Understanding Angels & Demons: Beetlejuice & It's a Wonderful Life (Video)

In this video, I analyze two movies, Beetlejuice and It's a Wonderful Life. By watching these two videos, we can learn a lot about God, the devil, angels and demons.

Understanding Angels & Demons: Beetlejuice & It's a Wonderful Life (Video)

In this video, I analyze two movies, Beetlejuice and It's a Wonderful Life.

By watching these two videos, we can learn a lot about God, the devil, angels and demons. I never realized before that Beetlejuice and It's a Wonderful Life are movies all about demons and angels – and really, about Catholicism.

In this video, I go into detail about Catholic beliefs such as conjuring demons, demonic possession, exorcism, Purgatory, and intercession of the saints, and how this directly relates to demons and angels.

I also talk about why The Book of Tobit and other books were taken out of the Bible and the devil doesn't want us to know.

I also talk about how demons trick us. They have no real power and they just use tricks to deceive us. Their main trick is to get us to sin by falling into the seven vices.

Finally, I discuss that just like demons have no real power over us unless we give it to them. We can take the power back at any time – but first we have to stop sinning.

And angels can't help us unless we ask them for help. Because we have free will. But when we live in state of grace, go to mass and confession, and ask God and his angels for help, miracles happen.

Finally, I sum up with a story about my dad and the miracle we experienced before he died. We Catholics have power tools like the rosary that allow God to perform constant miracles in our lives.

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Show Notes

Here are some of the things I mentioned in the video...

Movies to Rent

  1. Beetlejuice
  2. It's a Wonderful Life
  3. Poltergeist
  4. The Little Mermaid
  5. Ghostbusters
  6. Nefarious
  7. What Is a Woman? (Matt Walsh's documentary)
  1. My blog article about my dad and the miracle we experienced before he passed: Praying for Miracles
  2. Zachary King, former high wizard of a satanic church who converted to Catholicism and now assists exorcists: "Former Satanist: ‘I performed satanic rituals inside abortion clinics’"
  3. The Exorcist Files podcast
  4. Megan Fox on Instagram attacking Robby Starbuck:

Books To Read

  1. Dominion by Father Chad Ripperger
  2. Deliverance Prayers by Father Chad Ripperger
Dominion by Father Chad Ripperger

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Video Transcript

Okay. So I want to make this video to show you guys what I just figured out about how people conjure demons. And this relates to how, why they took, Martin Luther took purgatory out of the Bible.

He did that on purpose so that we wouldn't be able to figure this out. But if you watch this clip with me, it's seven minutes long, so we're going to watch it and it's going to show you exactly how this happens.

Now, this couple. In the movie, Beetlejuice died, but there are lost souls in purgatory that don't know that they're dead. They're called ghosts, right? A lot of people know them as ghosts, but they are, they didn't go to heaven. And this is what the Catholic Church teaches. Protestants don't believe this anymore because it got taken away from them.

But Catholics still believe that when you die, if you're not in a state of grace, which means in good standing with the church, which means you're not sinning.

So it's basically to keep you from sinning and sin is the doorway that leads you that, that leaves the doorway open for the devil to trick you.

Okay, and you're gonna see... This movie's really great actually...

Because it shows you how the deep how the devil tries to trick you.

Okay, and the devil works through many of their Okay, you know how There are angels. I don't have my book here... But my book by Father Chad Ripperger called Dominion.

You can order it on Amazon and it talks about all the hierarchy of the angels and then it also, I haven't read it yet, but I've got it.

Hopefully, hopefully been busy every day, but hopefully I'm going to be able to read on my trip. I'm bringing a bunch of books on, I'm going to put them all on a Kindle.

This book talks about the hierarchy of the angels and the hierarchy of the demons. And remember demons are fallen angels, so they have a hierarchy too.

But they work for the devil instead of God. And they don't, God has angels that can help us every single day of our lives.

But we they, can't help us unless we ask because we have free will. So unless we ask them, literally their hands are tied. Okay. And another really good movie to watch is Rent.

I know it's. It's summertime. This is a Christmas movie, but watch It's a Wonderful Life. That movie is amazing when you see what angels can do for you in your life. And this is really, it's called intercession.

It's another thing Protestants took out of the Bible. If one of the books that they took out of the Bible was the book of Tobit, and we just had a reading in church the other day when I went to Mass.

They were reading from the book of Tobit and in that book, which is not in the Protestant Bible, But you can look, for it online. You can find it. It says that the, that he was accompanied by an angel, an archangel, who helped him.

And the and, he actually fights demons. Okay? So this is all in the Bible but they took it out.

And why did they take it out? Because they don't want you to know. Cause the way that they, the way that they trick us, into sinning is with demons.

But I really think this scene is so important and I'm about to run it but it's so important because it shows us how this happens. This couple, they don't know what's happening.

They don't know why this new family is moving into their house. They don't realize that they died. Okay?

They're stuck in limbo. And they actually end up conjuring a demon. So this is actually happening all the time. To people, even if you're not conjuring demons and you're not doing anything, this could happen in your own home.

If you have a ghost how would you have ghosts in your house? People that died, people who died from your family or people who died from someone else's family who whose house you're living in, you remember that movie, Poltergeist and they have that horrible the daughter gets stuck in the TV and it's just a horrifying movie.

But it's a really good movie to watch because how, did that happen? They were, they built a housing development on top of a ancient Native American or Aztec Native American burial ground. That's why it was haunted.

So you may have items in your house that are from ancestors and those ancestors may have been Done evil things or those ancestors just might not be at rest.

