News Update Sept 8, 2023: Staying Alive in Challenging Times (Video)

In this news update, I discuss current events including the upcoming booster shots and shedding – and talk about how to stay healthy and stay alive. Additionally, I address the issue of censorship and the attack on our First Amendment the need for everyone to speak out.

News Update Sept 8, 2023: Staying Alive in Challenging Times (Video)

In this news update, I discuss current events including the upcoming booster shots and shedding – and talk about how to stay healthy and stay alive. Additionally, I address the issue of censorship and the attack on our First Amendment the need for everyone to speak out.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction & Where to Find Me Online These Days
04:57 Social Media Censorship
06:03 Health Risks of the Shots & Shedding
08:43 Censorship Increasing Means Lockdowns & Deaths Are Coming
13:04 Censorship and Q and Anons
17:15 Elon Musk and the ADL
23:04 Questioning Greenblatt's Claims
25:50 More Current Events
32:49 Jan Halper on Executive Orders Being Extended & Upcoming Georgia Trial
35:37 Alex Jones on the Upcoming Booster Shot in 8 Days & How to Stay Healthy
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Video Transcript

00:01 Hey everyone, in this video I'm gonna do a just a little update on what's going on in the world.Here

00:08 comes my dog. So, I have been talking a lot about health because I think that we are really gonna get hit hard here.

00:20 In the near future and so I wanted to update you on, you know, keep updating you about what, what to do.

00:30 There's a lot of things you can do to get healthy.Boom, boom, pool water. This is like the number one thing that I recommend.

00:42 Also these stem cell activation patchesthe anti-parasite program, all the things that I recommend. I'm going to be launching a webinar very soon to walk you through all 10 things that will help.

00:58 So stay tuned for that. Make sure you subscribe to my email updates wherever you're watching this, go to and subscribe.

01:10 Just a real quick update that I did get hit again by the big tech tyrants, I'm no longer on it.

01:19 Instagram, I also lost Facebook this summer and I haven't been posting on YouTube it is, let me see, I really am going to try to get back and post on YouTube even though I only have 171 subscribers.

01:39 Because I lost my original channel, but I want to start posting on here again because YouTube Shorts is powerful andyou know, the last time I was posting on here was when I was still married last year he was very critical.

01:58 He was very critical of me posting so that's why I stopped. But it's also really hard when you have as much PTSD as I do.

02:11 Everything that I've been through, not just, not just all the censorship and losing my, all my income and everything, but also So, the divorce.

02:19 And trying to take care of my kids and make sure that they're okay. It isit's just hard to know like what can I post on the different platforms.

02:30 I don't have a team. I did just recently hire back my, my part time assistant, virtual assistant. Which is awesome.

02:41 She works remotely and she's helping me try to rebuild.I don't have her for very many hours a week, but just a little bit, which, but every little bit helps.

02:50 Somy goal is to rebuild my business because I only have three months more of rent from my husband, ex-husband.

02:58 Hehe's only paying my rent for a year, which is just unbelievable.But, but this whole thing is unbelievable. It's just unbelievable howhow people are being treated.

03:13 And it's not just me. I know so many stories, but my goal is just to stay alive and, help other people stay alive so we can get through to the other side of this.

03:22 So anywaymy blog is here.Rumble is where I'm posting all my videos and then I will try to post more on YouTube.

03:33 But if you guys are following me, just, you know, rumble is really. The place where you can see all my new videos and because I'mhow do I say this?

03:49 I'm trying to get my stuff onto my blog, which is a little slower for me to do. I'm posting these videos for me and then I get them up on the blog as soon as I can, so I'm a little backlogged butif you want to see the latest it's on, it's on rumblewhat else?

04:11 TikTok, I'm going to be posting more on TikTok. I am still on X, it's cheese slave 4, they, they axed my other account this summer.

04:20 Soyou can always find me just trying to look for cheese slave, but anyway, this slash page slash cheese slave, this is, and I've got this at the top of my blog where you can see all the places you can follow me.

04:38 It just links to that. SoI try to keep this updated. It's such a, oh, and Telegram. Truth Social, I don't post that much on, it's kind of like gab and getter.

04:48 I'm not, I didn't even put them on here because I haven't been posting on there that much. I probably should.

