How to Detoxify Parasites & Heavy Metals: 3 Easy Steps (Video)

In this video, I share 3 easy, natural and inexpensive steps to detoxify parasites and heavy metals.

How to Detoxify Parasites & Heavy Metals: 3 Easy Steps (Video)

In this video, I share 3 easy, natural and inexpensive steps to detoxify parasites and heavy metals.

I talk about the importance of removing biofilm in order for anti-parasitic drugs to work, and I discuss using enzymes and probiotics (good bacteria, which is what produces enzymes) as a binder to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.

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Video Transcript

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Video Chapters

00:00: Three Causes of All Disease: Parasites, Heavy Metals & Frequency
01:30: Wayne Rowland: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together
12:35: Dr. Lee Merritt's Parasite Paradigm & My New Webinar, Detox the Vax
14:00: The One-Two-Three Punch for Healing: (1) Destroy the Biofilm (2) Kill the Parasites (3) Bind the Metals & Waste & Remove from Body
15:10: My Story About Healing My Rheumatoid Arthritis
16:45: Wayne Rowland's Protocol: (1) Colloidal Silver Water (1) Vermox, Mebendazole Dewormer (3) Enzymes as a Binder
22:00: It Doesn't Matter if You're Vaxxinated or Not – Everyone Needs to Detox
24:43: People are Loaded with Worms & Heavy Metals Right Now
27:30: How to Do the 1-2-3 Punch
33:50: Raw Milk for Lactose Intolerance
36:00: Step One: Remove the Biofilm with Chl0rine Di0xide (Pool Water)
38:30: Step Two: Kill the Parasites with AntiParasitics
41:30: Step Three: Remove the Metals & Dead Parasites with Binders
44:30: Silica as a Binder
46:05: Healing with Frequency

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    Video Transcript


    Hey everyone, it's AnnMarie and I want to share with you today a big picture explanation about why things are working, what we've figured out over the last couple of years, really the last few decades of my life, being able to put information together to figure out what is working for people when they're healing.

    And really what this is about is parasites and heavy metals and frequency.

    Okay. But in this video, I want to show you what occurred to me recently after many really the last two years very heavily analyzing all of this. And then this has been my life's work over the last few decades. So, this all started it really started coming together with me. Sorry, my dog's like knocking this desk.

    Wayne Rowland: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

    This really started coming together for me when I, somebody sent me Wayne Rowland.

    So I want to share with you this clip so you can see what he's talking about. I'm going to give you the link so you can go watch his whole video. Cause once you watch his video and you may have seen him online, he's making the rounds.

    He was a guy who lived. I don't know if he's even still alive. I'm guessing he's not. I don't know. I don't know what happened to him. Maybe they killed him. Sorry. But it's true. I'm laughing, but it's true.

    Like he was ahead of his time. His video is amazing. You should go watch this video. I'll put a link to it below.

    So, I'm having, okay, let me show you Wayne Rowland. Let me show you what he's talking about. And then I'm going to show you what I figured out in terms of how all this stuff is working together and really how anyone can heal using these different things that we're using.

    I'm talking a lot about chlorine dioxide. I'm talking a lot about anti parasitic. I'm talking a lot about these frequency patches. It turns out it's exactly what he was doing, just in slightly different ways. And I think once you understand the patterns, like I'm understanding the patterns, which is what I want to explain to you in this video.

    And I don't even know what I'm going to call this video. Cause I don't really still figure it out. I think. That this is really simple. It's just a three-step process. We're dealing with three things. Once we can get our heads wrapped around what this is, then everything starts to make sense. It's like Dr. Lee merit in her video, which I'll put a link below to the parasite protocol, or sorry, she calls it the parasite paradigm in that video. She's really explaining that really, it was.

    Bechamp, uh, the terrain theory. He was the guy that was really telling the truth back in the day, and Louis Pasteur came in and they, oh, Louis Pasteur is a genius, we're gonna pasteurize milk and all this. Louis Pasteur really, the germ theory is BS, okay? It's just not true. It doesn't help us.

    And that's what most of us are in that paradigm of let's kill the germs, and then we'll be okay. No, it's not enough to kill the germs. You need to get the good bacteria. And most of us know about probiotics.

    Now they know, we know that we need good bacteria wills goes beyond bacteria. We also have to deal with heavy metals. We have to deal with Parasites, and we have to detox those things. So that's really what I'm going to talk about in this video. How to do it, the different ways to do it. And I'm going to update my materials.

