Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone Except The Paleo Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone Except The Paleo Mom

Happy Mother’s Day, ya’ll. Except Sarah Ballantyne, AKA The Paleo Mom.

Aside: This is a Catturd reference.

If you follow him on Twitter, he always says, “Good morning to everyone except… FILL IN THE BLANK”.

Let’s talk about The Paleo Mom. And why she is a traitor to us mothers.

The Paleo Mom Is A Traitor To All Mothers

Like many of you, I’m spending my Mother’s Day doing laundry, cleaning toilets, and researching pharmaceutical companies.

Like any other day. We mothers have all had to become PhDs in chemistry and biology, because there is a cabal of criminals trying to poison us and our children.

Except Sarah Ballantyne, who calls herself “Dr. Sarah”. Even though she’s not an MD.

She is, however, an actual PhD. Unlike us mothers who have to spend all day every day researching every food additive, every vaccine, every ingredient in deodorant. We are what people deride as “Google scholars”.

The second most common logical fallacy on the internet, after everyone’s favorite, AD HOMINEM, is the Appeal to Authority.

People do it all the time: “What do you know about vaccines — you’re not a doctor.”

You know who else is not a doctor?

Bill Gates. But everyone takes his advice like he knows what he’s talking about.

Oh yeah and how about that POS Tedros Adhanom, Director of the World Health Organization. Also NOT A DOCTOR.

I’m so freaking sick of people like Dr. Sarah.

I’m so freaking sick of people like her who run their mouth and coerce people to get vaccinated. Because it is terrible advice and people are getting maimed, permanently disabled and dying.

This is her most recent podcast she did with her buddy, Stacy Toth, who used to have a blog called Paleo Parents which is now Real Everything, whatever that means.

I guess it means real food, real cosmetics (she sells Beautycounter, a natural skin care brand that I like a lot, and use) and REAL vaccines! Ha!

In other words, read every label of every food product you buy, avoid gluten, dairy, glyphosate, soybean oil, MSG and food coloring, and never use deodorant with aluminum or toothpaste with fluoride — BUT GET YOUR VACCINES! SMDH.

OK so the title of this blog post should be “Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone Except The Paleo Mom and Stacy Toth”. But it just doesn’t have the same ring.

Oh whoops sorry I just checked and they added a new one.

This is part of a whole series they are doing on the COVID-19 vaccines and how great they are.

“Modern Science and a Real Life Approach to Health,” say Stacy & Dr. Sarah.

Uh huh.

My response: First, do no harm.

Anyway, I’m writing this post to get this off my chest.

This is the most therapeutic thing I can do for myself on Mother’s Day.

Later, I’m going with my family to get oysters and cocktails.


The White Coats Are Coming!

I’ve been saying since last year that we are at war. This is the second American Revolution, or World War Three. Actually it’s World War Four technically, because the American Revolution was the first world war.

Most people don’t know we are at war and they look at me like stunned sheep when I say that. But they’ll find out eventually.

In this second American Revolution, instead of the Red Coats, we have the White Coats. They’re not shooting us in the streets with rifles. They’re shooting us up at the CVS and Walgreens.

OK let’s get into it. I’m not going to debunk their podcast series because quite honestly I tried to listen to one of them and I got a headache.

Not just because of all the misinformation, but because of the CONDESCENDING way they talk. It makes me want to vomit.

So instead. let’s talk about the history of these companies that make the vaccines. That’s really all you have to do. Did I mention Tedros Adhanom was the leader of a terrorist group before he became the leader of the World Health Organization? Oh yes, scroll up — it’s in the meme.

And I wrote about that last year: Dr. Fauci’s Ties to Bill Gates & Communist China.

Haha I clicked on that link and the videos I embedded in the post have all been deleted off YouTube.

Censorship, Much?

Why do you think they are censoring literally everything that goes against the Big Pharma narrative? I was buried on YouTube in 2019, along with Dr. Mercola and all the health bloggers and influencers who were speaking out against vaccines. I lost 90% of my traffic, and 90% of my income.