04:52 It's just hard. Telegram, I only have 507 subscribers. I didn't post. There for a while because I thought I would be able to keep my Twitter account until the leftists banned me.

05:03 whatever. By the way, I'm only going to post this video on Rumble. I'm not going to post it on YouTube because I'm going to talk about things that I can't talk about on there.

05:12 yeah, I think we're going into kind of a pretty bad time. I think this is the, the end of the movie.

05:19 I really, really do. So I think they're fighting back hard and I think they're going to be banning a lot more people.

05:25 And I think thatinformation's going to be hard to come by. So make sure you subscribe to me becauseyou know, right now we just need to stay alive.

05:35 I love this meme.And this is what it's all about. People are still smoking pot. You guys, I just saw somebody on Twitter talking about this that, you know, alcohol was worse than pot.

05:47 Not true. Not true. I'm not saying you should be drinking a lot, but having a glass of wine with dinner is not going to do anything to your pineal gland.

05:57 Pot and other types of pharmaceutical drugsvaccines, these are going to destroy your pineal gland.Water that's not filtered, cigarettes, vape, all that stuff is bad.

06:10 And this is your connection to God. This is what's going to help you get through. Right now. So I'm meditating every day.

06:17 I'm praying every day. Andand I'm doing everything I can to detoxify as I already talked about the pool water, but the other thing that I use is this.

06:33 This is It's called Clean Slate. You can go to my shop pages under Supplements and find this. I'll try to put a link below, but that's what's keeping me intuitive.

06:48 In fact, I'm more intuitive now than I have been in a long time. Ever. Probably. Ever. So, just because everyone's jabbed up around you, and that's why you'll hear my voice is like the way it is, because I was around jabbed up people this weekend.

07:02 Sadly, it's my own family that I finally got to see again, but yeah, they're shedding. The shedding's real. The shedding's absolutely real.

07:11 Thanks for watching! I've watched so many videos. We've seen so many doctors talking about this, and I've experienced it. The first time I was around a shed person, a shedding person in 2021, I never got it, but around these people, come here.

07:34 Of course my dog starts talking when I get on a video.Hold on. Anyway, if you're not seeing your family and your friends a lot right nowif you feel, you know, isolated, God has a reason for everything there.

07:50 This could be a little bit of a blessing. Cause I just remember like being around somebody that was jabbed up.

07:57 She had just gotten it and I got a giant bruise on my leg. It was like the whole, my whole calf all the way down to my practically to my ankle.

08:05 And I was like, what is this? And that's when I knew the shedding was real. I also watched my ex, you know, go to college.

08:12 Conferences and stuff and he'd come back and he couldn't get out of bed. So there areshedding's real. So we got to do all the stuff and that's why I made that whole webinar or I'm making it, it's almost done and I'll be putting it out soon.

08:27 So make sure you subscribe and you'll get an announcement. When it goes out. I just wanted to report on a few things I'm seeing.

08:41 The fact that I, that I just got suspended and that David Rodriguez said they have new YouTube terms that are much harsher.

08:51 You know, I got, I got suspended from you from Instagram last night.That, and by the way, they're total criminals, these people, like what they do is they say, oh, you can appeal your account, but if you try to email them, they just won't.

09:09 Reply back. They did the same thing to me on, on Facebook.Same thing on TikTok. It's all the same. They are criminals.

09:18 They're psychopathic, genocidal criminals. And there is no way, there is no, nothing we can do other than to completely smoke them out andtake them down.

09:31 It is a, it is a cult. They are a cult. And like I said, genocidal psychopaths. So you know, we all need to be speaking out as much as we can.

09:45 I know not everybody can speak out publicly, but if you can't, then. Talk to the people that you know. Help people wake up.

09:56 hopefully this can end soon. Hopefully this is going to end soon. I really hope so. Anywaythis is about, I'm just gonna, I'll just try to, when I, I may start doing these updates.

10:08 Every day, just to kind of update you guys on what I see happening.We'll see. I may not do them every day.

10:16 It just depends on what I can get done. The most, the biggest priority for me is getting this webinar done so I can get this out to people to help you guys.

