Update: Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals (Video)

Hey everyone, it's Ann-Marie and I'm going to show you my Black Friday deals. Yes, I know it's Saturday but I have a lot going on in my personal life – kind of stressful.

Update: Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals (Video)

This is an update to my original Black Friday post.

Hey everyone, it's Ann-Marie and I'm going to show you my Black Friday deals. Yes, I know it's Saturday but I have a lot going on in my personal life – kind of stressful.

Anyway, I want to get these deals out to you today – these sales are going on over the weekend through Cyber Monday.

Click here to see my original Black Friday post with all the deals and links.

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00:00: Black Friday Deals
01:58: Lifewave Patches Sale
06:05: MONAT Haircare & Skincare Sale
11:00: Amazon Deals + Moccamaster Coffee Maker Sale
11:51: Tuttle Twins Kids Books
12:37: JM Bullion Silver & Gold Sale

Click here to see my original Black Friday post with all the deals and links.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it's Ann-Marie and I'm going to show you my Black Friday deals. I really wanted to get more updates, but I don't know. It's a lot going on personally, so I'm doing the best I can. I do have some good Black Friday deals for you.

And I'm going to share those in a video. I will update the posts, but I want to get this video up and out, and I'm going to go through these as quickly as possible, so that you can take advantage of them and I will have more over the weekend, I think.

So this is just today's actually black Friday. I'll throw this video up. And here, let me share my screen and then we will I'll be updating this page. So this is at the top of my page, bookmark this page. My website, AnnMarieMichaels. com.

Okay. We have a few sales going on. If you go to my page, if you do click through to any of my Amazon links, that helps me.

Okay? Any of these links, you guys are going to help me, and I really appreciate it. I'm going through. The hardest financial time of my life. I've lost literally everything, home, income, 95 percent of my income, 99 percent probably was lost since 2019. Got divorced and lost my home and my retirement.

So if you can order anything through my links, I so much appreciate it because I do make a small commission on Amazon and on any of the products that I recommend. If you click through my links, I will order, I will, and you order something, I will earn a small commission. It will, it very well could help keep me afloat.

I am going to be announcing a Give, Send, Go for my legal fund. Any day now and i'm also going to be announcing my online courses, which i'm probably going to keep on sale discounted through the end of this year.

So don't feel like you have to jump on those yet, but you can at least take advantage of these black friday sales if you're interested in joining my one of my online courses going up I'm going to keep the prices low on those through the rest of the year.

So no rush on those All right. So let's go on to life wave patches. So the life wave patches if you've been following me, Really, cool. These are, I'm wearing mine right now these are frequency patches. That's what we can say.

We can't use the S word anymore. But really incredible results people are getting with these patches. So the sale that's going on right now is different. There's three different packages. Depends on what you want. What I recommend for people starting is the X39.

So they do have this kit that's X39, X49, plus this Essentials Mist Collection, which is you take, you spray it morning and night shine and dream. So dream is nighttime and shine is morning. So I don't really know much about that. You could read about it on their website. I've been wanting to order it and I would totally take advantage of this sale. If I were you, if you want to jump in and just get 30 percent off. My link is LifeWave. com slash AnnMarieMichaels.

And if you go to that link, it'll take you, you'll see the Black Friday specials at the top, and just click shop now. If you need help, email me, AnnMarie at AnnMarieMichaels. com, and I'll help you choose an order. But I, for most people, I would start with this. Because you get the X39 and X49 and I would wear those at least a month.

They say to wear these at least six months to make a commitment to six months. And you can do once you start getting them, you can do a subscribe and save and get them every month, at a discount. Okay. That's one of the deals.

You could also get these Eon, Glutathione, and Carnosine. If you wanted to just get the X39 and X49 and then also get one of these other packages.

Either the Eon, Glutathione, and Carnicine, and I have all of those. That's what I use. They have different purposes, right? They're gonna... If you use... x39, x49, glutathione, eon, and carnicine. That's going to take care of literally all the different processes in your body. Okay. This is a way to get glutathione without having to take a shot or take a supplement.

The other one is this one, Energy Enhancers Ice Wave and X 49. If you guys have any questions, please email me, annmarie at annmariemichaels. com. I'll be checking my email throughout this weekend. I believe this sale goes on through November 28th. So you got four more days. I'm here and I can talk to you about getting started.

If you've been wanting to get on these, this is a good time to start. And then I can show you how you can either become a brand partner, or do a subscribe and save money on it over time. This is not a get rich quick get completely better overnight kind of product. This is a product that you stay on for months -- years. But this is the kind of thing that, check this out.

Ryan's beard was almost completely white last June. He had a pretty gray beard since his thirties, but you can see a lot of spots are growing in brown again.

He says his hair is growing in thicker as well. I love being able to see more and more changes the longer we're using these patches. That's why I do always encourage people to keep using them, even if they're not noticing any changes.