They died not in a state of grace Okay, they're in purgatory. That's why we Catholics work so hard to help everybody Die in a state of grace. All right, so let's watch...


It's him, Beetlejuice

Go ahead, Barbara, say it. Beetlejuice.


So right there, that's where they're conjuring the demon. Now you can, there's other ways to do this. People use Ouija boards. There's all kinds of ways. Another thing, crystals. If you have crystals in your house those are... Those can have demons attached.

Any type of any type of object that's been cursed or hexed can bring demons, but they're actually, this is the ghosts conjuring a demon.


What happened? I think we're in the model.

Hey, look at that.

Where is he? What do we do?

Looks like we dig Barbara.


In fact I just thought when I finished this, after we see this clip, I'll make another movie about It's a Wonderful Life.

And then I want to show you the difference, but I'll make it in another video. And then, I'll put the link below to this to the other one so you can watch the difference between working when an angel comes and works in your life versus...

Conjuring a demon and having ghosts that conjure demons... This is I'm sure this is happening all the time.

And this is why you have so many problems in your life because you're not Doing a prayer to help you reach a hotline to God. I just want to share real quick before I continue. I, that's one of the reasons I came back to Catholicism because a friend of mine, I was having really bad chest pains. It turned out, I found out what it was.

It was H. pylori that I had gotten from my ex husband. And I was able to cure it. But, I had really bad chest pains, especially whenever I would eat.

And I was with her at a restaurant and she said, do you want me to pray for you? And it was the worst it had ever been. It was like, I could barely breathe.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack. And I was like practically crying. And she was like, I said, yes, please pray for me. So she did. And it was gone just like that.

And I said, what did you do? She's Catholic.

And she said she said, I did intercession of the saints. I asked Saint, The archangel Raphael, who's the archangel of healing and health, the patron saint to pray for you.

See, we don't pray to the saints like gods. We ask them to pray for us. And she she did that.

And I immediately, like within seconds, it was gone. I've never had that experience before.

Where somebody prayed for me never but did Jesus did say when two or more come together in my name.

So that's why I think it really works and especially if you ask the angels to help you they will help you. They're here to help you. We have guardian angels to help us.

We have any of we can call on any of the saints and ask them to pray for us... we don't ask them to.

We don't ask them to heal us -- they're not magic, right? It's not like you're praying to pagan gods or demons or something. You're asking them to pray for you.

And there's many instances in the Bible where angels are helping humans.

There's a scene in Sodom and Gomorrah where the angels get them out of there.

There's Tobit. I was just talking about the Book of Tobit. Okay, I'll continue...


Oh, it's about time. I say we open it. Maybe we should knock first. Ow! Babs.


Why do you know how to pick them? Let me ask you something. Is this relationship really solid? Do I have a shot at it at all? Excuse me? Sure.

Am I overstepping my bounds? Just tell me. Come on. You know what's really beautiful about this? You two kids picked me.

You didn't have to, but you picked me. It makes me want to kiss you guys.

Come on. No! I got a card around here somewhere. Here, Who do I have to kill? Here, hold that for me, will ya? There.


He's really good because there's actually a video. The way he talks, he sounds exactly like demons really talk.

There was a video of an abortionist who they let me just show you, I have to show you this, is just, in fact, I just had it up. There it is.

Okay. I can show you, listen to his voice and he did he, does sound like the way demons are.

TikTok video with demonic abortionist:

Sir, you got to repent, sir. You got to repent, sir, for murdering babies.


Because it's a sin before God.

Why? Stinky breath. Why?

Yeah, that's pretty evil of you, sir.

Yeah, I am.

And I hope and pray that you...

Wow, that's what you do to babies, huh?

Yeah, I love it.

You love it, huh?

Yeah, I do.

Okay, I hope that you come to Christ, sir.

Oh, I'd never go to Christ.

I hope that you come to Christ.

No, I don't go to Christ. Yeah, you. I don't listen to Christ. You.

You'll have a darkened heart, sir.

I do have a darkened heart. Yeah.

You have a darkened heart.

I do. I do.

Very, much and you will stand before God in Judgment day.

Yes, I will.

Every day. You will stand.

He sound like him. Okay. Back to the show...


There you go. You don't have to kill anybody.

Ah, possession good. Learn to throw your voice, fool your friends, fun at parties.

No, we just want to get some people out of our house. Ah I understand. Look, in order to do that, I'm really going to have to get to know you guys. We got to get closer, move in with you for a while, get to be real pals.

You know what I'm saying?


See, what is so interesting about this is that they're not conjuring demons. The people living in this house are not conjuring the demons.

They are, they have ghosts in their house that are conjuring demons. And I do believe we'd have to talk to an exorcist, but it seems to me like this could really happen.


My wife and I would like to ask you a couple of questions.

Sure, Go ahead, shoot. For instance what are your qualifications? Ah I attended Juilliard. I'm a graduate of the Harvard Business School.

I travel quite extensively. I lived through the Black Plague, and I had a pretty good time during that.

I've seen The Exorcist about 167 times!

And it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it! Not to mention the fact that you're talking to a dead guy! Now, what do you think?

That reminded me of when Megan Fox was on Instagram telling Robby Starbuck that she had been I don't want to pull it up because, but you can go look it up.

She, said something along the lines of I've been burned at the stake by many people and she, was attacking him saying you effed with the wrong witch.

That's what that reminds me of.


What I mean is, can you be scary? Oh! Oh! Hey, don't ask me. Can I be scary?

