How to Kill Parasites and Stop the Clotting (Video)

In this video, I talk about how to kill parasites. It is synthetic parasites that are causing the "clotting" in vaccinated people. The un-vaccinated are also being infected by the vaccinated since they are very contagious.

How to Kill Parasites and Stop the Clotting (Video)

In this video, I talk about how to kill parasites. It is synthetic parasites that are causing the "clotting" in vaccinated people. The un-vaccinated are also being infected by the vaccinated since they are very contagious.

It's not enough to take anti-parasitic drugs because the parasites hide in a mucosal biofilm. You have to first destroy the mucus in the intestines, and then you can get to the parasites.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Parasites are in the Vaccines the Masks & in the Testing Swabs
01:05 TikTok Video About Parasites, Bacteria & Mosquitoes
05:26 Parasite Protocol by Andreas Kalcker on My Website
10:55 TikTok Video: Killer Mosquitoes — Watch End for Treatment
14:27 My Friend Who Got Sick from Mosquito Bites
14:45 Stool Samples Will Not Find Parasites & Bacteria
15:00 Dr. Lee Merritt on Stool Samples & Testing
17:00 The Importance of Draining the Swamp (Chlorine Dioxide)
18:00 Parasites Inside Me Book by Karrie Sicely
20:00 Mosquitoes Weaponized with Wolbachia Bacteria to Feed the Worms
22:08 Testimonial About Chlorine Dioxide
23:50 Died Suddenly Movie on Rumble
24:30 Embalmer, Richard Hirschman Speaks Out About Clots
25:50 Dr. Lee Merritt Speaking Out About Parasites
29:50 My Video Showing the Proof of Worms in Masks & PCR Test Swabs
32:34 Morgellons
35:25 Magnetic / Graphene Oxide / Nanotech
35:50 Vaccine Vials Were Cold To Keep Parasite Eggs from Hatching
37:35 Sign Up for My Upcoming Webinar, Detox the Vax
38:00 We Need More Sophisticated Ways to Treat
40:00 Harvard Nanotech Expert Charles Lieber Busted for Fraud
41:00 The Parasites Are Growing and People Are Dying Suddenly
42:00 Video About the Prevelance of Parasites — Everyone Has Them
45:00 You Can Get Antiparasitics Without a Doctor
47:00 How to Treat Parasites With Over the Counter Drugs & Supplements
49:10 Castor Oil Kills Worms Faster Than Anti-parasitic Drugs
53:00 When to Do the Parasite Protocol & for How Long
57:25 Enemas, Detox Baths & Binders
58:40 Stem Cell Activation Patches

Chl0rine Di0xide ("Pool Water")

  1. Recipe: How to Make Pool Water (Chl0rine Di0xide)
  2. Video: How to Make Pool Water (Chl0rine Di0xide)
  3. Pool Water Main Page (Chl0rine Di0xide)

Parasite Protocol

How to Do the Parasite Protocol

  1. All the Places to Follow Me
  2. Andreas Kalcker
  3. Anthelmintic Activity Of Castor Oil and Mustard Oil
  4. Charles Lieber Arrested for Fraud
  5. Dr. Lee Merritt
  6. Parasites Inside Me by Karrie Sicely
  7. Kerri Rivera
  8. My Telegram
  9. My Video on Rumble, Weird Science

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, today we're going to talk about parasites, because this came up for me with a friend of mine whose son is very sick, he's been sick all summer, and I, sorry my dog's making noises and it sounds horrible, but he's just so if you hear that, hello dog, he wants to come up here, but he's not I want to cover this because you guys need to understand what these, what's in these vials, what's in these, what was in the masks, what was in the testing swabs that they were putting up our nose, it's parasites.

And if you understand what parasites do, how this all works, you can understand then how to kill parasites and you can understand how to get well. I made a video the other day, which I put on TikTok, and let me just show you.

Community guidelines violation, okay? Remove for misinformation. When you see that, what do we know? There must be truth in it, because every time they take something down, it's what they don't want us to know. So this video that I made, I'm going to tell you where to find it, but it has to do with parasites.

So let me first show you how to find it. Go to my telegram. Here it is. Cheese Slave 2. Here's the link. Cheese Slave 2. You can search Annemarie Michaels.

There are people faking on Telegram to be me. They write comments and stuff about cryptocurrency and stuff. That's not me. There's 506 subscribers now, you can see this, health blogger, it's got my website, cheeseslave2 is the link, so telegram, however, or whatever it is, cheeseslave2, okay?

It's also on my follow page if you go to my website, sorry for the sound in this video, I just need to make this and I need to get it out there because here's my website, you can go to follow me,and my telegram is here. Follow me on telegram. Okay, that will take you to my telegram. So let me show you on telegram

This video that I posted two days ago, and I got taken down already. So that tells you something tells you there's truth Let me just go back a few days to see where I posted it the same day on telegram I posted it on tick tock as well, and they took it down And I'm banned on Instagram now, guys.

I'm banned on Facebook. I can't even go on those sites. Here it is. Killer mosquitoes, watch the end for treatment. My friend's son got very sick this summer from mosquito bites in Florida. Watch the end for the cure. She's doing a combination of oregano oil, honey, garlic, to kill the Wolbachia bacteria, and ivermectin and castor oil.

