Will There Be a Zombie Apocalypse on October 4th?(Video)

I made this video to talk about what's happening on October 4th, the emergency broadcast system, which people are worried is going to be some kind of 5G attack that will trigger the Marburg virus, which is a highly contagious form of hemorrhagic fever.

Will There Be a Zombie Apocalypse on October 4th?(Video)

I made this video to talk about the emergency broadcast system broadcast happening on October 4th, which people are worried is going to be some kind of 5G attack that will trigger the Marburg virus, which is a highly contagious form of hemorrhagic fever.

I do think there will be an EMF attack but I don't think it's going to play out the way that people are saying.

I think the frequency of the broadcast will activate the Marburg virus but people won't see anything right away. I predict that it will be a Trojan horse. It will look like nothing happened, but then people will start dying and shedding even more, causing more people to get sick and die.

I explain in the video that the best thing you can do to avoid getting sick from the people who will be shedding is to detox with zeolite, chl0rine di0xide, silica water and anti-parasitics.

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Watch the Video: Will There Be a Zombie Apocalypse on October 4th?

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    Video Transcript

    Hey everyone, I wanted to make a video and talk about what's happening on October 4th, the emergency broadcast system, which people are worried is going to be some kind of 5G attack. And I was watching James Grundvig this morning, And I just want to share a few thoughts with you. So let me share my screen.

    This is what I'm talking about. This was two weeks ago on man in America. It's been on multiple channels talking about Todd calendar saying government will trigger deadly Marburg peg pandemic with 5g COVID was a trial run. So you can go and watch this episode here. I'll try to put all these links below.

    And then I was watching this morning.

    Amp News is one of my favorite channels. They have so much good information on here. So if you're on Rumble, I would highly recommend watching Amp News, especially James Grunvig. He's one of my favorites just really great reporting.

    On John's making sense of the matter, we report. He is talking about 5G, and in this episode, which is dated I think it's yesterday, he's talking about the fact that, yeah, it was yesterday, which is September 27th. I don't know when this video's gonna go up, because I'm having to change the way I'm doing some of my recording it'll be up as soon as I can get this one up.

    So this was September 27th when he recorded this, and or when he posted this, and he's talking, he says he doesn't think that it's gonna be that bad, that he thinks it's gonna be a nothing burger here's what I think.

    I think it's gonna look like a nothing burger, but it's not actually a nothing burger, and I'm gonna explain why. I think they are gonna zap us with 5G, but I actually think they already started. I think they've already started and they've been doing it for, over a month now. I remember when COVID really didn't hit until they locked us down in March, but it had been going around for months before that.

    And I got sick in February of 2020. My, my mother in law came back from, I think it was Australia and she was sick, really sick. And then I got sick and I knew that's what it was. Now, was it COVID, the virus? I don't believe so. I don't think, I don't think it is what they're telling us it is. I think it's some kind of parasite.

    Some kind of weaponized parasite, for sure. I think it was in the masks. I think it was in the swabs, the testing swabs. Remember those? If you go to my Rumble channel you can just type in, oops, Unrumble, Weird Science, She's Slave,

    and I posted this two years ago, but I show a lot of the things that we were seeing back then, and this is after the vaccine rolled out, but let me try to show you here. Something here. It's, this is about some kind of nanotechnology. They're talking about it in here. I have multiple clips in here. I'll put this link below as well, but you can just, you can search for it on Rumble.

    Let me see. Yeah, this is when people were sticking the magnets on themselves, remember? But it's, but it was also let's see if I can find it. Hold on. I'm used to using my other software, and I don't know how to pause this. There it is. There it is. Okay, black strands that are being found both inside the swabs that are used in the COVID testing and various brands of disposable face masks.

    And that here's an example of one in this video here.

    Wow, we have another spotting of these little black strands that move on their own. How creepy is this? This time under a mask, and this appears to be from a second source. We already saw this before with a lab test swab. This looks like it's a brand new mask that's being opened up and put under a microscope.

    And you can see just like we saw before on the test swabs, these weird black strands that seem to have a life of their own. Okay. And it's my theory that these now have grown into the giant plots. That is my theory. These are graphene oxide based nanoparticle, hydrogel, whatever that I think these are what have grown into the giant clots that they're finding, footlong clots, they're not really clots, they're like worms, they're parasites.

    And that's what embalmers are finding, multiple embalmers, go on X. com or Rumble and type in embalmers. clots and see what you find. Making movements just absolutely horrifying. This was posted on the Julian Media House TikTok account and here's the footage from the last video full link down below. They pulled it out and put it under a microscope and there's all these little black strands that moved towards heat and reacted with water. And now we have here with the masks a similar observation made by apparently a secondary source.

