Supplements We Take

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UPDATE: I have updated this post with a new post as of October 2016… click here to read 4 Supplements I Take Every Day

Sometimes people ask me what supplements we take. I’m a firm believer in getting nutrition from food. However, we don’t always eat perfectly and we are still recovering from years of eating SAD (Standard American Diet).

Also, Kate’s a growing girl and I’m planning to get pregnant again soon (in the next year I think). So we need extra nutrition.

Which is why we take supplements. They are however, all food-based supplements. I think synthetic vitamins are pretty much worthless.

This is what I (try to) take each day:

My supplements

Coconut oil (1-2 TBS)
Maca powder (1 tsp; for hormonal support)
Iodoral (4 pills or 100 mg; for iodine deficiency and hormonal support)
Raw liver (6 pills)
Fermented cod liver oil (1-2 tsps — a lot, but I need extra right now)
Dessicated adrenal gland (2 pills; for my adrenal glands)
Selenium (1 pill – this is to help with the iodine uptake)
Biokult (2 pills; for digestion and absorption and healing the gut)
Butter oil (1/2 tsp)
Bee pollen (1 tsp)
Licorice root extract (1 dropper; for my adrenal glands)
Shatavari extract (2 droppers; for hormonal support)
Chaste tree extract (1 dropper; for hormonal support)

I’m bad about taking the coconut oil. I hate the taste. So here’s what I’ve been doing… I mix 1-2 TBS of coconut oil in a little water. Then I add the maca powder, the bee pollen and all the extracts. I warm the glass in a Pyrex container with hot water.

Warming my "potion"

Then I drink it like a shot. It works pretty well. I can get it down in 2-3 big sips.

I also try to drink beet kvass in the morning (I probably do it a couple of times a week.) And wheat grass (I get that in 3-4 times a week). And I drink a glass of kefir or raw milk every night before bed.

Here’s what Seth takes every day:

Seth's supplements

Pro EFA Liquid (1 tsp; this is for his GAPS protocol)
Swedish Bitters (for fat digestion; he is supposed to take this with meals but he never does — I try to remind him)
Gelatin (2 pills)
Iodoral (4 pills)
Raw liver (6 pills)
Fermented cod liver oil (1-2 tsps)
Chlorella (10 pills; for detoxification)
Dessicated adrenal gland (2 pills; for adrenal support)
Selenium (1 pill; to help with iodine uptake)
Butter oil (1/2 tsp)
Biokult (2 pills)

I wish I could get him to take coconut oil too but he won’t. He hates it. He will take pills if I put them in a pill case for him. I lay them out once a week.


He also has a list of oils to take from a teaspoon. And I juice the wheatgrass for him and he will drink beet kvass when I give it to him.

Here’s what Kate takes each day:

Kate's supplements

Concentrated mineral complex (I put a drop in her formula)
Lugol’s 2.2% Iodine (I put 2 drops in her formula once a day)
Biokult (I break open 1 capsule and add it to her formula once a day)
Butter oil (1/2 tsp)
Cod liver oil (1/2 tsp)

She drinks 2 5-ounce bottles of homemade formula per day (one in the morning and one at night), and that has lots of other good things in it, like vitamin C and nutritional yeast and whey.

Here’s what we take when we are sick:

What we take when we are sick

Chestal homeopathic cough syrup (this stuff works great)