New Video: The Oranges of Belligerent Occupation

New Video: The Oranges of Belligerent Occupation

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Time for a new video! Make sure you subscribe to my new YouTube channel.

In this video, I discuss:

  • Recovering from trauma-based m1nd control by psychopathic narcissists (by the people who rule us)
  • How important it is to reconnect with local friends
  • An uplifting, heart-warming story about bees
  • A little more about masks (see my last video -- not the kind of masks you're thinking of) -- with some help from Vince Vaughn & Mel Gibson who help to explain
  • The flag with no stars at Mr. T's recent Ohio rally and "belligerent occupation" in the Law of War Manual
  • The language of semaphore on Melania's dresses and her orange dress -- signifying the blockchain?
  • The "oranges" of this belligerent occupation: PrussiaGate

Watch the Video: The Maskerade

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Show Notes

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