Zombie Apocalypse Incoming? Marburg, 5G & DEWs (Video)

Is there a zombie apocalypse coming soon? Many people are talking about a possible Deep State attack weaponizing the new boosters, 5G and Directed Energy Weapons that might turn people into zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse Incoming? Marburg, 5G & DEWs (Video)

Is there a zombie apocalypse coming soon? Many people are talking about a possible Deep State attack weaponizing the new boosters, 5G and Directed Energy Weapons that might turn people into zombies.

There is an emergency broadcast system announcement happening on October 4th, 2023 and while I don't know what will happen, I for one, will be turning my phone off just in case. In this video, I share my thoughts about what I think about all of this and how to prepare.

Note: The final third of the video glitched and froze... while you can still hear the audio, you can't see the screen. Ugh! However, I think this video contains a lot of important info so I'm publishing as is. The transcript is also available below. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have contacted the video software company and hopefully they will fix this bug.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction
00:26 The Emergency Broadcasting System Announcement on Oct 4
02:00 Truth Tellers to Follow
05:24 The Truth about Conspiracy Theories
10:14 The Dangers of 5G and Frequency
13:25 1P36 Gene Deletion Syndrome
23:14 Detoxing and Genetic Damage
29:18 Elon Musk and Directed Energy Weapons
31:51 The Communist Agenda vs. Trump Space Force
34:51 Why We Need Space Force
38:11 The Significance of Crypto
45:11 Directed Energy Weapons -- We Are the Smart Meters
47:19 The Connection Between Hydrogel and Parasites

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    Video Transcript

    Hey guys, it's AnnMarie. In this video, I want to talk to you about what may be happening in October. It wouldn't surprise me if this happens. This has to do with the emergency broadcast test that they're saying is going to happen on October 4th. With a backup date of October 11th, but somebody just sent me this...

    Weirdly enough I can never I cannot get on Instagram anymore because they asked me this did happen to work for me on the on my laptop, and I just figured okay, perfect This is a good chance for me to tell you about this and then I'll show you a little bit of information about what other people are saying about the Marburg Virus or whatever it is. But let's just watch this.

    There has been a warning going around that on October 4th, and if it doesn't happen on October 4th, it's going to be on October 11th at 222 Eastern, the emergency broadcasting system. Under FEMA is going to be activated, and you know, this is like the high-pitched beeeeep saying this is only a test. It's not a test. It's going to be sending these high-frequency signals into cell phones, radios, TVs.

    What does graphene oxide do to the human body? Well, it induces cell toxicity through plasma membrane damage, generation of reactive oxygen species, and DNA damage. DNA damage. Any concentration above 20 micrograms per millimeter for 24 hours is considered toxic. Like, hold up, because this sounds like the movie The Cell.

    Israel is not happy about this, and supposedly they're doing some things to stop it, and maybe it will stop there. It's going to happen in the United States, and I don't know if I believe this, or if it'll even help, but I'm gonna have my phone off.

    Some people make a wish at 11-11, I shut my phone off at 2-22, so don't, don't be calling me for at least an hour, before and after. I think that's good advice. So I wanna share with you a little bit aboutwhat people are saying about this, in case you haven't heard about it.

    Please share this video. You can either share hers or share mine, whatever. But, I don't care. Just try to get the word out about this. Israel, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the rest of the United States. So, let me pause for a second. I wanna show you a couple things. So, if you're not getting your news from Rumble, you need to.You can search on Rumble for what you're looking for.

    Bitchute is good too. There's certain things that I can't find on Rumble that I can't find on Bitchute. But, you're not going to find this information on YouTube anymore. In fact, I'm not even posting anything on YouTube anymore because they're cracking down again. This was just posted four days ago. Todd Callender, if you don't know who he is, you need to watch his videos. They're talking about, well, there's a few videos, I need to catch up. I need to catch up. There's a few good videos here.

