Got Clots? Nattokinase Won't Help. What To Do Instead.

If you have clots from the shots, nattokinase ain't gonna help. In this post, I explain why, and what to use instead to dissolve the clots. Which will prevent heart disease, strokes, and all kinds of other bad stuff including dying suddenly.

Got Clots? Nattokinase Won't Help. What To Do Instead.

If you have clots from the shots, nattokinase ain't gonna help.

In this post, I explain why, and what to do instead to dissolve the clots. Which will prevent heart disease, strokes, and all kinds of other bad stuff including dying suddenly.

Before I get into it all the whys and hows, let me insert my disclaimer right up at the top. Because you know I gotta...


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Long Covid and the Spike Support

I did a consulting call a couple weeks ago with someone who had Long Covid. She said she was taking the Spike Support supplement from The Wellness Company (which everyone and their dog seems to be promoting right now.)

I have nothing personal at all against The Wellness Company or anyone promoting their products.

In fact, I'm grateful that these people are speaking out about the danger of the v@ccines.

However, I'm pretty sure the Spike Support supplement, or any nattokinase supplement for that matter, simply ain't gonna cut it when it comes to recovering from the vax or protecting us from people shedding the vax.

Why? Because of the clots, ya'll.

The Clot Shot

There's a reason they called it The Clot Shot. One of the biggest side effects of the clot shot is clots.

You can even find this on Google now, so don't tell me it isn't happening.

One problem with this reporting: they aren't "blood clots."

Keep reading...

Nattokinase Won't Dissolve These Clots

One of the main ingredients in the Wellness Company's Spike Support supplement is nattokinase.

Nattokinase doesn't work to dissolve the clots growing in people's bodies, which includes the vaxxed, and now also the unvaxxed, who are getting the clots from the shedding. (I'll explain how I know this in a minute, stay with me.)

There is one reason for this: they are not blood clots.

The "clots" are hydrogel parasites loaded with metals. Not clotted blood.

Yes, the clots are clogging arteries, but the clots are not made from clotted blood.

How I Came to This Conclusion

Watch Greg Reese's latest video on his substack just posted the other day.

One screenshot from the video jumped out at me:

It says that blood thinners like Eliquis and Nattokinase will not help to unclog the clots in the blood.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, writes:

"I have been warning about the hydrogel rubbery clots affecting the C19 unvaccinated and shown images of how the blood develops a hydrogel layer within 4 hours of being drawn and allowing it to sit.

I have also been warning that the spike protein story is simply not enough to explain what is happening with humanities blood. Despite the extensive documentation, most mainstream doctors and media dangerously continue to ignore my findings and refuse to speak about the self assembly nanotechnology that is in every human being now.

The blood contamination is greatly accelerating in the amount of nanotechnology seen due to C19 bioweapon shedding, geoengineering and food contamination, to name a few sources.

Colleagues in multiple continents around the world have confirmed an alarming uptick of synthetic biology and nanotechnology findings in the blood."

The Research Behind the Spike Support Supplement

The Wellness Company's Spike Support product was developed based on the research of Peter McCullough and others.

Here's the scientific paper published in Nov 2023: Clinical Approach to Post-acute Sequelae After COVID-19 Infection and Vaccination which is posted on the NIH website.

Don't get scared by the science-speak – let's just take a quick glance at the premise of this paper... and I'll summarize so you don't have to read the whole thing.

But before I get into the meat of it, ask yourself this really relevant question...

Why would the NIH post this study on their website? Why would Fauci's employer post this study?

The same people who pushed the Covid hoax on us, locked us down and made us wear masks and stand six feet apart and then lied to us about the v@ccine?

Why would they be telling us how to detox the v@ccine when they are still actively endorsing taking the v@ccine that is killing us?

The "Scientific" Study

Okay, with that in mind, let's take a look at Peter McCullough's scientific study on how to detox the fabled "spike protein" – which I think is just a made-up junk science word for what it really is, a synthetic parasite made of hydrogel and metals... but read on, I'll explain.

What they are saying is they searched all the studies they could find online and they examined he effects of the COVID "virus" and vaccine, and "identified possible detoxification protocols."