    I have I have a link to my webinar below Detox the Vax. You need to watch that even if you're not vaccinated, okay? If you're not vaccinated, because guess what? Even if you're not vaccinated, you're getting it. Because they are shedding it. Because if you know what's in the vaccines... All vaccines, not just the COVID vax then it's, you're getting shed on, really.

    Because parasites and bacteria and stuff, it's very contagious. And I lived this, I feel like God made me go through this years ago when I got H. pylori. And I learned how contagious that is. I had no idea. And it was really destroying my health. It's actually really easy to get rid of.

    Really easy to get rid of. I'll make a whole another video on that. By the way, anytime you guys want me to make videos on something, let me know and I will. So I've got everything laid out here that I'm going to show you, but first I'm going to show you a little clip of Wayne Rowland and share the question somebody asked me this morning that made me want to make this video and I'm trying to keep it as brief as I can, but there's just a lot to cover. Bear with me. All right, let's share my screen. Hold on history. Okay.

    If you go on rumble, or bit shoot and type in Wayne Rowland, you'll find this video. There are other videos of him. He's all over. He's been, I've been seeing him on tech talk and stuff. But this is a guy who lived in the nineties and this was him in the late nineties. And that's when I first started.

    I was in just out of college, and I had just cured myself of rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome. Yes, it was a vaccine injury. I did not know that at the time. I did not know that I was injured by vaccines. I couldn't understand why I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a year within a year after.

    Starting at UT Austin, I had switched schools and they had said, you got to take these, all these vaccines, these booster shots. It didn't, I didn't figure it out till decades later that's what it was. Now it all makes sense. It all makes sense. That's why I don't, I'll tell you guys, I don't believe in restricting your diet.

    That's not going to solve your problems, okay? Yeah, it can help to a certain extent, but it's not the root cause, okay? Gluten's not your problem. Okay. Dairy is not your problem and gluten is not bad. There's nothing wrong with it. We've been eating gluten all the way back to ancient Egypt. Really, if you really think suddenly, it's bad, Oh, because of the glyphosate, whatever.

    No, if you can't digest dairy or gluten, you got a problem and you got to fix that problem. And then you'll be able to have gluten and dairy. And I'm going to talk about dairy in a minute specifically because it's actually very easy to cure dairy dairy allergies. Reverse any allergies like I have.

    I've eaten gluten forever since I cured myself. All so that said, I will, I'm going to show you what we're doing, compare it to what he's talking about. You need to go watch him. But I looked into what he was doing and that's how I was able to figure out why what we're doing is very similar.

    And basically, that's how you figure things out. You re, you reverse engineer things, right? He, hold on, let me pause this for a second. I'm going to put my dog out because he's going to bother me.

    Okay. I also need to make my disclaimer. I'll say it, we're not making, this is not medical advice. This is just for informational and educational purposes only. You need to see a doctor or a health practitioner that you trust before you change anything in your diet or any kind of protocol that you want to.

    get into. I am just sharing this information. I'm not telling you what to do. I'm sharing with you what I'm learning and what I'm doing. Okay. That said, we should all know that the medical industrial complex has lied to us on a scale that is so unimaginable. It's just mind Anyone that still believes what they're saying.

    I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Hopefully you'll wake up soon. Those of us that want to get healthy and get well we are getting the answers and that's what this is about. And that's why I'm so censored. Okay. That's why I'm so censored. I do have my links below. I just set up a Gibson go. I'm going to need legal fees.

    I'm going to be. needing to get money to pay for lawyers. And I am completely banned on every single platform except for telegram right now and truth social couple, that I'm still on, but I, it's impossible for me to get out there. So, you want to help help me keep doing what I'm doing and be able to get back on.

    I do have a plan to get back on social media, but it's complicated. Please help you can help by donating, you can help, which links are below, you can help by buying any of the products that I recommend that I have affiliate links with, that always helps, and you can help by sharing this, even if, you don't want to spend any money share the stuff that I'm sharing, subscribe to My channel subscribe to my website.

    Go sign up for the email updates, my webinars below. So that's the next thing that you should watch is the webinar, but let's get into, I'm just going to show you a little clip of him and then you can go watch more of it. And I thought no joke.

    So, I called him and I said, what, where did you get that? So you get a feel for how he is. He's got a great vibe. He is. He's funny, smart he figured everything out. He really did. And God, I think, chose him, God had him go through what he went through so that he could figure this out. It was, it's really quite an incredible video.

    I'm not going to show you very much. Just wanted you to get a feel, a flavor for it. What he's talking about was he got he was an engineer, and He bought a company and I guess somehow he got contaminated with lead poisoning, like a really bad, really badly contaminated and had horrible lead poisoning.