Which she's also going to do the whole calcar, I just talked to her today. She's going to do the calcar she only started on the oregano oil, I think. I don't know if she's given the honey garlic, she made like that honey garlic stuff. And she's going to start on the Andrea's calcar parasite protocol.

And she's starting on the chlorine dioxide, because here's why. So here's the Parasite Protocol on my website. Okay. You can literally go to my website and type in Parasite Protocol. How to do the Parasite Protocol P. This was members only, but I've made it open to everyone. I had to do that for a while because people were attacking me. It's amazing how these leftists will attack people about telling the truth.

But they do. So this goes into all the details about the parasite protocol, but here's the other thing that she is doing and what everybody needs to do and why I want to make this video. And I'm going to talk about this Wolbachia bacteria and the mosquitoes and why this is so important. I made another video about it, which I'm going to post. I'll post this after I post that one.

This is the biofilm that's in everybody's intestine. This is what I joke about as the swamp. Okay. We're draining the swamp. This is where the parasites live. If you are not doing chlorine dioxide, you are not going to be draining this swamp and you can't get these worms out of your intestines. And I'm going to talk about in this video the fact that most people don't even know they have intestines and yes, we do But they're lying to us.

It's the elephant in the room It's the elephant in the room and it makes me so angry when I know how many people are suffering and they cannot get help Okay, so what he's saying. This is Andreas Kalker this whole protocol. I have on my website parasite Protocol P is from Andreas Kalker's book called, let's see, yeah, I have it up here.

You can actually get a copy of it if you search, you can either go to his website, which you can only find using DuckDuckGo, you cannot use Google or you can go on the Telegram app and you may still be able to find this copy of his book called Forbidden Health. Actually, you know what? You can go to his website, because they may not have that anymore.

It was like a bootleg thing for a while. AndreasKalker. com AndreasKalker. com You can change the website to English. Why is it not loading? Hold on. Okay, his website is not loading for some reason, but it was just working yesterday, so I'm sure it's gonna work. If you go there, Andreas Kalker, K A L C K E R dot com, click on books, and he does have a PDF version for sale.

So you'll get it immediately, just go ahead and order the book from him. You cannot get it on Amazon, because they banned it. Now, what do we know about when they ban things? Truth, right? Look for what they're banning, look for what they're censoring, that would be the truth. Alright, back to the Parasite Protocol.

He talks about all of this in his book, but I did put it here on my blog. So if you go to this website, it's gonna walk you through exactly what to do the Parasite Protocol. And I'm gonna talk about why we all need to do this. Okay, that's what I'm gonna talk about in this video. But here are the link, here's the link to the Parasite Protocol.

And yes, you can get this stuff on Amazon. I actually get my... I don't think he recommends ivermectin. He recommends mebendazole, but I use fenbendazole because I can't get mebendazole. But you can get this one on Amazon. You can also get the pyrintel hemoate on Amazon. You don't need to spend a fortune for this.

This is really super cheap, guys. Super cheap. Again, you need, you do need to do the pool water because that's what's gonna, the chlorine dioxide, because that's what's gonna take out. The swamp that they live in. Now here's the deal, and the recipe is here on my blog, how to make pool water. Very easy to do.

There's two different ways to make it. You can put the drops directly in, I talk about this in my article. Or if you want to go with the chlorine dioxide solution, that's where we keep it, we do it in the jar. Whatever you want to do. I know Carrie Rivera, who's curing autism. This is her website.

This is her book. She's not the only one. There's a lot of people. So you can get this book from her and she talks about how to do it. And she's on telegram too. She talks about how to Carrie Rivera. I'm just going to give you all the resources up front and then I'm going to talk about why this is so important.

Okay. I just want to give you guys the resources so you can go find them. Carrie Rivera, 2022. She's here. She's also on her website. Okay. There's also other webs. There's other Telegram groups chlorine dioxide testimonials

Okay Lots of people talking about this stuff on Telegram they can't talk about it on Facebook if you're in a face But somebody was just saying there's all these people in the Facebook group talking about parasites and they're all struggling and nobody can get help Because you're not allowed to talk about this stuff. Look. Okay. That's Telegram.

Alright, I'm gonna quit this and I'm gonna go and tell you about what, what's happening. And this this is everybody who's been vaccinated, but it's not just vaccines. It is also all of us, because we are getting shed on. This is very contagious. Okay. These are very contagious things.

I'm going to share some information with you guys. Take it or leave it, but I'm telling you this is what we're seeing. I'll explain in a second. I Also want you to go back and watch my video that I did about The Wolbachia bacteria. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I was gonna show I was gonna show that to you on telegram.

Sorry I was gonna show you that video. So let me show you a little bit of that and you can see what I was what they censored on tik tok. Here it is Killer mosquitoes watch the end for treatment. Okay, let me see if I can play this.

So they're doing that. They've already released them in Florida, from my understanding. The fact that you've got some genetically engineered mosquito and you're releasing it on the human race holy shit, man.

