Video: Biohacking Update: Chl0rine Di0xide and Silica Water 🧬

Good morning! In this video, I want to update you on my biohacking journey with chl0rine di0xide and silica water.

Video: Biohacking Update: Chl0rine Di0xide and Silica Water 🧬

Good morning! In this video, I want to update you on my biohacking journey with chl0rine di0xide and silica water.

Once again, I have confirmed that both the chl0rine di0xide ("pool water") and silica water are necessary to get the best health results. Two days off the silica water and I am sleeping 8 hours again instead of 5.

But I believe that happened for a reason because I'm starting on my brand new stem cell activation patches today!

Watch the video to learn more...

Watch the Video: Biohacking Update: Chl0rine Di0xide and Silica Water 🧬

Show Notes

  • I've been drinking a liter of water with a little bit of chl0rine di0xide in it every day for a year and a half, and it has made a huge difference in my health.
  • I also add silica to my water, which helps with collagen production – this is the building blocks of our cells.
  • I just ran out of silica water for two days and noticed that I slept eight and a half hours instead of my usual five.
  • I believe that combining chl0rine di0xide and silica water is the key to getting the maximum benefits. I also recommend using zeolite to detox metals and doing a parasite protocol once a month.
  • Today I'm excited to try my new stem cell activation patches and see what happens. I will make an unboxing video later today and show you some before and after pictures so stay tuned.
  • Check out my links below for more information on my recipes and recommended products.

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Video Transcript

00:01 Good morning everyone. I just want to make a video to update on my biohacking with the silica water and the pool water.

00:08 Something interesting happened to verify what I've found before which is and I'll put the links below to the pool water and the silica water so you can know what I'm talking about because most people have no idea what this is.

00:26 Most people think you need to be on supplements and certain types of you know eat a perfect diet and do all these things or drugs.

00:35 I'm not doing any of that. I'm literally just changed my water. So Oh, what I'm doing is chl0rine di0xide, which is what I call the pool water.

00:48 So I drink a liter of that a day, a liter of water with a little bit of the chl0rine di0xide in it.

00:53 That, what that does is oxygenates the blood, it oxygenates oxygen, I can't say that. Word. Oxygenates, I can't say that word, oxygenates the water in your body.

01:08 It's like turning a swamp into a living stream in your body. It's like turning the fire on inside of you.

01:17 Okay, so the chl0rine di0xide is, Never, that was the first thing that I, when I did that, I could see an immediate difference.

01:27 And I've been doing that for a year and a half now, drinking a liter a day of water with a 30 ml of the CDS in it.

01:37 Okay, so in addition to that, I'm at. In my water. This is based on Dennis Crouse, who based his work on Christopher Exley.

01:50 These are scientists who Chris Exley has a or had a lab. He got canceled because he started connecting the dots between autism and vaccines.

02:04 I have a feeling he's gonna get his lab back soon when all this comes out because it's all blowing up on Twitter right now.

02:09 Thank God. Finally. But anyway, so here's what happened. I noticed the biggest result when I did these two things together and I don't know any.

02:21 Anybody else who's doing this. I've heard like people like Mike Adams from Health Ranger. He said he was adding silica to his water.

02:30 Keri Rivera, who's curing autism in kids with using the MMS, she uses the MMS, which is the drops, which is similar.

02:41 I've heard like people like Mike Adams from Health Ranger. Or the way that I do it with the chl0rine di0xide.

02:44 But both of my recipes are in my length, which I'll put below. So she's doing that, she's curing autism. The moms that are doing this are curing autism.

02:56 That and the parasite protocol combined. Because it turns out all these. Autistic kids have worms, which makes you really question what's in these vaccines.

03:07 And if you followed closely, when they started testing what was in the vials of the of the when they started testing what was in the vials of the covid vaccine.

03:21 They found parasites. They found tea-cruzy, believe it was Dr. Robert Young, found T. Cruzi, which is it's the number one cause of heart disease in South America.

03:37 So what a coincidence that we're seeing all this heart disease. I don't know if it's just that. I mean it's probably not just that because we don't we have this incredible clotting That's happening which has to which probably has to do with There's something about the way they made it with the metals

03:56 the graphene oxide which is aluminum and and these parasites It's horrifying, but people are getting just giant clots. So we know that chl0rine di0xide will break that up.

04:12 We know that chl0rine di0xide will take all that out of your body. It will detox metals. It does detox metals.