    So let me play all the clips.

    Just absolutely horrifying. So why are there all these little black strands that move around on both the masks and the testing swaps? This reeks of an agenda. An evil one. So as you can see, these moving threads or parasites or whatever these things are... Are very similar from the mask to the swabs. Please let me know in the comments down below or email me at timshirth@proshotmail.com if anybody has any information about what these are.

    Oh, so that was July 2021. Wow, that, that, that is hard. They talk a little here in this video. You can go back and watch the whole thing about Morgellons. And this is again, it's weird science on my channel. I captured all that. I do think that's what the embalmers are finding.

    And again, you can just go Google that. Or not Google it, but yeah. Look at these videos that these embalmers are finding. These massive... Look at this huge fibrous lung clot from a 32 year old double jab man. I think they started out as those tadpoles. That's my theory. And they grow to the size of the vein or the over the last few days, I was a pro.

    Okay. So this is Dr. Jane Ruby. She's really good. She's one of the ones reporting on this anyway, it's a parasite. It's a synthetic parasite. Do you guys remember 2020 Oscar winner? Remember who won the Oscars swept the Oscars.

    Parasite. Do you think that's a coincidence? No, it's not a coincidence. That's why They tell us what they're going to do to us. That was in The academy awards are like February 2020. All right here's what I want to get into today talking a little bit about this 5g Because so there was a woman named holda clark.

    Who they smeared She wrote all these books back in the 90s The Cure for All Cancers, Cure for HIV and AIDS, Cure for HIV and AIDS. Okay they totally attacked her, just like they do to anyone that's doing any kind of good research, right? And they claimed that she died of blood and bone cancer.

    Yeah, sure. I'm sure they weaponized whatever they weaponized against her. Who knows? I'm just... speculation. And I guess I should make my disclaimer. Whatever I say in this video is not medical advice. It is for educational purposes only, and entertainment only, right? Talk to your doctor. It's so funny that we have to say that.

    So she was a naturopath, and I read her books back then. She claimed all human disease was related to parasitic infection, also claimed to be able to cure all diseases, including cancer and AIDS, by zapping them with electrical devices that she marketed. Alright, She's not the only one who said this, said similar things.

    And of course they trashed her. They said she was crazy, yada, yada. I want to talk a little bit more about her. She, basically what she did, if you read about her and read her books, she went and she zapped with different frequencies. Each different type of organism, all the way from the smallest parasites, single cell parasites, all the way up to hookworms.

    And she would use different frequencies to kill them. And she found that using different tinctures, herbal tinctures, like wormwood and black walnut, she could kill them. But if she found that if she used those in addition to the, frequency... That, she could kill them. Okay? The only thing is, too, that, it's called a zapper.

    It's a low voltage DC current. Okay? She said it kills viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Viruses and bacteria are both types of parasites. It's all just things that are growing inside of you. It's the swamp, as I like to say. Anyway, they totally attacked her. They took her down.

    But Andreas Kalker, who is the guy that came up with the methodology, the process to make to make the kind of CDS chlorine dioxide solution that we make. It's MMS, chlorine dioxide, but he makes it in a jar, taught us how to make it in a jar. And that's what I talk about on my how to make pool water. I make it both ways. Sometimes I drink it with the drops. Sometimes I drink it again, not recommending that you make it.

    But I drink it every day. You can read this article on how to make pool water on my blog. But, and I've been doing this for a year and a half. It started with Jim Humble. And And now Andreas Kalker has his way. Anyway, Andreas Kalker talks about Hulda Clark in his book, Forbidden Health. That book you can find on his website.

    Sorry, hold on. Let me go back. Yeah, just go to his website, and I believe you can find his books also on Telegram, if you search on some of the Chlorine Dioxide channels on there, they do have copies of his book, if you're trying to get it right away, because I think you have to order it you can get a PDF on his website, and it's good to be able to pay him yeah, here it is, this one, Forbidden Health, highly recommend this book, you can get it in English and PDF on his website yeah, Anyway, the other person who talks about this was Rife, the Rife, here,

    ah, where is he, is, I might have shared some of them, his nephew or somebody is on Twitter, on X, Now posting, I don't know where it is now, but I thought I saw it the other day. I can't find it. All right. Oh, yeah. Yeah, here it is. Matthew Reif. Reif technology. This is really expensive, but there are many people who have used this to kill parasites and hence cure cancer.