The idea that you're gonna contain those mosquitoes once you release them out in the wild, won't develop any symptoms, but severe cases begin with sudden headaches. High fever, chills, and vomiting, and could progress to seizures and coma. There are no vaccines, or Genetically engineered mosquitoes. Is it a good oh my god, the fact that's a question. Yes, it's a real deal Holyfield. It's been here for a long time Oh, got a number on it.

Let's watch. A fly, and then Suffered from Okay. Here it is This is the lab in Columbia. This is a real program. This is really happening. You might wonder, what do we feed all these mosquitoes here? It's called the World Mosquito Program. It is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and they are feeding their, they're putting, injecting them with Wolbachia bacteria.

So I want to talk about why that's important and what that has to do with mosquito, with sorry, with parasites, specifically worms. And here it is where that shows that it is. Bill and Melinda. Lovely. It says here that it cannot make people sick, but I don't believe that. And here's why. It may not be make people sick per se. But it does feed worms, and I'll show you. It seems to play, it says right here, it seems to play a role in Where did it go?

Those infected with the medication Ivermectin and doxycycline. So doxycycline is gonna kill, that's an antibiotic, and then Ivermectin is gonna kill the worms. It said, I went by it too fast in this video. It's a crappy video, sorry. But yeah, that's somebody infected with these, with Wolbachia. And worms.

It feeds the worms. Basically, this bacteria feeds the worms is what I figured out. So that's, my friend's son got bitten by mosquitoes when they were in Florida. And he has been sick all summer. Now, they did a stool sample. We just got the stool sample back. Or she did. Not me. I feel like I'm there. But she's my good friend.

And they are saying there's no bacteria and there's no parasites. Guess what guys, as we already know about these doctors. They don't know Jack. So I remembered I had, first of all, I went and looked up Dr. Leigh Merritt. I'm going to talk about her in a second, but I went to her website and I pulled up this. She said.

You can be tested with stool specimens for parasites, but given the prevalence, this is on her website, on her paras where she talks about parasites on her website it's a PDF. Given the prevalence of unrecognized parasitic disease, I'm not sure that it's worth the cost. What is she saying there? She's sayingthey don't know. They're telling you that there's no parasites, but obviously that's going to be incorrect because... They're not gonna find it. Here's why. Remember when I just talked about that? This is why I think. I could be wrong. Remember when I talked about that biofilm that's in your digestive tract, that's in your intestines, that they hide in, and unless you get rid of that swamp, you drain that swamp with the chlorine dioxide, you're not going to be able to kill the bacteria, the parasites, the worms.

I'm not talking about just parasites. I'm talking about worms. It was Carrie Rivera that's able to cure autism in kids by giving them a combination of chlorine dioxide to drain that biofilm. It, it kills that biofilm. That's what Andreas Kalker talks about. And it takes it out of the body, and then they have nowhere to hide.

They can't hide. If you take anti parasitic drugs... With without taking chlorine dioxide, it's not going to do anything because they can hide in that film. They're hiding in that swampy mucus stuff. You've got to take that out first, and then you can hit them with the anti parasitic drugs and they will kill them.

This is how they're keeping so many of us sick. And this is why they, EPA is what they do what they do. They keep our water contaminated because then those 60 percent water that we are, the six, the water that's in us is contaminated. So we stay sick. We have got to clean from the inside. We've got to drain the swamp.

It's so funny, but it's true. And and then we can kill those worms. So I'm going to show you a few more videos, show you a little bit more stuff. Back in, so when my friend called me and told me that they'd done a stool sample, they didn't find anything. I was like, Oh, of course. So I looked up, what Lee Merritt said.

And then I looked up this book which I had bought back in 2021 when I was looking into all this, when I first became aware of it was, that it was parasites, Carrie Cicely, I think you pronounce her name S I C E L Y. You can get this book on Amazon, that's where I bought it, and I read her book, and she told, she's on Facebook, that's how I found her, and I'm not in touch with her anymore because I got banned, but this book goes into great detail about the struggles that she went through. I just took some screenshots to send my friend.

They put false information in her file. And her medical files, her medical history was changed. I don't know if she's going through a lawsuit or what. I haven't been in touch with her since I met her on Facebook a couple years ago. But she goes into great detail about how she couldn't recover. She had all these health problems. And she finally did start to recover when she realized it was parasites.

Doctor said there was no parasites. It's a good book. You can get this book. All right. So my point is to say that they either don't know, or as she's saying, they're lying. Some of them are lying. And the other thing I want to say about the the Wolbachia hold on. Okay. Here's the video that I'm going to put up. I'll put a link to this, but you can search on my website for Wolbachia. W O L B A C H I A. This is a bacteria that is feeding the worms. So why would they put this in mosquitoes?

It's not so that they won't get Zika, that's their excuse. It's so that it'll feed the worms in us. Diabolical. Diabolical!

But, it's just not normal for a kid who's completely raised by a health conscious mom. He's never been vaccinated. He's, she feeds him a really healthy diet. Her, his dad's a chiropractor, and he gets what's basically like some kind of inflammatory bowel disease.