I put virus in quotes for a reason.

Is This Really Even a Virus?

The research behind the products at the Wellness Company are based on the idea that we are fighting a virus.

They are trying to detox a virus. But is this even a virus?

I'm with Dr. Lee Merritt who says that's a big scam. She says, rightly, that virus just means "toxin" or "poison" in Latin.

In other words, THEY ARE POISONING US.

This is the same shell game the Deep State always uses. If they can get you to believe in a boogeyman then you need them for their solution (Hegelian dialectic).

If you think you are fighting a virus, then you will go down the wrong road in efforts to combat it.

Not a Virus

Watch this video debunking the virus theory:

Blood Clots?

It's clear, if you read this paper, Clinical Approach to Post-acute Sequelae After COVID-19 Infection and Vaccination, that they are just citing research that shows that nattokinase dissolves blood clots:

It says on their website (see below) that the Spike Support supplement contains "nattokinase and dandelion root – ingredients researched for their efficacy."

But these are not blood clots.

We have ample evidence from Ana Maria Mihalcea, Karen Kingston, and many others.

The clots are hydrogels that are loaded with metals. 

If you read Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD's substack, she shows us that the C19 shots contain" Morgellons fibers showing a polymer (Hydrogel) Titanium oxide, Gold, Aluminum Nanowire, Carbon Nanotube and Methotrexate."

Does Nattokinase, Curcurmin, Black Sativa & Dandelion Destroy Hydrogel Worms?

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is hydrogels. They are like worms made from hydrogels.

It is possible that nattokinase breaks down hydrogels? It's possible, but I haven't seen any evidence of it.

If you think of the clots as big worms, what ingredients would kill the worms? Let's look at some of the other ingredients in the Spike Support supplement...

Black Sativa Extract

Black Sativa Extract also helps to kill worms, but I am not sure about the quantities being used.


Before I tackle the elephant in the room (the hydrogel) let's quickly look at dandelion, another ingredient in the Wellness Company Spike Support supplement.

When I looked up "dandelion parasites," I found this study that says dandelion can improve the efficacy of antiparasitic drugs. I haven't seen anything to suggest that dandelion would kill worms on its own. If it did, we'd hear about it being used as a dewormer. But we don't.

And I know from other research that dandelion is a potent detoxifier of metals.

However, as you can see from reading this post so far (and I'm about to wrap it up,) while these ingredients – nattokinase, black sativa extract and dandelion – are not bad and are actually helpful for lots of things, will they work for these clots?

What Is the Nature of this Beast?

What we are fighting is hydrogels and metals. And we know it is "self-assembling" and parasitic in nature.

In other words, these clots/worms are living off of us like parasites, they are moving around (wiggling, as evidenced from microscopes,) and the clots/worms appear to be growing in size (that's my hypothesis anyway – I think the huge clots we are seeing now started out as the tiny moving threads we saw in the masks, the testing swabs, and in the vax vials back in 2021-22).

So what we need is something that will:

  • Kill worms, especially large worms, since they have grown (at least it is my theory that they did)
  • Destroy hydrogel
  • Remove metals

Will the Spike Support Supplement Work?

Let's look...

  • Nattokinase destroys blood clots but we have no evidence that it will destroy clots or "worms" made of hydrogels and metals.
  • Yes, dandelion will remove metals.
  • Black sativa extract will kill worms... but is it effective against really big worms?

So, like I said, while these things may be good for some things... are the really effective to fight vax injuries and shedding?

I'm not convinced.

None of it makes sense because (a) they are saying this is a virus, which it isn't and (b) they are saying it's blood clots, which it isn't – the clots are a synthetic parasite made up of hydrogels and metals.

Chl0rine Di0xide, Dewormers & Binders to the Rescue

Let's take a look at some things we know will work, based on how they actually work: Chl0rine di0xide, antihelmintic drugs (dewormers,) and binders.

I'll walk you through them one at a time.

Chl0rine Di0xide

Chlorine dioxide removes biofilms and heavy metals. But that's not all it does. Chl0rine dioxide also destroys biofilm.

And a biofilm is a polymer. And a hydrogel is also a polymer.

