Trump & Operation Warp Speed

Is Trump to blame for Operation Warp Speed? Did Trump push the v@ccine on us? I hear a lot of people saying this so I wanted to share my thoughts.

Trump & Operation Warp Speed

Is Trump to blame for Operation Warp Speed? Did Trump push the v@ccine on us? I hear a lot of people saying this so I wanted to share my thoughts.

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So I hear a lot of people saying that Trump is guilty for pushing the v@ccine on people that he pushed operation warp speed and that was wrong.

And I'm gonna tell you why that is not true.

If you think back to 2020, what was happening is people were terrified. You know, the deep state. Had been preparing us for this for 2020 sorry for 2019 really was, was when it started with Covid 19.

They had planned this for a long time and they knew they had been working on scaring us for a long time. Think of all those things that they pushed over the years. H1N1... like all these different viruses that was on purpose.

That was on purpose. So that when the big one came in 2019, cause this was all a push to get to  agenda 21 and then Agenda 2030.

Okay. That was their plan. So they needed Hillary to get in. Well, she didn't get in and that screwed them up.

So then they're like, okay, let's still go forward with our plan. And we gotta get these v@ccines in as many people as possible. So we're gonna roll out the covid nineteens fake hoax.

Right? Not to say that it wasn't a virus. Who knows what it was. It was something that made us sick.

I'll say that much cuz I know people say they haven't isolated the virus. Whatever. Who knows? I'm not gonna get into that debate, but It was something that made us sick and it was real. Did it warrant locking down the country?

Absolutely not. No way. Absolutely not. That was a hoax.

So they said, we have to get shots in arms, we have to get people v@ccines. Well, they've been hyping the v@ccines for 20 years, 30 years. Right. That's the cure. The v@ccines are the cure.

This was on purpose because they wanted us. They wanted to poison us.

This is what you have to understand. They wanted to poison us. They wanna kill us off, and they wanna make us sick. They make more money off of us when we're sick and they can enslave us.

And I know people that are still asleep don't understand that, and they think that's crazy. Fine, I don't care. You still believe, you know, you can change your gender and you believe in the climate change hoax and whatever else, whatever.

That's what they were planning. They were go and read about Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. That's what they were planning.

So when Trump said all right, let's get the v@ccine done this year, let's get it done faster. They said, oh no, no, we can't do that. It's gonna take us five to 10 years. It normally takes us at several years, you know, usually like 10 years to put a v@ccine out to test it and everything.

That's true. And of course we know they already had the patents and everything. But yeah, that's what they were saying.

So he forced their hand. If he hadn't done that, they would've kept us locked up and they would have destroyed our economy. They would've destroyed our economy.

So, no, I don't think it's Trump's fault.

I'll tell you whose fault it is. We, the people are too, I don't wanna use the word stupid brainwashed. Brainwashed.

And I'll tell you the root of this problem, the root of the problem, the reason why we are so brainwashed, and I say we, cuz I was brainwashed too for a long time. It's, it's what? It's actually in the Bible.

It's the first commandment. It's a false idol. Pharma and the medical industrial complex is a false idol.

We trust it more than we trust God, right? We trust the government more than we trust God. And if we don't have faith in God, we've lost that. So that's number one.

Number two, the other reason why we got into this mess is pride, which is the deadliest sin according to Thomas Aquinas, St. Thomas Aquinas, the deadliest sin that leads to all the others.

It's the way that the devil gets us to sin is through the ensnaring us with the pride, you know, this narcissistic thinking about worrying about what other people think of us.

That's why everybody lined up to get the v@ccine. That's why everybody's afraid to say something that might make them stand out.

Oh, well what if people don't like me? What if I lose my job? What if, what if, what if?

It's pride. You wanna keep your nice job, you wanna keep your nice house. You want people to like you.

Because those of us who did speak out, those of us who did say the v@ccines are poisoned, cuz I've been saying it for 15 years, I lost my career. I lost all my money, I lost all my family, I lost all my friends.

Not all, but a lot. Most, and everybody said I was crazy.

You wanna blame Trump. It's not Trump's fault. It's our fault. It's our fault.

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