Seven Supplements I Take Every Day (Video)

Are you feeling sick and fatigued lately? They are really targeting us right now with EMFs, the shedding from the quackzines, etc. In this video, I share the supplements that I personally take every day. When I miss a day, I feel it. And I cannot afford to be sick right now.

Seven Supplements I Take Every Day (Video)

Are you feeling sick and fatigued lately? They are really targeting us right now with EMFs, the shedding from the quackzines, etc.

In this video, I share the supplements that I personally take every day. When I miss a day, I feel it. And I cannot afford to be sick right now.

If you're getting sick or suffering from symptoms, learn how to boost your immunity and fight back.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Pool Water & Silica Water
02:15 Root Brands Clean Slate Zeolite
04:01 Root Brands Restore Supplement
05:54 Root Brands Zero In Supplement
08:22 Read The Mood Cure by Julia Ross
10:41 Bella Grace Collagen Elixir
13:31 Astaxanthin and Cat's Claw
14:30 Stevia in Bella Grace Collagen Elixir
16:29 LifeWave Stem Cell Activation Patches
18:26 How to Get Started on the Patches
19:06 Friday Weekly Q & A Zoom Call & Monthly Giveaway

Pool Water

Recipe: How to Make Pool Water (Chl0rine Di0xide)
Video: How to Make Pool Water (Chl0rine Di0xide)
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Silica Water

Recipe: Silica Water Recipe: How to Add Silica to Your Drinking Water
Video: How to Make Silica Water

Root Brands Zeolite & Trinity

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My Bella Grace Collagen Review: Best Collagen Supplements for Skin, Joints and Hair in 2023
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The Mood Cure by Julia Ross

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Video Transcript

Good morning, it's Ann-Marie and in this video I'm going to share with you the supplements that I take every day.

Not every day. I'm actually like a really bad supplement taker to be honest. I don't like taking pills. I really don't. I don't like taking supplements, but I've had such good results with my health that there are certain things that I can't live without and I'm going to share with you what those are today.

There's only a handful of things that are really giving me the best results and I like to keep it to a minimum. The number one thing I've done. Oops, I have to get that. The number one thing I've done is water. And I will put all the links below and you can go on my blog and read all about these things.

I've written extensively about pool water and silica water and the combination of the two. These two things, I can't tell you what they are because... They get censored. The silica water doesn't. But pool water, that's why I call it pool water. That's not what it is. It's not actually pool water, it is actually a way of purifying water, and I drink a liter of that a day and then I drink About two liters throughout the day of silica water, which I make at home.

It's similar to Fiji water. It's just water. Purified water. Or sorry, filtered water with extra silica added to it. And I use that to make my coffee. So I drink coffee, I drink tea, herbal tea. Made with silica water in the evenings. I usually drink wine Occasionally, I'll have beer but that's typically what I have my wine with dinner almost always and that's what I drink Occasionally I have I like to have a glass of milk.

But Yeah, I don't drink a lot of I never hardly ever drink soda except for we if we go out Most days, this is what I'm drinking. And changing my water has been the number one game changer. That said, there are a few supplements that I take every day, and I'm going to share with you what those are. Number one is this Zeolite.

Now, it's called Clean Slate, and it's by Root Brands. And this is a way to detox. So I do this first thing in the morning, just about that much. If you don't like the taste. You can put it in a glass of water and you won't taste it at all. It's just salty, it's got concentrated sea salt in it, it's got vitamin C, but most importantly, it's got zeolite.

But the way that they make this zeolite, and I'm going to be writing a lot, I'm making a lot of videos about this, especially in my upcoming webinar. So make sure you get on my email subscription, annmariemichaels. com. Click the red button below to sign up for my email updates. And that way... You will hear about it when my webinar comes out about how to detox this.

This is one of the best ways. I take this every day. You could take two, it depends. If you are very sensitive, if you're very toxic, if you have a lot of toxins, and you know if you do, if you've got any kind of health conditions, probably have a lot of toxins. So you might only want to start with a drop or two and slowly work up.

I've done, two or three drop or folds. It doesn't do anything to me. So I do that every day. The other product that I take from Root Brands is this Restore. Now I'm bad about taking this. I haven't been taking it, but I want to take it more often. I'm just, like I said, I'm just bad about taking supplements.

I have to, oh yeah, I forgot, right? I need to really make it into a routine. This is just a pouch. They say to take this every other day. This is really only half, one serving is half of this. So you buy a pack of it and you get 15 and it lasts you for a month. So I take this every other day. You could take half of it every day, but I don't want to leave it sitting around.

