Sometimes It’s Hard To Be a Blogger

Sometimes It’s Hard To Be a Blogger

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We got home from vacation last Thursday night. I had a whole bunch of posts scheduled for the three weeks of May that I would be gone.

Unfortunately, my RSS feed broke a few days after I flew to Portugal. And I had no idea. I was trying to be good so I was not checking my feed or doing any work.

The result: there have been no Feedburner emails going out for 26 days! That’s what I get for trying to go on vacation, huh?

I spent over six hours yesterday and this morning trying to fix the RSS feed. Yeah, fun times! The good news is I finally fixed it.

Yay, me! I win the nerd prize this week. Turns out there was a plugin that had not been upgraded and when the new WordPress version was upgraded, it broke the feed. It only took obsessive googling and reading about 17,000 forum threads and blog posts to finally figure out how to fix the darn thing.

Anyway, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’m just so glad it’s finally fixed!

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