    I really like Man in America. I really like SGT report. I don't know who Dr. Sigel off is, but I'll check that out. Anything, I want to know everything that Todd Callender is saying. I kind of feel the same way about, there's certain people that I just really, really 03:37 trust. One is Todd Callender. One is Lee Merritt, Dr. Lee Merritt.

    Another one is Karen Kingston. Another one isfor politics.Who's the one? Derek Johnson. Patel Patriot. You know, there's just a lot of people I follow, but Todd Callender is one of the smartest ones.

    Anyway, if you just use, if you watch this one, you can watch more. You can go find more videos that he's talking about this, but this I already watched and they're talking about Marburg pandemic with 5G. And I'm going to talk a little bit about it really briefly, but you should go watch these, some of these videos.

    Here's another one that looks good on SGT report. That's from 21 days ago. Here's another one. I think I may have watched this, but I want to go back and watch it again because I can't remember if I did or not. This Man in America. Yeah, I did watch this. So I've been saying all along that these are directed energy weapons and now we have the proof. We actually have the proof.

    Guys, I wrote about this so long ago. It's crazy. Here. Hold on. I'll show you. Here's the proof about the directed energy weapons. A lot of us were talking about Maui and saying that it was lasers and that they targeted, that they, that it was an inside job.

    Well, here's the truth. This, the proof, this came out 9-15, so four days ago. I don't know when this video is gonna get posted. I'm making right now.

    It might be in a few days, but whatever. I'll post it before October 4th. I'll post it sooner than later. So, they're talking, this guy is talking, this is on my telegram. Hello, everybody. How you doing? This is Steve Faubus with the Mr. Robot Show. And today, I'm going to publish my final data along with the open source code. So, I'm just going to post the code on my website for MATLAB regarding the objects of interest that were above Maui. I tracked three fires, not just the Lahaina Fire, but I tracked three other fires. And there's two fires, the Alinda Fire and the Kula Fire, that were having one object above it. Twice that caused, probably caused the same fire most likely, if these were directed energy weapons. Now it's coincidental that two fires and one satellite would be caused by one satellite would be above the Maui area. So again, there's, there's, there's two objects here.

    I'm going to post the figures and of course my source code two CCP owned satellites that are above one of them caused fire. And again, another one calls the cause the Linda fire and it's the same object above at the same time, two different time fires, but the same object was above Maui at the time ID is. Five, three, two, nine, nine. I'll publish this later and write them down so everybody can see them. the Lahaina fire object five, five, eight, three, six, and that these are all almost exactly the same time of the fires. So I'm going to play the video. Here in a second. AndI noticed Force also battalion or brigade or something like that 75th targeting. I'm going to release.

    I already released a press release on that. Launching some stuff up in the space thatfor targeting stuff in space, basically. So hopefully this is their response to, to these fires.Assuming these satellites are causing them, I don't think I don't really. Believe for one second, a lot of people in thein the, in some of the alt alternative media are you know, a conspiracy by all the elites to cause these fires. But if you think about it, what would be more likely CCP with that? It's basically in unrestricted warfare with the United States or Oprah or Jeff Bezos who's purchasing your own property in Maui.

    I don't think that's the case. Maui is a beautiful place. Of course, if you have money, you're going to want to live there, I don't think they have orbital strike capabilities and will burn down from space. And I don't think they really have that capability. I don't think there's any sort of conspiracy here. I think the most obvious thing is that we're being attacked by direct weapons, directed energy weapons using unrestricted warfare by the CCP.

    And again, the satellite data that I have proves that is publicly, publicly available to us. So you can go watch this he shows the actual satellite data. So this is, this is, we just got vindicated again, again, this is all. I'll put a link to this in the postin the description box, but in my blog post. I'm just laughing because, and I'll put his video link as well I'm just laughing because,

    Yeah. Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, you're really telling me that he's not involved? Of course he's involved. Of course he's involved. You think Oprah really got that rich? Just, it just so happens. Of course she's involved. CCP is in bed with Jeff Bezos and they work together. So, you know, they're the army for the deep state, which is global. Anyway, I'm sharing that because that's what they, are going to be able to do to us. So I wrote about this a long time ago.

