LifeWave Patch Update

It's been almost one month since I started using the LifeWave stem cell activation patches. I wanted to give you an update. In this post, I'll tell you the benefits I am seeing so far.

LifeWave Patch Update

It's been one month since I started using the LifeWave stem cell activation patches. I wanted to give you an update.  In this post, I'll tell you the benefits I am seeing so far.

Now, some people may see great results fairly quickly. For example, people who have a lot of "discomfort" (can't say the P word) and inflammation, chronic health conditions.

I don't have a lot of chronic health conditions – no prescriptions, no chronic health conditions.  

I have tons of energy, I am average weight (normal BMI, although I'd like to lose 10-15 pounds to get back to my target pre-plandemic stress weight).

I really only have two issues I want to address other than normal aging and stress: (1) I'd like to reverse my age-related far-sightedness, and (2) I have lordosis (lower back subluxation) which I would like to see reverse.

Other than that, just minor things and general aging. I turned 55 this month, so I'm seeing more fine lines and wrinkles, more cellulite, crepey skin, all that stuff we hate.

Before I continue, I need to add the obligatory disclaimer:

The information in this post is for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

My Results with The LifeWave Patches in One Month

I started using the patches one month ago today – on June 21, 2023.

Just so you all know, I don't do any plastic surgery, no fillers or Botox – none of that stuff. Nor would I ever. I don't trust it.

I had a friend who was doing fillers and getting lip injections and one day most of her teeth just fell out. No joke!

Was it caused by the injections? I don't know but I wouldn't doubt it. Who knows what the ingredients are in those things?! Just like breast implants, cigarettes, etc... they tell us they are safe and only decades later we find out they are toxic.

In both of the photos below, I did not wear makeup (except a little lip gloss) and didn't apply any filters.

My Before and After Photos

First of all, it must be said that these patches are not an overnight quick fix kind of thing. The LifeWave people recommend that we try the patches for at least twelve months. So that is what I'm committed to do.

And yes, there are some subtle differences in the lighting between the two photos.

Here's a photo I took last night at the restaurant before dinner the other night here in France:

To compare, here is a selfie I took last year, in October 2022:

My Reactions to the Photos

It's not a huge change.  But there are things I am starting to see...

  1. Wrinkles are lessening, especially around the eyes and in the forehead. The skin around my eyes looks plumped up.
  2. My lips are more plump.
  3. My coloring is more rosy. Again, no makeup, no filters. The lighting is different between the two photos, but I can see this in real life.
  4. The discoloration on my face (melasma or hyperpigmentation/age spots) is starting to lessen.
  5. My face looks more full – like it has more fat. I believe this is due to increased collagen. Same reason it looks rosier.

Other Results I'm Experiencing

  1. Very sound sleep. Since I started wearing the patches last month, I am sleeping even more soundly than before, and falling asleep within seconds.

    The pool water & silica water combo that I started last year allowed me to sleep through the night without waking up – soundest sleep of my life. But now it is even better. I sleep so well, and I fall asleep in less than a minute of lying down.
  2. No jet lag! This was a stunning result to me. I flew to France this month and it was the easiest trip of my life. I credit the water and the patches. I fell asleep watching a movie on the plane.

    Didn't need to take melatonin or anything like that. Just drifted off. And I slept a solid 5 hours on the flight.

    This never happens – usually I have a lot of trouble sleeping on a plane. Even better, when I got to Paris, I was not tired at all. I didn't even need a nap after I got to my hotel room. I had tons of energy until bed time. Absolutely zero jet lag.
  3. Quick recovery from exercise. I did a lot of walking this past week, and lots of going up and down stairs. One day, I started to feel it in my leg muscles at the end of the day.

    I thought for sure I would have pain the next day, because that's what always happens after exercise – you hurt more the next day. But nope. It never appeared.
  4. Reduction of discomfort. One night I fell asleep wrong on a pillow (I was watching a movie and, like I said, with these patches, I fall asleep so quick when I am relaxed).  

    Because I wasn't properly positioned when I fell asleep, I woke up with a crick in my neck. I put my patches on in the morning and I saw the discomfort lessen throughout the day and by mid-day it was gone.

    Normally it takes days for it to lessen – and sometimes I have to go to the chiropractor.
  5. Zero fatigue. I have so much energy these days. I only sleep 5 hours a night (which was a result of the pool water & silica water). With the patches, I have energy all day long.

    When I want to sleep, I easily fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly and I have energy all day.

6. Immediate reaction to bacteria. I will write more about this later and maybe make a video but the other day I believe I was exposed to bacteria – probably H. Pylori.

I know this because the way my body fought it was exactly the same way it did when I had H. Pylori 6 years ago.

However, that time, when I was exposed, my body didn't react and fight it. It just assimilated it and it wasn't until several months later when I started taking oregano oil and licorice root for a week and a half that I was able to kill the bacteria, and about 10 days after taking these, I had one night of vomiting up mucus and saliva. I knew I had killed them and they were being ejected.

So the night before last, I started vomiting the exact same way right after dinner. It lasted all night. And I realized it was my toothbrush which I had uncovered in my toiletries bag – which I didn't clean before I left. It was the same bag that I had my toothbrush in 6 years ago when I was exposed to H. Pylori.

I'll make a video explaining soon, but what I think is these patches and the water are working in the same way the oregano oil and licorice root had worked. Instead of having to take that, my body instantly (within a day) killed the bacteria and was rejecting it).

Interestingly, I kept vomiting – my body couldn't get rid of it – until I finally had the bright idea to eat some of the activated charcoal toothpaste I brought in my bag.

It worked! Within 10 minutes I was about 80% better, and within 20 minutes I was 100%. Within an hour I was able to drink water and had my appetite back. That evening, I was able to keep my dinner reservation.

Want to Learn More About LifeWave Patches?

If you are interested in learning how to get started, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to check out this website:  

    Watch the 2 short videos that explain how it works, then check out the before and after photos, the video testimonials and the studies.
  2. After you're done checking that out, email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com with LIFEWAVE in the subject line.

    I will send you a link to sign up for the next Zoom call with my teammate. She knows a lot more about the patches than I do, and she explains how they work and which ones will be best for you and your specific condition.  

    I will also attend the zoom call – so I can learn more about you and what you are dealing with, and be of support to you.

    On the zoom call you can get all your questions answered, and by attending the call, you can get discount pricing.


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