Weekly Wellness Webinar Replay: August 8, 2022

Weekly Wellness Webinar Replay: August 8, 2022

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Wow - we've uncovered more breakthroughs since our last episode! Jodi & Ann Marie share what they discovered about allergies and parasites.

We also discuss the power of ragweed, wormwood, tannins, absinth, dandelions, pine, and cedar and how we are "returning to the garden of Eden".

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Castor Oil (Ricinoleic Acid)
Bursitis Caused by Dirofilaria Repens in Humans
Eating Bugs & Parasites: Eat Ze Bugs (go to 21mins)
Anthelmintic Activity of Castor Oil and Mustard Oil
Adipose Tissue: A Safe Haven for Parasites?
Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Packs
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Free Pool Water Recipe: How to Make CDS
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Water Bearers CDS Testimonial Group
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