It does have a lot of, you can go look and read about what it's got in it. I'll put my link below. This is PowerPak, it not only is going to restore a lot of the nutrients that you're not getting because of all the toxins in your body, and that's why we take the clean slate, but this is going to restore the nutrients that you're not getting because of those toxins, because those toxins are blocking receptors One of the things that's in there is curc curcumin?

Is that how you say it? The thing that's in turmeric, which we know is helpful to block this. It just, it helps to I won't go into it too much. I'm gonna, like I said, I'm gonna be putting out my webinar. The other thing I take is this. This is, these three that I'm talking about from Root Brands are called the Trinity.

You can buy it in a pack it's very affordable, around 100 a month for these three supplements, but what they do synergistically, just like I said the way the pool water and the silica water works together, so powerful. And that's why I take all three. I just take one of these a day. You know what this little guy does?

This is called zero in. Again, it's part of the trinity. Now, if you didn't want to buy the whole trinity, or you can't afford it right now, just start with this. This is if I took nothing else if I took no other supplements, I would take this I would take this I won't live without this one of the reasons is I'll talk about zero in a second, but brain health your pineal gland is very calcified Everyone's all of our pineal glands Very calcified.

Why? Because of all the aluminum and the heavy metals. Not only that we're taking in from multiple sources, from our food, our water, it's in our, the pharmaceuticals, it's in everything. It's also in the air. It's in the air. We need, that's why I would say, everyone, really. And this alone is 30 or 40 a month.

It depends. If you're taking a smaller dose because you're more toxic, it's going to last you longer. This might last you three months. It's very affordable, and this is the best on the market. The way that they designed this, the way that they manufacture this is it's, they have a proprietary nanotechnology process that actually isolates the silica.

So I talked about silica water. I'm getting incredible results from silica water. So this is adding even more of that very incredible element. Into my body every day and I won't I've talked about silica a lot You can go on my blog type in how to make silica water read more about silica I talked about I have not written enough about zeolite and that's what they make this from It says silica on here, but it actually is made from zeolite.

It's Really one of the fastest growing supplements out there because it is so needed by people and people are getting such great results with it. Anyway, zero in is a brain boosting combination. You can go read about what's in it. These are all natural products, by the way. This increases your dopamine for 14 hours, which is amazing.

That's amazing. Now every time you go scroll on your phone because you're bored, you're supposed to be working or you're, just bored. You can't focus. Maybe you're distracted. It's because you don't have dopamine. This. is what I take every single morning. So dopamine is a feel good chemical in your brain.

One of the best books to learn about brain chemicals is called The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. I tell everybody to get that book. You can get it on audio. I'll put a link to my Audible below. I listen to books on Audible all the time. You can get it at the library too. If you have a library subscription, you can get free books.

They have so many audio books now, it's amazing, but get this book and listen to it and take the questionnaire in the beginning and get, she teaches you exactly what to do to increase your feel good brain chemicals, which is why people are smoking, vaping, doing drugs doing all these things that they know that are bad for them are overeating.

They can't help it. They can't help it. They're stressed. They have anxiety. They have all these problems. And there's really simple things you can do. I would start with, if you have any of those issues, I would start with the mood cure. And start with 20 grams of protein at every meal. And you need to be eating three times a day.

Most people are just not eating adequately. They're really not. Balanced diet. And then, to me especially with the stress we have going on right now, that's why I'm taking the zero in. Because it keeps me focused. I'm able to get a lot more done. And I feel great. All right, let me show you what else I'm taking.

Okay, this right here is my favorite collagen. It's called Bella Grace Collagen Elixir. It's got the collagen in it, which is grass fed. This is really the best source of collagen out there. And it's got cat's claw. The name of the name of the collagen, you can go look it up, is varisol. And I'll put the link to my review of this collagen.

Below and why I use it and why I've been through many types of collagen over the years Everybody knows we need collagen as we age. We're getting less and less collagen And I think that's one of the reasons my skin looks better than most people when they're 55 because I eat so healthy and Take collagen, one of the best ways to get collagen is bone broth now It needs to be organic from organic bones grass fed Ideally, but incorporating bone broth into your diet, like making, I cook my beans and rice in bone broth.

I make soups, stews, sauces. That's the traditional way of cooking. That's the way they always did things. If you're doing that's going to help tremendously. In addition to that, I do this, right? What are the, some of the reasons why you take collagen? Brain health. I was just talking about protein.

I was just talking about anxiety dopamine, getting some of those mood mood cure brain chemicals. It's in collagen. It's in protein. So that's one of the reasons I take one to two of these every day. Right now I'm doing one. When I make more money, I'll be taking two a day because this is so good for you.