He's got some kind of, I don't know what it is, and I'm not a doctor, and I'm not making health claims, and I'm not, I'll make all my things. I'm just a researcher, an independent researcher and a blogger. How is this kid, this adolescent getting so sick? And so I talk about in this video from when he, he doesn't, he what could it have possibly been?

And that's what she said that when I started talking to her, she said we went to Florida, where did they drop those mosquitoes in Florida? We went to Florida in March and that's when he got bitten by mosquitoes and his the bites got really infected. And ever since then, he's been sick. And it keeps getting worse and he can't get out of bed.

He's and now he's finally able to get out of bed. He's going to school, but he has to come home a lot of days and he's going to the bathroom multiple times a day. He's got a messed up gut. Where did this come from? Worms. Worms and bacteria. So we got to hit it with antibiotics, which kills the bacteria, and we got to hit it with antiparasitics.

What's an antibiotic? Oh! Chlorine dioxide. That's an antibiotic. Did you know that? Yes, it is. It kills bacteria. It kills bacteria. So you can literally get on the pool water and you can kill bacteria. That's why, in fact, my friend just told me, she just texted me, And she said, my daughter and I started to get sick over the weekend and she got sick the week before and she was sick for a whole week, she said.

And because she was off the pool water, she had stopped drinking it frequently because she had workers in her house and she wasn't going to the fridge and drinking it. She said her daughter had a fever and she had chills and achy joints. We both did the chlorine dioxide every hour over the weekend and we are fine now.

It's Monday. Her fever was gone by Sunday, but she still felt a bit of that. She still felt bad from the detox effects of the chlorine dioxide. I stopped giving it to her around four p. m.

Yesterday and she woke up feeling fine today and she's at school. So we need to be on the chlorine dioxide every day. Her, this is another mom, doesn't vaccinate. Her kids are not sick normally. They're totally fine very healthy. They got sick the day they started back at school. Why? Because people are shedding and the shedding is much worse now. It's much worse now because these clots are growing. So let's talk about the clots.

And then I'll talk, I'll show you a video about parasites. Couple of videos about parasites.

So this is Richard Hirschman. You can follow him on He is talking about these clots that we all saw in that movie, Died Suddenly. Here's the movie. If you don't know Rumble and you don't know Bitchute, they need to be your best friends right now. Because you're not gonna see this stuff on YouTube. You're not gonna see this stuff on Facebook. You're not gonna see this stuff on all the main, Instagram. Because they're banning people for telling you this.

I think it's still on here. Let's see. This came out a while ago. Yep. Here it is Still here. Is this the whole movie?

Watch this movie died suddenly talks about these clots that are growing in people. They're not clots Okay, so let me show you multiple Embalmers have been speaking out about these White things they're pulling out of people's veins. Look how big those are massive.

He's saying this is parasitic worms. They're very similar. Looks almost like the same thing, but no, this embalmer saying these are not parasitic worms. These are what they're pulling out of people's veins, people. All right. So this is an embalmer. You think he's lying? Do you think all the other embalmers are lying?

Why would they do that? They're speaking out against what everybody else is saying. A lot of, when this all started, I remember it was at Jane Ruby on the Stu Peters channel on Rumble type in Stu Peters, that's where the died suddenly is. And you can watch Jane Ruby, but she was saying a lot of a lot of nurses were not speaking out.

People were not speaking out, even though they were seeing stuff. A lot of them, people in the embalmers offices were not speaking out. All right. So he's calling them clots, but they really aren't clots. Let's watch this. This is Dr. Leigh Merritt.

She's another one, go to her website here,, M E R I T T. You will not find her on Google, you need to look her up on Rumble, or Bitchute, or DuckDuckGo, because she's very censored. She talks about the parasites and the vax.

Okay, but I'm gonna tell you it's not just the vax. It's all the other stuff that we did, the masks. The PCS sorry, the swabs.

The test swabs that they stuck up our noses. I never did that. I wouldn't let them do that to me. And I never, and I hard tried really hard not to wear a mask. And if I did wear a mask, I tried not to wear those Chinese ones, disposable ones, because I knew those were bad and they were. They I'm going to show you in a minute.

All right. So let's watch this. They've been working at this for years and they, and I'm sure there are people out there that have, I see them all the time on the internet, people that have parasites, or they've got an autistic child with parasites or something. And they've been working at this for years and they know a ton about it, but it's very individualized to that person, right?

So it not doesn't necessarily generalize. So I'm just going to tell you, this is. This is what I'm going to tell you. I do. It's a starting point. Once you're, we all are going to have our own journey and we're all going to have our own procedure. Now, and there is a one little wrench here in the works that we have to throw in.

And that is, I believe that what we're dealing with, that we called COVID initially, not, not all the patients cause most of them were really flu and other things. But what we taught this original disease, they're trying to tell you it was a virus that was accidentally released from Wuhan. That's another bit of disinformation.

I don't think this was, I don't believe in viruses. This was never a genetic thing like that. I'm with Karen Kingston. We had dinner a long time ago about this and both of us have been dealing with parasites from different directions. She's been finding the literature and the patents showing that they made basically an artificial parasite.