The company's recommendation is to give it a real, to give it a real shot is one month for every 10 years old. You are so 40 years old, four months. We're all different. We all experienced change at different rates.

And keep in mind that we're all getting super attacked right now by all the shedding of the jibberdy jabberdy and all the stuff going on chemtrails everything else so you know the more we can do to support our health right now the better that's why I'm using these patches and I it's only four months for me and I'm 55 so I'm not feeling a lot except for I talked about it in my Black Friday post, the benefits that I'm seeing, recovery from time from exercise is unreal.

No jet lag on my trip. H. pylori ejected from my body. I tell the whole story on here. So I'm definitely seeing results, but I know as time goes on, I'm going to see more and more. So if you're wanting to do it, go ahead and do it get started with it. Anyway, I'll update this. Monat is the next one.

That's the shampoo and cosmetics line that I believe in more than anyone. I'm going to do a whole nother post about that because I want to talk about the ingredients because somebody was talking to me about the ingredients. You guys, this, these are the cleanest products out there. These are the cleanest products out there.

I'll do a whole nother video about it, but maybe tomorrow. But, I've been using these products since, 2017, and there's nothing like this. Anyway, they had a sale the last few days, but they have another sale launching today, and I believe it's only today. I don't even know how fast I can get this video out, it's already 3 o'clock.

But, 35 percent off, site wise, site wide, they usually do extend. Oh yeah, no, it says sale ends two days, they already extended it. Awesome. So it's going to be another two, two days and eight hours. You can, everything is 35 percent off. Everything. Whether you want to do skincare, hair care, they have makeup now, which I'm super excited about because...

Beauty Counter got sold to the Carlyle Group, the same people that were responsible for 9 11.

I don't know if you know that. Seriously. Can't Beautycounter Carlysle group. Yeah, horrifying. Okay. I'll talk about more about that on my video that I'm going to do about skin deep. I have a whole video I'm going to do anyway, just stay tuned and get on my, make sure you subscribe. So you get the announcements when I post videos. I love these products. I love all of their products.

I love their skincare. I love their shampoo, all their hair care, and now I'm so excited. I'm actually going to place an order during this Black Friday sale to get some of this makeup to try it out because I'm not a big makeup person. I like just a little bit, but I do really want to try what they've got because everything I've ever tried that they've put out has been awesome.

So that's MONAT 35 percent off. If you want to place an order, you need to go through the VIP. Become a VIP if you're not already one of my VIPs. And that's how you can take advantage of this sale. That'll give you access to all of our flash sales. And I don't, you don't have to order every month. Okay. And you get 15 percent off every single month for life.

Plus free shipping when you order it through the flex ship. And they give you a birthday thing every year. And they just all this stuff that you get. Okay. But. You only have to order three times total, and this first order is your first time. And then from there, you only have to order two more times in your lifetime, and you can just keep pushing it out every two months.

So when you sign up to be, a VIP, you just set up your flex ship to happen two months out, and then you just keep pushing it, right? The first time there is a 20 fee, but you're gonna save so much going forward. Like I said, you only have to do that 84 two more times. Anytime, there's no limit. You're going to save so much on our flash sales, it's totally worth it.

If you want help ordering, if you want to help where should I start? What should I do? Should I start with skin care? Should I start with hair care? How can I get started with the MONAT products? I am here to help you. Annmarie at annmariemichaels. com. I'm checking my email. I'm here all weekend and I can help you except for when I go to church, but otherwise I'm here.

I will help you pick products, help you put together an order. I can even put your cart together for you and I can send you your cart and then all you got to do is put your credit card in. Okay, so this is no stress. Take advantage of this for yourself. We women, when I did my survey with my readers, the number one thing is weight gain and, aging.

Those are the two things we are experiencing the most right now in terms of health issues. Why? Because stress, right? I've even, my hair is thinning a little bit. Here, I'll show you. It's just a little bit.

It's the stress. It's the stress. I'm not wearing, I don't have the makeup on yet. But, we need to do what we can to feel good because we're the ones that take care of everybody else. We got to buy our own Christmas presents a lot too, don't we? So if you want to take advantage of this, it's a good time.

It's a good time for gifts too, for your family members. So reach out to me. I will help you pick products. I will help you put The basket together and help you do it. Okay, what else do I got on my list? Let's look. And then I'm gonna wrap this video up. We have, let's see. Oh yeah, that's the coffee maker I got, by the way.

I got this Mocca Master coffee maker. It's 30 percent off. And if you use my link, that helps me. These are all 30 percent off.

I got this one, this orange one. It's only 250. It's a lot more expensive normally. But oh my gosh, I love it. I hated my korig. This is so fresh. It's a Dutch coffee maker but anything you buy on amazon this week helps me.