I was repeatedly thrown into Facebook jail from about 2017 on. Sometimes I would be in the clink for a 30 day stretch.

I think because they knew they were gonna do their “Great Reset” and push the Coronavirus hoax and they went after the biggest health influencers. I had over a quarter of a million followers on Facebook.

And then they completely banned me, along with literally everyone who was speaking out. I remember when they threw Polly Tommey off back in 2019 — just completely banned her. The mother of a vaccine injured child. WTF. I mean really people, what the literal fuck.

I’m gonna cuss in this post because I”m angry as hell.

It’s like Google whistleblower, Zach Vorhies said about why he finally spoke out. Censoring the mothers of vaccine-injured children is “repugnant to God”.

Ha I had to go look up that meme — I used it in this Maskerade video below (follow me on Rumble if you don’t already — I can’t post videos like this on YouTube because they delete them and give me strikes and threaten to ban me).

I like to make videos now because there is just too much to cover in blog posts. There’s just too much. So go follow me on Rumble and educate yourself by watching my videos.

Ha it would actually be funny if it weren’t so sad. I have less than 100 followers on Rumble.

Me, who used to have over a quarter of a million followers on Facebook. And I’m permanently banned on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I have two strikes on YouTube so I can’t say anything on there otherwise my channel would be gone.

Think about it Dr. Sarah. For five minutes. Think about WHY they are banning people like me. People who have been injured by vaccines and people who have children who have been injured.

We can’t speak out about our injuries. Why? If vaccines are so great and so healthy, why do they censor us?

First, Do No Harm

First, do no harm. That’s the Hippocratic Oath. Nowadays it’s more like the Hypocritic Oath.

You can’t sue for damage when you are vaccine injured. And you’re not allowed to talk about your vaccine injury — otherwise they ban you from the internet.

How is this anything other than criminal? It’s completely criminal, and if you look at the history of these pharmaceutical corporations you will see that they are all run by criminals.

I believe they killed Brandy Vaughn. Former Merck rep turned vaccine whistleblower. She died last year. I pray she is in the witness protection program.

And the only reason I feel safe enough to say everything I’m saying now is because I believe the Deep State has already been taken down. Now it’s just a matter of time for them to be exposed. We have to wake up the normies. Otherwise they will fight each other in the streets and cause a civil war.

How much more does it take for people to wake up then watching Joe and “Dr. Jill” Biden as giants with the tiny Carters in their doll house?

Again, I can’t explain it — you just have to watch it:

Or Bill and Melinda Gates getting divorced and his mistress is a Chinese spy? Too much to try to explain. You just have to watch:

Paleo Mom, You Are a Traitor

Paleo Mom is a traitor to all mothers because she claims to be an expert about food and health but she is a liar.

Paleo Mom, you are the enemy.

You call yourself a health blogger? You’re not a health blogger. You’re a fraud.

Remember when we used to watch Alex Jones on Info Wars ten years ago and he’s get so angry talking about the reptile people that he actually looked psychotic?

Now if you know how evil Hillary Clinton is and you know about Jeffrey Epstein and how they rape children, it starts to make sense.

And it makes sense that Dr. Mercola just went on Info Wars. I just saw a clip of that video on Telegram.

And why Mike Adams of Natural News has been on Info Wars for years.

Do you know that if you type in Dr. Mercola on Google, NOTHING comes up? Yeah, he was the #1 top health website in the entire world. And now you type his name on Google and NOTHING comes up.

The top results are all the attacks he got from the FDA and FTC. THESE CRIMINALS. This man is a hero and they buried him.

The good guys have always been good guys, and they’ve been trying to tell us all along. And they risked their lives to tell us.

But frauds like The Paleo Mom run their mouths and distract you.