This thing is acting like a parasite. It's made by hydrogel and genetically engineered smart hydrogel and it hooks into your ACE2 pathway. Now, The point I'm making is that when we think about how we're going to treat our own parasites, we are not in the 1950s anymore. What would work then may not work now because we're dealing with an unknown artificial construct in some cases.

So if we're going to pick a way to do this, I'm picking what I think will work. In general, for everything that you encounter. Now, having said that, some parasites respond to some medicines and not to others. I had a senior chief in the Navy when I was a general medical officer overseas in Japan, and he had a beef tapeworm.

And I tried. Every there, he'd been there, he'd been staying in one clinic for about six years, and every doctor that came through tried to treat that and nobody could get rid of it. They called the C and unless Dave was the one, the c d C was useful. They called them. They were, he was on. It turns out though now, sorry.

So after talking to when Terry, so I think, who knows, maybe I didn't see the rest of that video. I want to go try to find that. But it's, I'm curious, like if they had chlorine dioxide back then again, those tapeworms. These different types of worms, especially when they get big, they can be hard to kill and they, we need, we really need to get rid of that biofilm.

Somebody posted that saying, those aren't clots, and he says, I've heard her, I've spoken with some doctors who've looked at these and said they're not parasites. That being said, synthetic parasites, maybe, but who am I to declare that as a fact? Definitely worth looking into. So he's saying I'm not ruling it out, but he doesn't know enough about it.

So I wrote back again. I've got no, nobody sees my anything I post because I'm so censored. I got my Twitter banned and I haven't gotten my original account back. So this just has 100 followers on this. Cheese Slave 4 is my latest. I said watch the videos you can still find on BitChute with the black squiggly parasites from 2021 through 2022.

They were on masks and the swabs. So here's a video that I made. It's this is actually on Rumble. If you want to find it, if I forget to put the link, you can type in cheese slave weird science and it does come up on Rumble. This is the video. So this one's really interesting. This was sent to me by a nurse. I made this video. It's probably like 30, 40 minutes long, but I made this as a compilation of all the things we were seeing two years ago, back in 2021.

And this, let's take a look at some of this. Wow, we have another spotting of these little black strands that move on their own. How creepy is this? This time under a mask. And this appears to be from a second source. We already saw this before with a lab test swab. This looks like it's a brand new mask.

That's being opened up and put under a microscope and you can see just like we saw before on the test swabs These weird black strands that seem to have a life of their own making movements Just absolutely horrifying. That's a mask This was posted on the Julian media house Tik tok account and I saw multiple people posting this so many people did tests Putting the masks, and here's the footage from the last video, full link down below.

They put the masks on a pot of steaming, boiling water. And the, they would start to move. I did it myself and was able to see it. They pulled it out and put it under a microscope. And there's all these little black str and these are these were big enough that you could see with an iPhone. And they, and this was the, this is the Chinese masks.

These were masks that we got brand new. These were the disposable masks, the little blue, strands that moved towards heat and reacted with water. And now we have here with the masks, a similar observation made by apparently a secondary source. So let me play all the clips.

Well, a lot of people who've been, awake for a while recognized these things pretty quickly as I did, seeing these strands, I was reminded immediately of These strange, microscopic objects that have been found in the skin lesions of people suffering from Morgellons disease, Morgellons, you've ever heard of that?

Which is it's mysterious, but it seems to be associated with chemtrails. It's, but it's, anyway, so what's even, so what she's saying is they're spraying it on us too. So even if you didn't get the vaccine you're around people who've been vaccinated. You're getting it through blood and through the air, okay?

When people breathe on you. This is very contagious because it's nanotechnology people. Nanotech very tiny very tiny. So we are getting exposed. Why do you think I have a frog in my throat today? I'm fighting this every single day. I got sick last week and started throwing back more pool water, chlorine dioxide.

And I meant to take my ivermectin and I didn't. I'm gonna do that right now when I get done making this video. We need to be hitting this every day. The other thing I'm doing is the patches. I've made multiple videos about the stem cell activation patches. So I'm doing that, I'm doing this.

The zeolite. I'm doing multiple things, but I got to do stuff every day. Every day. Stay on top of it, because we're getting hammered from the skies, from the vaccines, from the people getting vaccines, shedding it on us. And now from literally mosquitoes. Anyway, this video. the Morgellons.

The metallic devices, the, that's why I made it like 30 or 40 minutes, because I had a lot of cover. There's so much to talk about what's in this stuff. But again, see GNA, cellulose, glucans, sugar, snake. These are like these snakes. Masks, toxic masks. This is the metallic, magnetic things that we saw.

Remember that? People had the stuff stick into their arms. So these are magnetic. It's the graphene oxide. Which, it's, this is nanotech people. Alright, anyway, you can go watch that video. I want to show you another couple things here on this video. One other point that I made, which again, no, six views, nobody can see what I say, but Why did they keep the VAX files clo cold?

I remember there were people testing the vials looking at them in the microscope and they looked at them when they were warm and they did find parasites. They found these worm like parasites but, and they found T. cruzi, which is a specific type of parasite that causes heart disease, which I wrote a whole post about that.

