No More Cavities with Silica Water (Video)

I took my son to the dentist the other day and I was blown away to find that he has no cavities. I also had no cavities at my most recent dentist visit a few months ago. The only thing I have changed in the past few years is adding silica to our drinking water.

No More Cavities with Silica Water (Video)

I took my son to the dentist the other day and I was blown away to find that he has no cavities. I also had no cavities at my most recent dentist visit a few months ago.

This is amazing because we've been really terrible about brushing lately due to all the stress we have been under. We've moved 3 times in 3 years. We also have not been eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet.

The only thing I have changed in the past few years is adding silica to our drinking water. It's so easy to make and costs almost nothing.

I just filter tap water in my Berkey and then I add 3 ingredients. The link to the recipe is below.

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Silica Water Recipe: How to Add Silica to Your Drinking Water
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Silica Water the Secret of Healthy Longevity in the Aluminum Age by Dennis N. Crouse, PhD
Blue Zones by Dan Buettner
Deep Nutrition by Cate Shanahan
Nutrition & Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price

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Video Transcript

Hi guys. It's Ann-Marie Michaels from Ann-Marie Michaels Dot Com. And I have to tell you I haven't made a video in a while, but I'm getting back on here after a big, stressful move over the holidays.

But I have to tell you what just happened about taking my son to the dentist and no cavities... and this is wild because I think what actually... I think, I know why he has no cavities.

Now, this is not a Pub Med study. This is an N of one. I can't prove this or whatever, but I just.

I want to share what I'm thinking, because I think this is just mind blowing.

So there's a book called Silica Water: The Secret of Healthy Longevity in the Aluminum Age. I'll put the link below you guys can order it. I bought this. I want to say when it first came out, it came out in October, 2018.

So I probably read it. Around that time or 2019. And this guy, Dennis Crouse is a researcher. He's... wrote a whole book, which is actually... Fantastic book, one of the best books I've ever read. And it's all about. silica -- and water that's high in silica.

And how it helps people. He actually helped to reverse his mother's Alzheimer's.

The book is great because he talks about silica and how it removes aluminum, but he also talks about silica and how it is. Something that creates – produces – longevity and he talks about the blue zones.

I remember reading that book way back when. And they talkabout. How all these different civilizations, I think there's seven different blue zones and how they're like. Eating a Mediterranean diet, which they're not.

You know who Cate Shanahan who wrote Deep Nutrition, just talked about this on her linkedIn she was, she actually wrote a whole blog post about it. She wrote about how they're not eating a Mediterranean diet.

Like the people in Okinawa were eating, cooking, everything in lard. Pig fat.

So it's more of a Weston Price type of diet that they were all eating. If you look at it,

But what Crouse said in his book was basically like.. he went and looked at the silica in their groundwater, in their soil, and he also looked at what they were eating and that the things they were eating, like for example, the people in Okinawa were eating like sweet potatoes.

And they were eating the skin, which is, has a ton of silica.

Okay. The people, I forget which some people were eating oatmeal. Like certain things are very high in silica.

So it's all in his book, highly recommend this book.

Anyway, that was, I don't know, five years ago that I read that book and I started adding silica to my water and the way that he recommends to do it.

And I have the link below, I'll put the link below to my silica water recipe. But long and short of it is. I've been doing that for years.

And my kids used to have really bad cavities. They all have, both of my kids have crowns.

They have just my worst nightmare because I've been following Weston Price all these years, trying to do everything right. And for whatever reason, my kids ended up getting cavities.

Guess what? I wonder if it's because I was using reverse osmosis water.

Yeah. My kids weren't brushing as much as they should, but let me just tell you what just happened at the dentist. I'm blown away.

My son for the last several months, we've been going through a divorce in our family. We've had to move three times in three years.

Like it's been really chaotic and stressful. Our routines are all messed up, like everything's messed up. So it's really hard to get them to brush his teeth lately.

It's. Impossible. Like he does not brush his teeth. He rarely he try to get him to brush his teeth at least once a day, but that's been a struggle to be honest.

He has no cavities. How is this possible?

When my daughter was growing up. I thought it was because she wasn't brushing.

He's not brushing. He's barely brushing. I'm like having to stay on him all the time to try not again, brush at all.

Why does he have no cavities when he had tons of cavities just a few years ago?

I think it's the silica water. Cause that's the only thing that he's doing.

He's not even eating a really good diet. You guys, he's not, we've been, especially this last few months, it's been challenging

I've spent the last month packing up my house and looking for a house and moving to another rental house. Because I lost my house in the divorce.

We're not eating while we're eating a lot of fast food. So anyway, we go to the dentist, I'm fully prepared, because we go to get his cleaning and he hasn't had a cleaning... last time I took him was like in the spring, I think.

So it's been like at least nine months. Just because of all the stress and everything we haven't gone. And also we changed our dentist.

What the heck? How does he not have cavities? I was totally ready.

And the same thing with me. I do brush twice a day, but I don't do very good job. And I haven't been using my Waterpik and I haven't been flossing most of the time.

I went to the dentist a few months ago, and I was sure that I was going to have cavities. I was sure.

No cavities. And he had no cavities. Okay. This is mind blowing. This is mind blowing.

I really, think it's the silica.Because the only thing I've done for him.  And it's been in the last few years.

Cause when, I'm trying to remember when he had his cavities, he had to get a crown.

This is before I was giving him water every day. I wasn't giving him silica water every day. He was just drinking water at the school.

Okay. But recently in the last three years, I started filling up his water bottle with the silica water.

So I make the silica water in my Berkey recipe below. It's very easy.

There's only three ingredients you have to add to the Berkey water. I actually don't do it in the Berkey anymore because it was sliming up the filters.

So now what I do is I keep one of those little, I don't know what they're called. You know what I mean? The water pitcher and you put the big, blue bottle over on top of it.

I add the silica ingredients to that after I make it, after I I filter it in the Berkey.

And I've had incredible results with the silica water, especially when I combine it with the pool water, I'll put the link to the pool water below.

I can't say what it is. Out in public. I have to call it pool water, but you can go read what it is.

But when I do the pool water and the silica water, I sleep five hours a night. And I'm wide awake and I have to get up and like practice, do my French. Practice cause I'm like, what am I going to do? I'm wide awake.

So anyway, I cannot even believe that he has no cavities.

Minerals in the water. I think this is really the key. Yes. Nutrient dense foods are important, but when we haven't been drinking raw milk, we haven't been doing all the stuff.

I'm not saying don't do it. I'm saying, eat as healthy as you can eat as nutrient dense as you can.

But guys. It's the water. I really think it's the water that made the difference for him and for me, no cavities.

Anyway, that's my update. Talk to you guys on the next one.