I don’t know who is worse — all the health bloggers who know the truth about pharma and keep silent to protect their traffic and income. Or people like The Paleo Mom who is either a brainwashed idiot or she’s paid opposition.

Either way she is the enemy.

And I’m sorry if this posts offends you. No, I’m actually not sorry. Because people are dying. There is no time to be sorry.

If you’re still on Instagram or Facebook which I am not (they banned me — I can’t even get on those platforms with a VPN and fake email address), it is now your duty to go tell Sarah Ballantyne and Stacy Toth what absolute pieces of shit they are. Go comment on their posts. Tell them babies are dying and the blood is on their hands.

Do it for me. I would if I could. My hands are tied.

OK OK back to the pharmaceutical companies and their history.

Johnson & Johnson = One Big Fuck You

Janssen, same company that is manufacturing the Johnson & Johnson COVID=19 vaccine (they are a subsidary of J&J) is the exact same company that invented FENTANYL, the opiod (OPIUM BASED) drug.

Janssen is the same name as Johnson. Johnson and Johnson. It’s a word for a dick. It’s a big fuck you. Like Juan O’Savin says about the Washington Monument. I giant dildo in the middle of our nation’s capital. A big fuck you.

George Bush Sr.’s nickname was POPPY. Poppies are what they use to make opium.

Afghanistan and Myanmar/Golden Triangle are the 2 top drug trafficking centers of the world. Illegal drugs are the second biggest money maker for the Deep State cabal — after human trafficking.

So the same drug, Fentanyl, that has been killing more people than any other drug is made by the same people who are making the vaccine that is supposed to make people healthy.

Uh huh. Right.

Wonder why we’ve had troops in Afghanistan for 20 years? For the drugs.

Go educate yourself. It’s all on Wikipedia. You don’t even need a special search engine like Duck Duck Go. As they say on The X Files, the truth is out there.

They Don’t Care About Us

IN OTHER WORDS, the illegal drug pushers (heroin, meth, cocaine, etc.) and the legal drug pushers (fentanyl, vaccines) ARE THE SAME EXACT PEOPLE.

And they don’t care about our health.

It was in this video below — at the very end…

This woman, a nurse, got Bell’s Palsy from the vaccine. She says, “America, don’t get this vaccine. They don’t care about us.” She’s right. They don’t care about us.

Drug Pushers

I talk about the Fentanyl in this video below… oh HA!!!! It was from the video I posted on YouTube but it got taken down. Good Lord! They didn’t even tell me they took it down. It just quietly got taken down.

OK whatever, I’ll post it here when I upload it to Rumble. I’ll update this later.

By the way, the Deep State has been pushing opiod drugs on us since antiquity.

As I keep saying, same shit, different century.

Myanmar is the new name for BURMA. John McCain’s dog’s name was BURMA.

If you’ve been watching the news or following me on Telegram, you know what’s happening in Myanmar right now. Military takeover. Which is what is about to happen here in the United States.

NO NAME is John McCain. He is such an evil traitor, that’s why Q never says his name. The white hats killed him and they used dog comms to telegraph it.

Now the dog comms are happening with Obama. Let’s watch what happens next.

Happy Mother’s Day. Hahaahaha! Yes this is what I do lying in bed, sipping my coffee. Researching the history of opiods.

We are fighting for our children’s future, and our children’s children. This is the MATRIARCH’S PURIM.

Do you think Johnson & Johnson put asbestos (carcinogenic) in the baby powder on purpose? Of course they did. They make a lot of money off cancer.

They also put aluminum in cigarettes. And don’t let marijuana fool you — it’s a bioaccumulator of heavy metals, including aluminum. So is TEA. All kinds of tea — black, green, white. Everything but herbal tea is loaded with FLUORIDE. Look it up.

Drug you up, dumb you down, make you sick, kill you.

That is what they do and what they have always done throughout all of human history.

Can someone who is still allowed on Instagram go to The Paleo Mom’s page (Sarah Ballantyne) and leave some comments about Johnson & Johnson having to DISCONTINUE selling baby powder because it’s literally giving people cancer due to the asbestos.