04:22 So whatever vaccine you had, whatever metals you've had, you know, taking the chl0rine di0xide is going to help with that.

04:29 Another thing I recommend in addition to that is zeolite. And I'll put my link below to the one that I recommend.

04:36 That is like a heavy hitter to get rid of metals. Chl0rine di0xide also takes out parasites. If you think you have worms, which most of us do, then I would also add the parasite protocol once a month until you get better.

04:57 So I did it for like two months last year and I really should be doing it quarterly. But anyway, we all should be deworming.

05:07 We do worm our animals, right? We do worm ourselves, right? So here's my news. So I got up this morning.

05:14 So I went to bed last night. It was two days that I did not have my silica water. I still had the, I was still doing the cori- oxide, the pool water, but I was not doing the silica water because a few days ago, maybe like four days ago, I four or five days ago, was cleaning my Berkey and I accidentally

05:37 tipped it over and it broke. One of the filters broke off. So I immediately ordered new filters. And they just came in the mail yesterday, so I'm gonna make, I'm gonna make more silica water today.

05:48 I cannot make silica water without my Berkey  because you have to add the silica stuff and then it has to go through the Berkey.

05:56 So here's what's interesting. I had enough silica water to last for a couple days. But then I ran out. So it's really been like two days that I didn't have silica water and I was just doing the pool water.

06:11 So guess what? Last night I slept eight and a half hours. Normally with taking the silica water and the chl0rine di0xide I only sleep five hours a night.

06:22 Maximum six hours. So I wanted to share that because I thought, wow, that is really a testimony to what I knew was true, but it is true.

06:34 If you don't do both of these, you're not going to get the maximum benefit. Here's my theory based on my observations.

06:42 This is the scientific method folks. It's not, you know, Pfizer told me that this is science. No, scientific method is testing things, observing things, and then coming up with a hypothesis is what we really need.

07:04 That's what creates collagen in your body. So like for your skin, for your hair, it's building block. You can research, go and look up silica benefits, health benefits of silica.

07:16 So that's what you're getting when you add silica to the water. We, they could do this, like the EPA, if they actually, actually cared if they actually were doing the good for people they would be adding minerals to our water and they would be actually purifying it with something like chl0rine di0xide

07:31 instead of what they do which they don't you know the water we get is completely contaminated so you need to be filtering your water you need to get a Berkey  and that is the right that is the filter that I recommend by the way you can go my site and type in Berkey and read about why I recommend it over

07:49 anything else because it leaves the minerals in. That's the main reason. Because then you can add the silica to it and make the silica water.

07:59 I have a video that I have recorded and I'm going to edit showing you guys. How to make the silica water.

08:04 It's very easy, very simple. So these are two things you can do. If you could get an extra three hours a night, why wouldn't you do this?

08:12 Like it's so obvious and you don't have to spend the chl0rine di0xide costs less than $10 a month to make.

08:19 If you make the ingredients from scratch, which I'm going to show you next, I'm going to show you how to make the silica water.

08:23 Dilute the sodium chloride and the hydrochloric acid to make it from scratch. It's gonna cost pennies. It's like so cheap.

08:31 Okay, the silica water is just water and added silica and baking soda. It's like cost nothing. That's why they don't want you to know this.

08:45 But if you could get an extra three hours a night, think about what you could do, right? 20 hours a week, that's crazy.

08:56 That's wild and I'm living that way. I'm living the dream. Okay, but here's the deal. So I think that this happens.

09:03 On purpose. You know why? Because today I got, I'd get up and get up, but I just woke up I'm going to put the patches on.

09:26 I'm so excited about this. I kind of feel like maybe there's a reason why I'm starting from ground zero. Maybe God, I believe things happen for a reason.

09:36 So maybe the reason my Berkey broke is so that when I got, because it happened after I got, after I ordered the patches, I ordered the patches on Thursday.

09:43 I think that Berkey broke, I don't know. It must have been like Friday or something. I'm gonna put these patches.

09:55 Now what these are are stem cell activation patches and they're made with a What's silica? It's a form of crystal.

10:10 So what this does is helps your body heal itself. And I'm going to do all five patches. You put them on the back of your neck.

10:18 You do them 12 hours on, 12 hours off. So I'm starting today. I'm kind of excited. I'll start the silica water again like tomorrow and the next day.

10:27 I'll make it today. But I think I just want to see what happens when I'm kind of starting from round zero.

10:35 So anyway, I'll do you guys some before and after pictures. As well when I do that. All right, that's it for now.