Sprouted Cornbread

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I grew up in Texas, and I love Tex Mex more than any other food. Cornbread is a staple comfort food in Texas.

This cornbread is divine. It’s got grass-fed cream and cheese and corn kernels added to it. The cream and cheese add fat-soluble vitamins A, D & K2, and the cheese gives it protein.

Not only is this cornbread much more nutrient-dense, the taste is amazing. It takes cornbread to a whole new level. It goes really well with chili, carnitas, or pot roast. And yes, it is gluten-free!

I’ve made this cornbread even more nutritious by using sprouted cornmeal. If you can’t get sprouted cornmeal, you can soak the corn in lime water overnight. If you’re using sprouted corn, it is not necessary to soak the cornmeal in the lime water, but if you want to do both, you can.

Sprouted Cornbread

Why Soaked or Sprouted Cornbread?

Soaking and sprouting grains is a traditional practice. Read my blog post about why it’s critical to sprout and/or soak cornmeal.

In the early 1900s, for example, in the American South, people were using corn more frequently in their cooking for corn breads, corn grits, and the like. However, unlike our neighbors south of the border who were soaking grains, Americans were not soaking it. As a result, we saw an epidemic of Pellagra — 100,000 afflicted in 1916. Source

Recipe Notes

I modified this recipes from the book, The New Texas Cuisine (one of my favorite cookbooks), by Texan Chef, Stephan Pyles.

Where to Buy Sprouted Corn Flour

You can find organic sprouted corn flour online from To Your Health Sprouted Flour — click here to find them on my resources page.

I buy the 5-pound bag and store it in the freezer. (Since this is a whole grain, it will go rancid in the cupboard. Another reason to BUY sprouted corn flour instead of soaking cornmeal that’s been sitting for a long time at the store.)

Be sure to always buy ORGANIC cornmeal, since non-organic corn is typically genetically modified.

Sprouted cornmeal is great for making cornbread, polenta (recipe coming soon on the blog,) tortillas, and tamales.

Sprouted Cornbread

Equipment Needed for This Recipe

Large cast iron skillet
Food processor or box grater

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Sprouted Cornbread