Or their VAGINAL MESH scandal?

Or how about the fact that Pfizer bought Monsanto’s pharmaceutical company?

The same people pushing GMOs, DDT, Agent Orange, and GMOs are now making the Pfizer vaccine.

Wake up wake up wake up it’s all on Wikipedia for fuck’s sake.

Moderna CEO: Ties to the Holocaust

OK so Johnson & Johnson is evil. But what about the other vaccines?

The CEO of Moderna is a French billionaire who used to push drugs for Eli Lilly. Makers of Prozac.

When we got my former nanny off Prozac and other forms of fluoride (including TEA and kombucha), all her symptoms went away.

Ovarian cysts that were bursting every month, chronic migraines and acne that she had since she was 16 when they first put her on Prozac, seizures. Every symptom magically disappeared within 30 days after we got her off of it.

Oh and look Eli Lilly also made Methadone — they got the patent for one dollar from IG Farben after they couldn’t use it anymore since they were, well, you know, Nazis.

Ah yes, IG Farben, makers of Zyklon B.

“Between 1942 and 1945 a cyanide-based pesticide, Zyklon B, was used to kill over one million people, mostly Jews, in gas chambers in Europe, including in the Auschwitz II and Majdanek extermination camps in German-occupied Poland.[48] The poison gas was supplied by an IG Farben subsidiary, Degesch (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbekämpfung MbH, or German Company for Pest Control).[38]” (Wikipedia: IG Farben)

IG Farben, after they were busted for killing over a million people with Zyklon B, split into a few different companies. One of them being BAYER. And they bought Monsanto.

All the same people.

Back to Eli Lilly. They also made Thimerosol which they put into the vaccines. They stopped using it in most of the vaccines because it is mercury. Which is extremely toxic.

So they switched mercury to aluminum in vaccines. Because aluminum is not toxic. Oh, wait.

They say it can cause Alzheimer’s disease but they’re not sure. So avoid using aluminum foil and aluminum-based deodorant and cosmetics — but ignore the fact that aluminum is the preservative in most vaccines.

Don’t question that. Just take the vaccine. And if you get Alzheimer’s, oh well. Sorry about that.

Or if you get autism. Or MS. Don’t blame the aluminum in the vaccines.

It’s probably just your deodorant. Oh, wait, most people get autism as toddlers, right after the MMR shot. And they don’t wear deodrant. OK well whatever.

Aluminum is fine. The Paleo Mom says so!

Oh I mean, it’s fine in your vaccines. Just not in your deodorant. Or Teflon pans.

Or you could go actually read the studies Paleo Mom. Like Christopher Exley. He’s a real scientist.

He knows aluminum is a neurotoxin. And he knows vaccines are poison.

Oh look, the Paleo Mom says we should avoid glyphosate, which is the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.

But it’s FINE to get the vaccine made by Pfizer, the same company that bought the Monsanto pharmaceutical company.

Monsanto’s herbicides may be toxic, but their drugs are perfectly safe.

For Paleo Mom, It’s About Politics, Not Health

But here’s the truth, The Paleo Mom will never side with those of us who are speaking out against masks and vaccines because for her it’s political.

Last summer, Paleo Mom attacked and publicly shamed Keith Norris, the founder of PaleoFX because she’s a brainwashed moron.

I saw the whole thing play out on Facebook. He did nothing wrong. He expressed an opinion very eloquently and kindly, very innocently. She accused him of hate speech and racism. Everyone piled on and attacked him.

She attacked his business because she didn’t agree with his opinion. He never attacked anyone. I see this over and over again with liberals. They attack others and destroy people over politics. Just because they don’t agree with something.

Conservatives usually keep it to themselves. They are almost always afraid of being doxxed as a “right winger” so they stay quiet.

We’ve been silent far too long. It’s time to rise up and fight back.