What do ya think of this? AAAAAAA!

You like it?

Excuse us, please? Sure. Talk amongst yourself.

Adam, let's go!

But I know Barbara, honey, but I think he could be of some use...

No, let me talk something out of her, so she doesn't...

Yeah... Hey, Excuse me! What?! Excuse me!

We are leaving now. Oh, come on. Don't go yet. Hey, guy, come on. We're simpatico here.

Look at us. We even shop at the same store. Hey, hermano. Yeah, there you go. Hey, come on. We're like peas in a pod, the three of us. Let's face it, you want somebody out of the house, I want to get somebody out of your house.

Come on. Look.


The other thing you notice about him is he's disgusting. He's not really helping them. He doesn't really want to, he doesn't care about them.

He's trying to mess with his wife. This is how demons are. They don't, they're not really doing, they don't really want to help you.

They're just trying to trick you into taking over your body. That's really what they want.


I've been to Saturn. Hey, I've been to Saturn.

Whoa. Sand worms. You hate 'em, right? I hate 'em myself.

Come on, kids. What do I have to do to drink? I ideally you too.

Don't you hate it when that happens? Let's go on.

Wait, Come on. Just come off for a while. We're talking inside. Come on. I'm not staying here.

Why is the mask? Don't bring attention to it. Adam, we have to get out here. I agree. I'm fixing something to eat. Oh ho, farmer. How did you do that?


She said home, What does that remind you of? It reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. When she clicks her heels together three times. Okay?

We, don't, they don't really have control over us. We have control over our bodies. We have control over our homes. We have control, complete dominion.

Again, read Father Chad Ripperger's book, Dominion, or go watch his YouTube videos.

He's an exorcist, and he talks about that we have dominion.

God gave us dominion over our land, our private property.

That's why it's so important for us to have private property, and why communists want to take away our private property.

If we don't have, if we don't own anything, as Klaus Schwab says you're not gonna own anything, and you're gonna be happy then they can do whatever they want. We will have no control.

That's also why they gave us the vaccines that have patent, that have patented DNA. Okay. Don't worry if you took the we're going to be able to get out of this.

I know we will. I don't know what the full plan is around that, but I know we will be able to get out of it because every, here's why.

Demons, it's all about loopholes. It's all about tricks. They have no real power. See how he's begging them to try to come back because he has no real power.

It's just like in every, single story like this, like in The Little Mermaid, Ursula tricks her into signing something.

They want to get you to sign on the dotted line. It's exactly like all the three letter agencies. They all do this, get you to sign something, and trick you into having to pay taxes or trick you into one of their schemes.

Mortgages, all the things that you know that they do so they don't have real power.


Okay. I, think, Hey, where'd you go? Hey, come on. You got a wife with me here? I'm just trying to cut a D.

What do you want me to do? You fucking loser. You're working with a professional here.

See, we can do this stuff on our own. Besides, I'm not exposing that little girl to that pervert down there.

Barbara, we did call him and he seemed awfully pissed off.

I don't care, I've changed my mind.

Listen, I think we can scare them off ourselves. Tonight. I have an idea.

I think what you did with the place is wonderful.

You love them. Otho, I didn't realize you were into the supernatural.

Of course. You remember, after my stint with the Living Theater, I was one of New York City's leading paranormal researchers, till the bottom dropped out in 72.

Paranormal? Is that what they're calling your kind these days?

Don't mind her. She's still upset because somebody dropped a house on her sister.

This looks really good. I saw some ghosts.

It's a little private joke that Lydia and I share.

It's not a joke.

Yes, it is.

Just today just today she tried to convince me that this house is haunted. I love them. By ghost? In designer sheets, no less.


Okay, so that's the end of that, but let me show, I am just going to go ahead and make it right now. I'll just show you the other video.

Let me pause this.

Okay. I wanted to make one other point about the other clip is that they were joking about and when sitting at the table, they were joking about how they're into the paranormal and it's just very funny and they don't take it seriously.

Of course, I don't know if you've seen that movie, but if you haven't seen it, it's good to watch and you can see what happens to those people. They do find out that it really, it is true.

One of the reasons that I became Catholic, one of the main reasons, because of the testimony of Zachary King, who was a former high wizard in one of the churches the satanic churches.

And he was manipulated as a small child. He was, he grew up in a, I believe it was Baptist church, Protestant church.

Very Christian family, but most Christians today don't believe in the devil. And so that's why it's easy for, them to be tricked.

The playbook is always the same, but as I keep saying, you need to learn the playbook of your enemy.

You need to learn what it is that they do to trick you. There are seven vices. And in the Catholic Church, we learn about the seven virtues, and the seven virtues will defeat the seven vices.

The number one vice, the number one sin that leads to all the others is pride. And what do we celebrate in June?

Think about it. Traditionally June is the month of weddings. June is Father's Day and June is the month of the devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus. And it's a very old. powerful tradition.

And I believe that's why the devil came up with they, they pervert everything that is holy. That's what they do.

They have no real power, like I said, but they do try to pervert everything that's holy.

So by celebrating their holidays, you don't celebrate. The real holidays I could go on and on. Halloween is another example.

That is actually a very holy day, holiday, holy day in Catholicism. It's All Hallows Eve.

And it's the night before all saints day which is when we honor all the saints who have worked to maintain Christianity and keep Christianity throughout all these years to fight for our freedoms.

Everybody talks about being a patriot. You can thank all the Christians. You can thank all the saints because the reason that we have all the freedoms we have today is because of them.

So I want to show you this little clip of It's a Wonderful Life.