Again, if you go to my blog and type in parasite. That was our parasites in the vaccines causing heart disease. Oh, when did I write this? February 14th, 2022. And it talks about T. cruzi that they found in the parasites, which causes Chagas disease. Okay. But when they tested the, this is really interesting when they tested the, some doctors test or scientists tested the vials that were cold, they didn't let them warm up and they found eggs.

Which is really sick because it's almost like they wanted them to hatch inside of us. Okay? The good news is this is... Easy to heal guys. This is easy to tackle. We know what to do because we know how to kill parasites And we know how to kill bacteria that feeds the parasites and we know how to remove metals All the stuff that's coming out in my webinar.

Make sure you sign up for my webinar, which is coming out. I'll put a link below for the webinar Detox the Vax. So there's many tools that we have and like Lee Merritt was saying we need to do multiple things Because we can't do when I was sick, when I got injured by vaccines in the nineties, I was able to get completely better just by changing my diet.

And then years later, I try to help my nanny, former nanny, who, she was very sick. She had migraines, seizures, acne, ovarian cysts that were bursting. And we couldn't do that. We could not heal her with just changing her diet. We had to really go after the heavy metals. We had to get her off fluoride and within 30 days she was completely healed.

Same thing with the autistic kids. They can't just remove the metals. They need to kill the worms. Cause this is all, it's, that's why the germ theory is, Pasteur was a liar. It was Henri Bechamp who was telling the truth that it's a terrain. It's like organic gardening, composting. If you have good soil, you're going to have a healthy garden.

You don't need to put pesticides on. All right. So anyway, I made this post saying, Remember the movie. That swept the Oscars in 2020. They always tell us their game plan. So we can't say we didn't know this is a big FU They were laughing at us They this swept the Oscars three weeks after the first report of the Rona in the US movie called Parasite.

That's because that's what it is. That's what it is That was in February three weeks after the Rona because it wasn't a virus. That's what Lee Merritt saying It wasn't a virus It's a parasite, and it's a man made parasite. The other thing you need to remember, which I remember very well. It's almost like God when Because I'm so intuitive now, and I think it's because I my pineal gland Is not calcified because I've been doing all this silica water and chlorine dioxide for a long time two years now year and a half for the chlorine dioxide, three years for the silica water, and zeolite.

And now I'm on the the patches, the stem cell activation patches. Check this out. Charles M. Lieber.

You can read about him. He was the one that was doing nanotech at Harvard, funded, which was funded by Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvard University. So he was doing nanotechnology, working with the Chinese, and they busted him on fraud because he was being paid by the Chinese 50, 000 a month. He had a lab in Wuhan.

What's nanotech? The way that they're making these worms, the way that they're making these As she said I don't remember how Lee Merritt said in the video that I just showed, but she was saying it's like they're artificial technology, artificial, artificially created parasites, and they're weaponized with this graphene oxide and they're able to They're growing inside of people.

It's the perfect way to kill us off. If you think about it, make us sick because they keep growing and people don't know. They don't know that they're dying. Suddenly they don't know why they're dying suddenly. And then they're also spreading. All right. Let me just show you one more thing. And again, go sign up for my email updates so that you can get the webinar as soon as it comes out.

I'm actually going to be posting maybe even today or tomorrow I'll have the, I did a sneak preview version, which you can already go and start watching and I'll share all the things that are working for people that are literally changing your water getting on zeolite, different, doing different things you can do that are going to help fight this here's this other video.

So let's watch this.

Parasites are ubiquitous. They're all over the planet. Everybody has parasites. You can assume it. About maybe 10, 15 years ago, I stopped testing people to find out if they had heavy metal problems, because everybody did. I've never met anyone who doesn't have heavy metals. Why test? Why do that? Okay, but that's heavy metals.

Parasites, the reason they're called parasites, is because they successfully avoid being detected and killed. They're successful. So you're not going to find them. They don't hang out in our stool. They don't hang out in our colons. They might show, an adult form might show up there. Or you got some pinworms, they might show up there.

But for the most part, in order for them to survive, In the long term, they have to burrow deep into your tissue, so they'll burrow into the colon, the lining of the colon, the bladder, lining of the bladder, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, spleen, liver, and then lungs, brain, and then, here's the thing, if you undertreat them, let's say you only use ivermectin, or you only use fenbendazole, You disturb them, and then they migrate to another organ, like the pancreas, and go deep in the pancreas, and you wind up with pancreatic cancer.

The point is, you've gotta blitz that one. That's why we use 3, 4, 5. Antiparasitics and three times a day for three weeks on one week off three weeks on one week off. Okay how do you know you got parasites just assume that if you live on this planet you have them because even the CDC and the US, says that 80 percent they have a really big range. I think they sure from 20 to 80 percent That's too ridiculously large people have parasites.

The problem is they're not diagnosed You can go into the hospital and give them your stool that give them Five stool tests and they won't find any because they're all sitting in the lining and deep in the tissues They're not hanging out there because they need to have their larvae and eggs They need to have a nice place for them to live a nest and that's where they nest they don't nest in your stool So they're not easy to find and I hope you understand that you parasitics.

