Amsterdam, Here We Come!

Amsterdam, Here We Come!

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We just booked a 2-week romantic getaway to Amsterdam.  This is the first vacation I have had with my husband (sans child) since our 4-day trip to Hawaii in 2009.  

You can read about about that trip: Hawaii Part 1 and Hawaii Part 2: The Food.

Time flies when you’re working long hours and taking care of a child, and there never seems to be enough time for a vacation.

Seth has business in Amsterdam so we are taking advantage of the opportunity and getting some time away. Bubbe and Papa happily volunteered to watch Kate for a full 3 weeks in New York.

We’re also going to be visiting them in New York and hitting Blog World Expo in New York City.

I’m not sure what all we’re going to do yet. I know we’re going to go for one weekend and take a little road trip, either around Holland or to a different country. Still thinking about it…

Whatever we end up doing, you can be certain the trip will revolve largely around food, and I will take lots of photos and I will blog about it.

What I’m Looking Forward To in Amsterdam

Grass-fed cheese (or “grass cheese” as they call it) at the cheese shops – I think I’ll be going off my 4HB diet for a while!

Street food – I’m especially looking forward to the herring, and also French fries. Seth said one time he was walking along and smelled something that reminded him of home. It was a guy frying French fries in beef tallow!

Shopping for food at the farmer’s markets and grocery stores – Seth says the regular markets (like Safeway) in Amsterdam are like shopping at Whole Foods.

European Pyrex

I also plan to buy a suitcase-full of European Pyrex. Pyrex in Europe is still made from the original Borosilicate glass which does not explode like the cheap American Pyrex does.

I’ve had modern American Pyrex explode on me on THREE different occasions.  NOT fun.

Watch this video:

Other Suggestions?

Do you guys have any other suggestions of what we should do while in the Netherlands or surrounding countries? Please comment below.