    What that led to was... a bad really bad infestation of parasites, worms. This is all making sense to me now. And it's going to make sense to you as you watch this video, because I'm going to explain it. It really all has, everything's coming together for me. All, it's all making sense.

    There's so many people out there. And God love them, but they just don't have, they're not putting all the pieces together. So, they're the people that are saying you got to do autoimmune paleo and avoid all gluten and, you can't ever eat normal again. That's not true.

    That's just not true. And they can't see the full picture. It's the five men, five blind men with the elephant and one is putting his hand on the side and one's feeling the trunk or the tusks or whatever. They're like feeling different parts of it. They can only see part of it.

    I'm starting to see the whole picture now. And I'm, and I think there's a few other people who are, I think, whatever happened to Wayne Rowland, I don't know, I don't know if he's still alive, I don't know if they took him out.

    Dr. Lee Merritt's Parasite Paradigm & My New Webinar, Detox the Vax

    Lee Merritt, Dr. Lee Merritt is another one. I feel like she, and I'll put her link below to her parasite paradigm, she calls it, her video.

    Great video to watch. Once you start watching these videos, And my webinar Detox the Vax, you can put together and that really gets into how to do it. Okay. Which I'm going to talk more in this video as well. You could put together what's really going on, what's really making us sick.

    And I believe and he, based on what he says, based on what Merit says, based on what all these people are putting together, it's three things.

    It is worms or sorry, its parasites, worms, and microbes. Okay. It's metals and other toxins, heavy metals. Which feed the worms. It's like a, it's like a, it, they all go together and it's frequency.

    That's why frequency is why Jesus could heal people. Why people who go to Joe Dispenza seminars and are doing meditation can heal themselves.

    It's frequency. Okay. That's hard for people to understand. They don't understand it, but everything is at a frequency. And I will talk about frequency in this. But I'm going to hit on what I'm calling, for lack of a better term, the one, two, three punch. Really, if you do these three things, you're going to get better for most things.

    They want us to believe that we cannot heal ourselves, that we have to go to the white coats and we're going to die young. And we're going to get cancer and it's, we're going to have to get chemo and we're going to have to like, whatever. Like, why are we listening to them in the first place?

    It's the same people who lied to us. about COVID, about, and I'm saying this because I'm not going to put it on YouTube. I can speak freely. This is what I would say to anyone. And they would say, this is medical misinformation. They would say, Oh, how can she say all that? Because it's common sense.

    It's common sense. You want us to believe that we have to get all these vaccines and, I'm talking to a white coat, we have to get all this surgery and go to you and bow down to the gods of Pharmakeia, when you don't even know what you're talking about.

    My Story About Healing My Rheumatoid Arthritis

    When I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 25 years old, 26 you know what they told me?

    They said, you're gonna end up in a wheelchair eventually. Most likely, it's just going to get worse because it's a degenerative disease and there's no cure and there's nothing you can do. And the best you can do is drugs and surgery. Hold off on the surgery as long as you can because you're so young, but you can use drugs in the meantime.

    I was in chronic pain. I had; I couldn't stay asleep all night because I was in so much pain. 26 years old, just starting my career. And I felt horrible. I felt like I was in my eighties. I was, I had no energy, couldn't do any sports, couldn't do, anything. It was like, oh, okay, this is my future. I said, no, there's gotta be a better way.

    So I started researching. And I did cure myself, it took two years and I did it with diet and supplements, but the tools we have now, these are actually always, we've always had these tools, always had these tools and I'm gonna show you, but the tools we have now that I have now that I understand why they work cause I understand what the root of the problem is.

    All right. So let's talk about it. Hold on, let me share with you my screen again. And this is the question that I got this morning on telegram, a friend of mine asked. Why, what was Wayne Rowland using for antiparasitic? Cause he said he was basically, he was using three things. He was using silver colloidal silver water.

    He had water that was. That he added colloidal silver and he added a frequency to it, like a musical tone, which is interesting. That's a whole nother conversation. We'll get a little bit into frequency, but he was using that. He was using vermox, I spelled it wrong there, vermox, which is mebendazole, which is an antiparasitic, it kills worms, it's a dewormer.

    And he was using enzymes. Those are the three. One, two, three, punch. I'm going to show you what I've got that corresponds to that. And there's multiple ways. In fact, what I want to do is like a chart, like a downloadable sheet, which I may add to my, when you do my detox the vax and do go watch that whether you're vaccinated or not, because it's going to help you understand things.