One of the side benefits is that they turn off all the cancer pathways and they kill cancer stem cells. And we all have some amount of what we call chronically fermenting cells going on that they call cancer. We all have some of those going on in our body, either micrograms, milligrams, or one gram or more. We, all of us, everyone you've ever met. And everyone you ever know will meet, will have those. Therefore, by taking these, let's say you didn't have parasites, which would be maybe 1 in 100 trillion, don't have it. If you didn't, then what it would do is turn off the cancer pathways and kill cancer stem cells.

So how do you deal with the fact that you probably most likely have parasites and you do not want to undertreat them? We have found works and of course, you've got to get this from your doctor So you've got to work with a doctor that can help you get these you don't have any medications But what we have found works is if you use a combination of ivermectin Prasequental and some use either something called pyranthal palm await, or you can use Mebendazole.

Mebendazole is like fenbendazole. Yep In the same group called Benzimidazoles. So you need one of them. Yep. So you need a Benzimidazole, you need a Prosequanthal, and you need an Ivermectin. That will pretty much take care of everything. Now, that's all the worms, because parasites are either worms or single celled organisms called protozoa.

The thing that we know that eliminates protozoa is something called tinnitazole, which is like metronidazole. You might have had... Metronidazole, if you had for women, sometimes if you had Gardnerella or if you had what do they call that again? You know that where there's a fishy odor?

And they give you that, it's called metronidazole. It's a cousin of tinnidazole. They're in the same class, but they both kill protozoa. Now, there's another protozoa called So, chlorine dioxide kills protozoa. I'm going to cover all these in just a second that he's talking about. These are all the ones that we use in the proto in the Parasite protocol, but protozoa is killed by chlorine dioxide.

So you're covering a lot by doing that chlorine dioxide Then you're gonna add these others in addition to that. It's amoeba. That is a responsible amoeba. Chlorine dioxide. Dysentery and things like that But whenever we're taking out root canals or we're taking out We're cleaning out cavitations in the jaw from a failed extraction or something and they to say send the pus to a DNA lab They're finding I'd say, I haven't found a case yet where there's no Entamoeba.

So not only are there all these bacteria in our jaws and our nose. Let's talk about bacteria, that's also these parasites called Entamoeba in our jaw. That's what I would do. I'm not saying you should do it. You've got to work with your doctor. You can tell him to call me and her to call me.

We can discuss it. I'm happy, always happy to collaborate. But we use Ivermectin. A benzimidazole and the Proziquantum. That's that And then, of course, the tenidazole. The other thing is that we, there's always funguses involved. We add in nystatin and or fluconazole. And your doc Okay, again, you don't need a doctor because, not to say that you don't need a doctor if you want to see your doctor, you can see your doctor, but I'm saying you don't need a doctor to get these things.

Chlorine dioxide is also going to take care of fungus.

What he's talking about, we're gonna, chlorine dioxide's gonna kill off this, gonna remove this mucus that they live in. We're talking about worms, okay? Mivendazole, you can get on Amazon, but you can also use this fenbendazole, which you can get on Amazon. It's a canine dewormer, that's what I use. You don't need a lot, it tells you how much you need.

And I'm taking a quarter teaspoon a day when I take it, and I don't take it every day. I'm taking it, I'm going to start doing it monthly because of what's going around. And that's the one thing I haven't been doing lately, and I think that's why I have issues going on. Kids are back in school, stuff is spreading around.

I'm going to get back. I'm going to actually take this with my ivermectin today. Remember, see what he said? He said, you've got to do all this different stuff. By the way, I posted this video on my today, September 11th. I posted it on my. My telegram so you can find it if you want to go watch the whole thing.

Parental hemoate he talked about. I have the link here on this article. That's for the pinworms. And again, Calker talks about how much to do of all these. And I have it all on here. Castor oil, this is the last thing I want to cover. Chlorine dioxide is going to take care of a lot of things he mentioned.

That's pool water. That's chlorine dioxide. And then he talked about Mobendazole or Fobendazole, you can get that on Amazon, as I talk about up here. He talked about the pinworm medication, which, that's this, and talked about that. These are all in the CalCR protocol. He talked about fungus, he talked about amoeba Is that what you call them? Amoeba? Protozoa? Whatever. That's gonna get taken care of by the pool water, okay? But then we're adding to it, Calcutta's adding to it diatomaceous earth, castor oil neem capsules, apazote tincture. These are all things that you can take as you do this protocol, and there's a whole I think I have the whole, yeah, first eight days, day six, day seven, day nine to eighteen, and so on and so forth. Real quick, I want to share with you one more thing. I may have covered this in the other video that I did about the mosquitoes.

Here it is. Anti helminthic activity of castor oil and mustard oil. You could look this up, but right here, it says that they, it took long, it's shorter time for the worms that they literally had in. Petri dishes. It took less time to kill them with castor oil and mustard oil. I don't know where you would get mustard oil. Mustard oil, what that is, is that, are they talking about canola oil? I'm not really sure. Anyway, castor oil is relatively easy to get. You can get it on Amazon and, or whatever health food store. And right here, it takes a third of the time. So it's very effective and I'll tell you the way I take castor oil is in a capsule Maybe I should make a video about this how I do it. I just put it in capsules and I freeze them Now you don't have to freeze them. You can just take them, but if you freeze them they're going to stay more intact until they get down to the intestines and then And it does take a few days to freeze them.

