Shall We Play a Game?

Shall We Play a Game?

In this blog post I’m going to explain what’s happening with GameStop, the stock market and how patriots are waging war on the Deep State cabal.

It’s got all the ingredients of a blockbuster film: conflict, plot twists, victory and defeat, and it even has a rocket man for a hero.

Yes, that’s right, you’re watching a movie. As Q says, Enjoy the show.

I am going to write this as quickly as possible, so I can get it up today. So I’ll speak a lot in meme.

But of course, you guys speak Meme-ese. Kek!

(Don’t know what KEK means? GIYF. Google Is Your Friend.)

Shall We Play a Game?

My last article was called Game Over (insert sound of PacMan dying,) so it’s fitting that today the news is all about GameStop.

Do you remember that scene in the movie, WarGames?

In case you never saw it, it was a 1983 thriller starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy.

Matthew Broderick plays a nerdy computer programmer and they’re just messing around, playing with the computer and he accidentally starts a global thermonuclear war.

Here’s the clip to refresh your memory:

I remember the movie well. I was 15 years old and my dad had just bought some of the first personal computers. He got an IBM PC and an Apple to test them out.

I was learning rudimentary programming. I didn’t really understand what the big deal was with computers back then.

My dad told us they were the future. He was right.

And like I’ve said in my previous posts (Wag the Dog and Enjoy the Show,) this movie we’re watching is the Book of Esther meets Revenge of the Nerds.


GameStop has been blowing up in the news this week since the the stock price started shooting up like a rocket.

Look at this epic hockeystick:

The GameStop stock ($GME) has been extremely volatile today, as you can see below.

When I snapped these screenshots yesterday afternoon, the stock was bouncing between 215 and 220.

Guys, this is after almost 20 years of never going over 60.

Umm… what?

More Hockeysticks

It wasn’t just GameStop. Multiple stocks took off to atmospheric heights, including BlackBerry, Nokia, AMC Entertainment, and Naked Brand Group Limited.

The Big Short

So what was happening? Well, first I need to explain quickly what short selling is.

In a nutshell: Short selling is how Wall Street secret-handshake-club hedge fund managers have been screwing little guys us for decades.

They use the mainstream media to drive stocks down, and they short the stocks. In other words, they bet that the stocks will go down. And they make money when the stock prices fall and companies fail.

The hedge fund guys get rich while regular Americans lose their shirts.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching The Big Short (you can rent it on Amazon.)

It’s all about how Wall Street bankers got rich while Americans lost our homes during the 2008 housing crash.

Here’s the trailer:

Rent The Big Short on Amazon

Reddit “Renegades” Battle the Deep-State-Owned Media

So what happened with GameStop?

Watch the Video

Watch this quick video summary, this one below is the best one I found online.

It’s a very succinct recap, explained well and very easy to understand — watch this first if you want to get up to speed fast:


There was a group of investors on reddit driving the stocks up. The press called them “renegades.”

Of course we know the Reddit keyboard warriors were not really renegades. They are patriots. Renegade means traitor.

Renegade: Obama

And we know who sold out our country. It was not the Reddit bois.

Gimme the Cliff Notes

OK, so if you didn’t watch the above video yet and you prefer to scan a written recap, here’s a good explanation from The Guardian:

“In this case, Reddit users in a group called WallStreetBets noticed that hedge funds, including one called Melvin Capital, had taken a large short position in GameStop. They decided to punish the Wall Street big boys and launched a co-ordinated buying spree. That began forcing the price up – it is now up more than 1800% – increasing the losses for the short-sellers who had bet against it. They had suffered losses of $1 billion already, according to reports on Thursday.”

You see, the MSM was trying to tank the GameStop stock for months.  It’s easy to see what they were up to — all you have to do is look at the mainstream narrative they are pushing.

I did a Google search for “GameStop stock” on Google and I filtered the search to Q4 2020 (October-December 2020).

Look at what I found:

So what happened is, the Reddit investors saw that the Deep State was using their media to force these stocks down — and they fought back by buying up the stocks.


Here’s what happened next: Elon Musk tweeted out “Gamestonk!”

In that tweet, he also gave a link to the Reddit group.

Look at what happened to the GameStop stock after he tweeted:

It jumped at 4 pm Eastern on January 26th, right after he tweeted.

The same thing happened with Etsy right after he tweeted at 5:25 am:


If you have been following Elon Musk on Twitter for a while, you know he often talks about stocks as “stonks.”

Bye, Bye, Bezos

Elon Musk just bypassed Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world this month.

So, obviously, everyone wants to know how Musk invests. His tweets are often cryptic and people speculate whether he is giving stock tips.

And PS: We know Bezos is a Deep Stater. He bought the Washington Post. ‘Nuff said.

Musk, You Magnificent Bastard!