So go ahead and just click through on one of my links And that will help me a lot. Because anything you order, as long as you order within the next, I think it's 24 hours, you're, I'll get a percentage. It's a small percentage, it might be like 3 percent or something, 2 or 3%. But still, it helps. Every little bit helps, guys.

Alright, so let me go back.

Amazon, okay, so we have Amazon, Monat. Toddled Twins books for kids. These are the best books. for kids. They have two packages that you can get for Black Friday, 75 percent off. So if you are homeschooling or you just want books to read to your kids, this is going to teach them about entrepreneurship, the free market, all kinds of stuff the, creature from Jekyll Island, the deep state, like all this kind of freedom books about freedom and patriotism.

So I can, I love this company so much and I did get an affiliate link. So if you order through them, I get a commission. All right. The other ones I want to show you, I think I've only got one more. Yes. JM Bullion. I just signed up as an affiliate. So if you guys. saw my post a while back. Oh, sorry. I'm taking this forever to load.

I posted of why I'm buying silver right now. I would recommend buying gold too, if you could, but I'm really especially excited about silver. Hold on. Where's my video?

Oh, sorry. I'm in the health section. By the way, I have a little

search bar right at the top. Why I'm buying silver right now. Okay, so I talk about it in this video. You can go back and read it. It's a really, it's actually an interesting video because it talks a lot about the, some conspiracy stuff about metals and things. Very interesting. Anyway, I did sign up as a link.

I'll put my link to JM Bullion. And this is what's on sale right now, for Black Friday

on sale. Basically, they're only marking the silver up a few dollars depending on what it is and how popular it is. They're marking it up over the spot price. If you go on Google and type in price of silver today per ounce, right? 24.

Okay, as you'll go watching that video I made, they're saying, like a lot of people are saying, including Robert Kiyosaki, are saying when the dollar crashes, silver and gold are going to spike. And if you've got a lot of money sitting in the bank, or any money sitting in the bank, I'd get into silver or gold.

This is not financial advice, please. Meet with your own financial advisor whatever, But, This is the time. Just don't wait. And by the way, it's not high right now. Like silver is very low in terms of the history of silver because it's manipulated. It's so manipulated. But you go back and watch my video. It's very low. So here's the one I want. I love this one. Space Force. Isn't that cool?

It's 29. 70 per ounce. It's 5 over the price. Alright, this one's really cool. That's expensive. I don't know why it's so expensive. Anyway. What I bought when I did buy, so anything you get that's look at the ounce, right? Anything you get that is just like a couple dollars over spot. So this is 1. 49 over spot. That's good. 27, 50 over spot. This is only 4 over spot. Here's some gold and anything like this would be good. This is what I actually, hold on.

I bought silver eagles. I think I bought like a hundred. 2023 silver eagles. Those are, a little bit more now than, I think they were 30 when I bought them. They're a little bit more. But, it's gonna go up a lot. I really think it's gonna go up a lot, so I wouldn't worry too much. Silver bars you can get. And hold on.

Five ounce. One ounce. Oops. I didn't mean to type that in. One ounce silver bar. Okay. So they're just a few dollars over spot. I think I just got whatever. There's a nice little flag. It doesn't really matter. I think I just got, this, something like this 29 30, 30, 31. Okay. But you can just come on this page, use my link and, weekly deals and just look at what's on sale.

It's all the same. It doesn't really matter. Cause it's just silver. Again, you could get gold. But the lowest one would be probably this 1 ounce silver round buried condition any mint 27 per ounce.

And so just to give you my experience of buying silver and then I'm going to wrap this video up. So I ordered from them. You can buy a safe for your house, which is what I did. Some people like to bury their precious metals. You can also put in a safety deposit box or something like that. I just bought a very large 300 pound safe at the tractor supply, which wasn't that much.

So you can do that. And you, when you order, they will just deliver it to you, they will ship it to you, they will let you know that they're going to ship it and so you know what day that they're going to be there. And a lot of us are working from home from now, so now, so it's not that big of a deal.

They just came and they delivered it and I was there and I just took it from them and that was it. And it was actually a lot easier than I thought. So you could probably talk to them and have them deliver on a certain day, but they were great. They were. I had to sign for it and, it just showed up really fast.

So if you guys are worried about the dollar crashing, you're right to be worried about that. We do have to have a reset and, I don't think it's well I've talked about this many videos. I don't think it's going to go on forever, but I think, silver is an excellent way to store value because we are going to see a drop in the value and it's got to it's got to happen, right?

Because they're just printing all this money. Silver and gold are an excellent way for you to take some money and make sure that you're going to be able to keep your money. And not lose it in value for a period of time, but also, how to go up, make more money. Okay. So that's it. That's all I have for you for sales today.

And I'm going to stop so I can post this and I'm going to make some more videos. So make sure you subscribe and you'll get them the updates as I post them. Thank you.