OK, let me s'plain... stick with me, ya'll. Stick this out because it's gonna make sense. Act like you're a microbe trapped in a biofilm. Heh heh.

What is a Biofilm?

A biofilm is a bunch of microbes that are stuck in a polymer matrix.

Do you remember that word POLYMER from above? Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea talked about the hydrogel being a polymer.

So what I'm saying here is chl0rine di0xide will remove metals and destroy polymers – so, in theory, it should destroy these clots or worms that are made of polymers and metals.

And guess what? It's easy to make at home and it's super cheap.

Keep reading... all the info on how to make it cheaply at home is below.

Before I get into how to do it, let me just cover the other solutions... antihelmintic drugs (dewormers,) and binders and why I believe they are necessary.

Antihelmintic Drugs (Dewormers)

Since these worms posing as blood clots are alive and kicking, we need to kill them.

How to kill them? With anthelmintic drugs, such as Ivermectin or Fenbendazole or Mebendazole.

Castor oil also works to paralyze and kill worms – read the study – but you gotta take it internally – you can do it with frozen capsules of castor oil.

Chl0rine Di0xide will not work all by itself because chl0rine di0xide does not kill worms. It only kills tiny parasites.

So this explains why, back in 2021, I was feeling so great on chl0rine di0xide alone. Now I have to also do the deworming because as I said, I do believe these worms are growing.


Finally, we need binders. These are the "bag men" that bag up the dead and dispose of them. Without binders, you will get herx reactions which are not fun.

Okay, let's get on to the solutions... and how dirt cheap all of this is.

How to Make the Pool Water (Chl0rine Di0xide)

Read my post: How to Make Pool Water.

How to Make Pool Water (Chl0rine Di0xide Solution)
In this post I share with you a simple recipe for how to make what I call pool water.

You don't have to pay $60/month like you have to spend on the Spike Support product.

You can pay a fraction of that.

And this actually works to dissolve and remove biofilm.

How Much Does Chl0rine Di0xide Cost?

This chl0rine di0xide set below costs around $50 on Amazon and it will last you for months.

Chl0rine Di0xide kit on Amazon

Here's the math:

  • Each bottle contains 4 ounces, which is a little over 118 ml.
  • You need 10 ml of each (part A and part B) to make one batch.
  • Each batch is around 15 ounces, or 443 ml.
  • I drink 30 ml every day in a liter of water, so one batch lasts me a little over 2 weeks (14.7 days).
  • That means I can make 11.8 batches from each $50 set.
  • If we round down to 11 batches, and I'm making a batch every 14 days, that's 2 batches a month.
  • So one set will last me 5 1/2 months.
  • Divide $50 by 5.5 months which means this kit costs $9 per month.

A fraction of what it costs to buy the Wellness Company Spike Support. You save 85%.

And if you buy the sodium chlorite flakes and hydrochloric acid on Amazon and dilute them yourself like I do, it costs pennies. Literally pennies.

My posts and videos on how to dilute sodium chlorite flakes and hydrochloric acid yourself are going to be on the blog soon, so make sure you subscribe to my free email updates.

I'll do the math in those posts and show you how cheap it is to make. Your mind will be blown!

What If You Add the Parasite Protocol - What Does That Cost?

To do everything I can to kill these clots AKA hydrogel worms, I also add the parasite protocol once a month, which is also super cheap.

I bought a bottle of Ivermectin on Tractor Supply and it's lasting forever.

Ivermectin on Tractor Supply

I only take 1/3 of a teaspoon (1.5 ml – this is for a 150 pound person) each day for 3 days each month (after the initial two months – see Lee Merritt's Parasite Protocol for instructions.)

This bottle contains 50 ml, so that's 33 doses in a bottle.

So if you're doing the parasite protocol, once a month, it will last you 11 months – almost a year. That's about $4,50/month.

If you add in Fenbenazole, which I do, you can get a bottle of 444 Fenben with 90 capsules for only $75 on Amazon.

Fenbendazole 444 on Amazon

They have different brands but they're all similar. You can do 222 or 444 – I did 444. (See my post on Lee Merritt's Parasite Protocol for instructions.)