Actually, let me go grab I'll show you what I made and then I'll wrap this video up I think I'll make a shorter version of this video too just because this information is so important This is the castor oil I got on Amazon. This is a 16 ounces organic castor oil. It's not expensive. Now it's really nasty to eat it. You can eat it. It's food grade. But it makes you want to vomit. It's just very viscous.

So I took these you can get these on Amazon too, these capsules, and I just filled them up with castor oil. And then I froze them. And it does take a few days to freeze. They don't freeze immediately. I don't know, it's because they're so viscous or whatever. It takes a while. So you can just take those every day. Or the days that you're doing the parasite protocol. I'm pretty sure he has you doing those for quite a number of days. Yes.

The first day is... All three months, parental, so this is what I'm going to go back on to, Lee Merritt said it took her six months to really get them out of her system, but again, we're, she, we're all being assaulted right now, so I'm going to go back onto this let me just look at the calendar here, hold on, okay, the next full moon is the 29th, that's the harvest moon if you guys haven't started your parasite protocol that's when I would start it. If we look at the calendar here, that's in two and a half weeks, but you know what, I'm just going to go ahead and start it now, even though that they really advise you to start it on the full moon, because that's when they're hatching.

I know it's gross. It's really gross. Hatching or that's when they're mating. I don't know, whatever they're doing their business and we need to like, so it was Friday the 29th would be the best, but if you can't if you want, I'm just going to go ahead and start because like I said, it's, I keep picking stuff up and even though I'm extremely healthy, normally.

I think it's because people are sharing this. Anyway, let's go back to that screen. All three months. So he has you on a three months, 90 day protocol. But if you need to do six months. If you need to do longer. And then you're going to do it every, so like I would do it at the minimum of twice a year.

A friend of ours from India said they do it every quarter, four times a year. And I believe, honestly, this is why we have Lent and Advent. And this is why they always told you to fast. It makes so much sense. All right. First day all three months. Okay. Day one is parental PAMA weight.

That's, again, you get these on Amazon. Teaspoon of diatomaceous earth. If you want to put that in a capsule, you can put that in a capsule as well, because it's blech to eat. Or you can just drink it in a small amount of water. Bebendazole, diatomaceous earth, and enema. Okay. I didn't talk about enemas.

Let me talk about that real quick. Benazol is again that quarter teaspoon of

Dog powder that you take it does taste like nothing. It's totally fine. And then two tablespoons of castor oil He wants you to take those two tablespoons. That is Nasty, I can't do it. It's disgusting. So that's why I did this and I don't know what two tablespoons look like I'm gonna weigh these and then I can Figure it out how many of those would be a tablespoon and I'm gonna start doing that Along with the diatomaceous earth.

I'm gonna talk about the enemas in a second. He has you this is like basically day 60 What is going on with my numbering? Okay, I need to fix that. Sorry day 9 to 18 first month then on the After the first nine days, so a little over a week he has you just doing the castor oil, and the diatomaceous earth, the neem infusion, Which you can either get the, I got neem capsules, and then epazote I got caps, I got tincture for that. And then aloe vera gel. I never did that. I haven't done that. I didn't do everything on here.

But I'm gonna fix this thing. And then the other thing I wanted to tell you, if you do want to use this as a suppository, You don't want to use it frozen.

You can just use the capsules that are not frozen with the castor oil And you can use this as a suppository, especially if you notice you have an itchiness in that area That is those pinworms and you want to use this as a suppository. It works really well. Okay? The last thing I say enemas and detox baths really important.

I'm gonna be covering this in my webinar when I do it That's what's gonna help you that's what's going to help you get it out, eliminate this stuff, because as you're killing these worms and these parasites, they need to be, they need to leave the body. Detox baths and, oh yeah, I made a little calendar here so you can see it.

Enemas. Enemas are not a big deal to do, and if you're detoxing, if you're getting, having some experiences of detox, It'll really help. I also think this is really helpful Activated charcoal is really helpful.

You don't even need binders for this root Zeolite is excellent to help with detox Detoxing all this stuff as you're killing it The other thing is you know activated charcoal taking baths with Borax and Epsom salts and sea salt, all that kind of stuff will help you detox.

Finally, I will say this. These four patches. So these are the stem cell activation patches, X39, X49 Eon. These are the ones I wear every single day. And he says to wear the glutathione, two or three times a week. But honestly, considering we're doing all this detox right now, I'm going to start doing the glutathione every day again.

Because that's gonna this actually they have a patent this actually does increase the glutathione in your body and that's gonna help you detox So that's it for this video. I think my point that I want to get across with all this information is just that we are all getting assaulted right now and We need to do whatever we can to get this stuff out and that guy said in that video I just showed you they're very crafty.

We have to hit them with multiple things. All right, that's it guys. Thanks for watching!

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