10:26 Stay healthy. That's some big. I guess priority.And then second priority is to report on what's going on so that, you know, we can get through this.

10:38 It helps me. And I think it helps you guys not only to stay abreast of what's happening, but to have an idea of like, you know, when things are coming.

10:49 So, there's a whole thing going on right now on Twitter with the ADL. And if you're not familiar with thatthis is what's happening.

11:01 So Ian, here's Ian Smithretweeting whoever this guy is. I don't know. He's some actor. He's a. He's a washed up actor.

11:12 I remember him being in movies a long time ago, but I haven't seen him in anything in a really long time.

11:16 And who cares what he has to say. He just has really bad TDS.So whatever. Elon

12:15 Musk is saying they're going to sue them.Jonathan Greenblatt.Here it is. Anti-defamation League. Look at this guy. He's making over a million dollars a year.

12:35 So this is a dark money group and they kind of like a lot of these groups that pretend to be, you know, chaired.

12:47 You know, non-profit organizations, but they're really just completely taking away our freedom of speech. Hate speech is protected by the United States Constitution.

13:01 There's no such thing as hate speech, okay. It's just a Scott Adams says if the ADL takes down X, free speech is gone.

13:14 You'd only have regime liars like CNN and the ADL. And then to free speech is an existential threat to civilization.

13:20 We're treating it like a disagreement. Totally agree with him. Like liars. Okay. CNN, ADL, absolutely fraudulent, criminal, liars, living like parasites off of our freedom.

13:40 United States of America is the last bastion of freedom in the world. And if we go down, the whole world goes down.

13:47 That's why I'm glued to the news every day. And that's why I'll try to make these videos as often as I can about politics to keep you guys posted about what's happening.

13:59 If Elon Musk sues the ADL, and I apologize if- I'm, I don't know if myI, I'm, at some point I'm gonna get better audio.

14:15 I apologize if I hit, if when I'm touching the keyboard it's noisy. I, I can't play what's on the screen at the same time if my headphones in, so I'll figure it out.

14:26 But right now I'm just trying to like, as I say, stay alive, take care of my family, and make it to the other side of this.

14:35 You know, I've been really, really, really attacked by the way. That's a, that's a glutathione patch that I have on because I'm sick from being around jabber people.

14:46 So this actually, there's a patent that really does increase the glutathione in your body which helps detox. they're trying to say that people are anti-Semitic, they're trying to say thatyou know, well I'll get to Alex Jones in a second.

15:13 The fact that Nick Fuentes, I just posted a little clip of him on Telegramtalking last night right here. He just posted a little record.

15:23 Here, you can click on it and listen to it. And he's just talking about the fact that he's still censored.

15:28 He's a Catholic. He's a Catholic. Why is a Catholic and their opinions, you know, less important than this guy? Like, who is this guy?

15:39 Why is he, why are they controlling Thank you for watching. The speech on the internet. So, so what happened wasthey're fighting Elon Musk.

15:56 Let me show you. Let me go back. Oh, that's not him. Hold on. Okay. He just said, here you go, drop the anti, just defamation league, it's cleaner.

16:27 Now this is interesting. This is not related to ADL, but look at this. Domino's Effect. Jack Ryan at Para Sex Club.

16:39 Ryan drops out of Senate race. Obama takes his place. Becomes Senator. Wins president. President C alleged Obama drug-fueled gay o***.

16:49 And look at what icon he chose, emoji he chose to use, a pizza. You think that's an accident? I don't.

16:56 I think he knows. And I think he's a white hat.I do. And I think, by the way, I think there's those of us, I'll be honest, it's weird that I'm still so censored.

17:09 Like, I know people like Alex Jones, Kanyeyou know, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavis, Gavin McInneswho elseNick Fuentes, did I say Nick Fuentes already?

17:33 All these people are still censored, and they can't get on. There's a lot, actually a lot of people on Truth Social still who can't get onand these are all, you know, what's interesting, these are all the anons.

17:45 So if you look up people likeJulian Drum, he's still censored. On Twitter. I'm pretty sure.Why are these people all still censored?

18:00 Because they're over the target! So when people say QAnon is a psyop or whatever Q is a psyop. No, it's not.