$75 divided by 90 = .83. So if you're taking 1 a day for 3 days once a month, this bottle will last you 30 months – almost 3 years!

So it costs $2.49/mo to take the Fenben for 3 days each month.

And If You Add the Binders?

It's important to add some binders to help you detox. Why? Because more binders means less herxheimer reaction.

The "herx" is when you get symptoms from detoxifying. These can be fatigue, mucus, headache, all kinds of stuff. It's not fun.

So I recommend to always use binders when detoxing.

Silica Water as a Binder

I am using silica water as a binder. It's very easy to make at home. Read my post: How to Add Silica To Your Drinking Water.

How To Add Silica to Your Drinking Water
In this post, I’ll cover how to add silica to your water, why we need silica in water and how to make high-silica water at home for pennies.

I drink 2-3 liters of silica water per day, every day. I use it in my morning coffee, in my iced tea, I use it to make sparkling water and soda with my Soda Stream – yes, you can make your own silica water soda!

The 3 ingredients to make the silica water are very cheap. The baking soda and sodium silicate cost pennies.

The most expensive item you have to add to your water is a half a teaspoon of Sodium Biosulfate (on Amazon) per 4 gallons of water and there are 96 half-teaspoons in one container. So if you're making a batch of 4 gallons twice a week (which yields 4 liters a day of silica water), this Sodium Biosulfate container will last you an entire year.

That's $1.58/month. Let's round up to $1.75 per month with the other ingredients (but its probably less than that.)

Zeolite as a Binder

If you want to add the zeolite (read my post about why use zeolite) for extra binding (which I do,) the Pure Body Extra costs $63.83 month on Autoship.

Each bottle has 93 servings (a serving is 4 sprays). You're supposed to spray 4 times 3 times per day. Sod the bottle will last you about a month.

Pure Body Extra Zeolite

You could also take a little diatomaceous earth and/or Bentonite Clay every day instead of the zeolite if you want to save money.

The taste/texture of those is YUCK for me – I can't stand drinking clay – personally so I do zeolite.

You do not have to do zeolite but if you don't take it, you need a binder, such as the Silica Water.

And now that I just said that about diatomaceous earth, I just found out the other day that Kerri Rivera does not recommend diatomaceous earth for some very good reasons.

I need to wrap up this post now so I'll leave it here but I promise to talk more about binders in the future – be sure to sign up for my free email updates so you get notified when I post.

My Total Cost to Fight the Shedders

So if you take all the things I'm taking...

  • Chlorine Dioxide daily (just pennies per month if you make it from scratch, which is so easy – look for my upcoming posts – or $9/mo if you use the kit)
  • Ivermectin once a month ($4.50/mo)
  • Fenben once a month ($2.49/mo)
  • Silica Water daily ($1.75/mo)
  • PBX Zeolite daily ($63.83/mo on autoship) or Root Brands Clean Slate daily ($74/mo – cheaper on autoship).

You can use either PBX or Root Brands – they are both great so you can decide which one you prefer. I like the PBX better for kids – because it's a spray bottle and easier to give to them. The Root Brands Clean Slate is a tad salty (it has purified seawater) and it's drops – but you can just add it to water or juice and you can't taste it.

Root Brands Clean Slate Zeolite

With the zeolite added, I'm spending less than $75 per month for all the things I'm doing.

I also love the zeolite because I think it's helping to detox/decalcify my pineal gland, and it's a good option for those of you who are concerned that you can't drink enough silica water to make it work as a binder.

If you don't do the zeolite and instead do clay, diatomaceous earth, or the like, you're looking at $18 per month if you make the chl0rine di0xide using the kit and less than $9/month if you make it from scratch.

This Works!

And guys, this actually works! I never get sick, I have tons of energy all day long every day, I sleep like a rock – don't even get up to go to the bathroom anymore – and I sleep only 5 hours a night.

Your results may vary – if you have a lot that you need to detox, you still might need more sleep. Remember, I've been doing this for 2 years now.

That said, one of my readers commented to say he is also only sleeping 5 hours a night on this protocol – and as far as I know he is only doing the chl0rine di0xide and silica water combo.

My New Class, Detox & Heal

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It's going to be called Detox & Heal.

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