So, just to put a cap on this section, I’ve been saying that Elon Musk is white hat since last May.

You can go read my June 2020 post about him to see why I say that: Rocket’s Red Glare, Bombs Bursting In Air: Why We Need Space Force.

Actually, do go read that post — or bookmark it to read next.

Read my post about Elon Musk: Why We Need Space Force

I say this because it explains why Elon Musk is a hero. Not just a national hero, but a global hero.

Plus, it will connect all the dots for you when I talk about Viking Guy at the end of this post.

Oh, yes, Viking Guy from the Capitol is coming back!

Jakob Angeli Capitol Storm GIF from Jakobangeli GIFs

But I’ll get to that at the end of the post… stay with me…

White Hat Plan

Anyway, I think the white hats have been planning this for a while. While they watched the hedge-fund-controlled MSM try to destroy the GameStop stock, they were busy making their own media, prepping their troops for “The Big Short SQUEEZE.”

Roaring Kitty

Case in point… this video from Roaring Kitty from August 2020, actively promoting GameStop way back then:

So if you think this was something that just happened on a Reddit board, you’d be wrong. It’s very clear it was a long term plan.

Look at Roaring Kitty here in this next video with a GAME OVER t-shirt back in December.

He cryptically talks about stepping back for a while and not knowing when he would return… And yet, the title of the video is “LESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”:

If Roaring Kitty is “taking a break” why did he title his video “LESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”?


Aslan the Lion

Furthermore, think about the symbolism of ROARING KITTY.

Aslan Narnia GIF from Aslan GIFs

In Aslan the Lion is the character in C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia series who symbolizes Jesus Christ or God.

If you’re not familiar with C.S. Lewis, he was a reformed atheist.

According to Britannica Encyclopedia, “Lewis became a Christian later in life, with the help of his close friend and devout Roman Catholic, J.R.R. Tolkien.”

Oh yeah, Elon Musk loves Tolkein, too.

Q told us it was gonna be biblical and they weren’t kidding. (I go into more detail about that at the end of this post.)

Hedge Funds vs. Herbalife

Also watch this new video from Mark Dice below…

He reiterates that this has been going on for a while and also connects the dots with the hedge funds vs. Herbalife, which happened a few years back:

If you don’t subscribe to Mark Dice, you should. He’s one of my absolute faves and he makes videos on the daily. I laugh with him every morning over my coffee.

Anons Gonna Decode

The anons are all over Telegram today decoding the drops.  And once again, we can trace this back to Q.

We often look for clues in time codes on videos, and time and date stamps on tweets, as well as follower counts on Twitter.

Check out this decode here connecting the numbers:

Memers Gonna Meme

Needless to say, autists are working overtime and the memes are lit.

I’m sharing all the memes on my Telegram and various other places. Click here for a list of all the ways to follow me.

I also just started posting a daily meme roundup every night here on the blog so bookmark me so you can collect your ammo and load your meme guns.  Better yet get my email updates so you get notified every time I post.

Return of the Viking Guy

But wait, there’s more… the Viking Guy is back and he’s dropping bombs about what’s coming.

And it turns out he is in the military.

Wait, what?

Yep. Read on, frens.

Viking Haircut?

As I was researching Elon Musk for this blog post, I came across this story just published today in the search results.

Elon’s girlfriend, Grimes, says she gave their son a “Viking” haircut.”

Grimes gives son “viking” haircut

Viking Guy!

Where Is Viking Guy Now?

Well, that’s very interesting because literally just yesterday I saw this video pop up in my Telegram:

I recommend you watch it because he is talking about the patents that got released and what the future holds for Nikola Tesla’s free energy, and Space Wars.

Oh, yes, didn’t I talk about that above when I was writing about Elon Musk. Go read my other post — it talks about all the same stuff.

Nikola Tesla invented free energy — and John Trump (Donald’s uncle) had Tesla’s patents.

Go read the post — it’s all in there. Everything Viking Guy was talking about in his video.

I Thought Viking Guy Was in Jail?

The mainstream media is reporting that Viking guy is in jail, refusing to eat anything but organic food.

Hmm… How is he making videos if he’s in jail?

Or perhaps he made this video a while ago.

Pepe The Frog Thinking GIF from Pepethefrog GIFs

What’s This About Easter?

It’s interesting because if you watch it, he mentions Easter several times.

Is he talking about this Easter or was this recorded last year?

President Trump told us last year the storm would be over by Easter — but perhaps he meant this Easter, 2021.

If JFK Jr. does come back, I think that’s when it’s got to happen. Right?

Anyway, back to Viking Guy…

OK, so now I just read Viking Guy is being transported to Washington D.C. and he wants to be a witness in the impeachment trial.

That’s interesting. Especially given the fact that the media is reporting that the National Guard will be in DC until the end of March.

When’s Easter this year, ya’ll?