18:12 No, because they, they, these are the people that they're deliberately shutting up. And in fact, if you go look watching!

18:22 What, what's his face saidthe Jonathan Greenblatt at the end of this clip here on CNN, he said QAnon is hate speech and anti-Semitic.

18:37 He says it at the end of this clip. Well, that's ridiculous because if you actually go read the original Q board, it's all about the sex t********** ring.

18:49 It's not hate speech. There's nothing on that site. It's just ridiculous. Like they just don't want you to go look at it and they're just trying to, they're just trying, they, CNN and people like him, they shut down speech.

19:02 On all these platforms and they make it so that people will just try to get the news from CNN and then people that watch CNN will think, oh yeah, QAnon people are hate speech, right?

19:14 As opposed to actually researching it for themselves. You know, he's the worst. Minion. He's really just a minion for the deep state.

19:30 But those people are the worst. Anyway, a whole bunch of stuff is gonna come out.I don't know if you remember, but, Saving Israel for Last was, I'm gonna get back to this, I'm gonna talk about this in a second, this debunking.

19:50 Saving Israel for Last was what they said, what Q told us. So this is playing out.Let's see, I'm trying to go back.

20:04 This is all the stuff that came out this week about Obama, on Tucker, you know about that.Elon basically said he's gonna sue the, I have to get past all this, he's gonna sue the ADL.

20:22 And if you remember, it was even the ADL that was censoring people like Laura Loomer, which she's Jewish. So, is this really about Jewish?

20:37 No. No, here it is. Jonathan at ADL kicked off a massive Twitter boycott campaign less than a week after the acquisition closed.

20:48 Literally nothing had changed about the site. Our U.S. Revenue is still 60% down from that campaign, but slowly improving. So they're asking people to boycott.

21:00's go down. I want to see where he said they're gonna sue.Exploring the politics of defamation. I didn't see that yet.

21:33 Okay. To clear our platform's name on the matter of anti-Semitism, it looks like we have no choice but to file a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League.

21:43 Oh, the irony. This is really interesting and it has to happen. It has to happen. You can't have people controlling our speech like this.

21:57 Anyway.Let's go back to this thing that just got posted.Accurate analysis. He says from Mario Noffall. I don't know how to say his name.

22:12 ADL CEO broke a silence on X and Elon by lying and trapping the host. So this was all September 6th, so a couple days ago.

22:24 So much is happening. He claimed that Elon brought an amplified antisemitism and hate speech back to the platform. This is not true.

22:35 The ex-safety team shared that an independent assessment by Sprinkler found that hates, ,speech impressions on ex to be 0.003% compared to Twitter's estimate of 0.012%.

22:47 So it's down. Independent analysis. When Greenblatt was asked by the host, who also identified as Jewish, if he was seeking a position or donation from ex to the ADL, he took offense to this, called it an anti-Semitic trope, almost as if he was trying to cancel him leaving the host uncomfortable and

23:14 defensive. Greenblatt, number four, Greenblatt claimed ADL is not publicly or privately taught. If it remains a hellscape, the advertisers won't take part in it, meaning Twitter.

23:33 Number five, Greenblatt said the ADL is a small non-profit in New York, not true. The ADL is an influential organization with a number of I

24:40 have not watched this video yet. I will show you what I'm talking about.If you really want to see what's censored go to B*******.

24:53 There's a video that somebody told me to watch months ago and I haven't gotten around to watching it. Here it is.

24:58 I'm not going to say what it is. You guys can. Write it down. Go watch it. I don't have an opinion on this yet, but I know it's very censored and if it's very censored then I'm very curious about what they talk about.

25:12 So I will be watching this in my free time. It's very long. I believe it's, it's, it's. It's very long, but there's a lot of information in this.

25:23 Now, I think this is what, this is kind of the stuff that Kanye and, and Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes were talking about last November when they were on X.

25:34 Do you remember that? And everybody said, oh, they're anti-Semitic. Well, we might want to watch that. This video. Another video I always tell people to watch is this one.

25:56 This one. Now people have re-uploaded it because it got taken down. You know what's neat is to find out what gets taken down everywhere and then go watch it.

