Update on CPAC 2021 in Orlando

Update on CPAC 2021 in Orlando

You guys! I am so excited about CPAC 2021 in Orlando coming up in just a few weeks, Feb 25-28th.

They are starting to add more speakers to the website every day, and I just found out where I’m going to be staying.

I want to share it all with you in this post. If you want to come join me, there’s still time to book a flight.

Update on CPAC 2021 in Orlando

As I wrote in my last article about CPAC, I’m headed to my favorite conference of the year in just a few weeks.

If you want to come join me there, I guarantee, you will not be disappointed. I had the time of my life back in 2017 and I have been dying to go back ever since.

Be sure to scroll down to the very bottom of this post for info on how to get CPAC tickets.

What is CPAC?

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, began in 1974.

The annual conference has been called the Super Bowl for conservatives. It’s a who’s who of the conservative political world, including President Donald Trump, NRA executive Wayne LaPierre, Fox News commentators, and many others.

Me at CPAC in D.C. in 2017

CPAC has always been held in the Washington, D.C., area. For the past several years, CPAC was at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland.

This is the first year it will be held in Florida.

Me at CPAC in 2017

I can’t imagine a better getaway for St. Valentine’s Day month than to steal away and see our favorite guy.

Wait, what? Will President Trump be speaking?

President Trump speaking at CPAC 2017

Well, we don’t know. But I think there’s a very good chance.

You don’t think he’s going away anytime soon do you? I sure don’t.

Even if Trump doesn’t come to CPAC, it’s still going to be amazing.

CPAC 2021 Agenda

As you can see from the screenshot from the CPAC website below, there is not much of an agenda posted yet.

Watch the page — it will be updated in the coming days and weeks.

CPAC 2021 Speakers

While we don’t know yet if President Trump will be there, we do know that many of his loyalists will be.

Here are some screengrabs from the CPAC website with the speakers they have been adding in the past week.

Some notable speakers so far:

  • Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo
  • Former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor, KT McFarland
  • Investigative journalist, Sarah Carter
  • Former Ambassador to Germany and Acting DNI, Richard Grenell
  • Former White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  • Also many US senators and members of Congress…

That’s the list so far, but they never announce the keynote speakers until just before the event.

When I went to CPAC in 2017 (read about my CPAC experience here,) they didn’t announce that President Trump would be speaking until a week or two before.

I will update this post as we hear about new speakers.

CPAC Events & Happenings

In addition to speakers there will be lots of stuff going on, from breakout sessions to a whole area with vendors.

I didn’t take enough photos last time and that’s my only regret. Like I said, I was a brand new conservative back then, so I had no idea what I was doing. It was all new to me.

So that’s going to be my focus this year — lots and lots of pics. I’m going to bring my DSLR.

Hannity Taping at CPAC 2017

The first night we were there in 2017, we got to sit in a live taping of Hannity which was really fun.

Live taping of Hannity at CPAC 2017
Live taping of Hannity at CPAC 2017

Vendors at CPAC 2017

The vendor area at the conference is awesome.

I got a bunch of gear, from books to stickers to hats and t-shirts.

Pamphlets of the U.S. Constitution

Last time I bought a bunch of Trump merch.

I also bought a bunch of books.

As a new conservative (after 30 years as a Democrat,) I was shocked at how well-read conservatives are compared to liberals.

Artist, Jon McNaughton at CPAC 2017

I was absolutely thrilled to meet artist, Jon McNaughton at CPAC 2017.

Food at CPAC

It’s me (ahem, Cheese Slave) so one of the most important things to me at any conference is the food.

Me at dinner at CPAC in 2017
Dinner at CPAC 2017
Me at CPAC 2017 with a new friend

I don’t remember the name of the lady in the green dress, but isn’t she adorable? People like to dress up at CPAC.

I was wearing one of my Ivanka Trump blouses (got it before she stopped selling them).

CPAC Lodging

CPAC 2021 will be held Feb 25-28th at the Orlando Hyatt Regency.

You can still get a room at the Hyatt at the time of this writing.

Scroll down to the very bottom of this post for all the info on how to get CPAC tickets.

Orlando Vacation Home

I did book a room at the Hyatt but I’m going to cancel it today because a good friend of mine offered to let me stay at the Orlando vacation home she and her husband own.

I want to share some photos with you so you can bookmark it and rent it at a later date.

Isn’t it adorable?

It’s not just cute though — it’s got 8 bedrooms and sleeps 16.

I’ll be posting more photos of it in an upcoming review (after I stay there).

It is about 20 minutes away from CPAC, and it’s literally right next to Disney World, so this would make an amazing family vacation.

You could get a couple families together, or your extended family of aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents.

It has an amazing kitchen with plenty of room.

Here’s the flooplan with all 3 stories:

It isn’t just a cottage, though.

It’s part of the Margaritaville Resort, so there are tons of restaurants, bars, and live entertainment right there within the resort.

• 24 hours Check in
• 24 hours on site service and maintenance team
• 4 Restaurants and lounge on site
• Multiple Bars on site
• Lagoon pools and beach
• Poolside Service
• Full Service Cabanas
• Live Entertainment
• St. Somewhere Spa with multiple treatment options
• Beauty Bar
• Parakeets Kid’s & Teen Club
• Full Activities Program for Entire Family
• Wellness/Fitness Center
• Coconut Telegraph Business Center
• 40,000 sq. ft. of Technology-Forward Meeting Space
• Beautiful Exterior Event Space
• Island H2O Live! Water Park (surcharge)
• In-Home Chef Experience (surcharge)
• Complimentary Transportation to Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld
• Complimentary Resort Transportation to Hotel, Sunset Walk, & H20 Live
• Sunset Walk Entertainment/Retail Center with 15+ Restaurants, Shopping, Movie Theater, Entertainment Center, & Much More.

I am so excited to be able to stay at this cottage. My girlfriend has been inviting me for years, and I’m finally getting to go.

I’ll be packing my floppy hat, flip flops and bathing suit so we can sit by the pool and just chillax.

It’s going to be so good to hang out with my girlfriends after this very heavy and hard year of fighting as a digital warrior, and these past few years of fighting online and getting censored.

Get Tickets for CPAC 2021

I hope you can make it to CPAC this  year!

Click here to get tickets to CPAC 2021 before they sell out.

When you go to the site to get your tickets, it will say sold out.

However, that’s only for the ballroom seating. You can still see the lectures happening in the ballroom and you can still see the ballroom speakers from a viewing area.

I think it is absolutely worth it to go. Just click on the OVERFLOW BALLROOM ticket.

There is a general ticket and there are also overflow tickets available for seniors and students.

Yes, it’s true, you don’t get to sit in the ballroom, however the tickets are HALF PRICE. It’s only $150 for regular overflow tickets, $100 for senior overflow and only $60 for students overflow.

See You at CPAC 2021

As I close this post, I just want to add that I was not paid to write this post. I am also not an affiliate of CPAC so I didn’t earn anything for writing this, nor will I be paid on any updates I do from CPAC.

I am only writing this because I know many of you will want to be there and I don’t want you to miss out on this conference.

I hope to see you at CPAC 2021!

If you decide to go, please leave a comment so we can meet up.