parasitic worms that were causing people to go crazy? Yes. There were probably demons too. It's both. I think it's both.

I think demons can actually inhabit. Worms. When I was doing research on the religion of Shin, which comes from China, which is where genies come from, Jin is from, um, Middle East. They, um, said that demons like to inhabit snakes, reptiles, and worms. Well, wouldn't they also be in parasitic worms that like to get inside of us?

Sure. Why not? So anyway, I think that Christian freedom fighters have always been helping us with our health. I have more to show you that I can't even get into in this post. There's a whole rabbit hole that I went down having to do with Patton, General Patton and his ancestors. Sorry, it was his, uh, it was Gene Gordon.

If Gene Gordon and General Patton had an affair, And Trump was their baby. Don't, don't, don't go crazy until you research it. Ah, hit, Jean, okay I'll just show you. It's just too interesting. And then I gotta go back to Joan of Arc. Jean Gordon, she, everyone knows she had an affair with General Patton. It's, it's all here on Wikipedia, okay?

So, um,

her mother was the daughter of Frederick Ayer.

And by the way, that's what I'm finding in all my research with, uh, all this stuff is like, it's all, they always adopt kids just like the Obamas, you know, those aren't the real kids. Um,

it doesn't make sense. Like these Trump people that Trump. His parents, it's much more likely these were his parents, his grandparents, uh, great grandparents. Okay. So this was the grandfather of Gene Gordon and check out what he did. He was, um, an industrialist, an entrepreneur, one of the most successful in the whole country.

And his brother. Was this guy, Dr. James Cook Ayer. So together, he was a druggist. And a doctor. Together, they were compounding medicines. And selling all of these drugs. Tonics. Anti, uh, cathartic pills. Oh, sorry, cathartic pills?

Malaria. They had a tonic for malaria. Wasn't Trump talking about HCQ and malaria? Anyway. I encourage you to go look into this yourself, but it's a very interesting wouldn't surprise me at all if these bloodlines go back. And we know Jackie Kennedy Her bloodline goes back to the French, to French royalty, she says, they try to say that she didn't, but I do believe she did.

Um, so anyway, Joan of Arc, Robert de Zamois, the Wormwood, all these natural cures. Of course, of course, John the Baptist too was baptizing people in natural springs, which would mean that they would be bathing in and drinking. This water that's very similar to what we call pool water and rich in silica would have been very rich in silica back then, right?

Okay, so that's enough for today, but that's what I'm thinking about. And I'm going to be making these, putting them on the blog recipes for, uh, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I was gonna tell you, um, one more thing. Uh, vermouth.

Vermouth, you can make, um, there's a recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs I'm going to use. She's talking about how much better it is. Have you ever, you have, I'm sure you've had vermouth, vermouth in your cocktail, like in your martini, right? But people are like, not really sure why you put it in there. I know people that just drink vodka martini and they barely even put any vermouth in if they put any at all.

for a tr for a while there was a trend where there was like a little spray bottle that you could just spray a little tiny 'cause people didn't like the taste of it or whatever. Well, I think most vermouth today is not as good as it used to be. And that's what she says. Uh, she says this herbal AIF is so good and they drink it like this.

In Europe, they just drink straight vermouth as an aif. So what it is, it's all these different, um,

My dog. It's all these different things. Wormwood, vanilla bean, chamomile flowers, right? And then they add white wine, a bottle of white wine, and a little bit of sherry. Uh, right? Which is, sherry is a fortified wine.

Let's talk about what that is. Um, fortified wine. Is

in addition to wine, they add a little extra. So for port, sherry, Madeira, Marsala, they add a little brandy to it, and it acts as a preservative. That's why you can keep it on the shelf, you know, for years, as opposed to like wine that'll go bad. You have to have a special, you know, cork it, put it in the fridge.

So this is a form of fermentation. It's a form of preservative. Um, And then, Aromatized wines.

It's like wine, If wine and gin had a baby, Um, This is when they season the wine. So this is like your vermouth. Well, what do you think the word vermouth means? It means wormwood.

It's the German word for wormwood. , today's armo. It's the same. Chernobyl, by the way, also means wormwood.

It's also in the book of Revelation.

The third angel blew his Trump trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven blazing like a torch, and it.

Interesting. The third angel blew his trumpet. One way you could interpret that is Lincoln. Number three, Lincoln, Kennedy, Trump. Great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and the springs of water, and the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became Wormwood, and many died from the water because it became, it made, it was made bitter.

Now that doesn't tell you who's dying, does it? People think it's a bad thing. Maybe there's a certain percentage of bad people on this planet who need to die. Just saying. This goes back to Artemisia.

Which I traced back to Esther. It's a family. Uh, Asterace... I don't know how to pronounce that. Asteraceae. Um, I think my son's sending me something. Um, Esther, the book of Esther, what happens in the book of Esther? Go read it. It killed our enemies. Okay. Anyways, I'm going to be putting these posts on my blog.

I just wanted to share this because number one, I'm just so interested in how this all connects biblically. Um, I do believe there's a good bloodline. And I think, I think it goes all the way back. And I think they've always been fighting for our health and our freedom. And, uh, and I think it's still, all these traditions are still there.

Uh, and then the other thing is that we, we need to incorporate these healthy living practices in our lives. And it's as simple as eating a French, traditional French. Diet or traditional Italian. You guys, you don't need to like reinvent the wheel with all this keto and intermittent fasting and crazy stuff.

If you just go back to the way things used to be, uh, you know,

it's not that, it's not more complicated than that. Um, so I hope that, um. You guys enjoy these posts when I put them up and you can also start making, um, you can buy them too. You don't have to make them if you don't want to. I know it's just a whole nother thing. But I kind of, the reason I want to make them is because I think they are much more flavorful.

Um, you know, and then even if you're having a martini before dinner, you have your vermouth in it or, or a Negroni. Uh, Um, you're getting that extra shot of medicinal, you know, tonic every day. Um, and doing it in such a nice way. Speaking of that, real quick, um, I'll give you this before I go. Uh, craft cocktails.

So you can make these at home. Um, these, it's already on my blog. And this is phenomenal. You will not believe how much better the cocktails taste with this. That's all you need. That little guy. You can get it on Amazon. It's in the recipes here on my blog. But you just put that in. Let's look at the recipe.

This was, I still have it on my counter. I have it, um, a Negroni that I made. That I'll have a little bit, you know, before dinner. Uh, here it is. Negroni. Two cups gin, one cup Campari, and one half cup of vermouth. It would be even better if you made your own vermouth. And if you made your own Campari. But it's still phenomenal just as is.

Um, Incredible. You don't even need to put the lemon in. You can, but you don't have to. Um, so you get that little piece of wood. You could also use. Um, to do this, but it's just an infusion spiral. Um, it's an oak, it's a little bit of oak. Okay. Tannins also are anti parasitic. That's why they bury us in oak caskets and, uh, that's why they age wine in oak.

Um. Two weeks. Just two weeks. Alright, that's all. My son's coming. Mom, did you see what I sent you? No, not yet.