Trip to Three Stone Hearth: Part 2

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Busy Kitchen

More photos from our trip up to Berkeley to volunteer at Three Stone Hearth, the community supported kitchen…

Here’s Larry with his fermented drinks.

Larry with His Fermented Drinks

He makes beet kvass, kombucha and soda pops and coolers made with whey or kefir grains.

Here’s the beet kvass — 80 quarts worth — fermenting in a stainless steel vessel normally used for wine.

Beet Kvass

These plastic bins are full of mason jars.

Plastic Bins Full of Jars

They use mason jars for everything at Three Stone Hearth. This enables them to reuse the jars and not have to use disposable containers. There’s a lot of maintenance involved in collecting the jars, washing and storing the jars, and sterilizing the lids.

The other thing they have a lot of is these big plastic bins.


These are full of cereal. The cereals at Three Stone Hearth are delicious! They are properly soaked so they are very easy to digest and much more nutritious than store-bought cereal. Also, they are not extruded like store-bought cereal; extruded cereals are indigestible.

Here’s Mary, a volunteer/employee, Jessica Prentice, and Larry, going over recipes for the Full Moon Feast:

Mary, Jessica and Lary

Here’s Ciara (I hope I spelled her name right), an apprentice/volunteer, and Mary, making food for the Feast:

Ciara and Mary Cooking at Three Stone Hearth

And Jessica, another volunteer, and Ciara:

Jessica and Ciara Cooking

As you can see, their organization is very dependent upon the help of volunteers.

Three Stone Hearth Kitchen Staff

It is really fun to volunteer. You learn so much and it’s fun to cook with friends — and in a real commercial kitchen.

Here’s Mary making cornbread:

Mary Making Corn Bread

The cornbread she made was so delicious. It was soaked so it was very digestible and very nutritious, and it was served with honey butter made with grass-fed butter from a local farm and raw honey.

More to come in part 3!