    And we're all getting shed on right now. So we all need to be doing these detox methodologies.

    The One-Two-Three Punch for Healing: (1) Destroy the Biofilm (2) Kill the Parasites (3) Bind the Metals & Waste & Remove from Body

    All right. What I want to do is like a chart and be like 123 punch how to get rid of the, I'm going to talk about a second, how to get rid of the biofilm, how to get rid of the parasites, the worms that live in the biofilm that hide in the biofilm.

    And number three, what binders work to clean it up and get it out. That's really the work here. That's really all it is. And there's all kinds of ways you can do it. And that's why all these different things have worked over the years from green juice to, enzymes to all these different things.

    They all are working together and I'm going to show you, I'm going to, I'm going to connect the dots for you. All right. But let me just answer this question.

    So she said, what is he using? I said in addition to the vermox, he was using silver water, colloidal silver, which seems to be working the same as our chlorine dioxide.

    Which I call, I've called pool water to get around the sensors. That removes the biofilm the parasites, especially the worms, hide in. Unless you get rid of the biofilm, you cannot reach the worms with the anti parasitic drugs because they are suspended in that jelly slash mucus. You have to clean that out.

    I like to say drain the swamp and then you can hit them with the anti parasitics. Otherwise, they're suspended in that, you can't even reach them. Chlorine dioxide kills small parasites, but it can't kill worms, which is why you need something stronger. And I'll talk about what I'm using.

    Not medical advice, not telling you guys what to do. You do whatever you want. You talk to your practitioners, your doctors, whatever. This is not medical advice and don't take it as such, okay? I always have to say that. I'm just telling you what I am learning, what I am doing.

    He was also using enzymes and I believe he was using the enzymes as a binder.

    This connected the dots for me when I saw a YouTube video, or sorry, a TikTok video. It's a woman saying that she was getting better from lupus and she was using ivermectin as an, as the antiparasitic. Which is very similar to mebendazole or fenbendazole. It's something that will kill worms.

    It's a dewormer. She was, in addition to that, she was using enzymes. And I forget what she was using. I think she might have been also using chlorine dioxide. I'm trying to remember. You need something that's going to remove the biofilm. Okay. And then you need something that's going to kill the worms.

    And then you need something. The three is the binder. So binders sweep up the bile toxins. They bind with heavy metals and parasite wastes and dead parasites. And then they carry them out of the body.

    This is super helpful when you're killing parasites, because you're not only helping to remove heavy metals. Which the parasites feed on.

    They actually live on the heavy metals, which is why Wayne Rowland in that video, he talks about he got lead poisoning.

    And then it was all the lead in his body. He had a ton of lead in his body that's what actually caused him to get all these parasites. And he got, I think he had cancer, which is what they're saying.

    Parasites are cause cancer. Okay. And this explains why people we're having turbo cancer right now because people have all these metals, the graphene oxide that's in the vaccines, which is spreading and shedding.

    Even if you're not vaccinated, it's getting shed onto people because it's because they created a a parasite, a nano bot, a nano tech parasite.

    These clots that are really like worms that have a full, that made from graphene oxide, which is aluminum.

    It Doesn't Matter if You're Vaxxinated or Not – Everyone Needs to Detox

    Okay? You can't avoid this. It doesn't matter if you're vaccinated or not. That's why I will, everything I'm going to show you today, I'm using every single day. And I will not go off of it, because when I do, I get sick.

    No joke. And I'm perfectly healthy, but I still get sick when I go off this stuff. Alright This is why they're putting aluminum in the vaccines and mercury in our teeth. It also works as a garbage pickup for all the dead worms and parasites.

    Okay, so we're talking about binders. You can't get Mebendazole in the U.S. You can get Fenben, which is almost the same thing. I'll show you what I'm taking. Castor oil also works, but it's hard to take. I'll explain that in a second. This is why I'm taking the capsules, the Fenben capsules. So I am going to update my parasite protocol on my blog. I'll put the link. It's also in...

    The link is in my webinar. So if you go to the detox, really start there, start on the detox, the Vax webinar, and that's got all the links and all the stuff. And I'm going to be updating the PDF that goes with that to include, I want to do like a chart, with the one, two, three punch and say, you could use this, or you could use this, or you could use this here's one zeolite, here's another zeolite, there's different ones that I recommend.

    It doesn't really matter which way you go. It just depends on what's going to work for you. Okay. But you've got to use all three is the deal. That's really what I'm trying to say in this video. The fen ben, I'll give you the link for what I'm taking. Let me get into this in a minute. I'll walk you through these different things.