    Let me show you real quick. And so yeah, this, I want to show you a little, also a little excerpt of the movie The Cell, I think it's called.

    So you can see kind of what they're talking about. I've seen multiple videos about this. You can type in, 5G, Marburg, The Cell, you know, these kinds of things into Rumble and see what you find. But yeah, a lot of people are talking about this, I'm trying to remember where I first saw it. I don't remember.

    This potentially turning people into zombies. A real zombie apocalypse. The people that are vaccinated. Now is there, First of all, yeah, turn your phone off. You know, turn your Wi-Fi off for an hour. Get away from technology. Will it happen for sure? We don't know.

    We don't know if it does, you know, I don't want to be. The other thing is hopefully you guys have been detoxing. Hopefully you've been getting this graphene oxide and crap out of your body. Xeolite, silica water, chlorine dioxide, which is what I call pool water, all the things I talk about constantly. These are the things that are going to take this stuff out. So do start detoxing but also during that day, and if it doesn't happen that day, you know, they're saying eleventh is the backup make sure that you're away from technology.

    Make sure you've got out of the range of, you know. Everything. Turn your phone off. Alright, so let me show you I'm first gonna show you a clip of the cell, and then I'm gonna show you what I wrote about this probably two years, two and a half years ago. Two years ago. And then I'll wrap this video up.

    Okay, this is the one. There's something else called the cell, but I guess this is just called cell? I don't know. Samuel Jackson 2016. The passengers of flight 3598 are team members. Hi dad. Hey buddy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Soon. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. It's terrorist right? It's gotta be terrorist. Don't use your cell phone. We're gonna survive because people are gonna die. You okay? Happening now is more than temporary energy. It's a start of a war. I wanna wipe him out. It's a suicide mission. You're gonna die. I wanna see my son. Oops, I forgot. I don't need to show you anymore.

    You get the idea. Zombies. So, we know there's gene deletion with this I forget it was P, 1P24, something like that. I can't remember. Hold on. I'll find it. Things don't stay in my brain, but I have the Google machine, or the depth echo, as it were. 1P, gene, 1P34. 1P36. 1P36, gene deletion syndrome.

    So this is something that you will see if you look it up, it's a genetic process. It's a genetic issue with children and they're born this way, okay, but in severe intellectual disability, they are kind of like zombies, kind of like having had a lobotomy, they have seizures, they're, anyway, it's sort atrophied frontal lobe, and they're saying this is what's happening with the vaccine, but if they are able to do some sort of frequency, because it could who knows, right, who knows what it'll cause, so it could cause this to happen.

    I know what Lee Merritt, Dr. Lee Merritt was saying is they don't really have the ability to change our genes, but they can delete, I believe, genes and it, it may not be permanent. I'd have to go back, oh let me see if I can find it, hold on, okay. It's this one.

    Type in Dr. Lee Merritt on Rumble and you'll find her videos. This one I just watched and she talks about how this what she really thinks about whether or not this is a, is changing our DNA because that's all going around. I don't know if you sawit's like one thing leads to another. Okay, hold on. Okay.

    This is Ed Dowd's Twitter. And he linked to this video about the South Carolina Senate hearing for the DDSDNA contamination in the mRNA vaccines. So I'll just show you.

    So a little bit of. You can look this up. I want to get this video out, so I'll try to put this link in, but if I don't, you can watch it. He's talking about the DNA contamination in the vaccines.

    Now I want to show you what Dr. Lee Merritt. Ted, because I watched this yesterday and then I watchedand that, that video is, you know, 30 minutes, but you know, you can watch the beginning of it and get the gist of what he's saying. A lot of it's just their questions.

    So, I have to skip to the end of this video where they're doing Q&A. This, all of her videos are amazing. I think she probably knows more about what's going on than 99% of the people out there. She's really figured it out. She and Karen Kingstonthe other one would say is it drives the, I, somebody please fix the user interface on Rumble.