The other two ingredients it has in addition to collagen, it has Astaxanthin, and I'm gonna explain why, and it has cat's claw extract. I'm gonna explain why. So the astaxanthin is way more powerful. It's the most powerful form of vitamin C. It's also turns out to be really good for your eyes, and I have blue eyes, and I'm on screens a lot, so you can read up about astaxanthin in eyes, but it's thousands of times more powerful than Vitamin C like a sorbic acid.

So that's what they're including in this. Now. That's what makes this more Absorbable to your body. Okay To put it simply I believe that's what makes it so absorbable So people are reporting amazing results with this not just with skin hair all kinds of things Discomfort. I can't say the P word.

Discomfort. Okay, incredible. And they weren't expecting it. They just started taking it. Maybe they wanted better skin. Maybe they had cellulite. Maybe they had crepey skin. Just various things as they age. Because you're producing less collagen. Your body is producing less collagen. They're seeing all kinds of other results.

The other thing, the cat's claw, this actually repairs DNA. You can look that up. Look up cat's claw DNA. If we got this, that might be something we want to do. You want to rebuild. So I swear by this. It's just a packet. It's sweetened with cellulose, antigen, malic acid. Hold on. I can barely see this.

Working on my eyesight next. Oh, interesting. Okay, I had to look it up. They used to have erythritol in this, but now it is RebA. Robata Diocide A, which is a stevial glycoside from the leaves of stevia. And it's 240 times sweeter than sugar. I don't believe, yeah, this has 10 calories. This, to me, oops, I'll explain what this is in a second.

To me, this is the best. Collagen supplement out there and that's why I take it. Probably gonna have a giveaway on this. Make sure you subscribe to my email updates, my free email updates, and I will I'm gonna be starting giveaways and I really want to give away some of this collagen.

All right. Y'all, that's everything. That's what I do. Oh, and by the way, these things I take in the morning I take these away from my water Oh, the water that I talked about the silica water and pool water. The reason being that the silica water and pool water are Oxidating and these are antioxidants Vitamin C both of these products have vitamin C So you want to take them away?

So that's why I take them in the morning and then I drink the water throughout the day and not just as water but also like I said in the form of coffee and tea, whatever. All right. Finally, this is the last thing I'm doing. This is not a supplement. It's a patch and These are stem cell activation patches.

These are on my blog. If you type in stem cell activation patches I have a tag for it. You can dig through all the stuff that I've been posting about it. I've only been on these for a couple months and I'll show you what I'm doing, what I'm taking and why. There is so much science About these it is so exciting now It's not gonna be something that you're gonna get overnight results with but over time and this could take They say to stay on these for the number of decades So the number of decades you have on 55 you want to be on these patches for that many months So five months five fifty years five decades would be five months Minimum before you get the real powerful results now you want to stick these on the top You know like this, where your neck bends here where you get this.

I don't know what cervical what that is chiropractors tell me But right there on the big bump on your neck you can put it there You can put it just below your belly button two fingers below your belly button now You can put it anywhere also where you have discomfort the three that I'm using during the day Are the X 39, the X 49, and the Eon.

And then, I do, at night, Alavita on my pineal gland, which, I gotta tell you, I have the best dreams and I'm much more intuitive when I do that. And then I do, I'm doing karnicine over my eyes at night and I'm doing that. You can type in karnicine eyes and read more about, there are people doing drops of karnicine and it really helps your eyes.

So I'm hoping to not have to wear these eventually. You'll have to watch me and see over time. Again, these things don't happen overnight. These can, this can take a month, two months. Could take a year for a lot of results, but people are seeing some of the most incredible life changing results with these patches.

Everything from, having gray hair turn dark again, losing weight. Now again, I got to make my disclaimer. Everyone's results will vary. We are not, and we are not curing anything here. You know what we're doing? We're allowing the body to heal itself because that's what the body wants to do. The body naturally wants to heal itself.

All we're doing is supporting the body and doing that. If you go to startx39now. com, that is a website to start on. I'll have my link below if you want to order patches, but the best thing to do with these patches is to message me, annemarie at annemariemichaels. com. And I will just put patches in the subject line.

You can put supplements in the, if you want to ask me about any of these supplements, ask me questions, ask me how to get started on anything. You, everyone's different and you might want, you might feel drawn to start on the patches. You might feel, no, I just want to start with the water. You might have a question for me.

Just reach out to me. I have, that's what I'm here for. I'm going to start doing every Friday. I'm going to start doing an ask me anything zoom call. Where we can talk supplements and we can talk health and biohacking. I'll be posting about that. Make sure you go sign up for my email updates so you get that announcement when that goes up.

I'll also be announcing the September giveaway that we're doing. And we'll be doing a giveaway every month. So many ways that you can get help. Guys, if you're suffering, you don't need to suffer. Don't listen to what they tell you. About how things are incurable because that's a belief system. That's not necessarily.

So that's it for today, I'll see you on the next one.

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