Perpetual Salad

Perpetual Salad

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I love salad but I hate making salad. All the chopping and prep involved, and then you can only eat it that night — you can save it for leftovers. We started making this Perpetual Salad last year and now this is the only way we ever make salad.

Perpetual Salad

Perpetual Salad

Perpetual Salad is the best way to make salad. You literally can have salad whenever you want — and you only have to make it once a week.

Note: This is one of the posts that got nuked when I moved my blog after I got deplatformed – I will be updating this recipe eventually. Thanks for your patience.

Just use vegetables that will stay crisp and fresh, such as celery and bell peppers and carrots. The only thing you can’t use is veggies that will turn brown, wilted, or mushy such as lettuce or avocados.

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Here’s how to make it:

Cut up the produce you have that you want to add to the salad. I almost always use bell peppers, celery or fennel, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Sliced fennel is great to add instead of celery. I always have fennel in my garden, and this is a great use for it.

Perpetual Salad

I like to add Kalamata olives as well. Just pit them cut them into halves.

Perpetual Salad

I also like to add  pickled artichoke hearts. I strain out the excess olive oil, cut the artichokes into smaller bite-sized pieces. The olive oil provides a little dressing when you mix them in. You could also use sun-dried tomatoes, pickled asparagus, pepproncini peppers, etc.

Perpetual Salad

You can also add diced cheese, minced salami, or chopped hard-boiled eggs, or leftover cooked chicken or steak. Whatever you have that needs to be used up.

Last night I had leftover black beans and corn from making enchiladas and I threw those in there, too. Have fun with it.

The only thing I don’t recommend adding is produce that becomes mushy and brown over time… like lettuce or avocados. Leave those out — you can add them when you serve the salad.

If you want, when you’re ready to eat it you can add a little bit of dressing to make it more tasty, but I think its fine as is.

I do recommend only using organic vegetables, especially if you are trying to avoid fluoride, since many vegetables are sprayed with fluoride based pesticides. Read more about cryolite here.

The Perpetual Salad will last in your fridge in a sealed container for up to a week, sometimes as long as a week and a half.

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Perpetual Salad