    I can never find my people. I want my stuff to come at the front. It's just so badly designed. They need a user interface designer. Okay. Got that off my chest. Amp news. I watch every day or almost every day. And one of my very favorites is James Grundvig. He's been one of the people involved in reporting about vaccines and the who and the CDC and all this for a very long time. And he wrote a book about it. The corruption in these three letter agencies, but let's see just it was just recently

    It's hard to know because I watched so many of his videos that it's hard to remember which one it was but in one of the recent ones he's talking about Marburg and he's talking about as, as is, I'm going to go back to Todd Callender he's talking about the 5G and this he actually said 5GE or whatever they're calling this variant that it is, it's definitely going to use the 5G. It's using vibration. Okay, so, there's some kind of sequence that it's going to set off, is what they're saying. Back to, anyway, go, stay on top of every time James Crunrigson.

    I'm gonna try to skip ahead to the part where she talks about it. I talked about CRISPR, I talked about all this stuff, I talked about all the studies I could find about this, and I never got a problem. I was on sub-stack. People were signing up and paying money to read this stuff. No problem. One minute, I started talking about the cause-not-chaf effect and electromagnetic signature and radiation as the cause of disease.

    I got demonetized from some sub-stack. In fact, Steve Kirsh said, you are the only person I know that's been demonetized from sub-stack, but it did. It didn't happen about genetic stuff, it happened about wavelength. What's that telling Wow just before that I guess this is about 50 minutes in I'll go back to what she said just before that but she is saying that this is about frequency and this is why I think we're need to wear these stem cell activation patches and get the metal out and then do parasite cleanses because, and that's what she's talking about in here and chlorine dioxide, all the things because, and the zeolite because we need to get the stuff out. Out of us. Because I've been tracking this stuff since the 90s with Hulda Clark. I'm going to make another video about it because I can't say it all on this but I believe they're going to be able to target us like a smart meter.

    They're going to have us on a social credit score. We're going to be hooked up to where it's the Borg and they're going to be able to target us like a smart meter like the directed energy weapons in the if you go watch a what's her name, Deborah Tavares, who talked about the paradise, California fires

    Dr. Judy would talked about the directed energy weapons in 9-11 and there's going art detoxing all the different ways. I'm going to be posting my webinar any day now. I know I keep saying I'm going to do it well, God's timing is perfect. It will be ready when it's ready. But in the meantime, you can go on my blog and type in any of these things: Chlorine dioxide, pool water, I call it to get around the sensors.

    Now I'm, I should make my disclaimer. Like she, like I love that she says I'm not telling you to drink chlorine dioxide. I drink it, but I won't tell you to drink it cause they'll send me to jail. Don't take anything I say as medical advice. Do your own research.

    Let me see if I can find it, hold on. Now it's going to the jab, I'm going to be quite honest. Everyone's been talking about the genetic aspect of this. I don't believe, if I'm correct, now you can correct me.

    This isn't necessarily changing your genetics. It's tricking your cells into thinking your DNA's been altered. And if you can, can you explain and describe transcription or transfection, what that really means? And if I'm correct, because I've been telling people I do feel you can detox this, but here's the thing, if you can't undo the genetic damages, then the detoxing, it, it in my mind is kind of pointless, but I don't think that these changes can't be undone, am Am I correct in regards to genetics?

    You know, I was given a private paper unsigned that, that was, it looked like it was from some Chinese authors though, and these guys purported, they're, they're telling you all this scary stuff about this, and they're pointing a finger at fungi.

    But I'm going to tell you, every time you go down a genetic rabbit hole, it doesn't lead anywhere. 18 independent labs have not found any genetic material in the vaccine they tested. They tested everything from Sputnik to AstraZeneca to AstraZeneca to You know, really complicated legal terminology, complicated contracts that you can't understand, you know, so you don't know how much you owe on your house or the, the, you know, all these three letter agents. These are going to try to screw you over.