I highly recommend you go watch the whole movie and see what happens to him because you should know the story.

Most people have seen this movie, but if you haven't or you don't remember

I'll show you this a little bit of clip, of this, and I'll show you him with the angel. But what happens is they pray for him. His family prays for him.

Intercession of the saints. And, we have intercession, with angels as well. And this angel shows up because the family prays for him whenever two or more come together in my name.

So when when somebody prays for you, when you ask somebody to pray for you, like we asked the saints, it's very powerful.

So what's happening in this scene is he is. They lost the money. They have the, they have, it's a very stressful.

They have this really demonic man, Mr. Potter, that's trying to take over the bank.

Again, this is very much like the Deep State, right? Trying to take over the bank. This is their, his family's... He took this business over from his father. It's the local savings and loan.

And he's got everybody's savings in the whole town. So they're all depending on him, and he loses it. The other guy loses it.

So again, these are demons at work, right? They're always trying to thwart good people.

So I'm just going to show you a little bit of this, and then I'll show you a little bit with Clarence the angel.

It's a Wonderful Life:

Did you put the envelope in your pocket?

Yeah. Maybe. Maybe.


I don't want any.


We've got to find that money.

I've no good idea. Do you realize what's going to happen if we don't find it?

Listen to me. Do you have any secret hiding place here on the house? Someplace you would, someplace you hide the I came over with a whole house, even in rooms that a license lost.

Listen, to me. Hank. Hank.

I can't think anymore.

George, I can't leave anymore. Hurts.

Where's that money? You are silly, stupid, old fool. Where's that money? Do you realize what this means?


So I just wanna make a point here, and that is when you're not letting God run your life.

This is the kind of stuff that happens demons can and do make stuff happen and, ghosts do too.

Okay. So you, that's why we pray as much as we do.

That's why we pray over our meals. That's why we pray the rosary every day. That's why we pray bless our children at night.

I pray for my children on every day when we drive to school, I pray for their day with praying the rosary. I know a lot of Catholic moms that do that.

The, if you're not praying, if you're not asking God for help, he can't send his angels. He can't help you because you have free will.

When you think that you have to control everything, this is, you know how you get this state of like desperation.

It's a Wonderful Life:

It means bankruptcy and scandal in prison.

That's what it means. One of us is going to jail. It's not gonna be me.


I don't know why. If you believe in God and you know that God, Has your back always that's when miracles happen.

And when you're praying and I've experienced this so much, especially lately, the more I do, the more I pray and, do what God asked me to do, which is go to mass, go to confession.

Pray the rosary every day. My life just gets so easy because God, because every day I spend with God saying, God please. Show me what to do today. Show me what you need me to do today. How can I help you? How can I serve you?

That's what I do every day. And my life is just one blessing after another one miracle after another, not like this, right?

And this is just. Obviously chaos... Okay, so let's move on.

It's a Wonderful Life:

Hello, darling.

Hello, Daddy.

How do you like it?

Did you bring the Christmas wreath?

What wreath?

The Merry Christmas wreath. Where's your coat and hat?

I left them at the office.

What's the matter?

Nothing's the matter. Everything's all right.

Come on, see, you're a big boy. You can get this star up way up at the top. There it is there. All right. You're in that little bare spot right there.

Isn't it wonderful about Harry? You're famous, George. Bet I had 50 calls today about the parade, the banquet. Your mother's so excited.


I'm going to pause it for a second.

Okay, I knew that I remembered this right, and I did. So you just have to see this little clip.

So this is Matt Walsh, who is a Catholic, I believe he's a Catholic hero.

And if you haven't seen What is a Woman, you can go on Twitter and watch it.

Just type in What is a Woman. 177 million views it says here, June 6th.

I don't know what it is now. But it's, a lot more than that because it's, it showed on multiple screens.

Okay. So anyway, just watch this little clip. I just want you to see this little clip because we just saw Jimmy Stewart here.

See that?

So somebody made a giphy of this that I'm about to show you, and that's why I was able to spot it, because otherwise it would have gone by and I wouldn't have seen it, but I want you to see this.

There it is.

See that? It's just a second, it's just a little second in time, but it's somebody made a GIF of that getting thrown on him. Or maybe it's at the end of the movie, I don't remember.

Maybe it's, they have it at the end of the movie. But it just, that's... Being a dad is one of the great privileges of my life.

It just reminded me of It's a Wonderful Life.

And it really is supposed to be this way, guys. It is not supposed to be the craziness that we're experiencing now. With all this... Marxist insanity, which really is satanic at its root.

We're supposed to go back to the way things were. And anyway, so I just, that just, I saw it and I had to call it out.

I'm going to skip ahead again. You can watch this, but he basically breaks down.

He is really upset at everything. Everything's upsetting him because he doesn't have, he feels like he has no power. He feels like he has no control.

Who has control? God has total control. If God is omniscient, and God is omnipotent, if he sees all, knows all, can do everything, why wouldn't we trust him?

God's gonna handle it. But in this scene you can, you have empathy for him because he feels everything's over.

Now, I want to interject here that I do believe that demons do torment us emotionally. I don't just believe that. That's what the Exorcists say.

Again, I say it over and over again, but go watch Nefarious.

You can rent it on YouTube. Go watch listen to The Exorcist Files. Which is a podcast which you can get on Spotify or some of these other services just, type it into the internet – The Exorcist Files – and listen to them.

Demons torment you and they try to trick you and they do all these things to get you to sin.

And which means to go astray, to go away, to go off the mark, I think is the literal translation. So you're, you, God can't help you. If you don't ask for help. But you have to ask him for help.

And demons will do everything they can do to try to distract you. You saw how Beetlejuice was acting, right?

They'll do everything they can possibly do. This is the daughter hands him these petals. From a flower. Zuzu's petals.

He's trying to fix it for her, but I think he ends up taking it, yeah. Because later he realizes he doesn't have them.

The angel is going to take him to a time in his future where he never existed. Dickens. Charles Dickens Christmas Story. That, this is a remake of that.

The angel's gonna take him to the future where he never existed and see what the town would be like. Okay? I'm gonna skip past this because you don't need to see all this.

It's, very moving and I, again, highly recommend you watch it because it's very sad. He, kicked everything over.

He's screaming at the kids. He's telling her to stop playing the piano. They're so excited about their Christmas and I didn't think that out. He's just so upset. You go on and practice.

It's a Wonderful Life:

Pete, I owe you an apology too. Sorry, what do you want to know?

Nothing. Daddy,

What's the matter with everybody? Janie, go on. I told you to practice now. Go on play.

Oh, Daddy...

George. Why must you torture the children? Why don't you...

All right.

Bedford 2, 4 7, please.

Is Daddy in trouble?

Yes, Pete.

Should I pray for him?

Yes, Jenny. Pray very hard.

Me too.

You too, Tommy. Hello, Uncle...

Okay, so notice what happened here. She said to them, yes, he's in trouble. Yes, please pray for him. Okay. Now that's what's gonna set everything into motion. So let me pause this.

Okay. It shows a scene where he's in heaven and God sends him, but I don't, I won't show you that. I'll just give ahead look....

It's a Wonderful Life:

Who are you?

I told you, George. I'm your guardian angel.

Yeah, I know you told me that.

What else are you? What are you? You a hypnotist?

No, of course not.

Then why am I seeing all these strange things?

Don't you understand, George? It's because you were not born.

Well, if it wasn't born, who am I?

You're nobody. You have no identity.

Oh, what do you mean no identity? My name's George Bailey.

There is no George Bailey.

So I should interject. This is after the angel saved his life, he was gonna commit suicide. He was gonna jump, he did jump into the water off the bridge, but the angel saved his life. So now we're skipping ahead because George can't see a way out. He can't see a way to fix his life.

And so the angel's gonna show him what his life would've been like if there was no George Bailey. And I want to stress that this is how angels work in our lives.

This is how God works in our lives. And we do have guardian angels. We do have guardian angels every single day. And so do our children. So does everyone.

And they're always there. And they're the ones constantly lining things up for us. That's why the more you're in tune with God, the more you're praying. And and not just any prayers.

You need to pray Christian prayers, right?

Because if you start praying other prayers. Hindu prayers or other types of prayers.

I had a very devout ex husband who was a Buddhist and that was the worst, one of the worst times of my life. I believe he was conjuring demons all the time. He was miserable. Nothing ever worked out for him.

If you're praying all the time, you should be having constant miracles happening.

And not just for you, people in your life.

Now, I'm not saying that if you're not having miracles yet, that you're not praying hard enough. But. Here's what I will say. Are you living in a state of grace? And this is the real distinction again. It's it's not... You know, I've prayed a lot in my life

But now that I'm going to mass every Sunday, which is required every Sunday and every holy day of holy obligation...

Which there aren't that many during the year, but every Sunday I am saying the rosary every day and I'm going to confession at least once a quarter Padre Pio said go weekly, I think.

But the more I do these things, the more my life is just miracles and miracles. Every single day.

Literally, I cannot even believe how wonderful every day is. Even though everything that's happened to me what's going on in the world right now. I lost my, family. I lost my, all my, most of all, not... A lot of my old friends when I became a Christian, when I came back to Catholicism I lost my marriage. I lost most of my family. I lost my career because the world is of the devil.

And yeah, Christians are being persecuted right now, but it doesn't matter because God's taking care of me. I have money.

I have a house to live in. I have plenty of food. I'm going on a trip to France for three weeks. Like things are going to work out. , it's all gonna work out. I know it. I have zero fear. I have total faith.

So when you trust in God, you know anything's possible. But I love this part because of the movie, because I love how the angel is gonna show him.

You can't tell people something. You have to show them.

It's a Wonderful Life:

You have no papers, no cards, no driver's license, no 4F card, no insurance policy. They're not there either. What? Zuzu's petals.

You've been given a great gift, George. A chance to see what the world would be like without you.

Oh, this is some sort of a funny dream I'm having. So long, mister. I'm going home. Home? What home? Oh, shut up! Cut it out! You're, crazy. That's what I think. You're, screwy. You're driving me crazy too. I'm seeing things here.


That's what my ex used to say to me. Whenever you talk about the divine, or there's experiences of the divine, angels, saints, anything like that people who are cut off from God and who have been attached, have demons attached they say things like that.

It's a Wonderful Life:

You're crazy. I'm going home and see my wife and family. You understand that? And I'm going home alone.


Okay let me pause.

Okay, so here he is. We'll see what It's like all these cities now, like San Francisco and Portland and it's all bars. Now we have drugs everywhere. Prostitution. So what ends up happening is he goes to try to find people that he knew. Nobody knows him. His wife, the mother of his children, she is a spinster. Living alone.

Everybody, nobody has their own property. Everybody, because again, he ran the savings and loan. He ran the savings and loan.

Pottersville is the name of it because the bad guy is Potter. Potter took over. And Potter, much Klaus Schwab he doesn't want anybody to own anything.