    So that's what they say. That's what they say. And so why is, why has cancer gone up exponentially? Yeah it's like 5, 000 is expensive. Guess what else changes your frequency?

    These stem cell activation patches, which I'm talking about, which I wear every day. These are changing your frequency. Okay. You can learn more about these on my website. This is my link lifewave.com/AnnmarieMichaels. If you order from me, I will earn a commission and you will help to keep me blogging.

    If you want to order from me, if you want to try them you can. Email me, annmarie@annmariemichaels.com, you can just order them from my link, or you can email me and type patches in the subject line and I will get you on a Zoom call with one of my colleagues and they'll teach, help you learn more about what these are and how they work.

    They don't, they are not actually stem cells, they just activate stem cells in your body, they're actually a light wave technology, so it's a frequency. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what's going on with this 5G stuff because James showed a let me share this with you.

    Hold on. Let me get it on my screen.

    He shared a tick talk, which I thought was really interesting. Having to do with the hold on. He didn't show that when he shared this 1.

    This is a five G L E D. Okay, hold on. Let me share my screen again.

    Sorry I'm a little slow because I'm new to using Zoom again. I was using another thing before, but I had a switch. Okay. Share screen. Here we go.

    This is a five G L E d streetlight. You can tell it's a five G L e d streetlight because of the way that it is. It's an L e d.

    And it has 5G. It's pretty neat. I don't, I'm gonna have to go ahead and watch all those, see what he's saying. But check this other one out.

    Touch them up and go, oh! Did you think they'd call the cops? I'm gonna stop. Excuse 5G.

    Streetlights. Okay, I gotta go in a minute. So I'm gonna wrap this up, but check this out. If you go to Google and you type in 5G streetlights, this is actually happening all over the world. AT& T is deploying streetlight powered 5G small cells, so take a look at that.

    And this is... Really scary and I'll tell you why. Again, this is research that I did back in 2020. Hold on, let me go back to Google. Check this out, look at all the different types. They're not all the same. They don't all look the same. So you can go Google it for yourself. They're very different. They're all different. And I honestly, some of them have antenna like this. Oh, check this one out. This is China. Now, look how they look like they have lasers. What is going on, right? It's a frequency guys. Some of them have, a tall antenna. Some of them don't. I honestly think they're doing this so that we don't catch on, right?

    So that we don't notice. What they're up to. What is this one?

    Oh, this is just different ones. Yeah. Okay. There's another one.

    Here's a small cell. It's antenna used for 5G cell phone joins us from Aurora tonight where one appeared just this week in a woman's yard and Michael, did she know what was coming? No, Karen, she didn't. Even though the city says they sent her a letter telling her that it might be coming now, she's got this big post at the end of her driveway and there's not a lot that she can do about it.

    It is huge. Maureen MacArthur noticed some workers in her front yard Monday. So she asked them what they were up to. And they said that they were changing the light pole. She went back to work thinking. Okay. So see that one doesn't actually look like it's got anything really on it. So that's interesting.

    I went out and looked at my. So I want to show you a couple more things. I went out and looked at my I'm going to have to change my screen. Hold on. Stop share. All right, here we go. I looked at mine this morning and that's what it looks like outside. And it looks a lot like that one, doesn't it?

    That's the one from the video that I just showed you. What is that thing on top? It does also look like the one that guy was showing this one.

    Anyway, yeah, it's got a little thing on top, but that has a big antenna, so I don't know. But who knows what they are up to. It says LED on the bottom, just like that guy showed you, and you open it up and it said 5G on the inside, so I could probably try to go out there and look, but I don't know.

    It's a little late at night. No, just kidding, I'm not gonna do that. But yeah, just really, interesting. I noticed that I started getting feeling less than great recently. Here's, what's interesting. I started feeling like more mucus. In my throat in my chest, I'm feeling more rundown, less energy, more fatigue needed more sleep than my usual 5 hours.

    When as long as I'm drinking the pool, the chlorine dioxide and the silica water, I only need 5 hours. But lately, I've been pushing this news button and. I noticed that I especially felt something a few days ago, I was at my kid's school and I went to, to drop something off for him and I just started feeling this heaviness in my chest and it was hard to walk and I felt pains in my legs.

    I didn't know what it was because normally I have plenty of energy. I had Bob around. I'm fine and I said, God, what is this? Why am I feeling this way? And I, looked up and I saw these I'm going to take a picture of it today when I go pick them up from school, but these really big streetlights over the highway, because their school is right on the highway.

