Vaccines: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

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Vaccines and Decline in Mortality Rates - Australia

I’m not a scientist or an engineer, but I do consider myself to be a pretty logical person with great critical thinking skills. When I see graphs like the ones above, it makes me wonder why we put so much emphasis on getting vaccinated. I don’t know how you can look at those graphs and conclude that vaccines stopped the spread of disease.

My friend and fellow blogger, Bryan of Stay Healthy! Enjoy Life!, is not only a logical person with great critical thinking skills.

He is also an engineer. 🙂

He wrote this great post on vaccines recently: Vaccine Overload.

Read the whole post.

I have been researching vaccination ever since before Kate was born. It’s not an easy decision. At first I decided to go ahead with the vaccinations. Everyone told me they were safe, including the doctors and the nurses at the hospital, my family members, and pretty much everyone I knew.

Then when she was 6 months old (after I had read a lot more), I changed my mind and decided to wait on on vaccinating Kate until I am convinced that the benefits outweigh the risks.

I keep reading and keep researching. I talk to other mothers, too. One of the moms in my mother’s group said her 6 month old stopped making eye contact and stopped babbling for two whole weeks after a routine vaccination. She said it was the scariest thing she ever went through.

Needless to say, so far, I am not convinced that vaccines are effective, necessary or safe. In my mind, the risks far outweigh the benefits.

I am looking into homeopathic vaccines. I think those are pretty safe from what I have read so far.

If you are considering having your children vaccinated, please do your research first.

And please watch this video, which is about a little girl who got a “bad” DPT shot and was permanently handicapped: