Wild Salmon Dinner with Bone Broth and Butter

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Wild Salmon, Caprese Salad, Buttered Corn, and Rice with Bone Broth

This was a really good dinner: Wild Alaskan Salmon, Caprese Salad, Buttered Corn and Rice Cooked in Homemade Chicken Stock.

This is a post I still had in draft form that I meant to post before I left for the WAPF conference. But then all hell broke loose getting ready for the trip so it never went up.

So no, it’s not a GAPS meal. We ate this last week — before I started back on GAPS.

I suppose it could be a GAPS meal if you removed the corn, the butter, and the cheese.

The salmon I got in the frozen section at Whole Foods. The tomatoes are local and organic — from Rocky Canyon at the farmer’s market. The basil is from my garden. The mozzarella is from Trader Joe’s. The corn is organic, frozen from Trader Joe’s. The rice is basmati (not organic), and it’s cooked in homemade chicken stock and topped with extra butter.

This is a fast meal to throw together — if you have your chicken stock made ahead and if you do the rice in the rice cooker.

Kate had a little of everything, including a few organic local blueberries I bought at the farmer’s market that day.

Kate's dinner

This is how Kate eats corn:

Kate eating dinnerKate eating dinner