See, everyone thinks I’m being political but I’m not. I could give a crap about Democrats or Republicans. I hate them both equally. As Milo would say, Make Hate Great Again. Ugh — 99% of people won’t understand that and I don’t have time to explain it. Suffice it to say, I despise both parties equally because they are both part of the problem.

I was a liberal Democrat for 30 years. And then I researched the Clinton crime family and the Obamas and all of it. And back in 2016, I woke up.

There is no difference between the right and the left. It’s just that right now most leftists are more brainwashed than conservatives.

George Bush Sr. killed JFK. His son, George Bush Jr. orchestrated 9/11. The Clintons and Obamas and the Carters are every bit as evil.

Both sides are evil. They just tricked us into thinking one was Coke and one was Pepsi. Both are sugar water with food coloring. Sugar water with food coloring that kills you.

The Paleo Mom is just another brainwashed liberal moron who pretends she knows what she is talking about because she has her doctorate degree. But in reality, she’s just another fake.

White coat, fake white teeth, whitewashed blog posts that make you worry about the food coloring in your kid’s cookie but they never warn you about what’s in that vaccine.

Johnson & Johhson: Vaginal mesh disabling women, making them never able to have sex again. Baby powder that gives women ovarian cancer. Covid 19 vaccines that make them infertile.

Sensing a pattern?

Our Kids Are The Real Victims

Paleo Mom’s kids are constipated and can’t poop so she feeds them Miralax and takes them off gluten and dairy. Because it’s obviously the gluten and dairy that they are allergic to.

But what is making them allergic to begin with?

Of course they were probably both VACCINATED.

My daughter was vaxxed at age 4 months and I never let them vax her again.

As a result, my daughter is allergic to nuts and has eczema. She also wet the bed until age 6 and has seasonal allergies.

My son has never had a single vaccine and he has never wet the bed, never had a single allergy, and has literally no health issues.

But I am the CRAZY one because I think COVID 19 is a hoax, Fauci and Bill Gates are criminals, and the covid vaccine is a bioweapon.

Face it, Sarah. Your kids are victims of your ignorance.

My daughter was, too. When I let her get the shots.

But I stopped it. And I have never stopped fighting battles for my kids. I lost all my traffic, all my income, my reputation, everything.

What have you lost? Nothing. You are doing great. Your blog is ranking. You have lots of followers on social media. Your bank account is full.

But your kids are the victims. And all the kids of the mothers who read your blog and believe your lies. They are the victims.

Shame on you.

Last year, within a few months after COVID started, we saw a 30% reduction in SIDS deaths. This coincided with a 70% reduction in infant vaccinations.

I blogged about it here: COVID-19: Infant Deaths Down 30%.

I also wrote about SIDS and vaccines back in 2013.

Sarah, Paleo Mom, the blood is on your hands. You have no excuse. You can’t feign ignorance because you said you took 28 pages of notes about the COVID-19 vaccination.

All you have to do is go look at the VAERS Database. If you haven’t done that yet, you’re a complete fucking fraud.

The VAERS Database tells us that in the past 4 months, more people have died than in 15 years of vaccines. More people died in 4 months than in 15 years.

There is really nothing more I can say.

First do no harm, Sarah. You’re not a doctor. You’re not a health blogger. You’re a menace to society.


Unvaccinated Lives Matter

I don’t give a shit what anyone says about this post. Sarah can hate me all the way to hell. This is about the children and it always will be.

I don’t know if she’s being paid to lie or if she’s just an ignorant fool. Either way, she has no business calling herself an expert. She’s at best a fool and at worst, a liar and a whore for pharma.

And one more thing to all of you “health bloggers” who know the truth and stay silent for fear of losing traffic or getting censored or whatever.

Pick a lane. You’re either an accomplice to the devil or you are on our side.

All lives matter. Including unvaccinated lives.

I will always fight for the children. And if you are not with me fighting for them, what the fuck are you doing right now?