Major Health Breakthrough: Just By Changing My Water

Major Health Breakthrough: Just By Changing My Water

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In this video, I share a little about the major health breakthroughs just by changing the water I drink. Looking forward to posting more videos in the coming weeks. Please subscribe!

It's been months since I made a video. I got divorced and I had to move out of my home. I have been trying to help my children get through this and I am also trying to get my website back online after it was destroyed by Big Tech censorship.

I have over 450 blog posts to clean up and republish. Ugh! Baby steps!

Watch the Video: Major Health Breakthrough Just By Changing My Water

Show Notes

What I talked about in this video:

  • My biohacking breakthrough: adding silica to my water and drinking "pool water" (chl0rine di0xide)
  • My upcoming book: Metals, Microbes & Magnets
  • What caused my rheumatoid arthritis: the shots I got in college
  • How we heal by detoxing metals and parasites
  • How I'm sleeping only 5 hours a night (down from 8 hours a night)
  • How chl0rine di0xide (pool water) and silica work synergystically -- because the pool water makes silica more available
  • Studies show beer drinkers have higher bone density (due to the high silica content in beer)
  • How cheap it is to make chl0rine di0xide (pool water) and silica water
  • Root Brands products which can help if you can't do the pool water/silica water yet -- start on these first
  • We don't need to worry about people shedding and about toxins in our environment because zeolite, silica and hl0rine di0xide (pool water) will remove them and detox them from the body
  • To get healthy, we just need to detox and then restore the minerals that are being displaced
  • Dennis Crouse and Chris Exley -- genius books about aluminum -- see links below

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