Demons, they don't want you to own anything because if you own it, you have authority over it. That's why private property is so important.

That's why communism is demonic. They don't want you to own anything.

All right, so I'm going to skip ahead. Okay. So he, it's just awful. It's awful if he had never been alive. And the thing is he never wanted to be, to run a savings and loan. He really didn't want to get married so young and have all these kids.

He wanted to go and live his life and travel. That's all he ever talked about was wanting to travel. God needed him for a mission.

See, again, God is omniscient. God is, God can see everything. God has a plan for you. You don't always know, you don't know what your plan is. You don't know what God's plan is.

So it might seem like, yeah, life sucks. I got divorced. I lost my job this and that happened, but you don't know what's on the other side of that You don't know what God has planned for you just on the other side of that. So this is when he's just seen all that and the angel brings him back to his life and sorry, it's emotional because I took my kids to see this at the movie theater.

There's a movie theater where the ones where you can go get brunch and you eat brunch or dinner or whatever while you're watching the movie. So it was Christmas Eve, the morning of Christmas Eve. And we were going to be going to mass later that day and then go to dinner for Christmas Eve.

And so we went to see this two years ago and my kids really loved it. So here it is.

It's a Wonderful Life:

Hello, Bedford Falls! Merry Hollow! Merry Christmas, Emporium! Miss you wonderful, building alone! Hey! Happy New Year to you, in jail! Go on home, they're waiting for you!


Okay. So he is still plotting. He's still plotting to let me get the next scene signed, lined up here. Oh, okay. I showed it out of order. I found it at the clips wrong, but it's nice that we watched that already. I should have shown you this first. This is what gets him back.

He has to finally submit. He has to finally surrender Dorothy right in the movie Wizard of Oz. He has to finally say Please help me. And he asks for help. Okay? So watch. He asks his guardian angel to help him.

It's a Wonderful Life:

Clarence! Help me, Clarence! Get me back! I don't care what happens to me! Get me back to my wife and kids! Help me, Clarence, please!


I want to make a distinction here. He's praying, but he's not praying to the angel as a god. He knows that the angel works for God. You understand the difference? Because a lot of Protestants really get hung up on this and then they're not using the tools that they could be using.

Intercession is very powerful. That means there's two or more coming together to ask God for help. The angel doesn't have power like God has. We don't think that. We don't think that. We don't pray to Mary thinking that Mary is like a God. . No. We ask them to help, to pray for us and to help us see an, the angel is just in, he is doing God's bidding.

Same thing with a priest. When, that's why confession is so powerful because when you go into confess, the A, the priest is there as an intercessor for God, and two or more come together and my name is very, powerful. Okay, he ends up going back. People know who he is. We saw that part already.

He runs through the town. Okay. And then he's going to go back home and now he knows there's hope right now. He knows that that.

God has a plan for him. If you know that God has a plan for you, then whatever happens to you, it's going to be okay because there must be a reason for it. And this is what I've had to learn over the last few years, several years, we've been going through this tribulation which I do believe we've been going through.

I know a lot of Protestants don't think we've gone through it yet, but I do believe we have, we are. It's not over yet, but it's going to be over soon. When you know that God has a plan, then you know whatever you're going through is part of the plan and you trust him and you're obedient and you do what he asks you to do.

So every day I wake up and I say, God, what do you need me to do today? And I pray the rosary every day and I go to mass every Sunday because that's what I'm supposed to do. It's about being obedient and being humble.

The opposite of pride is humility. The opposite of pride is humility. And when you don't think you know better than God and you do what he asked you to do, he can bless you.

And you, he can actually, the things that he's trying to do in your life, he can do because you're giving him permission. You see what I'm saying? You have free will. So unless you give him permission, he can't do anything for you.

Everything that he hated before, now he loves like that stupid thing that he would always knock off cause it wasn't secured. Now he loves it because it's because he actually appreciates his life.

And they're shocked because he's supposed to he lost the money. He should be going to jail like Potter was just saying. And he's not worried.

Oh, not Judge . Judge, you have no idea what's happened to me. I have no idea what happened. Come on, judge. Come on downstairs. We're on the way. Alright, come on, . Can you imagine living this way all the time?

Can you? This is what it's like when you let God work in your life, but we are so arrogant.

We think we know better. We think we know how to pray. We think we know what to do. No, it's the oldest form of Christianity is Catholicism. And God told us what to do. He gave us everything, but we think we know better. Look at the results in your life. I'm telling you Since I came back to Catholicism five years ago.

And since I, things really didn't start getting better until I started going to mass every week and I started going to confession and started praying the rosary. I'm telling you. The three things that I did.

It's a Wonderful Life:

Who's gonna come, in here! George!

George! Mary did it, George! Mary did it! She told some people you were in trouble with it! They scattered all over town collecting money! Didn't ask any questions, just the Lion's Farm's on the right. We're coming, George. God bless you. Oh, Mr. Martini. Here's Martini. Step right up here. I busted a jukebox.

These are all the people that were gonna make a run on the bank, that didn't trust him, that were gonna take their money out, okay? And they're all giving him the money to keep the bank going. I can skip ahead to the... Let's see, his brother comes back. Okay, here it is.

The richest man in town. So no, dear George remembered. No man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings love Clarence. So that's the angel. And when, an angel can help someone. I guess that they get their wings, right?

And, why this is so important is because when in God's plan, everybody wins, then the angel actually, by asking your angel, your guardian angel to help you every day, you're helping them.