    Briefly, I am now switching from what I had on my parasite protocol, which was the Andreas calcars parasite protocol, which is. Now Carrie Rivera has a modified version of that. It's more complicated. It's like doing something for three weeks, something different every day. It's more complicated.

    I'm simplifying it. I'm doing what Dr Lee Merit is recommending now, which is, 750 milligrams a day of the Fen Ben and doing that for three days, just like you would do with any animal that you deworm. And the 750 milligrams is based on my weight, which is about 150, same as her.

    And then I'm doing that three days on, five days off, then seven days off, then stretching it out and doing it that frequent until I can get to where I do it once a month.

    People are Loaded with Worms & Heavy Metals Right Now

    And I'm going to keep doing it once a month until all of this craziness stops with all these people. People are literally I don't know how to say this any simpler than what I'm going to say and it's harsh, but it is what it is.

    People are loaded with worms right now and heavy metals. And it's, you can't disconnect them. They're the worms are made of this.

    They're literally, you remember. When in 2021, those of us who are scouring alternative media all the time, and we were seeing those little squiggly things in the masks and the PCR tests.

    Those things grew, and that's what these clots are, okay? That's what I believe. I could be wrong, but I really believe that's what they are, because they grew. That's when the embalmers are finding all these clots. I talk about this in the webinar. If you think you don't have them, you're wrong. Even if you weren't vaccinated, you got them.

    We all got them now. We all got them. This was an ingenious plan on their part, these monsters. Anyway, you can get rid of them. It's easy to get rid of them because we know what they are. We know that they're based on parasites, which is like a worm, which you can kill, you can stunt, you can paralyze it, and you can kill it.

    That's why Ivermectin is working for people. Okay, it's just Look at the patterns, look at what's happening. You can make sense of it. I can reverse engineer it.

    The other thing you got to remove is metal. So we're going to talk about how to do that. We're going to talk about how to get rid of those metals that are not only embedded in these.

    Synthetic parasites, really, is what they are. But they're also feeding them. They're also feeding them. You gotta get rid of both. And the binders let me go back to this. And once I get through this, I'm gonna start showing you different products.

    And I want you guys to think about... like for those of you that want to try, where's share my screen, you can try different things depending on what is going to work for you, depending on what's doable for you.

    Okay. I just made a video for somebody asking a question about her autistic child, children, sorry, one autistic. They're both down syndrome and one is gluten intolerant.

    And she's saying what can she give them because she's, she can't do the water. It's hard for her to do the water. And so I was talking to her about in this other video, what she can do.

    How to Do the 1-2-3 Punch

    So in this video, I really want to show you all the different variations so that you could, it makes sense. of what the 1, 2, 3 punch is.

    Okay, so this is what I'm saying. 1, 2, 3 punch. Number one, destroy the biofilm. This is what they live in. These worms, these parasites are living in what I call the swamp. We need to drain the swamp first because if we don't, we can't reach them with the drugs that kill them.

    We also need to remove heavy metals. and kill small parasites. That's what chl0rine di0xide does. It will destroy the biofilm. It will remove heavy metals and it will kill small parasites.

    You're actually, if you think about it, your body inside your body is 60 percent or more water. In that water, It's contaminated. It's a swamp. We need to purify the water inside of our body and chlorine dioxide is the best way to do that.

    The easiest way, the cheapest way. Are there other ways to do it? Yes. But to me, it's the easiest way. I'll show you things that will work similarly, but to me, that's I think everyone should be on chlorine. I know. I know. Dr. Lee Merritt says the same thing. She drinks it every day. And so do I. Okay.

    Number two, kill worms. But I can go to jail for telling you to do that. So I'm not telling you to do that. Like she says, I'm not telling you to do that. I'm just telling you what I do.

    Number two, you got to kill worms. So there's different ways to kill worms, but yeah. only so many ways we can get here in America.

    Fenban is one, castor oil is another. I'm going to show that to you. You have to cycle this on and off because the worms Dr. Lee Merritt explains, they have, the mother lays all these eggs, the mother worm, once they get in you, they lay all these eggs and the eggs Don't hatch as long as she's alive.

    She secretes some kind of hormone that they will not hatch. The moment you kill worms, all the eggs that they laid will start to hatch. That's why you have to repeat this. So you do three days dewormer, five days off, do it again, three days, then she's stretching it out in seven days, nine days, ten days, whatever.

    However long, keep stretching it out until you're doing it once a month.

    Okay. Or more if you need to keep doing it more, but you're not doing it every day is the point. It's not, it's overkill. You don't need to. All right. You, and I will update my parasite protocol with this, the merit method, which is much simpler.