26:05 For yourself. You know, if you think that Alex Jones was wrong about Sandy Hook, please go watch this video. I watched it a long time ago, years ago, because somebody told me about it, and it's probably two, two, almost three hours long.

26:20 And it's made by independent researchers, independent journalists. What people are gonna find out is the people that really run this world are Satanists, and they're everywhere.

26:35 They're everywhere. So, we're gonna find out. Find out the, is it, you know, that, that video I just showed you, the other one is the, is it, is it Jewish people?

26:51 I don't think so. I think they pose as victims. I think they pose as victims. That's what they do. Anyway, enough people are waking up now that it's all about to flip, and I do believe that's about to happen.

27:07 A couple of other things I want to show you on today's video, and then I'm gonna wrap this up.Some

27:12 exciting things happened yesterday. Well, while Biden was sending 600 million in weapons to Ukraine, something else happened, and I posted this on Telegram this morning Executive Order 13848 was about to expire, and it just got extended.

27:37 Now, You can look up this yourself. 13848? Oh wow, really? We seized their assets. Okay, this is about seizing assets.

28:08 This was put in place in 2018. Have they, if they did rig the election in 2020, anybody involved is going to have their assets seized.

28:21 There was another executive order that's still in place. Again, also got extended. I don't know when the last time it got extended because I haven't looked it up recently, but I think it's supposed to go till this December.

28:33 And that's this one. Blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights. Human rights abuse or corruption. Now that one is seizing assets.

28:50 This is where we have those half a million sealed indictments. I think it's, that's what I've heard over. 500,000 now.

29:03 Sealed indictments. Now we know about the global human t********** ring. This has to do with Jeffrey Epstein, all that stuff, but we also know about all the stuff that they've done.

29:16 The Nuremberg code, right? All the forced bioweapons. So they've been subjecting us to all the human rights abuses, forcing us to take that, forcing us toco- with coercion.

29:35 So we'll see what happens, but I think that was promising. That that just got extended. And then the other big thing is the Georgia trial.

29:45 So let's just, oh, this also happened. This is not Catholic. Can Martin Luther's successors or any. This is father Altman.

29:59 He was the one in 20. Who said you can't be a Democrat and be a Catholic because he was talking about Joe Biden.

30:06 He's a canceled priest. I don't know if he's actually canceled if he, if they took him out of his parish or not, but there are many canceled priests now who are speaking out.

30:14 He's a, he's a hero.So he's talking about the Pope and saying that Francis is not the Pope. Thanks for watching!

30:20 And he goes into great deal too. So you can look him up on his channel.That just happened.And then, oh yeah, this is the other news.

30:32 Elon got emergency requests from NATO to mobilize Starlink to conduct a Pearl Harbor-like attack on Russia's fleet in the Black Sea, on the Black Sea, then talked to Russian military who said it would 100% lead to a nuclear responsethen he sided with Russia.

30:49 And he says, if I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would have explicitly be complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation.

31:00 So that's interesting. A friend of mine wrote this and I just thought it wasreally true. Hard to know for sure, but I think the next round of shots and whatever 5G single they're going to, they're going to dothey do.

31:18 Do it. Going to be a doozy. They stop accepting VAERS reports on COVID shots like a week or two ago.

31:26 Tells me they know it's going to be bad and they don't want a record of it. So that's why I saythat's why I'm working hard to get my webinar out there.

31:35 So you guys have lots of options. To fight. We can, we can fight the transmission of this. We can fight getting sickbetween pool water, patchesall the things I talk about.

31:54 I'm going to talk about my webinar so make sure you're subscribed to my email updates. Finally, I want to do one more.

31:58 Let me show you some, hold on, I gotta get the dog. Okay, Jan Halper, if you guys have been following her, she works for the DOD as a contractor and she's beenon David RodriguezNino's corner lately talking and I just wanted to share this.

32:21 There, there's going to be a triggering event and I think the big triggering event is going to be the Georgia case.

32:32 Now that is going to be streamed on YouTube, live stream and carried on the television. That's really what got my GB interview viral because I was so excited that I could tell them finally that Biden is the legitimate president of a bankrupt corporation.

32:58 And within that, he's been signing or renewing Trump's executive orders when the Democrats find out or the progressives or liberals, whatever we want to call them, when they find out that he has been renewing them.