    This is the same kind of thing. What she's doing is saying, look, they've always used the same playbook. If you watch her other video, she talks about Babylon. She talks about this group of people that always use the same playbook. And I've been thinking exactly the same thing.

    They always use the same playbook. And what is it? Parasites and metals and toxins. Really, that's it. And frequency. And frequency. They know about frequency. Dr. But. It was Nikola Tesla that they stole the technology from. From the warden clip tower. And so let me, let me, let me show you that real quick.Well, I'll show you in a second. It's just hard because I have so much to say that I want to make sure I say it all.

    I won't leave without showing you my post about Elon Musk and these energy weapons that I wrote about two years ago because it's all connected.

    They want to do the same thing to us that they're doing to do these inside job type deals. Okay. Let me skip a little bit here and try to get to where she, because she has, she says a lot and there's a lot to digest. And I actually want to go back and watch it and look up the things she's talking about, but I'm going to try to skip to the part where she says that they're faking it and why.

    Okay, I think it's right here through the walls and kind of resonates with things, but I think, I think that's what we really have to, they're trying to get us working about this RNA stuff to distract us. I'm sure you know already, but I'm going to mention that. You do know about all these people now putting out, putting off these MAC addresses, correct? Yeah, I've got to say I can't independently verify that. I have seen pictures of it and see in my office. That's another issue but what she said this there's a very like basically from 40 to 55 you got to listen to in this video where she talks about and I got to go back and look.

    Don't listen to it and look up all the stuff she's talking about but she's saying, she thinks they're saying it's DNA, it's messing up our DNA, changing our DNA as literally as a PSYOP to distract us from what it really is and how to fix it. So, I know that sounds, you gotta go listen to what she says and how she specifically got censored. It just doesn't make any sense how this guy is able to say all this and not get cancelled.

    You know, Christopher Exley in England lost all of his funding because he made the connected the dots from the aluminum and the vaccines to autism and Judy Mikovitz. Lost all her funding and went to jail for saying, no, I'm not going to go along with you guys. Really? He's going to just do whatever he wants and tell him, tell everybody about how the vaccines are contaminated with DNA.

    I mean, I believed him. First, but then I remembered her saying, Lee Merritt said, it's too expensive. MRNA is way too expensive. They wouldn't put it in all the vaccines. We are cattle to them. They're not going to put them there and they don't need to mess with our genes. Not like that. That doesn't even make sense as far as what they would try to do to us. Alright, it's going to make sense in a second. Hold on. Let me show you what I wrote over two years ago. Okay. this is on. I wrote my blog from June 4th, 2020. The whole month of May I read the book.

    I was reading the book, not the whole month of May, but in May I was reading the day after Roswell. I don't know why God led me to read that book, but as a result, I was, I was obsessed Nikola Tesla, Space Force, and Elon Musk and Roswell. Why? I knew what this was really really about then and basically we know, okay, let me try to give you the short version of this and it's a long article but it's really worth reading and most people haven't read it and it's a shame because it really explains what's really going on. The idea was for us not to go to space. That was the idea. Not to go to space. They want the Chinese to get there first. They want, and the Chinese are just run by the Illuminati, so when people say Jeff Bezos is not part of the, you know, yes he is. He's so deep in bed with the Chinese, it's not even funny.I knew a guy once who was an Amazon seller, and as soon as he reached a certain point, I think he was making $100,000 a month, he got a call from a lady in China, a Chinese factory, and said you're going to pay us from now on, and he said the hell I will.

    Well, and they said, we'll bury you and they did the next day. So the idea was not to go to China. I mean to space. Why? Here it says kill NASA space supremacy in the space shuttle. That was part of the 16 year plan. Land. Why did they need to do that? They didn't want America going to space. They want the communists. They want the satanic.