    And I think probably for most people is going to make a lot more sense. All right. Use binders. This is the third part of the punch is you want to use binders to bind with the toxins, the metals, and the waste and take it out of the body. Number one way that I do this is silica which is my silica water.

    The recipe is on my blog. I'll put the links below.

    Zeolite, that is very similar to silica. In fact, the root Brands I'll talk about in a second is basically silica from extracted from zeolite that's a binder. It's also something that removes heavy metals, which is why Dr. Chris Exley talks about it can actually reverse Alzheimer's because it's removing aluminum from the body.

    So it removes heavy metals, which again, like graphene oxide, hello it's also going to bind. It's going to bind with not only heavy metals, but any kind of toxin it's going to bind with.

    Okay. Other bentonite clay activated charcoal. I say I only use charcoal when I'm having a detox reaction. Because it takes out vitamins and minerals as well.

    So I don't use that unless. I'm throwing up or having some kind of Herx reaction, which I did this summer when I got exposed to H pylori and the charcoal kicked it right out.

    Fulvic acid is another I'll talk about that.

    All right, you can also do probiotics and enzymes which work in a similar way to binders I'll talk about that or you could do all of them you do multiple things.

    Why not considering the state of affairs right now, right? All right probiotics... I'm going to keep this short because I just got a phone call. I got to get off this call and I don't want to make this too long.

    So I'm going to keep this short. You can go on my telegram and read this, but I'm talking about that probiotics are repopulating the GI microbiome and, but they kill pathogenic organisms and then they're going to secrete enzymes.

    Okay. So if you look at this, mycotoxins and their binders, probiotics is the one that has X's all the way down.

    Clay, charcoal, and chlorella are all binders. They bind with toxins and heavy metals, but they're not going to take all of it out. Not all of these mycotoxins. Whereas probiotics will. Why? And fulvic acid is another, humica and fulvic acid.

    Why? Because it is probiotics. that are secreting enzymes. S

    o that's why our body is supposed to have, this is the terrain theory again, our body's supposed to have these probiotics full of probiotics in our gut. And that's, what's going to be secreting the enzymes.

    Enzymes act as pac men, like pac man, pac men, like bag men in the mafia in the body, roaming around, chewing up toxins, they attack foreign toxins, destroy them and spit them out.

    In a form that the body can eliminate. This is why Wayne Rowland was advising people take green and green enzyme drinks in addition to the silver coital silver water that he was using, which I think was removing the biome. Sorry, the biofilm.

    And then he was recommending. A de warmer, mebendazole, which is, we're using fenbendazole, it's almost the same thing.

    And then he was using enzymes. We're, instead of enzymes, I'm using zeolite, but you could also use enzymes.

    See what I'm saying? Starting to see the pattern.

    Raw Milk for Lactose Intolerance

    I said, this is why most people who are lactose intolerant can actually drink raw milk. Raw milk, unlike pasteurized milk, contains a good bacteria that secret, secretes the enzyme lactase.

    Lactase is what helps you digest lactose. Lactose is what's in milk. It's a protein that's in milk. Lactase helps you digest it. So if you can't drink milk because you're allergic, it's because you're, you don't have the right bacteria. So you need to get the right bacteria. And then you can actually do that.

    I talked about on my telegram the order of what to start with. You start drinking raw milk. If you can't digest raw milk, probably 80 percent of people that are lactose intolerant can drink raw milk because they're getting that bacteria that's going to start secreting that enzyme that's going to digest the lactose.

    If you can't drink raw milk, you can start with raw cheese. You can find it at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, most natural food store or many upscale grocery stores will have raw milk cheese.

    It's not going to be the soft variety. They only have that in France and some other countries, but not here, but you can get you can get raw cheese.

    That's hard aged cheese, and you can start eating that. And over time, you'll be able to digest milk, any kind of milk. You'll be able to drink pasteurized milk eventually, too, when you get enough good bacteria, that's creating, that's secreting these enzymes and you need these enzymes, right?

    Anyway, I talk more about, what I'm going to be doing for my son, getting him kefir grains on Amazon so that I can start making him ice cream, kefir ice cream, I'm going to make him kefir soda. These are things that we've been talking about doing for, the last 15 years blogging, but it actually will help everybody.

    These are very natural things you can do, but it all makes sense. It's all the puzzle pieces are coming together. So let me quickly I'm going to keep this to 10 more minutes. I'm going to walk you through some of the things that we're using.

    Number one, again, this is all in my webinar. So go watch my webinar and I go into detail.