33:24 They're going to be incredible shock. So we have to ask ourselves, does Biden really know what's going on? Is he not being given orders by Obama, but being given orders by someone else?

33:39 That is really furthering things on our part. Those are the things that we really need to continue to look at because it'll reinforce what we already know and those are the things that show us the progression.

34:00 So, I've heard people question her, you know, and ask, like, who is she or whatever, like, I don't think any of this is coincidental.

34:13 I think everything that we get as information is on purpose.AndI think the white hats want us to know certain things.

34:30 Let's just put it that way. The last thing I want to talk about is what Alex Jones just talked about.

34:41 Let me share here this. This one. Alex Jones warns new COVID shots will trigger shedding, epidemic, and new lockdowns. So.

35:00 This was what Todd Callender was also talking about this in terms of something about the Marburgwhatever that is and 5G, but just watch a little bit of the numbers.

35:16 I agree with those and it's the UN. That had the policies that did that and then they sit there as the sabers while they do it.

35:21 I mean, those numbers don't even compute, do they? 80 something million people. We just round it down. I think it was like 86 million last time I checked.

35:31 New York Times. And they sit there as writers quoting the UN. Global Food Director. We played clips of him. Hell on Earth this year.

35:44 Hundreds of millions now set to star to death. And they're trying to bring in new lockdowns around the world. They've got the celebrities wearing masks to get on TV.

35:52 It's all there. It's the same rollout. So guys pull up some of the latest numbers from Edward Dowd and the insurance companies and statisticians.

36:01 We need to show some of that. But we are adapting to being killed. We're just normalizing. And again, I want to ask people that serve the system and go along with it because I care about you because we're in this together.

36:15 That's what empathy is. Do you feel safe in the system like this? I mean, you like this. You think it's cute.

36:25 You dilute yourself. Some of you I know and they just think oh, that's not true. The hell it isn't. So this is not a broadcast about entertainment.

36:39 This is not about playing footsie with people. People ask me why haven't you sold out or why don't you back down?

36:53 Basking down means knowing this is going on and then having four children and, not fighting to secure their future. Why would I not see that's why I make this point a lot.

37:04 I'm not a hero and I don't want you to think you're a hero either for fighting evil. That's what you're supposed to do people.

37:13 You're not a hero when you breastfeed your baby when you're a woman or you change its diaper. You're not a hero when somebody tries to kidnap your child to fight back.

37:25 You're doing what you're designed to do. And when we get to the point of realizing that what I've done thanks to your support because you understand this is the right thing to do is the default position.

37:40 Like not putting your one-year-old in the backyard at night by the pool because you know, they're gonna fall in and drown.

37:50 It's not heroic when you've got a backyard pool to put a fence up around it. It's what you're supposed to do.

38:00 And, and, and that's really all I'm trying to do is saying as a culture, we're run by people that are so delusional and have so much power to commit corruption that they don't understand they're their own worst enemy.

38:16 They're like a monkey that you hand to hang grenade with the end pulled out of it. Here monkey, here have a hang grenade.

38:25 Okay, he talks a little bit here about when he got sick and how sick he got and I've definitely had that experience as well.

38:33 His wife they had to take ivermectin. That's why if you don't have ivermectin, you should get some. The other one is mabendazole.

38:41 Castor oil is really good. It does kill worms. That's what these clots are guys. That's what these clots are kind of a worm.

38:49 So anyway, I'll play a little more on my chest for a week. And if I wouldn't have had the bedecedine and the other things, I mean, my wife is healthy as a horse.

38:58 She got it after me. She's like, I go to the hospital. I can't breathe. I said, baby, just take the bedecedine, take the avermectin.

39:03 And she was like, oh gosh, yeah, that feels a lot better. I mean, you know, she, she's, but when she got sick, she was 47 years old and she'd been around and she, she's like, I've never felt anything like this.

39:15 I can't breathe. It has that constricting. You've never had asthma. I never experienced asthma. I'm told that's what asthma is like.

39:23 I mean, it's like an asthma thing. Yeah, there's a cooked up virus. Yeah, they inject this with something that creates prions that slough, but I just showed you putting on videos in 2017 saying we'll release this.

