New Video: Metals, Microbes & Mindset

New Video: Metals, Microbes & Mindset

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In case you missed it, I started a new YouTube channel the other day. Earlier today I sent out a post with my first video introducing my new channel.

In this second video on the channel, I talk about health and what I believe is making people sick and some of the advanced tools I have found to help people heal faster.

These are the things those in power don't want you to know about, and why I have been banned off of almost every platform.

Watch the Video: Metals, Microbes & Mindset

Click the video below to watch. If you are reading this via your email, you need to click through to see the video.

Show Notes

In this video, I talk about what is causing illness: metals (primarily aluminum and fluoride) as well as microbes and mindset.

I explain how to remove metals and microbes from the body, and I talk about how to rebuild collagen that is destroyed by these things.

I also talk about the upcoming 30-day Collagen Challenge – stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

Finally, I talk about how to improve your mindset by looking at the PROOF (The Documents DOT Info). The best is yet to come!

Ask me your questions about food, health, politics and news. Send an email to annmarie @

I will answer your questions next week on this channel -- I'll be streaming Monday and Wednesday at 8 am Pacific / 10 am Central / 11 am Eastern.


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