And he's helping every single person in the town. He's helping every single person in the town because they get. They're gonna be able to buy a home. They're gonna be able to get money from the bank just Everybody working together under God.

Okay, so so emotional That's basically it guys that's the difference. Okay, that's the difference if you're not in a state of grace, which means not sinning and going to mass every Sunday and praying the rosary as much as you can. Ideally, every day. That's what Saint Padre Pio told us to do. That's what Fatima said.

Pray the rosary every day. It takes 15 minutes. 15 to 20 minutes to do it. Oftentimes I'll do it when I'm driving in the morning or walking my dog. I did it today on a bicycle. If you find a way and, you get your, get mass every, Sunday. And if you're not a Catholic, go to the local Catholic church and ask them what you need to do to become a Catholic.

They always, they're always there. You can walk right in. You can call them. You can just show up for mass. You can't get communion yet. Until you become a Catholic. But there's classes that you take. It doesn't take that long. And then you can get baptized. And you can start getting communion. I am... It's taken five years for me to come back.

I came back five years ago and I had to go through a divorce to get here. Like I said, I lost most of my family. I am the last Catholic. In my whole family. My dad just died a year and a half ago. He was the last.

But I do, After everything I've been through, After being an atheist and an agnostic for many years, After... Because I was raised Catholic. And then I left the church. After everything I've been through. And what I've experienced. I've been a Buddhist before. I've explored all the different religions.

When I was a teenager, I read Huston Smith's Religions of the World. I explored everything. I've never had constant miracles. I could spend an hour and just start talking about the miracles I'm experiencing every day on a daily basis. Just mind blowing stuff. And I know it's not even the best is not even yet.

The best is yet to come because I know the tribulation is going to be over soon. The tribulation is going to be over soon and we're going to be on the other side of this and the best time in history is coming.

But I know that I know there's a lot of Christians out there that are very blessed and they have great lives and but unless you understand the way demons work in your life.

And understand how to say prayers that will literally keep you protected, keep you in a state of grace. This is the difference. I think before I sign off I just want to say one more thing. And that is, I took a friend to mass. She, wanted to come with me. She's Catholic, but she hasn't gone to mass in a few years.

And I know people are really distraught right now. Especially those of us who are Christian, it's been very hard for us. The people who aren't Christian, I pray for them because it's going to be hard for them coming soon, very soon. But for those of us who are Christian, it's been very hard for us.

And so she's having a hard time as many of us are. And. So she said I want to go to Latin mass with you. She said to me, why do they pray in Latin? Why, is it necessary to pray in Latin? Why can't you just say the prayers in any English, any language? You know what I said? It just came to me.

I said maybe a lot of these demons who are coming back from hell that are being conjured they, maybe they don't speak English.

Never occurred to me before. I think the, heavy duty big demons, the ones that all the other ones work for they, speak English. But those aren't the ones coming after you. They don't spend your, their time on you.

They're working with Joe Biden and people like that and they're overseeing all the other little sub demons.

So we need the, Latin mass.

And we need the rosary and I'll do a whole nother video on that, but I, realized today that the rosary, okay, I just have to tell you one more story. So it's short, my dad my dad was dying and he had been dying for a while. This is my blog.

Okay. This was a miracle. See, this is why I say, if you're not experiencing miracles, then...

It's not bad You can still be happy as a cat as a Christian or even as a Catholic if you're not being an obedient Catholic and doing All the things you're supposed to do go to church every Sunday pray the rosary all the things that God asks you to do... Go to confession and not sin.

And by the way, if you're a Catholic and you think that having abortions is okay if you support abortions if you use contraceptives If you are having sex before marriage, if you got married outside of the church, not in a, at a church, any of these things, these are all sin. Oh, where is that? I thought I had it queued up.

No, I don't. These are all sin, right? So you, need to repent for your sin, go to confession and they will absolve you.

And you can let it and you can move on and you can get back into a state of grace, but if you're not experiencing miracles in your life on a daily basis as a Catholic, it's because you're not in a state of grace and you're not being obedient to God, the more obedient to God you are, the more your life will be blessed and you will start experiencing miracles like miracles you've never seen.

All right. So this is my post that I wrote last December 13th, 2021. My dad. I was dying and there he is. He's a Polish Catholic wonderful man. There he was as a boy and there's his parents, Polish Catholics from Ohio. So I went up to see him and I didn't know he was dying. You don't know when you're. Somebody's dying, but they're dying for a long time. He was dying for a long time. I'd gone up there many times to see him.

I used to watch Trump rallies with him. So I went up the most recent time this in December of 2021 and he was in a coma and I didn't know he, his step, my stepmom, the woman he married after my mom and his other. My step mom she, I called and she told me he's in a coma. She didn't use those words.

She said, he's not talking. But but that's what it was. So I went over there and I prayed the rosary over him. I just, she said, why don't you, if you want to stay with him, you can stay with him, I'll go in the other room, which is really nice of her. So I prayed the rosary. And and I brought holy water and I put it on his forehead and I blessed him.

And he went to, he was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school with nuns. He went to mass every morning. And I know he would have prayed the rosary every day growing up. That's what you did. I said, so to be honest, I thought there would probably be a miracle. I didn't want to jinx anything by saying we'd have a miracle, but something in my heart told me it would happen.

And I've had a few amazing miracles by saying the rosary and asking the saints to pray for me. So I knew something would happen.

Again, I really believe that when we pray together in groups of two or more, it's much more powerful and isn't it a, isn't it a blessing to know that you always have saints there that will help you, that will be that other person for you to intercede.