39:37 It will cause strokes, heart attacks. They'll think it's a virus, but it's really a self self-replicating nanotech we've developed. And then we have Eagle Health Alliance in 2017 approaching Trump, saying we're going to release it in China to quote study it.

39:50 And the Pentagon said, are you crazy? That's biological warfare. That's World War III. Just like Biden said sending Abrams tanks, or F-16s, to Ukraine is World War III.

40:05 The statisticians on, they've had the congressional hearings. I'm trying to skip ahead. The deaths in 2020 were nothing. It was high.

40:12 It was mainly flu. Then the vaccine comes in. It starts replicating. It starts shedding. That's what it was doing. Then people get prion infections, and it was 100% real.

40:24 And the death numbers don't go up in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. They're going straight up. Yeah, that's what's happening now.

40:33 And it's the vaccinated that are mainly doing it, but they're also shedding. I can see it. I have the studies.

40:38 I have the. Ports. We have the information. 100%. He's absolutely right. So you need to get fortified. You need to get healthy.

40:47 You need to get ready because whatever they've fandangled, whatever they've set up, whatever mutation they know is going to be in this shot that rolls out in.

40:59 Eight days. Eight days. From today. I predict when they start giving the shot just like last time, all hell's gonna break loose.

41:08 And how many women, millions of them went online and said, my boyfriend got the shot and now I have periods twice a month or three times a month or no period.

41:18 Anyway, you can go watch the rest of it. It's on my My, it's cheese slave four is my Twitter.

41:27 Anyway, it's important to make sure that you have stuff on hand that's gonna be, you're gonna be able to fight.

41:35 And that's why I've spent the last two years biohacking. And I will be launching this webinar. I'll show you called detox the Vax.

41:55 That's, that's this. So I'll be launching this. I'm going to be doing a sneak preview. Actually on my blog any day now I'm going to be putting it up.

42:02 I'm just finishing up this PDF with all the linkswhich will show you everything you need, everything you need. So go to Anne Marie at

42:13 Sorry, that's my email address. Go to my, my website and if you go right here, click get free email updates.

42:26 That is going to, that is going to allow you to sign up for the free email updates and then you will get, I'm going to put a sneak preview up anyway.

42:39 And you'll get that PDF with everything. So make sure you do that.We need to keep our families healthy.Especially

42:46 after they roll this out. He said eight days. Today's the eighth. that's really interesting because what we have happening in eight days.

42:58 Is this and I've been talking about this for a very long time. If you've been following me, which it's hard to follow me because I'm not easy to follow.

43:12 Cause I'm so censored, it's the first month of the civil. Year in the Hebrew calendar and it literally means a beginning.

43:25 So the fact that they're rolling this out, I don't know what, let me see if I can find it. Yeah, there it is.

43:31 New COVID-19 booster shots expected to be as available as early as next week. I'm really hoping my family members don't do it, but they can't hear me.

43:45 They cannot hear me. I'm sure you guys have the same experience. Fall of 2023 we, it's gonna be bad guys.

43:57 I have a real bad feeling.So he's saying a week.I don't know where he's getting that number, but we want to make sure.

44:12 So go sign up for my webinar so that you can get all the ways. And in my experience, sometimes you have to throw a lot of stuff at this.

44:23 Like when I got sick, being around, you know, multiple booster peoplewho I love. I love them very much. I'm so sorry that they did that.

44:34 But I did. I'm sick. Now when I don't get sick normally, they are shedding like a mofo people. So anyway, make sure you follow me.

44:46 I'll have all the info and where I'm going to start doing every Friday. I'm going to start doing zoom calls.

44:52 I believe talking to everyone about like how to get healthy. It'll be on rumble. Well, it'll be on zoom and then I'll put them on rumble for my subscribers only.

45:02 So make sure you get in on that and we're going to biohack together. We're going to biohack our way out of this jungle.

45:07 Okay. I love you all. Thanks for supporting me. Thanks for being with me and we're going to get through this.

45:12 This war is going to be over soon. It's going to be over soon and anybody's still falling for this crap.

45:18 Ugh. I know it's terrible, but we can fight our way through and we can stay alive. That's what we got to do right now.

45:25 Okay. That's all for today.