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Sprouted Cornmeal

For making homemade tortillas and tortilla chips, tamales, taco shells, as well as cornbread, grits and polenta.

Sprouted Cornmeal on Amazon

Sprouted Wheat Flour

For healthier digestion and more nutritious foods, use sprouted flour 1 to 1 in place of whole wheat flour. There is no need to soak it.

For a lighter baked good, use a mix of sprouted flour with all-purpose white flour.

Sprouted Wheat Flour on Amazon

Whole Wheat Flour

Whole Wheat Flour


Gluten-free Pasta
Sprouted Wheat Pasta


Organic Corn Tortillas

Organic Corn Tortillas

Organic Corn Tortillas on Amazon

Whole Grains

Wheat Berries for milling your own flour
Organic Corn for making masa dough for tortillas, corn meal and polenta

Organic Corn

Organic Corn on Amazon

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