    Step One: Remove the Biofilm with Chl0rine Di0xide (Pool Water)

    Chl0rine di0xide. I talk about what it is in the webinar. Detox The Vax.

    It's very natural. It's basically salt water and hydrochloric acid, which is what would happen in your gut when you would drink. natural spring water.

    And then it would connect, it would activate with the hydrochloric acid and it would create this purification system that would purify inside your body because we're drinking tap water, or even bottled water that's dead, that doesn't have a current and it doesn't have the salt, the right salt in it.

    You're not able to create that. So that's why I think everyone really should learn how to make this at home. But I'm not telling you to do it. doN't, it's not medical advice. Do it if you want to. I'm doing it because it's working. The other thing that I'm doing. So that's number one.

    That's number one. That's going to remove the biofilm in your body. Okay. That's going to purify the swamp. That's 60 percent water inside your body.

    Now there's different ways to do it. You can make it the way I do it, which is in, keep it in a jar 24 hours. Letting it, this is the Kalcker method I talk about this on my post how to make pool water. I call it pool water to get evade the censors.

    If you don't want to do it that way, you can do it the Jim Humble way. Just putting drops in water. If you've got kids, you can do it in apple juice.

    Just nothing with vitamin C. It can't have vitamin C because this is an oxidizer, not the antioxidant. Do for me, I think this is the way, now you could do it Wayne Rowland way of doing this silver, colloidal silver water.

    I don't know how to make that. I have no idea what it is. I don't know how he did it.

    So I think this is a modern day way to do it, but you got to do it. If you want to get rid of that biofilm. I don't know how else you get rid of that biofilm, and if you don't get rid of that biofilm, it doesn't matter how much anti parasitics you take, you're not gonna even, they're not even gonna get it.

    You're gonna go right past them, because they are literally suspended in that mucus inside your gut, and you're not gonna get to them. You can hit them with all these different anti parasitics.

    But they're not going to, it's going to go right past them. All right. So that's number one, part of the punch.

    Step Two: Kill the Parasites with Antiparasitics

    Number two is these antiparasitics. This is what I'm using. I'll put the link below.

    I'm going to update my antiparasitic protocol to show you guys a simplified way to do it three days on five days off.

    And then I'll ultimately be doing three days. Once a month. I'll probably be doing this for three to six months and then work my way to once a month, but I'm probably going to keep doing this as long as people are getting these boosters and shedding until people start until we see a massive, number of people who are deworming.

    Okay. Because they're, it's very contagious.

    There's other things you can use. Castor oil is one. I, it's very hard to take. It's very bleh, I actually use these as suppositories. Sorry to be gross, but it works for pinworms. Everyone's got pinworms. They get worse at night, and especially during the full moon.

    So if you want to kill those, that's a good way to do it. People have issues. Some people have issues with Ivermectin. I haven't had any. I know it's, I guess for some type of dogs, it's not good. Like shepherds. I know people have opinions that they don't like it, but I know other people that are deworming themselves on it.

    If you – whatever – I don't, I did get it. I've used it. It helped me get better when I was sick, but this is what I'm using. Fenben.

    You can get Mabendazole in Europe, but in America we can't. We have to get this. Actually, we don't even have to order this abroad. It's on Amazon, but it comes from Germany.

    It took me like a week and a half to get it. There's other things like black walnut tincture. Friend of mine made this for me. it does kill parasites. I don't know if it kills worms, and this kills worms, and this kills worms, and castor oil kills worms.

    The problem with castor oil taking it internally is it's nauseating, so you'd have to freeze the capsules, which I've done.

    You can also buy The bottle and you could make your own capsules, but that's a lot of work. So that's why I'm just doing this and it's not expensive. Okay. It's not expensive. I'll put the link on Amazon for that. Oh, you can get this type too, which is what I give my dog. But this one's actually cheaper.

    It actually ends up being cheaper. I take two of these a day when I'm doing the protocol, which ends up being close to 750, 750 milligrams a day for 150 pound person, which is what I, about what I am a little less than that, but close enough, and that's from Dr. Lee Merritt Protocol, which I'll be adding to my Parasite Protocol.

    Step Three: Remove the Metals & Dead Parasites with Binders

    Okay, finally, one, get rid of the biofilm. Number two, kill the worms. Because the pool water will kill parasites and take out heavy metals, but it will not kill worms. So to kill the worms or those big clots, which are worms you've got to use the big guns here. Finally, number three is binders.