    And I just had the feeling there's 5g coming from those. And I didn't know anything about these streetlights before that happened just the other day So I thought was real interesting when I saw this segment on james grunvig show. I was like, whoa I think god was telling me so I do think they've already started this marburg.

    Activation. I don't think we're gonna have I don't think you're gonna see like people bleeding out of their eyes On the fourth. I don't think people are gonna be dropping dead. I think but I do think it's gonna activate the I do think it's going to activate the Marburg and that is a hemorrhagic fever and how to get rid of it, you get rid of it with antiparasitics.

    And so I'm going to show you real quick and I'm again, I'm going to be putting all this in my webinar that I'm working on how to detox the backs, the things that are in the vaccines is mainly metals and. Like aluminum, graphene oxide, and parasites. If you want to get rid of a, get rid of them, you need to you need to take anti parasitics like ivermectin, fenbendazole, I'll show you these, hold on.

    Again not medical advice, guys. Not medical advice but let's just take a look. Amazon,

    fenbendazole. You can get it in a capsule, but I, this is the one I use. The one, the same one I use for my dog. It's going to kill worms. Now, what do you think it's going to do to those massive clots, right? Clots, are they clots or are they worms? What were those little squiggly things? You can go watch that for yourself, figure out think about what you think it might be.

    I think I started feeling better within five days of taking this three to five days. So I don't know, but I'll tell you what I started feeling better. And I am, as I said, taking the chlorine dioxide, which that's on my blog. How to make pool water. Here's, what I bought, here's what I use, take it every day there it is, my art, my article on that also do the silica water, add silica to my water, and that was working great for me up until about a month or two ago when I got back from France in August, and I started feeling more run down, and I was catching things from people, and I'm like, what's going on, usually as long as I'm taking the pool water and the silica water, I'm fine.

    And I'm even on the patches now. So I'm like, what's going on? I got on the antiparasitic and started feeling better again. The other thing that I do is this one, oops, this one, you can get this. It comes in a this is about 45. supply. And this is exactly the one I use. Don't use the ones for drenching them.

    Just use this liquid. You can use this liquid or the paste for cattle. And it works. You don't need to get pills or anything. This one you're supposed to have a syringe to stick in it. A lot of times I just jab it with my knife and I put a little tiny bit in my bourbon every night. That's how we roll in Texas.

    So I don't you don't need a lot for I'm about 140 something 145 pounds. So for about a 150 pound person I think they, I did the math before, I think it was about an eighth of a teaspoon or a quarter teaspoon, just a little bit. You don't taste it at all. If you put it in a drink now do I do that every day?

    No, not normally, but lately. Yeah. As long as if there, we know we're infected, we're all infected. They're the people that are jabbed are shedding and spreading. So it doesn't matter whether you got jabbed or not. You're you got it. And you got it through the masks, and you got it through the testing swabs, which I never did, and I tried to avoid those Chinese masks, because I knew they were all crawling with pesticides, and I used to tell people that they just look at me like I was insane, but I saw all the, I saw all the videos back then my weird science video.

    So anyway, get these things, get the, chlorine dioxide will, destroy the mucus. the mucoid plaque that the, these things live in. And then it's easier for the, for these things to kill the parasites. All right. There's other things you can do. If you go to my parasite protocol page how to do the parasite protocol.

    This is all based on Andreas Kalker. There's a whole schedule for it, but just start you don't have to start on the full moon. See that's the mucus biofilm that they live in and they hide in. And if you, if that is in your intestines you can't even hit them. You can't even get to the worms because they are hiding in that.

    So it doesn't even matter if you're taking Phenben or Mebendazole because it won't hit them. So you got to do both. You got to do the chlorine dioxide in your water and then do this as well. But you, he's got a schedule on here. He has other things like diatomaceous earth, castor oil. These are going to help.

    Castor oil also kills worms. Diatomaceous earth. There's other types of binders you can use like activated charcoal, bentonite clay. These all help to get this crap out of us really. Enemas. Detox baths. So I'll be talking more about all this. I'm gonna start, hopefully week after next, we'll start the Friday calls to get people on the call on the Zoom calls and biohack together.

    But yeah this is basically the schedule. Diatomaceous Earth Parental Pamoite, that's another thing you can get on Amazon and that is for pinworms. But he has you start with that and then you switch off to every day you take something different. It's it's keeping them guessing You know, it's keeping them guessing so Before I end this, I'm going to end this in just a second, but I wanted to show you that in my post that I wrote back in 2020 about Elon Musk and Nikola Tesla rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air, why we need Space Force, so this post, I talked about a technology.