April 4th.

When did Juan O Savin say over and over and over again (watch the videos here) that this would all be over?

April Fool’s Day.

Biden Our Time

So, who will be the fool on April Fool’s Day? Not I, said the cat.

Aslan Lion GIF from Aslan GIFs

We, the Q Anons will be victorious this Easter. Because everything we predicted will come true.

“Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait.”

In the Navy

But back to Viking Guy…

So he said in his video above that he is in the Navy.

Yeah, some of you may think he sounds a little crazy, talking about 5D reality and free energy and all that jazz.

But, it turns out, he really was in the Navy.

At least, that’s what the mainstream media is reporting. So who knows.

Wink Flirty GIF from Wink GIFs

Geeks vs. Greeks

So how does this story end?

I said it before and I will say it again. You’re watching a movie. (Read my previous posts, Enjoy the Show and Wag the Dog.)

What movie are we watching? The Book of Esther meets Revenge of the Nerds.

And how do those stories end? Pretty freaking great.

So they impaled Haman on the pole he had set up for Mordecai. Then the king’s fury subsided.ESTHER 7:10


Don’t remember Revenge of the Nerds from 1984 (the year after WarGames)?

It’s the story of a group of lovable computer geeks who fight the Greeks (ahem, pagans / secret handshake club) and win.

Watch the trailer:

Hammer Time

Kinda reminds me of another story… the story of the Maccabees and Hanukkah.

Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee

Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee led the revolt against the Greeks. Ahem, it’s the same cabal 13-family network that has ruled us for millennia and is still running the world today.

To learn more about the history of the 13 bloodline families, back and watch GeorgeNews’ YouTube series, Bloodlines: The History of the Deep State.

They Tried To Bury Us; They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds

Did you know the books about the Maccabees, has been censored in almost all Bibles?

Remember, they censor the things they don’t want you to know.

Martin Luther was the one who took out the Maccabees.

I’ll write a longer post on this at some point, but Luther was no hero. He and his minions destroyed churches and desecrated statues.

A lot like the modern-day Black Lives Matter and Antifa bois. Same shit, different century.

King James was also a Protestant:

Anyway I can’t adequately cover it here but I promise to write a longer post later about the Protestant “reformation” which was really just yet one more ploy to dismantle us and keep us divided.

Look up the definition of Catholic. It means universal.

All Christians were Catholic before Luther came in with the Iconoclasts (destroyers of images) and sacked the cathedrals.

But I promise to come back to this later…

Candlelight by the Maccabeats

Let’s back to the Geeks versus the Greeks…

I love this song, Candlelight, by the Maccabeats, which tells the story of Hannukkah and the Maccabees’ victory:

I’ll tell a tale-ale-ale-ale
Of Maccabees in Israel-ale-ale-ale
When the Greeks tried to assail-sail-ail-ail
But it was all to no avail-ail-ail-ail

The war went on and on and on
Until the mighty Greeks were gone

They took the field field field field
The rivals thought “are they for real?” Real real real

But those macabees they’d never yield yield yield yield
They charged ahead with sword and shield shield shield shield

The war went on and on and on
Until the mighty Greeks were gone

Yep, the Greeks got their asses handed to them by the Maccabees.

It’s Gonna Be Biblical

And it’s happening all over again right now.

That Q drop links to this video:

As Q said, it’s gonna be biblical.

God Wins

As Isaac Kappy said in Brackets & Jackets Epstein Edition:

“The good guys win. Read the book. It’s in the end.”

The last chapter of the last book of the Bible (Revelations) is Eden Restored.


The Hunters Become the Hunted

And do you know what tonight is? The Wolf Moon.

I was driving my kids to school this morning and we could still see it out the window.

I was thinking about it and trying to figure out the symbolism of the wolf. And then it hit me.

So this is why God had me watch The Wolf of Wall Street  last weekend.

The hunters become the hunted, indeed.

Cash Me Outside

I don’t know about you but I feel like buying some stocks.

And I just got a $600 check from Donald J. Trump.

Here’s the app I just downloaded that you can use to not only send and receive money (like Venmo,) but you can also use it to buy stocks and Bitcoin.

Catch Me Outside Lol Ok GIF from Catchmeoutside GIFs

Never bought a stock before in my life. It’s about damn time.

I’ll write a post soon about why I am bullish on Bitcoin and XRP.


After I finished writing this post and drove to pick the kids up from school.

And then this happened:

I called my husband to tell him “OMG! Elon Musk just posted Bitcoin on his Twitter profile.”

He said, yeah, that happened this morning. It already went up a few thousand dollars.

So, okay, I guess this is a sign I need to write that Bitcoin post next.

And I think imma buy some DOGECOIN.

Oh and then this happened…

Donald Trump Jr. just posted this on his Telegram channel:

We’re taking our country back.