    Communism is the same thing as satanic. That's a whole other conversation. You should read Paul Kengor's book on the Thanks for watching! I feel like everything I talk about I have to talk about 10 other things. But this video is really the video to watch why we need a space force from Hillsdale College. Amazing video. Talking really about we gonna goes to space they're gonna have global domination. We'll see you next week and this is why we had to create space force. People that say space is fake. Thank you for watching. I'm gonna try to be nice. They're idiots. That's me being nice. They're idiots. People who, sorry, I'm not gonna say that I know very nice people who are flat earthers but the earth is not flat. It's not flat. Space is real. NASA? Yes.

    Thanks for watching! Did they do stuff to try to trick us and whatever? Yes. To try to make us think they're still going to space when they weren't going to space but did we go to space? Yes. Are we going to space? Yes. Is China going to space? Yes. They're gonna have manufacturing in space with robots.

    Thank you. And completely revolutionize the planet. That's why I'll, that's part of the reason all this is happening. So anyway, don't believe me. Go read. Go watch this video. Understand it. Because this is what this is really about. We, we have, you know, the mining. We don't have the fossil fuels here. No, we don't, but there's so much in space. That's why we're not going to go just to a gold standard, by the way, guys. That, I mean, that's a whole not her conversation, but we can't just go to a gold standard because you know it's gold is in space. It becomes worthless. I made a video about this a long time ago. It was on YouTube. It becomes worthless because of supply and demand. So we have to go to the block. That's why I've been saying crypto, crypto, crypto.

    Is it just any crypto? No. But as Judy Shelton said, the Trump's pick for the federal reserve. Serve. She Shelton, she said we're gonna go back to the gold standard. Trying to find the quote. Yeah. Gold back currency. In a crypto Thank you Yeah, I gotta go get my son. Being able to see your Thanks for watching!

    Paradise, California. Well, that's what they're going to be able to do with us because what they had to do in Paradise, California was they had to use smart meters. She talks about that. Yeah. No, if it would be easy to find that. She has a website. I'm sure you could go to her website and read about it.

    It was the smart meters they used. Yep, smart, smart, murder meters. That's how they did it. That's how they did it. We'll see you next week. We'll see you next week and there here's the guy talking about the 5G.

    Look, I don't know the best way to do this, but I've been working, erecting strategy masks on towers like the one behind me for the past few weeks, whatever the else has been in lockdown. And we don't crack open these kids because we're explicitly asked not not to, but I best, perhaps the best thing is for me to show you. It's best if I just show you look. It's a piece of fun. I also remember that in 2020 anybody who You talked about 5G being weaponized against immediately banned. Immediately.

    And when I posted about Marburg that's when I lost my Instagram. Just the other week. I think it was Marburg. I don't remember what I posted. It was either Todd Callender. I think it was Todd Callender or talking about Marburg or 5G. They don't want people to know this.

    So that's, I'm gonna wrap this video up now. I've gotta go.I don't think, I think the DNA issue is an on issue. I don't trust that guy. Because it doesn't make any sense why he wouldn't get canceled. Why he'd be have the luxury to say all that with his fancy, you know, university job. I think we need to get the parasites out, get the metals out, don't worry so much about the 5G, just turn your phone off.

    These, it's not that, as long as it's not that close to you. Don't sleep with this, don't leave it on, put it on airplane mode when you sleep, and turn it off, keep it away from you when we think they're gonna do this thing. I think they're gonna do something, it would be my bet that they would do something like that. Because I don't think they're gonna just do it in, well they may just do it in certain cities too.

    Anyway, the most important thing we can do now Thank you. I was detox. And you guys don't get crazy because look, we know how to detox this stuff. That's what I'm saying. We have all the technology. We have all the technology. Make the pool water, take the zeal your life. Get the metals out. Do the anti-parasitic treatment. Oh, isn't it? I wonder if it's coinciding with the full moon. I think it's right after the full moon if that's happening.

    Anyway, I don't know. Alright, that's all for this video. I'll talk to you guys on the next one.

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