    Talk about Space Force and why we need it, and why I actually think that Elon Musk is a hero and always has been. Specifically talking about this China's evil technology, and this article about China's surveillance system can scan the population in one second. It was called, this is the article, it was, this, that was a Q drop.

    And that was a Q drop. Q told us about that in May of 2018. This is the article from the National Interest, and they're talking about basically surveillance cam cameras by something called Hikvision, and this is coming from China's military. Okay? Same people that have concentration camps in Communist China, now they've got all these cameras.

    In 190, 190 countries in the world, and they were in the United States, one of the top countries. I'm trying to find, yeah. Now, we did do a ban of that. Hik, Hikvision, Dahua, and Hu, and Huawei. That was in 2019, thanks to President Trump. The guy everybody loves to hate probably saved us from the smart cities. but that's what they were gonna do is i think on these if you look at it there's the camera looks like a light doesn't it look like a street light and that's what they were gonna do to the street lights you can read more about the streetlights but yeah they were weaponizing them to do 5g and they could probably hit us like a directed energy weapon because it would be able to see us with the camera know what we post on social media know what our social credit score is and then just zap us And you couldn't have done it without the graphene oxide and everything that we got vaccinated with.

    You remember all those people dropping dead in China? Like February of 2020, and all those videos, and then all those more recent videos of the death spiral. Trying to find it.

    I don't know if we will see it vaccinated. I don't know if we can find it. There's a bunch of Yeah, I think that's it. There it is, wait. Yeah, he turns around, but he's seeing something behind him. There's a bunch of these, you can find them all over.

    Some kind he's hit by some kind I don't know where that is. Looks like he's hit by some kind of frequency. So there's lots of videos like this. I don't have time to go show them all to you, but you can look for them. Lots of evidence of this. Now,

    this is what they were going to do to us. I do think that something is still going to happen on the 4th. I do think they're going to, I think they've already started. This is what I think. I think they've already started. And I think. That's why we're feeling worse, and I'm going to ramp up on keep taking my anti parasitics and I'm going to continue taking the binders doing the chlorine dioxide, the silica water, I'm actually going to add Lugol, either Lugol's or Iodoral which is

    this, you can get 12. 5 or you can get 50. I'm, probably just going to do the 12. 5, I think. Yeah. There's also Lugol's Iodine, so that helps with radiation poisoning. So I think I'm gonna take these, and you can take seaweed too. And I'm gonna take all the things I've been taking, and I'm not gonna stop.

    Because I'm feeling pretty good, but I'm, I still I'm not, feeling as good as I was. And again, I know this is because I think they're ramping it up. They're not gonna start it's not like they just hit us with COVID overnight. It happened over a period of months. I think it is gonna get worse in October.

    And I if, I were basically I think everyone should be taking all the precautions. Especially... If you had the vaccine, and especially if you have people in your family who had the vaccine people that you're around who had the vaccine, because they're going to be shedding. And when they shed Marburg, that's gonna be real bad.

    And the way to overcome Marburg, according to Calendar and Lee Merritt and all these people, is Fenben and other anti parasitics. The other thing you can do that's really helpful is castor oil.

    Castor oil, organic castor oil, and then you can put that in capsules, you can freeze it, and then it won't have, you won't have any burps. That kills worms actually as good or better than fenben or mebenazole. So I'm taking that as well, internally. Anyway, just some ideas for you guys. I believe this is what's going to happen.

    I think it's going to happen where people we see even a more skyrocketing of cancer and, oh, I wanted to show you one other thing before I close this. My friend posted this. She says, by the way just got a message from my family who is in medicine. They have a lot of vax doctors getting really sick and said it felt like, felt, they felt like death for a week. Trauma doctors, surgeons, nurses, techs, all of them are getting really sick and it is not flu or COVID or...

    Says the test, just a heads up, this is what I'm saying. I already was have been feeling this. And I think that it is, they're already starting ramping up and they're not going to do it overnight. We will get, I think, pulsed on with that emergency broadcasting. Maybe they're testing how to do it through the phones or whatever.

    Ear, those ear things, I would not wear those. Your TVs, whatever. Your laptops. I'm going to turn everything off for those hours that is going on. But that said, they're doing it every day. Through the streetlights, through everything. Or can you avoid it? No, but the best thing you can do is get all this crap out of your body.

    Detox detox, Oh yeah. Zeolite is another thing I recommend. That you can find on my website, just go to my shop page, type in supplements or just type in zeolite on my website and it'll come up. All right. Thanks guys. I'm going to end this here and make another one soon.

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