To, be that other person that Jesus said that we need. I think this has a lot to do with our covenant with God, which is all about family, which I will cover at the end of this post. I don't know if I'll get into all that. You can go back and read this post. I'll put a link. Our family is not only here on earth, but it's also in heaven.

So when we join together and ask God to help us, it's so much more powerful in my experience. There's the quote, any, the scripture, any, it, again, truly, I tell you that if there are two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for it, it will be done in my, by my father in heaven.

For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.

Okay, this is what's called an intercessory prayer. I asked God to please take him at the right time in God's time. I asked him to help my stepmother move on and start a new chapter in life, which by the way, she did. And it's amazing. Her life's really going well.

After my dad passed, I saw her last summer. I asked him to give everyone peace and comfort.

I asked St. Joseph and mother Mary to pray for him and pray for my stepmom for the best outcome. See, and I, again, I didn't know he was dying right then. I knew he was in a coma and he wasn't doing well, but.

After I prayed for my dad and stepmother, I played some Catholic choral music on my phone for my dad and this whole time he wasn't speaking, he wasn't making eye contact or anything.

I sat with my stepmom in the kitchen and we talked for a long time like we always do. We talked about books that we were reading and politics and food and recipes. Drove back home to Austin that afternoon and before I went to bed I asked my friends on Signal and Telegram to please pray for him and pray for my stepmom.

I said, please pray for my dad to have a peaceful, easy transition and pray for my stepmoms next chapter. I believe when you focus on what you're grateful for, I wrote what I was grateful for.

I believe when you focus on what you're grateful for, you could surrender your worries and allow God to work in your life.

Okay. Miracle morning. That morning, I woke up I heard from a number of people saying that they were praying. By 9 a. m. this morning, my stepmom called.

Right then I, knew we were gonna find out the answer to our prayers. I braced myself almost sure that she was gonna say that he had passed over in the night to heaven.

But she said, he's talking again. I was stunned. She put him on the phone and he said, hi Ann.

I always went by Ann, 'cause Marie was my middle name and I. I realized that he actually had named me Anne Marie after his favorite nun in school. So that's why I changed. I didn't, that's not why I changed my name, but I did change my name and then later I found out why deep down I knew that I was Ann Mari.

He talked to me on the phone for several minutes and he knew who I was. I told him I had prayed. He had asked me like, what will What were you saying? Oh, actually, sorry.

He... my stepmom told me later. He said to her. What were you saying? What was she saying? Who was here? And what was she saying?

And she said she didn't know what I was saying because she didn't know about the rosary He taught he talked to me on the phone for several minutes and he knew who I was I told him that I'd prayed The rosary for him.

I said this is a miracle. I asked him if you wanted to come visit him again next weekend He said oh sure I told him I'd bring in some ice cream. He's just like a little baby now eating pureed foods and wearing a diaper. So I talk about the family as a covenant in this, and you can go read it. But the point of it is he didn't, I didn't go see him the next weekend because he passed.

He passed on my wedding anniversary, December 30th, 2021. And I ended up getting divorced less than a year later. My husband divorced me.

So this was my last wedding anniversary that he died on. And I see it as part of the plan. I see it as part of what God has planned for me. Which is a new marriage, probably.

Because my kids still need a dad. And I think that's very important. They have their dad. But they need to see what a Catholic marriage looks like. Which is very different. As you can see from It's a Wonderful Life it's very different from a secular marriage or even a Protestant marriage. It's very different.

I, I'm telling you, I have friends who are Catholic, and I'm talking about Latin Mass rosary praying Catholics. And I have friends that are just regular Catholics that aren't as, go to the Novus Ordo Mass and they're not as, as devout. They, have, they practice contraceptives, all that kind of stuff.

And then I have friends who are secular. I have all different types of friends, but I'm telling you the ones that I see that live with just absolute joy, like you saw in that movie not that they don't have problems, not that things don't happen to them, but there's a level of grace in their lives that I had never seen before.

There's a note an amount of miracles that they experience. And here's, what's really interesting when I talk to these, Catholics, these Latin mass, as we call it, like hardcore Catholics.

When I talk to them about my experiences of the miracles that I'm experiencing, I'm like blown away. And I'm like, you won't believe what just happened to me.

And they just look at me and they're like, Oh, of course like it's not surprising to them because they're experiencing these kinds of miracles all the time. So that's what I wanted to share. This post is called praying for miracles. I'll put a link. I'm very grateful for everything that's happening.

But I wanted to share this video with you guys because I wanted you to help you see. Yes, it helps to be a Christian. Yes, it helps to pray. Yes, it helps to read the Bible. All those things are good. Go to church.

But... Catholics have power tools against the devil.

Nobody has the tools that Catholics have. And I'm not talking about Novus Ordo Catholics. I'm talking about Latin mass. It's amazing.

And if you want change in your life go talk to a priest. And if you go to a, just one more thing, cause you all, people always bring up.

What's happening in the church with the priests and everything guys that is happening everywhere that is happening in every church that is happening everywhere...

In all the schools because demons are taking over the planet.. This is all prophesied in the book of revelation that the demons come back to earth.

I made another video about it the other day about Ghostbusters.

That's what's happening. They're trying to get bodies. They do possess bodies that's what they do and if you don't believe that then go on with your life.

But once you start to see that is true and again go watch The Exorcist Files, go watch Nefarious.

You'll see what really happens and then you know that you need the spiritual power tools like the rosary.

These are power tools. Okay? That is why I'm having all these miracles.

God bless you all. Thanks for watching.