    And so binders are, what I'm using is zeolite. This is the root brand zeolite, which I recommend it. It is salty. You can take it on the tongue, start with one drop, work up to a dropper full. If you don't like that, you have kids, maybe you could do the PBX. I'll put, I have that. I don't know if I have that on my website.

    I'll add it. This is just a spray and it's very no taste. Okay. This one has vitamin C to activate it. So the root bran, so if you take this, you need to take it separate from your chlorine dioxide. All right. The binders are what's going to be the bag man to carry out the trash. That's the way to think about it.

    You're going to get rid of the biofilm, you're going to kill the worms, and then you're going to carry out the trash.

    There's other types of binders you can use. I don't have them all here. But bentonite clay activated charcoal, which you should only use. Don't use that every day because it's gonna also take out minerals with it.

    You could use dation syrup. There's lots of fulvic acid. So if you got, if you were to get this, they have a detox pack, which comes with something that's gonna help to get rid of the biofilm, I think. And then if you get the fulvic acid, I think that works as a binder.

    So I'll put the link for the three pack of what you can get for per pure body extra.

    And you don't wanna make the water if you don't wanna do all the stuff that I'm doing. You could get these three products and that would work, I think. I don't know if it'll work as well, but I imagine it will. People are getting really good results with it. And then you would have to add the anti parasitic, the anti warm, the de warmer.

    Okay. Now this one as well, Root Brands, they have a Trinity pack, which is working to get rid of. So I need to look at that and see. Which products you should get to do this one, two, three punch. You still need to add your de warmer always going to need to add your dewormer. Now I'm, I will, like I said, I'll put this into a cheat sheet and I'll put it below.

    Actually I'm going to add it to my webinar cheat sheet. So it's a PDF that you get when you watch the webinar. So go ahead and watch the webinar and it will be updated. If you look at it and it doesn't have this cheat sheet, this one, two, three punch cheat sheet, let me know and I'll, you're just getting to it probably before I get a chance to add it.

    Silica as a Binder

    The other thing I'm doing is silica. This is what I'm adding to my water, these three things. And I use this as the basis of what I'm drinking every day. This is a binder. It is a, it removes aluminum, but it's also a binder.

    So I'm doing this in addition. I'm saying you guys figure out what you can do Maybe you're gonna do the Touchstone Essentials things, but maybe you could also make silica water, you know Maybe you're gonna do you're gonna do the chlorine dioxide like I am and the silica water I'm also doing zeolite as a binder.

    Okay, it just depends on what you want to do I'm not talking about any other supplements. Like I am taking collagen the Bella Grace collagen Because that's gonna rebuild That's going to give you nutrition that you need to help your gut and help you rebuild, okay, because these parasites and these metals are tearing us apart.

    All right you can also get the castor oil like this. I did it first, but I don't recommend it. Kalcker has you taking that on a spoon. It's nasty. I can't do it.

    That's why I got these, but ultimately I'm just doing this now. And You could do this as well. It's up to you, do whatever you got to do to get rid of these suckers, okay.

    Healing with Frequency

    The last thing I'm going to talk about, and then I'm gonna wrap this up is frequency.

    So we have the three, one, two, three punch, but if you add frequency to it, Hulda Clark was a woman in the nineties around the time of Rowland, Wayne Rowland, when she was zapping different protozoan and different bacteria and parasites with a zapper, electric zapper.

    It's similar, that's how Wayne Rowland actually started was he got on those Rife machines and he got into a different frequency and that killed the parasites.

    They can't live with a certain frequency.

    That's why prayer works. That's why meditation works.

    You can actually get better without any of this stuff. If you can get your vibration high enough, go look at Joe Dispenza's YouTube channel and just watch some of the testimonials. It's unbelievable.

    Amazing. How was that? How did Jesus do that? You can get people's frequency high enough. They can just get onto a different frequency and no disease can live with that. These patches I'm wearing every day that is changing my frequency. So that's another thing you can do.

    Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up just cause I would love to talk more. I could talk all day about this stuff, but I will put.

    I will add to my PDF. If you already watched the webinar and you don't have the updated PDF, email me annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com and I will send you the update.

    Okay, if you have questions, we're going to be doing every single week on Fridays, the Weekly zoom call to talk and discuss all these things and collaborate and share what's working, what's not working, et cetera.

    I would love to have a, at some point, maybe we can have a group online, I'm very censored on social media. So, I'm not sure when or where, how to do that, but we will figure it out eventually in the meantime, hopefully you can join our zoom calls and. We will be we'll be recording those, but you do have to be a member.

    So make sure you sign up for my email updates. All right. Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next one.